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Hey there, so I'm guessing if your here your interested in a possible game. I am too! Particularly I'm looking to explore the darker side of some fandoms. Yes I'd like romance in them but that would be more of a build up and an underlying tone. We can include anything from non con, light bondage, some dom/sub elements or other things like that. For some of the fandoms I'm thinking we'd have to tweak things a bit and go a tad AU to be able to go with the darker elements. But we don't have to do the darker elements, just an option.

Forms of rping; I prefer thread or email as far as where to rp goes. Pms I prefer to use for discussion. I might be persuaded to use aim though for ooc chat.

Pairings; I'm looking to find people to play canons for my ocs. I can double and play a guy or girl in return though. I'm just not interested in only playing male, or only playing female canons. (Whatever my writing partners gender is and what pairing they're wanting) That's why if this is the case I prefer to double so everyone can be happy.
There it one expecting where I'd like to try yuri (never have before) and there's one fandom where I'll do oc x oc (unless we're doubling and you want your pairing as canon x canon, or oc x oc) I'll list males and females I think I could play in each fandom.

Just to reiterate because I know for a fact people aren't reading my rules. I am not interested in only playing male. I'm also not interested in only playing a female canon. I have no problem doing this if we double and do two pairings, but please do not contact me and only expect me to play only someone for you.

Writing; I tend to write a couple paragraphs per post and I would like someone who could do the same please.

Pictures and description; I prefer to use both. I love using pictures to reference who I'm playing, but I also like throwing in description as well. It's the best of both worlds.

Third person writing only!

Craving: WWE, Walking Dead, The Borgias

Key; Bold is who I want to play
*= How much I'm craving


Game of Thrones

This is one of the ones I'm thinking things might need tweaked and a little AU. A lot of the characters are semi-decent and probably wouldn't do the sort of dark things that I'm looking for in this search. I'm looking to particularly explore the darker side of the Starks if anyone is interested.


Robb x oc ******
Stark oc x Bolton oc
Stark oc x Targaryen oc
Stark oc x Lannister oc
Stark x Tyrell oc

Among the wolves
The northern army has been at war with the south for months now in a fight to win their independence as well as for the Starks to get their beloved sisters and daughters back. Each and every battle the Lannisters have said to have been defeated. What would happen if the King in the North gained another advantage when they would take over a stronghold and come across a Lannister. Not only that but a female? And what if she had information useful to them? Will they use her as a bargaining chip since the Kingslayer is much to dangerous to let free, or will she be useful in some other way?

Family Above All
-This would be a crossover between GoT and The Originals/Vampire Diaries-

This could be a number of different pairings. Klaus x oc, Kol, x oc, Robb x oc, and for doubling I'm sure we could we could do Sansa x oc. (I'm not as confident at playing Rebekah.)

Okay anyway the idea is this; The Mikaelson's are a very rich and prominent family that are bannermen to the Lannisters. Now while loyal, the family is definitely on the look out for ones self and always intent on gaining power. Now while it makes more sense for them to stick with the Lannisters, perhaps their intent on taking the crown for themselves. (Perhaps Klaus/Kol more than Elijah seeing as he's the most 'noble'.) Even with the Tyrell's backing the crown, the Lions would grow very crippled if they decide to make a secret alliance with the Starks, since Robb does not want to rule the south. My thought would be either my oc would be a Mickaelson and offered to Robb, or she could be a Stark and betrothed to Klaus or Kol. (For plot sake I say we should have Elijah already married/betrothed and either Klaus is not a bastard or he was legalized when Joffrey came into power.)

Also for my oc, whichever family she's in, I'm thinking she will be a bit like Arya. As in, she has secretly learned about being an archer her whole life.

Vampire Diaries

Yup I'm a sucker for vampire fandoms so there will be a few listed. Particularly I'm interested in rps focusing on The Originals. They're my absolute favorites in the show. For doubling I doubt mind playing someone that isn't a Mikaelson however! I also think it would be interesting to add the blood bond from True Blood into this fandom if anyone would be up for it.

