Unseen University (M Seeking F)

Started by SilhouetteBlack, September 18, 2013, 06:35:21 AM

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Baldric is a young wizard who's been tasked with cataloging various bits of recently acquired lore.  It being a highly unstable and dangerous job, none of the older wizards will go anywhere near them, so he has a small work-space all to himself, wrapped in four feet of thick marble.  However the work is starting to pile up and Baldric needs to find an assistant, one who's willing to risk transformation, ensorcellment and the occasional missed lunch.  Turns out the only application he's gotten is from a young woman (shudder) who has shown some talent in the arts.  The interview process was... well... non-existent as you revived a letter from the Dean to show up promptly at the gates, tomorrow morning, all needs will be taken care of.  It's not that you weren't interested in the job, it's that you hadn't actually applied for it yet.  Confused but generally pleased, your character will be met by Baldric and given novice level status upon arrival.

Expect the unexpected, with a dash of humor and confusing sexual encounters.  Please be creative and silly.

~We'll begin, with a spin, traveling in a world of my creation.~