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Author Topic: Flassche: Perfect Body (Open)  (Read 2318 times)

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Flassche: Perfect Body (Open)
« on: September 10, 2013, 04:33:14 am »

Please refrain from replying directly to this thread, Pm me if you are interested.

Title: Perfect body

What happens when you join a fitness centre that promises you the perfect body, yet also delivers! After mere months of working out you are already developing a drop dead gorgeous frame, not quite the body you had in mind, yet somehow you feel more comfortable with this one. You also notice other newcomers changing in the same way as you are, both male and female slowly becoming more and more attractive, morphing into fitness babes whose bodies simply scream ´fuck me raw´.
You could swear you smell a strange scent coming from the air ducks in the dressing room, vaguely remember the local water having a strange after taste and the local sports drinks have a salty and bitter taste to them, almost semen like.
Still, who are you to doubt all these intelligent trainers, not to mention your personal trainer. The man has given you a training schedule and you feel almost obligated to do as commanded, no matter how weird and unorthodox these schedules are becoming.

-Heavy smut.
-Male /Male (Gender swap/sisification)
-Male/Other (Discuss beforehand)


My Character(s):
My main character would be the co-owner, personal trainer and physiotherapist, all one person. He would be the driving force behind all the alterations and ‘improvements’.
I would play several side characters that would be in the loop and people working out, all to flesh out the world somewhat. The main character would be between 21 and 31 years of age.

Your Character(s):
Males, females and others are welcome to this rp. The main element to this game would be femalefication and bimbofication, for all genders. Your main character can start of as a male or a flat chested female who is either very insecure or more developed intelligent wise. Imagine his/her surprise when he/she slowly becomes more and more attractive, yet also more airheaded. Was he/she always this turned on when working out? And why the sudden need to believe more and more of what the personal instruction is telling, no matter how outrageous!
A high preference for multiple females, either one main and some side characters or multiple mains.

Inspiration for the scene:
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Offline flasscheTopic starter

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Re: Flassche: Perfect Body (Open)
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2013, 04:33:30 am »

Chapter one: The subscription fee

‘People need to exercise, and there are so many great ways to get it done that we may never get to fully highlight each unique procession. Here at Perfect Body, an elite training center focused on helping you, your friends and your family to achieve just that; a perfect body. You can box, lift and sprint on our field turf. In many of our smaller rooms we teach Yoga, Dancing and Swimming. We keep the cost down and the intensity up. We even offer aerobic classes for ladies only.
After the second year in business Perfect Body decided to go co-ed and incorporated state of the art fitness equipment. The center has rapidly grown to become the most successful full service fitness facility in the local area. We now offer Nautilus, Hammer Strength machines, Body Masters and Cybex equipment, and tons of free weights. 40 stations of cardio equipment (Stairmaster, Nautilus, Schwinn) - treadmills, elliptical, step mills, rowers, bikes and plan to add more equipment in the near future. Since the completion of our original building at this current location we have made three additional expansions, a large cardio area and a 6,000 square foot Aerobic Studio offering step classes, kickboxing, a private physiotherapists office, and spin class-‘

The folder was slowly being tugged out of a pair of hands, a man smiling as he did so. He had one of those trademark white teeth all fitness instructors seemed to have, not to mention stretching every piece of fabric he had on his frame. He placed the folder back onto the table and stood up, flashing another of those dazzling white smiles.

“Let’s get you signed up, shall we?”

He led the way past the reception area and towards the relaxation area, offering a seat before he took the opposite. Next up came a small and precise instruction, explaining what the prices were, the hours they were open, machines and what not. He also explained how he was the local Physiotherapist, personal trainer and co-owner. The explanation was mostly half heard; instead the attention went to the people working out in the gym, a surprising amount of females. Nearly 90% of the population was female, not to mention drop dead gorgeous!

Their outfits were balancing between skin tight and skimpy, revealing a lot of flesh. Yet, what a flesh it was revealing. Some females were slender, well-toned and seductive in their curves. Other females screamed feral power, showing strong and slender ropes of muscles and well-shaped thighs that would terrify the average male when she would be using those pistons in the bedroom.

“So, what do you say?”

Again that perfect smile showed up, closing the deal in case the wealth of female perfection that lingered in this place wasn’t enough.
Little did this person know was that this place was a trap, a clever one at that. It had only been open for five years now, yet they had been destroying the competition and never seemed to lose any clientele. It was a well-oiled fitness center, yet from the shadow was something darker. The people working out in this place did not know that there were hormone boosters in the water supply, large amounts of semen in the sport drinks and that the air vents in the dressing rooms were pumping out strange chemicals.
People got what they wanted when they signed up; a perfect body. Yet never once was it specified that they would not lose who they were in the process. The second this individual signed the signature was the second this gym would get another bimbo in the gym, whether the individual was a male or female.

Again came the barrage of white teeth, the trainer closing in on his new ‘addition’ to this gym.
He slid closer and placed a small contract between the two of them.

“Here you go… Our standard contract for new members. You will get the first month free, after that the standard fee will be asked. During the first month you can freeze or stop your contract witho-“

He spend the next five minutes explaining the ins and outs of the gym, the fees and additional fees that would need to be paid during specific events. His voice was calm and even, as if he had done this sort of thing plenty of times, almost becoming a habit of his.

The core:

Side cores:

He first showed the main section of the gym; dubbed the core. Most of the members came here for their routine workouts. It consisted of one large square room that had small archways into smaller cores. The smaller cores were most often used by personal trainers when they had an individual training session booked, otherwise it was free to use. They had it all here, from cardio to weightlifting. The trainer then led the way through the core and pointed out how to recognise one of the staff members, explaining that the steel blue polo shirt meant that they were one of the staff. A black one meant personal trainer.

The trainer smiled as a few girls walked past him and were obviously ogling him, making no attempts at to hide it. The man did have the decency to blush and cough as they made their way deeper into the core.
He did his best to explain everything as compact as could be while still containing the necessary details. He answered every question on the spot or promised that he would get back on it when he could not produce the answer right away. Although there were plenty of heavy weights and specific strength exercises there were relatively few males around the gym, mostly healthy and gorgeous females in all shapes and sizes.

The Tear:

The Fog:

Next up was the ‘Tear’, a pool and sauna area on the second floor. It held three long pools used for doing lanes, several circular pools where warm salt water was placed in to help you float and a mixed sauna area called the 'fog'. He explained a bit of info about the hygiene protocol, describing how to clean up after using the sauna and that each individual was to bring a towel with them. The pool did not contain any chloride and the small pools contained saltwater kept at 30 degrees.

When all was said and done he gave his own card and a small electronic key that would contain all the data. Today was a free day; allowing a person to freely check out the place, talk with the people and try their hands at the basic equipment. He then scheduled an appointment, giving them a spot for two hours. He then flashed another white smile and gave left the person with two coupons for a free sport-drink that could be collect at the bar.

“I’ll see you then.”

He said when he finally left, knowing he would mould this new project of his into perfection.
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Re: Flassche: Perfect Body (Open)
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2019, 10:43:44 am »

Change log

10-09-2013 – Added the plot.
30-09-2019: 6-year anniversary bump and alteration