Klaus x oc ****
Kol x oc ****
Oc Original x oc witch/vampire/human
Rebekah x oc

Characters I could try and play; Rebekah, Caroline, Damon, Stefan, Elijah

Deadly Past

Rosaline, my oc, knew the originals as well as Katherine in the past. The Petrova vampire had made her and used her to be a spy of sorts. Rosaline had to get in good with the original vampires and become apart of the inner circle Klaus trusted. All the while she would give Katerina information so that the brunette could stay hidden and far away. What happens when Klaus finds out she's helping the person he's been chasing for decades? Well she barely had enough time to escape. For x reason [we can decide what it is] she ends up coming to Mystic Falls. What will happen when she runs into Klaus there?

Cheating Death

***Warning, if you have not seen season four and don't want to be spoiled then do not continue on reading this idea

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
With Bonnie having been able to bring Jeremy back from the dead before, Kol did not intend to stay dead once the vile was dropped. Oh no, he planned to come back and take revenge on all of those who wronged him and had killed him. And what happens when my oc comes into town to investigate the deaths of the twelve witches? And what happens if she looks very similar to a witch he knew centuries ago and must be a descendant of her?

I'm thinking maybe he gets her to help by knowing of some lost family item. Like a Grimoire of the witch he'd known, or an amulet that the relative of my oc could have had?

A Centuries Old Promise
(Yes this would be set with the baby story line and all. I would like to figure a way for Kol to actually be Kol in his real body and not as 'Kaleb'.)

Long ago the Original Vampire family had a mother whom was barren and could not have kids. In a desperate plea Esther went to her sister Dalia and in exchange to have kids she promised each generations first born child. With Klaus' daughter Hope not really dead like everyone thinks, Dalia will return to take revenge. Well what if there were just rumors at first? Perhaps Dalia was apart of a coven and a descendant from that coven was forced to go undercover to try and figure out if the rumors that Hope Mikaelson was actually alive were true. Maybe she sees her chance for information through Elijah or Kol, as Klaus is way to paranoid to learn anything through. I'm thinking maybe by misfortune Kol finds out she's a witch/why she's there and uses it to his advantage?

It's a rough idea that could definitely be ironed out more.

True Blood
Yup another one. Mostly I'm interested I'm doing something involving Eric or Pam. There's not a lot of people I feel I'd be good at but I can try.

Eric x oc
Pam x oc (Yes this is where I'd like to attempt yuri)

Characters I could try and play; Just suggest!

A Flower so Divine

This idea could be used for either pairing.

What if there were other supernatural creatures in the world? More than just the normal vampires, shifters, were's, and fairies.  And what if these other supernatural beings might have powers that influence vampires? (Like how Sookie's light power could affect vamps)

I was thinking my oc would be a succubus. That she'd have the ability to kind get people to do what she wants. (I'm not sure how to explain it. But if you have ever watched Lost Girl then it's like that.) and maybe she could influence emotions. When she comes across Fangtasia and accidentally has to use her power on a vampire, Eric (or Pam) sees this and finds that she would be a good person to work for them. If they can find a way to get her to.


Okay I know I'll get a lot of crap talk for posting this but hear me out. I'm not looking for sparkly vampires that eat from bunnies. I'm wanting something dark. No sparkles, no Bella. Plus I'm a little more interested in doing something with the Vulturi anyway! But dark version Cullen's would be cool too.

Emmett x oc **
Alec x oc ***

Characters I could try; Jacob, Jasper, Edward, Rosalie, Alice, suggest!

Power is everything
Alec x oc;

Everyone knows Aro loves to have vampires with unique and powerful gifts. There's been rumors of a young vampire (my oc would have been changed into a vampire and has been one for no more than five years) that has a rather powerful gift. This vampire can control the element of fire. It can't hurt or kill her (unless of course she's decapitated and then set on fire to be killed like any other vampire.) Because of this he sends Alec, Demetri, and Jane to find this girl and bring her back to Vulterra. Will she agree to join?

