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Author Topic: Skyline: rp based on Jet set radio & Airgear [recruitment open] lite PvP  (Read 486 times)

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Offline Smitten EndymionTopic starter

Pm or hop over to the world building thread for questions or comments.
I would like to keep this clear for profiles. I will pm and answer as fast as I can. Thank you in advance.

The World Building Thread is here.
come help with the world and system please :3

SkyLine is set a few years into the future in a city filled with wind riders these riders have advanced inline skates called Air Trecks (AT's)  that can go breath taking speeds. As these skates go main steam the more the rider underground grows. This underground filled with illegal races, Street gangs, Part Wars, and Territory Marking. All of this with the groups reputation, territory, and name on the line in their emblems.

SkyLine is going to be an rp based on Airgear (anime/manga) and Jet Set Radio & Jet set radio Future (games).
here are the wikas to both. I'll make this post prettier later >.<
Jet Set Wika         Air Gear Wika

System in the works.

Harthaven is a city In the middle of evolving a technology boom has put the city in overdrive. The already heavy underground now has a new outlet of play motorized skates called AT's. Fast and powerful they make easy what was before hard to do. Creativity and Misuse of these blades come almost hand in had and now the government decides to crack down on the cities underground harder. Drugs, sex, crime, and alternative outskirt cultures come collide with the powers that be close at hand. Either to take the tech for their own or to judge the innocent with the guilty. This is SkyLine.

What I'm Looking For is 4 other gangs besides the one that I am making. Or you can make an Individual character and join a gang later.

Code: [Select]
[size=14pt][b]Gang Submission [/b][/size]

[b][i][size=12pt]Gang name[/size][/i][/b]
[i]Gang theme[/i] [What unifies your gang what do they look like?
ie the Twilight royals are based around cards & chess which is where the titles come from.
Sometimes even their personal appearance and their AT's look.]
[i]emblem[/i]    [its your clans logo and your tag A description will do if you cant find or dont draw]
[i]Officer titles[/i] [ie queen/king (leaders) jack (second in command) etc
[i]Foot soldier title[/i] [ie numbers 2-10]
[i]Gang History:[/i]
[i]Gang Alignment:[/i] Are they good, bad or neutral.
Good in the underground mainly means they keep the piece don't deal in terrible criminal activity and does like ATs misused.
Neutral the gang does are both good and bad they might be nice one day or criminals the next but they mainly keep to themselves.
Bad mainly just thugs, and criminals. They use ATs as tools. You can lean towards bad or good even if you are neutral.
Code: [Select]
[size=14pt][i][b]Character Submission[/b][/i][/size]
[size=12pt][i][b]Name [/b][/i][/size]
[i]Titles:[/i] If in a Gang already
[i]Age[/i] [has to be over 16]
[i]Personal Anthem[/i] Characters song [optional]
[i]AT's description:[/i]

If you are submitting a an individual character you do not need a group theme. When submitting a gang you need to submit a character sheet too because your character is the leader of the gang and one of the only ones with stats.
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Offline LeSane

Re: Skyline: rp based on Jet set radio & Airgear [recruitment] lite PvP
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2013, 11:12:29 PM »
Character Submission
Liam Garnet
   Dull Hazel
Personal Anthem(s)
   I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] - Powerplay
   Flux Pavilion - Do Or Die (Flosstradamus Remix)
  Was once apart of a gang called Black Crusade one of the first gangs to be formed when AT came to the scene of Harthaven, but when the leader disbanded when the gang had started to fall down the wrong path involving drugs, and criminal activity. A feud between the the ranks broke out on whom was to take ownership which escalated quickly from usual bickering to fighting, then even a step further as former friends attempted to kill one another for the spot with each passing day the news would come on with one or more reports of young men and women being violently injured and worse. B.C. was a shining example of why AT gangs were seen as bad for the community and the city overall.

  In the end he consumed control though of the little control Black Crusade had, as the rest crumbled around itself leaving it a hollow shell with only him holding the reigns of this dying beast. With no other choice due to the heat of police and other factors deciding for him Liam had no no real say as he liquidated B.C. for good leaving the few surviving member to go else where. He was beside himself as he looked back at all the violence and hate that bellowed from wanting to be top dog. It ate at him... changed him from what he use to perceive as right and wrong. He went off the grid for a a whole year as gangs came into the scene.

  Currently he's been known to go under a new alias as Legion as he comes out at night to ride freely without the weight of the world on his shoulders. Most can tell Liam's been around due to the trail his AT's leave behind though its strictly around the industrial district. Most novice riders tend to follow it only for it to end at the face of a wall or some dangerous place like the sewers. Most of the gangs leave him be since he does not provoke them due to his neutrality however over the past couple of months rumors circulated of him taking payments to participate in part wars by starting up crews. Its only a rumor no real proof has come to light. In reality he is the King of GCD a gang that stays solely underground, and is known for criminal activities though with a purpose of helping AT riders with custom parts, gear, and being wiping out any dangerous gangs making the scene too hot.
   Hides under a mask of being carefree, open minded and sociable to the public. Yet, is the very opposite of that in every way. He sees people beneath him from not being able to see his views, and pities those feeble minded enough to think otherwise. Liam is a young man filled with remorse of his past deeds and seeks some kind of absolution for it all be it violent or otherwise as long as it has a purpose be it good or bad it fits his needs to the letter. With a slick mouth combined with a even more dangerous mindset he is one to be feared if you cross him.
AT's description:
   The pair of AT are custom built from the parts of his dead or longley departed B.C. gang members each from one of the higher ranks parts have been fitted into his skates. The frame is from the Dark Knight which was lightweight, but extremely sturdy. Its back wheels are from the Paladin which are black steel and larger than normal wheels while the front came from the appointed knight though regular in size. His Airs Treks rise up in the back to support the wheels causing him to ever so slightly be tilted forward, but its unnoticeable if one pays it no mind. All of this is put together by the screws once used by the Knightess . In sense he rides in their memory. As stated above when he rides a neon green trail of light follows behind him and lingers in the air as if guiding others behind him. If one listens  to him pass by at high speed it sounds as if his AT cry out and wale as if a ghost would.
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Offline Smitten EndymionTopic starter

