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Author Topic: F seeking M for story driven, urban or modern setting, low but solid fantasy  (Read 626 times)

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Offline WhiteTigerForeverTopic starter

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my new ideas thread.

Do you have any contemporary to high fantasy original story ideas, that are story driven? I have a few. I don't have many of the details worked out as I've found partners prefer to make active and interactive decisions in where the story is going.

Currently I would love a game just to get me back in the swing of things. I've been gone for a year now and am rather rusty.

I do have a couple of older ideas I'll throw in here but I am completely flexible.

Albino shape shifter twins possessed by the archaic spirits of two black jaguar gods.


Deep in the tribal societies of the Aztec Empire, two albino shape shifter twins are born.  Hidden by their mother as long as possible, one day they finally are discovered.  Trapped and gagged, they are bound to a tree to be this seasons sacrifice to the archaic black jaguar twins gods.  Instead of being eaten, because they are Aztec shape shifters, the Nagual, the are instead possessed by the twin panthers. 

Soon after the conquistadors arrive, and bringing with them their ways and disease.  Capturing these two twins, convinced they are in league with the devil, they are put through rigorous tortures.  As the time passes, so does the up keep of the compound built to contain them degrade.  Many years pass..hundreds in fact, as they are locked up.  Without human flesh, they are unable to take on their human form, so have been stuck in their jaguar form for centuries. 

Finally, hundreds of years later, they finally make their escape and travel to modern L.A. 

In the mean time, back in the beginning, there were great wars between the gods..and the great Phoenix's and the Black Jaguars, were mortal enemies.  As the hundreds of years have passed, all the gods have killed all but 3 left, the Nagual twins, Tenoch (male) and Tepin (female) and on last remaining Phoenix.  So, as they travel, hunt, live amongst humans, feeding off of them as they choose, they are unknowingly also being hunted by the last great Phoenix. 

Name of Male char: Tenoch

Name of Female char: Tepin

I have some vampire, angelic, werewolf and a few other ideas and stories running around in my head that could be fun games. I do love shape shifting or transformational stories. Again, if interested, please p.m. me.
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Offline WhiteTigerForeverTopic starter

At this point, Taken.

Dragon story idea:

The last of the Lightening Clan

I've created an entire dragon history with this one. The focus of the story is two fold: 1) about a young male dragon who watched his entire clan conspired against and killed in front of him. They tried to kill him to but he managed to escape to central Africa; 2) the years of experimentation n the past creating dragon human hybrids and shifters, now all but extinct and wiped from the history books. The few that do survive are found, brought in, brain washed and trained to kill the remaining dragons in the world. Gisele is once of those ancestors orphaned at 4 from a prostitute and drug addicted mother, Half, black/ half white Gisele was born in France and raised there in one of the heat institutions that disguise themselves as orphanages. When she comes of age, deadly and trained she is sent on a mission to kill the rumored Dragon still somehow living and terrorizing the small, helpless and isolated villages around this are in the Central Congo, Africa.
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Offline WhiteTigerForeverTopic starter


A bit of history:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Hundreds of years ago, far to the northern Eurasian continent, hidden within the vast forests, two brothers, Desislav and Miro worked to make something from their young lives out of this desolate and unyielding land. Out hunting for what food they are able to gather in the Western most part of Siberia, their lives will be taken from them forever as humans by a virally infected solitary wolf.

Hundreds of years later, history set in hidden stone, the lives of these two brothers have paved the way for a secret history that they fathered from central Europe all the way to the Americas.

Neil has done well in his life, received an excellent education, has a successful career in engineering despite all the statistics that say children from foster homes have less chance of success and stability. He married the woman of his dreams he met in college along with their 3 beautiful kids but lately he has had the feeling that someone/something is watching him.

Umai, the Female Alpha of the pack for several thousand years now, originating from Bulgaria, is now settled  into the Eastern United States. Living is a small town, just off the base of a mountain in North Carolina, the pack is larger here and more influential than you may think. Boromir, The pack leader is is getting tired, losing his touch, lazy and just not caring any more. Umai is becoming more concerned until one day, she runs across a scent that is familiar and intriguing....

If you lost someone you loved, what would you do to get any bit of what they were back? As the years go by, one leader fades and a new one is needed.

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