Kinda vague, we can discuss more if your interested.

Yes WWE and TNA. Sorry but I just love these shows.

Dean Ambrose x oc *** (Craving)

The Authority
(This is a Dean Ambrose idea based for if the Shield was still together, or just set back when they still were.)

Daniel Bryan and a few other superstars have spoken out against the Authority and so far all have paid the price. Most were attacked by the Hounds of Justice and/or put in handicap matches that were where the odds were stacked against them. Well what if divas started to say things as well? Better yet what if one was newer? Perhaps the Authority saw that just unfair matches wouldn't work on this one. She was a bit outspoken, kind of a female CM Punk, so they decide to have The Shield scare/threaten her a bit. Maybe it goes a little too far as Dean is considered to be 'unstable'.

Could go many ways, I'd love to expand on this.

New Blood
Wrestlers and divas are all the time looking for a big break to make it to the big times and into wwe. My oc was offered a way in, mostly as an escort for the moment. She was to be a new member of team authority, as well as to be arm candy for Seth. Well what if she helps interfere one to many times in the matches of those opposing the authority (a.k.a Dean Ambrose matches?) Maybe she causes distrsctions  causing him to get beaten up/loose and perhaps wants a little retribution. Maybe he thinks they're a serious item when they're really not, and decides to kidnap her.

Just an idea though, feel free to shoot me a pm with any ideas of your own!

Under the Disguise

(This idea was thought up for Ambrose x oc.)

Ever since the feud with Bryan and management started, things have become more chaotic as well as everyone having to walk on egg shells to not piss off Triple H, his wife, or father in law. The Shield has been causing destruction ever since they appeared on Raw and Smackdown, and even more so since they've become, or had become, like bodyguards to the management. What happens if someone new appears and decides they want to stir things up just for the hell of it? They decide to interfere in matches, particularly ones involving The Shield, to help them win when the odds are stacked against them. This new person wants to cause controversy and what better way than something involving them? (Or possibly getting involved in Orton or Bryan matches.)

No one knows who they are because they wear a black mask. (Kinda like Aces and Eights in TNA used to wear masks.) Everyone just assumes this mystery person is a guy because the mask covers their hair, and they also wear gear, like football shoulder pads, to make themselves look bigger. Obviously the three are gonna want to know who the hell this person is that keeps getting involved in their matches, even if it is to help them, and what's gonna happen when Dean does some sneaking around and discovers more, and shocking things, about the person than they expected to?

The Hounds of Justice (AU)
In this modern au the three men in black, The Shield, are the main members apart of a gang that run a small town. They pretty much run everything and even have members of the police force on their payroll. What happens if my ocs brother and his gang decide they wanna take over?

The Borgias

Cesare x oc
Juan x oc

Who I could attempt; Lucrezia, Juan

Deadly Ambitions
This would be a Cesare x oc. But it could also fit Juan x oc too.

My character would be a commoner coming from a family of a medium class. Her fathers still alive, her mother having died in child birth. While her and her father got along well enough, her favorite family member was always her uncle. Skip forward to a few years from what would be present day, her uncle is assassinated which causes her to become filled with vengeance. So much like the sculptor that Rodrigo meets in season two who pretends to be a guy, my oc dresses up and acts like a guy, learning the art of being an assassin.

After having completed her quest to kill those who killed her uncle she takes on various jobs which give good pay we come to the present. She's been offered a lot of money, I'm thinking by either Della Rovere or someone else looking to take out the Borgia family, to assassinate the pope. Michiketto (or if we do Juan x oc, either Juan or one of his personal guards) find this out and she's (he's) taken to Cesare/Juan to be dealt with.

We could discuss what happens in the encounter/afterwards etc. I'm thinking they would be looking to kill him, but somehow come to find out he is really a her.

