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May 28, 2018, 02:30:46 AM

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Author Topic: The War Chief [M lf F, NC, Impreg]  (Read 261 times)

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The War Chief [M lf F, NC, Impreg]
« on: September 11, 2013, 01:05:54 AM »
You had heard that the Sharp Fang Orcs were moving again. Eventually you even heard that they got an official War Chief, something that hasn't been done in hundreds of years according to the rumors. Of course, those were just rumors.

That is, until they ransacked your village. An Orc is a fearsome warrior, a Sharp Fang one-on-one can usually take any of them men of your village but Orcs usually rely on simple tactics, easily countered. As long as there was a plan and everyone worked together usually the Orcs were driven away. This time though, this time the Sharp Tooth Orcs were co-ordinated and stategic. This time, the counter-attack was crushed completely. They were led by a genius strategist. A true War Chief, perhaps?

That night, the Sharp Tooth Orc Warriors in celebration took all the surviving females of the village - yourself included. Then they stripped them, paraded them down to the village square, then - well, did what orcs do to their female prisoners.

The strange thing though is that you've heard what happens on such orc rape-orgies, and what you experienced wasn't nearly as bad as it was supposed to be. Hell, the way you heard it usually only the strongest of the women survive - yet here you are and all of your neighbors have been thouroughly gang raped but overall are fine.

Then there's whispers among your captors. Whispers about how when there's a proper War Chief, all unclaimed females - orc and non-orc alike - are to be considered his property. Damage his property and the War Chief will take it out on you - and he's come to inspect and properly claim his property. . .

OOC: You get the idea, though we can mix it up with the female character being a female of a rival orc tribe. Let's discuss it, see what happens.