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Author Topic: Kuroneko's Volunteer Auction Offerings  (Read 271 times)

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Kuroneko's Volunteer Auction Offerings
« on: September 13, 2013, 10:59:53 PM »
Looking for a Way to Support Elliquiy?

Hello [you]! In case you don't know, there's a Volunteer Auction going on right now to benefit this lovely community and all it offers and I'm part of the amazing group of writers offering up stories on the auction block.  While I have another idea and request thread here, this one is soley for my auction offerings, all of which are up for bid in my auction thread.

Please do not respond here.

Questions about any of these plots can be asked in my auction thread and I will do my best to answer them.
Any PM's I receive about these plots will receive a link to my auction thread in reply. 

The Offerings

I have three plots to offer up for this auction, but I am by no means restricted by what I've put here.  These are all M/F plots with me playing the F role.  I don't care about the gender of my co-writer. There are also a few fandom roles I can almost always be talked into playing, most notably Marvel characters, and some of which I've noticed seem to be popular here. They include several of the more obscure Marvel ladies as well as Wolverine and Remy Le Beau.  I've been told I play them very well.  So, if you're dying to RP with one of them, please feel free to propose a plot in my auction thread.

Plot One - The Price of Doing Business – (Fantasy)
The honorable but ambitious ruler of an independent kingdom in a confederation of monarchies seeks to unite all of the kingdoms into one, under his rule as High King.  In order to do that, he needs to engage in some questionable political practices such as espionage and even selective assassinations of his rivals and their allies.  His council of advisors suggests that he engage the services of a reclusive and mysterious Order located in the mountains of a remote desert nation, one that is rumored to be willing to perform such tasks for a negotiated fee.  They’re little more than a myth, their abilities and origins shrouded in mystery even in their own lands, but the man sees using them as a means to an end, one that can bring him what he wants with less bloodshed.  The contact it made, and a member of the Order is sent in response, but will he be willing to pay the price that is set by the practitioner that responds to his requests – a night in his bed?   This is a M/F pairing, but with an ambiguous start, as the individual that answers the King's call will be dressed in the robes of their order, covered from head to toe with only their eyes visible, their gender hidden. After all, he wants to be High King more than anything, and he called them all this way. Surely, it's a small price to pay?  Though his advisors object, the King agrees and soon discovers the truth. In the morning, the woman leaves to carry out the assigned task. For every task, she asks the same price. This could be a one shot dealing with the negotiation and the king paying the price or potentially longer. There are several ideas tumbling around in my head for where this particular story could go, and it more than any of these offerings could be a long term story if our writing and collaboration styles synched up well, and if someone was interested in developing a relationship between the two characters beyond the initial business arrangement and wanted to see where it leads.

This is a story between two strong characters.  Possible kinks include rough sex, light bondage, combat that leads to sex, public sex, orgasm control.

Plot Two - The APV Kronos – (Firefly fandom)  
During the War, the Alliance Naval patrol ship Kronos has been asked to play host to a Parliamentary Operative, transporting them and their shuttle within range of Shadow for a covert mission. The Kronos has been on a long term patrol of the Rim dealing with Browncoat insurgents, and no one on board, including your character, is looking forward to having one of the Parliament’s covert and nameless Black Ops agents on board. That is, until the Operative arrives, and the man they were expecting turns out to be a woman. Though she outranks everyone on board, even the Captain, the temptation is too great for your character, a man used to having a woman in every port, who can’t resist the lure of the Operative, though all he can do is look but not touch – until she says otherwise.

This is intended as a short story taking place over the handful of days the Operative is board while being transported to Shadow, with lots of passion, rough sex, possible light bondage/orgasm control, exhibitionism between two people trying to cram as much as possible into a few short days.

Plot Three - The Lady at the Crossroads - (urban fantasy)
You meet her one night just as the sun is setting, a striking woman standing at the intersection of two roads just outside of town. It’s an idyllic rural setting, with lots of oak trees and pastureland, but there doesn't seem to be any houses within sight. She has no belongings other than the clothes on her back, and you agree to take her into town. Perhaps they have coffee or dinner, and somehow end up talking for hours or more. She’s unlike anyone you've ever met, otherworldly and fey. Beautiful and charming.  At the end of the evening, just before the sun rises, she asks to be taken back to where you found her. As their relationship continues and develops, this is the one constant; no matter where they meet or what they do, she always asks to return to the crossroads before morning. The real question is why?  Where does she go? Does he really want to know, and what will he do once he does? Will he choose to follow her, and what might happen to him if he does?

This is more of a romantic story with supernatural elements. It can include any kinks on my Ons list.