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Author Topic: Looking For Partner To Help With Unfinished Story  (Read 745 times)

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Looking For Partner To Help With Unfinished Story
« on: July 19, 2008, 09:41:22 PM »
This is how far I got when she stopped responding. It was from another site but I'd like to finish it nonetheless. I am willing to defer a bit on the characters and events, but I want to idea to stay the same. The posts in read are not mine, so I'm sorry if they aren't that good. Anything in black is mine, so direct lectures in my direction for those. IT'S A LONG READ, JUST AS A WARNING!

Tiny yawned looking at all the controls of her ship as they drove towards their next planet. She making sure nothing was going wrong, or went wrong. Their ship was known through out the galaxy and some other galaxies too. Her finger twirled in her hair as she let out a long sigh and then another... and then another.
"Don't that." Her brother snapped from his place near the doors to the bridge, he leaned against the wall his head down and his eyes close. "You're annoying."
"I know." She giggled and then stuck her tongue out at him. "You're no fun." She teased and as she turned around seeing him walk away. "Hey that’s not nice!" She whined as he hit the button to open the door and then it snapped close behind himself once he was out of the frame.
Tiny let out a small sigh and then started to type on her computer messing around with the system, something she loved doing.
Will kept his head down as he walked along the small ships hallways. There were five bedrooms, a kitchen; each bedroom had their own bathrooms, a large docking bay for their smaller ship and other things, used mainly as storage, a kitchen with small dinner room and a lounge with a library of now, rare paper made books. Merely for show, the relics were never for reading. They were Will's pride and joy, he loved rare things. Even more so if they were from earth, now a planet that was almost in ruins.
Will slowly entered the lounge with his hands in his pockets before he slowly walked up to the couch and then let himself fall down to lay on it, face up. His eyes opened to look at the ceiling they had covered in the mini version of the galaxy.

It was night in Munas City, capital town of the capital planet of Valii. Jade was hiding on a rooftop just above her target, crouched low to avoid being seen. The corrupt politician was strolling along through the underbelly of the city. Accepting a bribe, no doubt, she though to herself. Not that she cared. It was a job, though she personally disliked politicians. Jade pulled her cloaked tighter around and lowered down a little more when the suspicious San'Tule looked around.
Satisfied, Representative Fah Lo Punni dashed across the street and knocked on a door across from where Jade lay in waiting, giving her a perfect view of the transaction. Jade smirked. I have you now! A human female stuck her head out of the door and looked around. She handed Punni a bag and quickly shut the door. Punni smiled widely and opened the bag, reaching to pull out the handful of silver coins. Jade snorted. Too easy!
The San'Tule quickly replaced the money and hurried down the alley, away from the crowds. Jade ran along the rooftops, searching for a good ambush point. About four buildings down, she found. She leaped down of off the roof onto the darkened permacrete alleyway. Punni gasped and froze, suddenly paralyzed with fear.
"Trisha Tansmith!" he screamed, terrified.
Drawing her blaster, Jade smirked. "No. Her daughter, Jade."
She set her face and fired.

"Willy! WILLY! We are about to land on Valii. Are you ready?" Tiny's voice rang through out the space using the speaker systems. She looked upon the planet. Looked just like every other planet they had ever been on. No different.
Will yawned and slowly stood up from his position and headed towards the bay. He jumped down from the second stories to the ground floor and landed gracefully. He slowly started up his space bike, made for traveling through cities in great speeds.
"We are cutting it close you know!" She said to him over the com-link in his helmet he placed on his head.
"I know." He said and started it up with a loud sound. He slowly moved it toward the door ready to race out.
Tiny landed the plane outside of the city, hating to draw attention to themselves.
"See ya in a few, Tiny." Will said before taking off in a high speed soon as the door had opened enough for him to squeeze out.

Tiny tapped her foot, even if she tried to talk with Will over the com-link. He never talked back unless it was important. Or dangerous... or just to get one her nervous.
She played around with the setting on the computer. She gasped with glee; she noticed whose id she picked up as she scanned the planet. Was Jade here? They hadn't seen here in awhile, it would be fun to get caught up.
"Jade? Jade can you hear me?" Tiny called out through her com-link to Jade's. They always had one on, just encase something ever went wrong. They were space junk royalty as they called it.