Re: Skyline: rp based on Jet set radio & Airgear [recruitment] lite PvP
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2013, 12:32:55 AM »

another picture
Titles: Joker
Nickname(s): Wild, Wild Joker
Actual Name: Tanya Anabell Grey
Age: 20
Gang: Twilight Royals
Anthem: Marina and the Diamonds Teen Idle
Eyes color: Acid Green

She was born in Heart of Harthaven the illegitimate daughter of a politician and an under secretary. She was never a so called problem child. She was obedient and technically still is. Even though since the beginning shes known who here father was she was never allowed to think of him as such he was the councilman, then mayor, never ever father. Her mother either addicted to her job or him was never home as a result she was raised at her aunt on south end of the residential district. Still was a terrible idea though, she was still left to her own devices which lead her to the underground at 16.

Her start at the underground started simply enough. Running around with other "troubled" teens marking up the tainted cities walls, annoying the locals, petty thevary then back to innocent niece close to dawn. Then it slowly started escalating months later it was drugs small ones like marijuana then more potent like Ecstasy. Some how but not surprisingly she was able to keep her "daylife" out of her "nightlife" no one notice so she stopped caring.Unfortunately the mask of her good girl persona was so tight it was instinct, but the in the underground she was sinking fast.Her sex life was not exempt from the decline. Her first time was quick, rough, and in an alley behind the local corner store. Eventually It didn't matter who it was, just as long as they made her forget she was down for anything they had planned.Though surprisingly she is still clean, her daylife persona making at least cautious in this respect.

On her 17 birthday that Air Treks burst in to the scene from the major Technology conglomerate SkyLine. She really didn't see the need to use them. She wasn't apart of any of the major gangs that were using them and she wasn't really into anything athletic so she left them be; but on a whim a 3 weeks after her birthday her mother comes bursting into her sisters house dressed to the nines with a purse on one arm and a Tot on the other with the words "SkyLine" Blazoned on the side. That was how she acquired her At's a after thought gift from not her mother but her stepfather who apparently just married her mother in a pull for more votes from the gullible public. She didn't look at them or touch them for days, in an attempt to forget her mother gushing how they were going to be a family finally and live in a pent house on the north side of the district and that she just needed a few days to get everything setup. It was only a few days after that she opened them for curiosity reasons. She put them on and read the Air Treks instructions. All the while trying to convice her self that that somewhere in her mind she was happy for anygift from her mother even technically. It wasn't long till she was hooked. From trying them around the house to racing down the streets at night even using them to get to school during the day.

With At's She was distracted but not enough to stop her nightly decention. Soon all of her activities caught up to her. One of her schoolmates recognized her on her way to "Dungeon" A seedy hangout for the riders. The schoolmate followed her and caught her in the middle of having a heated three some on one of the counters in the middle of the crowed establishmet. The person shouted her name startling her. One thing led to the other and a few shouts of reporting her and other things about her reputation that then a fight broke out starting fire. She was pushed futher inside the fast burning building filled with old furnature and various paraphernalia. She was trapped and she would have died if it wasn't for the current leader of the Twilight Royals: King. That's how she met him in a burning building half naked.

Even after the accident her nightlife wasn't exposed and if her aunt knew she didn't care. The person tried to expose her but was laughed and shunned off, being the mayors new daughter had some advantages. Her nightlife was changed though. The accident didn't shock her out of her behavior but it did slow it down. She instead started hang around the Royals.Quickly enough she joined the royals and worked her way up the ranks to joker.

Her personality is slightly jaded due to her upbringing. Tight, polished, good and,kind in the day. Wild, sarcastic, deadly and slightly crazy due to the drugs and activities.Though she can be caring she is extremely cautious when it comes to emotional relationships. The closest a person has ever come to that is King.

AT Description:
Her AT's are heavily modded and white with baroque type workings on the custom shoe.LED's that turn from red to purple depending on her mood. The AT's go almost to the knee appearing to curl around her calf. The wheels are made from a titanium alloy for almost no friction boosting her speed almost beyond any other.Because of the type of wheel and the type of shocks and cushioning she has her wheels always make a bell like tone when she jumps.

Offline Red Lobster

Re: Skyline: rp based on Jet set radio & Airgear [recruitment] lite PvP
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2013, 02:43:25 AM »
Is this game still open for recruitment? I'd like to throw in my interest.

Offline Smitten EndymionTopic starter

Re: Skyline: rp based on Jet set radio & Airgear [recruitment open] lite PvP
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2013, 02:51:44 AM »
yep its is, its still in the world building stage you can defiantly throw in your intrest

Offline Red Lobster

Re: Skyline: rp based on Jet set radio & Airgear [recruitment open] lite PvP
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2013, 02:58:52 AM »
Great! I will have a character up for it tomorrow then.

Offline Smitten EndymionTopic starter

Re: Skyline: rp based on Jet set radio & Airgear [recruitment open] lite PvP
« Reply #6 on: September 23, 2013, 02:08:04 PM »
Great! I will have a character up for it tomorrow then.
I can't wait till your character is up :3