Walking Dead

Daryl x oc *****
Merle x oc

Who I can try; Rick, Shane, Andria, Suggest

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I don't have any particular ideas for this. Just a kinda vague one. Basically my thought was that my oc would do something similar to what Morgan had done. You know, how he cleared out that one town and had traps everywhere. The difference would be that my oc did this to one specific building, though she does try to keep the streets somewhat clear. She would make the building look like a dump on the outside but really if one went in then they'd find food, supplies, water, all that type of stuff one needs for survival.

The group (or maybe we have Daryl get separated from the others and it's just him) stumbles across the place. Maybe they/he wants to take the stuff but my oc comes back and they kinda get into a confrontation. We can discuss this more in detail if you'd be interested in this.

Safe Haven
The group has found Alexandria and has been staying there a short while despite the fact some of them feel a bit uncomfortable and unsure of this place or how long the safety will last before they're having to fight for survival again. Daryl has been given the task of helping bring in new recruits and in the latest mission there is a small group they're thinking of recruiting to come back and live in the community. My oc is a member of this group they intend to recruit.

I'm sorry it's a rough idea but I'd love to hash it out more!

Sam x oc

Dark Secret

What if a oc wanted revenge on the brothers? Their dad killed her dad.Oh and she's half demon/ half human. A few years later after the dads death she learns of the brothers. She wants revenge. Maybe not so much physical but emotional like she went through. It would of worked to if one thing hadn't of stopped her. She started caring about them. So what happens now? And what will happen if Sam and Dean find out what she had planned to do?

Once Upon a Time
Hook x oc

Yes the new CW show. I'm already in love with it to be honest. I'm a sucker for shows based in a more medieval type setting, or just one that's not modern. (Well except westerns. Don't care much for those.) I would absolutely love to do something with Sebastian. I know with it being new that being completely in canon isn't really possible, which I don't mind.

Sebastian x oc

I could attempt Mary if you want. Maybe Francis, but be warned I really dislike him. I'll try not to let that show through in an rp though.

If anyone is interested I'd love to do a crossover with this and Game of Thrones! Like for instance;
Bash x Lannister/Targaryen oc
Robb x Mary

Unexpected News

What if Mary had a younger sister? Only a year or so younger, they hadn't grown up together as my character had lived with their uncle. With the English so hell bent on wanting Scotland it had seemed safer for it not to be known of the second child. Growing up as her uncle's supposed natural born daughter, it wasn't until after Mary came back to France that word got out about who the oc really was and it was safer for her to go and be under her sisters protection. Obviously this was good news for Mary as she could marry Francis like she wants and use this new found sister to help gain more alliances to Scotland. She'd get her love while the oc would marry whoever was convenient. What would happen if that started to get screwed up by her (the oc's) growing interested in Bash?

I have only seen season one and I'm thinking this is the fandom I would strictly only use oc's in. It's been awhile since I've watched it and I'm not sure I'd be good with canons here.

oc x oc

Crique Du Freak
Vancha x oc

The Traveling Prince

-We could probably change things up a bit for the story and make things darker.-

As we know there are not many vampire females in this series because of the lifestyle as well as the harsh trials. For whatever reason he comes across my oc, a human, and for whatever reason (we can figure that out)he wants her. From there I see it starting out as non-con and gradually becoming consensual and leading up to her eventually going the the Vampire Mountain for the trials and the dynamic there. We can discuss further and feel free to shoot anything my way if you have an idea!

Days of Our Lives
I'm sure I won't get any interest here but I wouldn't mind making a story out of this.

Chad x oc

The Forbidden Game

Julian x oc

Frozen Essence

Cauis x oc

Collin x oc
Quin x oc

Final Fantasy 7
oc x oc

Witches of East End
Fredrick x oc

The Bold and the Beautiful
Ridge x oc

The Tudors
Charles Brandon x oc

oc x oc



New idea 'Unexpected News'. Not the best but maybe we could flesh it out and make it better.