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Author Topic: Beneath Blackwell Keep (Classic Fantasy/Adventure Romp)  (Read 374 times)

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Beneath Blackwell Keep (Classic Fantasy/Adventure Romp)
« on: September 17, 2013, 08:42:11 PM »

Premise/Story Summary:
“To the brave men and women of the Kingdom of Arnor,

A travesty has befallen the town of Greenwood and the honourable Mayor, Sigurd Dunmar, humbly requests your aid. Barely a week ago the mayor’s children were kidnapped and taken to Blackwell Keep, the home of a long dead lich, and now heroes are needed to once again storm the walls and rescue his kin.

For your help, the mayor is willing to offer a hundred gold for each of his children plus the title, Hero of Greenwood!”

Excluding myself, I’m looking for four other RP’ers!

Requirements are a craving for adventure and a decent grasp of the English language!

As a warning, sex will be deemphasized for this RP, it’s more about the thrill of adventure, action and the interaction between characters. I won’t actively work against it but, if possible, I’d ask that you do one of two things. Either you make the “encounter” brief or you create a link in the main topic and continue the affair in a separate thread, that way you can have your cake and eat it too.

Shocking news, the mayor’s progeny have been kidnapped!

It all began three weeks ago with the oldest, Tegan (Tee – Gan); a man with a neat black pony tail and a strong but pleasant countenance. The much loved guard captain was out with his men, patrolling the outskirts of town, when a group of nearby children suddenly heard the sounds of clashing steel and screams from within the forest. Terrified, they immediately sought out their parents who, in turn, alerted the watch commander. Knowing the mayor’s son was out there, a large contingent of troops was instantly dispatched, only to return with grim details of bloodied and mauled men and women, recognizable only by the shredded guard’s armour they wore. Tegan was nowhere to be found.

The second to go missing was Avelyn, the town mage, a near mirror image of her twin, Tegan; ponytail and all. Respected for her grasp on the arcane, the sorceress was somehow abducted from her very own tower, an exact week after her brother’s kidnapping. The tortured cries of her apprentice was the only warning anyone had, an eerie sound which echoed over the town from the dizzy heights of the mage’s dark spire. By the time some guards had scaled the structure, they found only the mangled body of the ill-fated apprentice.

The last to disappear was Veldrin. Unlike his siblings this gangly young man of twenty, with his long stringy brown hair and shifty green eyes, held no lofty positions or noteworthy talents. He had failed to show the intellect of his sister or the skill of his brother, doomed to lurk in their shadows. This had garnered him little respect or love from the local townsfolk but his father, the mayor, cared for him deeply nonetheless. In a desperate effort to protect Veldrin, the young man was confined to the mansion and put under twenty-four hour guard. Unfortunately, this all proved futile as he disappeared a week after his sister…

All hope seemed lost for the town and its mayor at this point, with no clues to identify the fiends behind the kidnappings. Search parties were sent out, rewards were offered and messages for help were dispatched to nearby towns, but the result was always the same, nothing. Finally, a week later, a mysterious letter arrived at the footstep to the mayor’s mansion, its message written on an old folded paper with a deep, black, ink.

“Look beneath Dunmar Keep…”

The mayor’s heart nearly stopped, there was no such thing as “Dunmar” Keep but there was a “Blackwell” Keep, a name and place which had haunted the mayor’s family for near two hundred years. It was there that a lich had risen and, after the undead fiend was slain, it was there that the family of the lich changed their name from Blackwell to Dunmar. The lich’s old castle was infamous in the surrounding area as the creature had terrorized the people for decades before its death, a victory that came with many casualties at the time. What terrified the mayor was that only he and his kin knew of the connection between Dunmar and Blackwell…

The very next day, a series of notices were sent across the town as well as out to all nearby areas.

Name: Character Name!
Race: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc or Drow (If you pick the last two, NPCs will treat you with disdain)
Age: Put your character’s apparent age and the real age in brackets next to it!
Class: Put your character’s profession, such as Mage, Warrior, Thief and so on and so forth!

Hair: Length, Colour and Style!
Eyes: Colour!
Height: In feet please!
Weight: In kilograms please!
Figure: Is your character muscular, slender, etc!
Extras: Add any extra details, like tattoos and such!

Renown: Please be detailed, this is what others might know of your character, unless your character is new to adventuring or just not very well known. If your character is not known, then change "Renown" to "Background" and describe your character's life a little. (150 Words Minimum)
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