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Author Topic: Flassche:I hate Droids! (open)  (Read 1277 times)

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Flassche:I hate Droids! (open)
« on: September 10, 2013, 05:34:49 AM »

Please refrain from replying directly to this thread, Pm me if you are interested.

Title: I hate droids!

We follow the story of a pair of unlikely individuals, one flesh, one machine, and their fight for survival. The story would cover their crash-landing of their escape pod and the first stages of their immediate survival, savaging for supplies and trying to coexist with one another. One major element would be the modification of the android, seeing as its ‘protocols’ are more of a discomfort than an advantage. The two survivors will also have to deal with the immediate threat of the enemy, the ones responsible for attacking the spaceship in the first place. Their motives are yet unknown, yet with each encounter it slowly becomes more and more clear, until finally a truth is revealed that should have better been left untouched, for ever.

-Protocol/command changing
-Body modification


My Character(s):
My main character would be the captain of a small freighter on its way to deliver a high priority cargo. At his best he is a resourceful man who usually has some unique tricks up his sleeve. At his worst he is a sarcastic prick who looks at all robotic life forms with disdain.
His features are completely open for discussion and alteration. Feel free to add suggestions!

Your Character(s):
Although written as a ‘female’ android, I picture it more as genderless at first, with feminine curves. Androids in this universe are a mixture of machine and artificial flesh. Her outer plating is somewhat harder for protective purposes, yet internally she is ‘softer’, having sophisticated internal systems that allows androids to outperform their purely machine cousins; the droid. Some androids are even able to digest food sources to fuel their internal bio generators. They are highly durable and quite easily modified if you know how to.
Although the story writes her from a female perspective, I am open for any interpretation (Male, genderless, more than one android, etc)

Inspiration for the scene:
The picture submitted below.
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Re: Flassche:I hate Droids! (open)
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2013, 05:35:23 AM »

Chapter one: The Crash

The RLD -class command droid 000-003 opened his eyes and patiently waited for his primary hard drives to spin up, his memory of the past events becoming more and more clear. He immediately went for his designated task.


A small explosion ruptured part of the ships stern, just below where the droid had been starting up. The ship’s AI noticed the increasing distance between the ship and the 003 droid. It quickly concluded that the synthetic was now considered lost and deemed unusable from then on.

“Captain, 003 RLD is leaving the ship at an alarming rate of 34 clicks per second. Suggestion; preparation for the loss of unit 003” The human sitting in the ‘captain’s chair’ was nodding to the AI while trying to keep the ship from crashing into one of the asteroids nearby. “How many have found us so far?” When he heard the AI say 21 enemy ships he slammed his fist at the control panel, denting the panel somewhat. “Prepare one of the Androids suited for long term survival, place the necessary supplies and the droid in Life pod 20a. Make sure the other life pods are filled with basic supplies and target them to drop nearby life pod 20a.”

‘Mental note: Don’t use frigging droids to do a man’s job.’

 The captain hated droids. Androids were only slightly less irritating, seeing as they at least could learn to feel the concept of embarrassment for screwing up a job. He reached Pod 20a and crawled inside, finding his supplies and one of the Androids; a strange looking one. “what the?” He said out loud, obviously confused. The android was surely one of the expensive cargo’s he had been task to bring to outpost delta, a known scientific hotspot and android manufacturing outpost.
He opened its eyes by sliding the eyelids from over the optical sensors, and looked at its eyes. It was surprisingly life like, if you could see past the synthetic exterior.
Androids and droids were similar in concept, yet different in build and flexibility. Droids were standard products and excelled at simple or straight forward tasks. A single android was usually the price of thirty or so droids, so it was cheaper just to have a bunch of droids on your ship.

Androids were a blend between metal and ‘nano flesh’, a relatively new concept that allowed Androids to appear somewhat more humanlike and adapt better to their situation. With enough time, programming and raw materials around an android could repair itself fully or change its design in such a way that it could excel at a task. Simply put an android could learn to do and potentially adapt itself to do anything a human could do as well. The only downside was that they learned very, very slowly. Still, from what he could see of this design he thought it was a start of the art prototype.

