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May 23, 2022, 08:58:20 pm

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Author Topic: F Seeking M/F/Other (Plots/Pairings/Pics inside!)  (Read 621 times)

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F Seeking M/F/Other (Plots/Pairings/Pics inside!)
« on: September 09, 2013, 12:48:39 pm »
Heya! I'm windstar and now that my schedule has cleared up some, I thought I'd throw one of these threads up and see if anyone is interested - I love fantasy RPs, and I adore 1x1.

Here's some info before we get started, you can also check my RP preferences:

1. I usually write about 1 - 2 paragraphs. I can go higher during particularly inspired moments, but 1 - 2 is my average.
2. I'm more concerned about an interesting partner than with gender.  I'm fine with guys playing girls and girls playing guys.
3. Right now, I can only commit to replying once per day. Some days I'll have more time, some days I'll have none.
4. I'm fine with any combination of plot/smut, including all smut or all plot, just let me know.
5. I'm willing to double/multi (within reason), but it's not something I expect or require from my partners.
6. I do short and long term RPs, just let me know. For smut focused RPs, I prefer short term.

These are meant to be extremely general/barebones plot ideas. The basic idea is to find something that interests both of us and flesh it out more. If you have an idea, feel free to suggest it.

AD&D/Planescape/Dark Sun
My OC x Your OC
This could be a free-form thing, where we just use the general theme of the world or setting (traditional western fantasy), or a semi-to-fully within the rules game with character sheets, experience, and dice. I'm GM'ed one person games before, I feel comfortable doing so. Could be smut, plot, or some combination.
Possible Pairings/Kinks: Human or Elf Girl/Monster, Human or Elf Girl/Orc, Elf/Drow, Master/Slave, non-con, exotic partners.
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AD&D/PoL - Possible Plot Threads
A beloved young ruler was assassinated, and all the evidence shows that reviled group of demi-humans is responsible. Or is it all to simple?

Orc tribes are raiding villages along the borders of human/elven lands.

A tiefling organizes a trip to an ancient ruin to recover lost artifacts of Bael Turath.

A dragon sets itself up as the leader of a nation or tribe.

A holiday celebration is used as cover for a political assassination, for which one of the character's friends is framed.

The elves emerge from hiding for the first time in millenia, but what is their purpose for suddenly allying themselves with humanity?

Inter-House war erupts among the Drow/Drow slavers make a raid on the surface.

Devils have stolen a holy artifact meant to be used in an important ritual, but the devil-lord responsible claims they were framed.

A githzheri settlement in Limbo has disappeared without a trace - along with one of our characters oldest friends.

A friend calls in a favor, they need a mysterious package retrieved from the Lower Planes.

The child of a wealthy Sigilite has gone missing in the Beastlands and their parents are offering an incredible reward for their safe return.

A random portal has allowed the Blood War to spill into the Prime Material plane.

One of the character's friends sold their body to the Dustmen as a joke/dare, but now they want out of their contract.

Dark Sun
A captured slave is forced to fight in the arenas of the Seven Cities.

The characters are sent to capture/enlist the aid of a Seer who can supposedly see hidden water below the surface of Athas.

One of the character's friends/relatives is put on trial for defiling.

A freak sandstorm reveals a temple to an ancient, dead god - it looks like it's remained untouched for centuries.

One of the Sorcerer-Kings demands tribute from the character's village.

Nibenay holds a dancing contest, with an incredible reward promised to the winner.

My OC x Your OC
Same as the above. Creation is a rich, full world that defies many of the standard traditions of fantasy writing. For any RP set in Creation, I would prefer using the official rules only as guidelines - they're a mess in many ways. I typically play (and prefer) Solars, Lunars, and Dragon-Blooded - though I'm familiar enough with all Exalt types to run a game with any of them.
Possible Pairings/Kinks: Solar/Dragon-Blooded, Solar/Lunar, Dragon-Blooded/Dragon-Blooded, Lunar/Dragon-Blooded, Solar/Abyssal, Sidereal/Sidereal, power imbalance, non-con, incest.
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Exalted - Possible Plot Threads
A chain of islands, apparently untouched since the First Age, is discovered in the West. Various factions hurry to claim them.

A group of Dragon-Blooded are sent to secure family holdings in the Threshold.

A map detailing a First Age ruin is discovered, leading to a 'gold rush' as several groups, including the Wyld Hunt, try to reach it first.

A host of Dragon-Blooded explorers/surveyors come to the character's town/country, claiming that a rich jade deposit has been discovered there.

A Sidereal is framed for the murder of another Sidereal.

A Sidereal discovers a conspiracy involving gods loyal to the Primordials.

Rebel forces claim the jade mines in Harbourhead.

An important natural resource/landmark (a forest, a river, a mountain, etc.) vanished overnight. Who could be responsible?

A Lunar's native tribe is displaced by the forces of a Deathlord.

A Lunar rallies various beastman and barbarian tribes to liberate a Realm satrapy.

The non-canon state the characters live in rebels against the Dragon-Blooded.

Affronted spirits cause a massive drought/other natural disaster in the chararacter's homeland.

My OC x Your OC
Part Romance of the Three Kingdoms, part Kung Fu Panda. Jadeclaw is furries set in Fantasy Ancient China.
Possible Pairings/Kinks: Preferred characters for me to play are cats and great cats, dogs, wolves, and rabbits. Interspecies, non-con, master/slave.
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Jadecalw - Possible Plot Threads

A corrupt magistrate seeks to claim a rival family's land and businesses.

The heir of a wealthy House has run away from their wedding. Both sets of parents are offering a reward for their safe return.

The characters must deliver a cure to an area afflicted by plague.

The three children of a recently deceased ruler seem ready to go to war over their parent's holdings.

A summoned demon is loose in the countryside. A character is hired to guard the exorcist sent to banish it.

A quarry in a province far distant from the Capital is wreaking havoc on the spirit world.

A messenger contacts the character with news that their parents have arranged a wedding for them.

Dragon Water is a new fad in the Capital, but what's it really made of?

General Pairings
My OC x Your OC
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Homestuck - Yes, I'm one of those people. I fucking love Homestuck, and especially the trolls. My primary interest here is fantrolls, either in a game or on historical Alternia.

Demons - I love anything with demons. A demon noble and their slaves/concubines, a demon lord fighting a civil war in hell, a demon and a captured rival/angel/enemy general, a summoned demon getting out of control and turning on its summoner, a human bargaining with a demon for favors/power. It's all good.

Fur/Human - Sometime in the future, a genetics company has discovered a way to combine human and animal DNA. The resulting lifeforms, called Morphs, are sold as pets, companions, or bodyguards. Morphs can even be grown to custom specifications, with odd color or species combinations - these 'custom' breeds are called Chimera Morphs.

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