Jade picked up the bag of money that the now dead politician dropped. She chuckled and tossed into the air and few times. Too easy! She looked around cautiously. Jade was having an odd feeling that she was being watched, never a good feeling for a hunter. She holstered her blaster and pulled out her extension gun. She fired a shot that managed to wrap around a pipe at the top of the building next to her. Hitting the 'Retract' button, she flew up and over the edge of the roof. She quickly untied the cord and started running over the rooftops of the city once more. She had made it about three blocks when Tiny's voice came over the com.
"Hmm? Tiny?" Jade pondering answering the comm, "Hey, Tiny. How's hunting'?"

"Alright but awfully boring, I miss you! Jadie, let Will pick you up with his bike after he is..."
"I am done." Will cut in quickly and let out breath.
"Are you smoking? You know I hate it when you smoke!" Tiny yelled at her brother through the com.
"Back to Jade."
"Oh right!" Tiny giggled getting off track easy. "Come back to the ship, we can take you where your next job is. I just want someone to talk it gets lonely without anyone to talk to. And Will is worse then talking to wall!" Tiny said angry. "I am sending Will your location now. I won't take no for answer." She said.
"Come on, Jade, make me happy." Will said with a smirked on his face as he raced through the streets. Soon he was on the street below her. "Jump down." He said looking up at her with a smirk. "Or are you scared?" He challenged her.

Jade sighed. She knew she couldn't fight Tiny once she was in one of these moods. Her ears were still ringing after her yelling at Will, too. A moment of so later, Will came into view on the street below. Jade smirked at his challenge. Jade paused, gauging the distance. She leaped out and landed nimbly of the back of Will's bike. She settled down behind Will and wrapped her arms around his waist, blushing slightly.
"Okay. I'm on! Let's go!" she called over the sound of the bike.
He stopped and then turned off his com. He turned around slightly and touched her to turn off hers. "I've missed you... You kinda left... with no goodbye after what happened...." He said staring into her eyes, and then his hand came up. "I know we shouldn't do this but I can't help myself." He said and then kissed her lightly on the lips. He let out a sigh and then turned both of their comms back on and turned back forward.
He hit the gas hard, sending them flying forward. He was being reckless while driving, going faster then he'd normally go taking corner to fast or doing small jumps to show off to her.
"Where are you guys?" Tiny complained over the com.
"Almost there." he growled and then raced faster. He slammed on the brakes as the got close and barely making it to a stop inside.
"I am making food!" Tiny called out from the kitchen.
"You remember how horrible she was at cooking." He chuckled as he waited for her to get off the bike and then followed.

Jade was blushing and avoiding his gaze. When he began talking to her, she finally looked at him.
"'s just...." his kiss stopped her mid-sentence.
She blushed brilliantly and turned away, embarrassed. When Will slammed forward on the gas, she was pressed hard against his back. Jade panicked for a moment. She was feeling his warmth and the movement of his back as he breathed. She relaxed and closed her eyes, tightening her grip around his waist. She was enjoying the ride, a feat that she couldn't pull out herself. Jade had told him many times to quit his hunting and become a bike racer on the moons of Lemarr. He would be a great racer.
She was jarred loose from her memories by the abrupt stop of the bike. As if coming out of a trance, she looked up at Will when he mentioned something about Tiny's cooking. Jade made a face and shivered. She damn near became a vegan after that meal! She climbed off the bike and looked around, remembering.
Will chuckled and then his hand came to hold her face softly, he started to bend down for a real kiss before Tiny called them to eat. "We need to talk later." he whispered and then headed slowly for the stairs and slowly made his way to the kitchen. "Come on you know how she hates waiting." He said not looking at her.
Tiny placed a dish on the table, adding to the three already there. "We are having some sort of green pasta with a cream sauce... and then some bread.... that didn't rise so it’s more like a chip or something.... and then we have some strawberries, peaches in a cheese!" She said smiling proud of her new foods. "Don't be shy dig right in!" She giggled as she sat down and started to dish herself some food.
Will sat down and out of niceness for his sister dished himself some food of each and then 'helped' Jade by dishing her big helping of each. He had a devilish smile on his face.
"Eat up Jade. You wouldn't want Tiny to feel bad about her cooking." He chuckled, it wasn't so bad once you got used to it but some things just didn't taste right but that ever kept Tiny from cooking.