“Launch!” He yelled, while fastening his seatbelts. Seconds later he felt the pods launching, while he passed out from the heavy G’s felt inside the cabin.

..."The time is not accurate for morning...please auto correct...actual life forms in small space occupancy...two....first life form...human male, mature, vitals steady....personality archetype…introvert...second life form….robotic.....Android Fai....Field Artificial Intelligence...I am...I am...Error….No name designated....please auto correct mild malfunction...v..v...vocalizer skip. Good Morning Fai-01".

The inner computer of the semi-conscious synthetic figure worked furiously to auto correct itself, adjusting the minor infractions as the internal repair kicked in. Small damage had been maintained during the sudden ejection from the main ship, but it had managed to keep it minimal by forcing itself into a complete system shut down. The first thing its sensors had picked up upon reboot was the extra body occupying the small space with it. A quick scan told it it was a human male; a man it had seen from the data logs. He was the captain of the ship they were speeding away from. It could feel it’s AI core slowly collecting bits of data, formulating things in mere nano seconds.
Androids were equipped with smart core’s; a lesser version of an AI, yet this synthetic had a proper AI, if not Blanco.

At the time it had processed the information and stored it away for later use, deciding it was not something to worry itself over. As it was though, it was now stuck in a tiny pod with a human it new practically nothing about. The only information it had was a basic data cash from the ship’s AI that contained simple data about language, survival skills and basic first aid.
It hadn't the slightest clue on where they were going to land. Nor what would happen when they did. Flexing its silicone fingers a bit the synth turned its head to peer at him, adjusting sensors in its eyes to help it see in the dim light of the pod.

A green light appeared on the plain, white protective plates fused to its figure, indicating a scan was in progress. It blipped off when it finished. It now had every major stat about the male human stored in its data bank, and could pull what it needed when the time called for it.

A metallic, monotone voice came on over the pods intercom.
"Estimated Landing time, 0.5 Minutes...destination unknown."

Fai frowned and reached over, touching its unconscious companions cheek gently, protocol demanding it checked his vitals.

ETA 10 seconds”

A soft hand caressed his cheek, making circles around his temple, brushing the short dark brown hair aside. His temple felt warm and sticky. “Blood?” He asked sheepishly. The figure that was caressing his temple was a blur, he could not see her in detail. When he tried to concentrate, he nearly lost consciousness again. The last thing he could hear was the sound of the flight processing module counting down, before it all disappeared in one loud bang..

“5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1. ..impa..”

Lance was half conscious as he was thrown out of the cockpit during the impact. He heard the escape pod bursting open while in the distant the other pods were crashing. He dimly remembered he had ordered the ship’s AI to set a gentle lading path. “Stupid computers” He thought as he flew further in the air. His shoulder landed first on a deep lake, the water feeling like concrete at first, causing friction marks on his shoulder. He rolled on the watery surface until he finally sank down. The cold water bringing him awake in a second. If he had broken something he would have to act now, seeing as any passing second would diminish his chances. He was not too deep in the water yet and adrenaline was fuelling him, for now.

He propelled himself upwards using his legs. “Thank god they aren’t broken” he muttered to himself as he reached the edge of the lake. A dozen seconds later and he was rushing towards the escape pod, body battered and bruised. It felt like he had mated with a rhino on steroids, frame barely able to function. He forced himself onwards, knowing the longer he waited the more of his supplies went to waste.

Upon reaching the crash site he found the android lying underneath a few bags and crates. Grabbing its wrist and a handful of bags, he began to drag them from the escape pod. The pod looked instable and would no doubt meet an explosive ending, soon. After dragging most of the bags and the android near the tree lines, he began to bury them behind a small hill of sand. It might not be much, but it would stop small pieces of metal, probably.

“Wake up, help me dig!” He yelled as he slapped the android against its face. When he took a second glance at it, he let his eyes linger. The androids features were stunning, sophisticated to the point of looking futuristic..


He wanted to say, but the blast wave caught him of guard, knocking him unconscious once again.
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Re: Flassche:I hate Droids! (open)
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2019, 03:46:01 AM »

Change log

10-09-2013 – Added the plot.
12-01-2019 – Bumped the story