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Started by Usani, September 08, 2013, 09:31:56 PM

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I'll need a female to play the best friend and a guy to play the dominant character.  So basically this is the story.... My character Marry has a secret BDSM fetish that only her best friend knows about and her best friend also knows about her little collection of videos involving her favorite dominant BDSM male pornstar James Deen.  So, one day my character and her best friend are at MC house just hanging out one night and her best friend asks about what kind of fantasy she would wanna play out if she ever got to be dominated by him.  She describes a fantasy where she's in bed and a guy breaks into her house, blindfolds her, ties her up and has some fun.

So, her best friend decides a few nights later to send a email to the company that he works for and pretty much tells MC story about how she got into BDSM by watching his videos and how much she wants to live out this fantasy.  She also adds a little detail at the end that SHE wants to be involved in this.  Even though MC didn't say it, she can tell she has a thing for her.

Kinks- spanking, cunnilingus, biting, pinching, tied up, clamps, blindfolds, flogs, sex toys, finger/hand jobs, pleasure denial, squirting, light choking, oral (giving and receiving)

Turn-offs- Anal, Vore, Scat, Watersports, Toilet play

So, I'm looking for a male and female but if you're someone who is willing to take up both roles that's great too!  Also, for a little info on James Deen you can look him up on to see what I'm looking for specifically. 

James Deen:

MC (My Character):