Jade's eyes widened slightly as Will came in for the attempted kiss. She was both sad and happy when Tiny's voice broke the mood. Will was whispering in her ear, making her blush again. He turned to leave.
"O-okay...later" Jade managed.
Gah! Stop it! Jade scolded herself. She shook her head, hoping the motion would shake her thoughts as well. She grinned at Will's comment of keeping Tiny waiting. That was an understatement. She began follwoing Will into the main part of the ship. Stepping into the kitchen, Jade resisted the urge to gag. The food did not look or smell that good. Glancing at the heaping plate at an empty seat and then at Will's face, she gave him a fake smile.
"Thanks for dishing me, Will."
She sat and began choking the food down.

"You're welcome, I remember how much you loved her cooking anyways. I was making sure you got just enough of it." He said before taking a bit of his own food and eating it quietly.
Tiny danced slightly in her chair as she ate. "This is so yummy!" She giggled. "I can't believe I am this good of a chef!" She giggled and then looked at Will for a moment of seriousness. “So did you get the job done?"
"Yes, of course."
"So where is it?"
"On the bike, where it will stay."
"Good, because without that going to the next galaxy is just a waste of our time."
They talked back and forth and then Tiny closed it with a nod before returning to herself. She smiled at Jade.
"Tell me everything Jade! I read that you had a new boyfriend! Oh and you've been starting to get some bigger jobs, I want to know everything." She giggled.
Will choked as he heard her say the words new boyfriend. "You got yourself a boyfriend?" His emotions showing through a little bit, he was hurt. He slowly stood up. "I just lost my will to eat. You guys talk about girl things." He said and gave a wave before heading off to the lounge.

Jade was listening to the siblings' conversation quietly. She did have to admit that Tiny's cooking had gotten a little better. It wasn't as bad as she remember it being, at least. Jade knew better than to meddle in other hunters' jobs, so the comment about the object on the bike was ignored. She had trained herself to not even gain a curiosity.
Jade smiled when Tiny turned to address her. The smile faded as soon as Tiny mentioned "her new boyfriend". She blushed and squirmed uncomfortably under the pressure. Her heart sank when Will all but exploded and left. Jade sighed, torn. She pushed her plate up and flopped her head down onto the table.
Through mixed emotions, Jade replied. "Yes. Bigger missions."

"What about a boyfriend? That’s why they said you laid low for awhile after staying with us. Yes? Is it true? You got a boy?" She asked rather interested and then let out a sigh.
"No boys are never interested in me. All of them think I am 12, I can't help if I am small and short." She said with a long sigh.
Will laid back down onto the couch and this time closed his eyes, he liked her.... a lot. More then he liked other girls, She was free and got on his nervous. That’s what he liked about her. She wasn't anything like any other girl, plus they were in the same job. He loved working together on missions, it was like they could read each other thoughts on what to do, or how to do it. Everything fit into place.

Jade sighed and lifted her head. Shit.... She had no idea how to explain things about her and Will. If she tried, Tiny would murder them. Will was the reason that she went into hiding, but Tiny wouldn't understand that. The boy that was called her boyfriend, however, was not. Jade closed her eyes.
"No, the photo in the paper was wrong. He was not my boyfriend. Alex was a partner on one of my missions. And no, I did not like him or want to go out with him."
Because I like your brother. Jade thought. Now, she would have to figure how to ease Will. He would probably avoid and ignore her now for awhile. She became slightly angry at the thought. She gave Tiny a quick angry look as she got up.
"I'm not hungry either." She headed off down the hall, looking for Will.

"What’s with people? They don't know how to eat?" She asked herself grumpy but still eating her food. Once she was full she threw out the rest of the food and headed towards the bridge not wanting to deal with those two grumpy pants. She got to work on her computer right way.
Will opened his eyes, seeing her coming in and then closed them again. "So who is the guy?" He asked already knowing that answer. "Alex, if I am not mistaken." He chuckled. "You could eat guys like him for breakfast, you deserve better." He said angry at the thought of her being with another person, he had seen the photo and at the time found out everything he could about the guy. Even his great-great-grandfather's name.”

Jade sighed and rubbed her eyebrows in frustration with one hand. She leaned up against the doorframe and let her hand drop to her side. She looked up at the ceiling.
"He was not my partner, not my boyfriend." she said, looking at Will, "I was in hiding because of what happened with us. The reporter got the details wrong."
Jade slide down the wall and pulled her knees to her chest. She grabbed her legs and laid her head on her knees. She took a deep breath.
"I was scared, Will. Scared of having an attachment with someone I could lose. Scared of ending up like my mother." Jade looked at him with a tender expression, "I ran because I thought I was pregnant."

His body froze with those words, he sat up and looked at her.
"Can you see how I felt? I lost you...." He whispered. "We were together.... happy and then it happened... you started to act different and then you left me. Couple months later, I hear your dating some other guy. I call you! Leave you messages but none of it worked." He yelled, It was very rare of him to lose his cool. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath.
"I felt so used.... unwanted by you." He said and then stood up walking towards a bookshelf.
He pulled on one of the books and out popped a bar. He poured himself something to drink and then took it down in one chug before looking back at her.
"You left. No goodbye, no note. No nothing, I was so worried about you!" He said his eyes pleading with her. "I thought you might have been kidnapped or something!" He groaned. "I've never felt so out of control in my life, I felt like I was going insane. I couldn't keep my cool, I almost had a break down and the horrible part was that I was hiding it the whole time." He said and then pulled himself another drink.

Jade was wincing at his outburst. She bit her lip. She watched him storm around, dying a little inside at his words. She did admit that that was a horrible way to leave but it wasn't because she didn't want him or was using him. She sighed, now thoroughly sad. She was to blame for all of the pain that he had gone through in the last few months. He had to know that he didn't suffer alone, though. She had suffered, too. This was another reason why she had stayed away. She laid her head onto her knees again and started crying.

"Jade..." He whispered and took another drink. "Don't cry." He said softly and then let out a long sigh. "Let’s go to my room." He said pushing the book back and the bar tucked away. He walked over to her and then slowly helped her up and then carrying her bridal style, like she weighed nothing at all.
He set her down once in his room and then closed the door behind them, locking it from the inside. People can go out just not come in. He slowly walked over to his bed and sat down.
"Jade, you know I still care about you. I kinda made that clear... I wasn't really thinking about much then. I was just happy to see you."

Jade had been crying the whole time. Hearing Will say that, however, made her burst into fresh tears. She was suddenly both angry and sad. She lashed out her with her arm, knocking over a stack of recording discs. She quickly pulled her cut hand back but the pain was more than welcome. She was so angry at herself. She closed her eyes, but still looked up at Will.
"He didn't make it! He died, Will! Our son died before he was even an hour old!" She cried desperately.

His body froze, his mind went blank playing the message over and over again in his mind. He looked away from her and put his head in his hands. "Why didn't you tell me? You know I would have been there for you.... I wouldn't have left you for the world." A slightly cry came out of his voice and then a tear fell to the floor.
"A son? God, Jade why didn't you just fucking trust me? Just tell me? I haven't done anything wrong." He growled and then stood up.He punched the wall. His fist found one of the steel support beams and made his knuckles bleed. "Jade, you fucked up this time." He said not looking at her. "But that doesn't mean anything changes about how I feel." He said honestly.

Jade whimpered and grabbed a hold of her legs, pulling them in closer to her. She was trying to grab strength. She wiped her eyes and looked at Will. She was trembling.
"It wasn't that I didn't trust you. I just didn't want you to be scared for us. Of what my happen to us. I was trying to protect you. And Tiny. I was just so scared about everything. I'm so sorry, Will. I know that what I did was dumb but I thought that life would have been better for you to have not known. I tried finding you when I was six months pregnant to tell you. I got so sick with the baby though that I couldn't do much of anything. I stayed with Mother on one of the moons of Byradesh, where she took care of me. After the baby died though, I couldn't face you. Alex is my cousin, the son of my mother's brother. He protected me after my childbirth because I was still so weak. I-I really am sorry....honey"
She laid her head back down onto her knees.

He didn't look towards her as more tears ran down his face. He didn't think that something like this would ever happen to him, that this could ever happen... at all. He let out breaths.
"Come sit next to me." He said and patted a hand on the bed but not in a weird way. "I asked you to marry me.... you said you were too young.... That life was to short..." He said letting out a long sigh. "Why didn't you come to me?" He asked another tear falling from his face. He had never cried before, this was most for sure a new thing for him.

Jade got up and came over to the bed. Instead of sitting next to him, however, she collapsed onto his lap, taking comfort in being close to him again. She laid there with her head laying on one of his thighs. She buried her face into his stomach, tearing up again.
"I know. I was just covering for my own fear. I thought that our relationship would be a weakness and could be exploited if it was discovered. But then, I didn't think you'd ever want me again after what I did. First leaving, and never telling you about our son."

Will let out a big long sigh. "Of course. I'll always want you." He said his hand running through her hair and then other holding her side softly. He let out breath before slowly falling back onto the bed. "I thought I'd made that clear... but I guess I didn't." He said with a small chuckle.
"If a man, like me who doesn't go after girls or talks to them that much, comes to you and ask you to be his wife for forever, do not doubt that he already accepted the better or worse part of it all." He said being slightly sharp with his tone but at the same time he was teasing her, playfully.

Jade was feeling much better. She started wondering why she ever thought that she wouldn't be safe or welcome with Will. She looked at him tenderly for a moment, running her fingers gently along his chest and neck. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply.

Will was taken back by the kiss but then melted, his arms pulling her close to him. He kissed her back lovingly and not just full of lust. His hand came to her neck and held her face gentle and then he pulled away. "We still shouldn't be doing this." He smirked, saying something they used to say every time they used to kiss. "But I don't think that could never stop the Pirate Prince and the Deviled Jewel. You know that’s what they call you, right?" He asked and then laughed softly. "To me you’re the most beautiful thing I've never seen." He whispered and then kissed her sweetly again.

Jade was happy, just letting Will hold her. It had been so long since she had kissed him. She had forgottenen how good he was at it. She smiled when he quoted their relationship's catch phrase. She looked at him and blinked.
"The Deviled Jewel? Really? I’ve never heard that before. Most of the time people think that I'm my mother."

He made a weird face and then shook his head. "That’s one mistake I'll never make." He said and then rolled over so he was on top. "Why do you always have to be on top? Always in control?" He teased her and then kissed her neck softly.
Tiny hummed to herself as she walked into the lounge, no one was there? That’s strange where did they go? Why would they have gone anywhere? She soon checked all the rooms expect the bedrooms..... She slowly walked to Will’s door. Why would they have gone in there? She thought to herself before putting her ear next to the door. Of course she couldn't hear any. She slowly started to knock. "Hello? Are you guys in there?"

Jade was smiling and enjoying herself. His breath was warm and wonderful on her neck. She closed her eyes and let her self start to relax. She was actually in a trance when the knock at the door came followed by Tiny's voice. Jade's eyes snapped open and she sat up, rolling out from under Will quickly. She flew across the room and sat down at the chair in the desk. She pretended to by studying a book about a planet and its moon as Tiny entered.
She turned to look at Will, feigning that the last 15 minutes or so hadn't happened.
"Hey, Will! I found it! The coordinates for...." Jade looked at Tiny innocently, "Oh. Hey, Tiny."
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