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Author Topic: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open Recruitment)  (Read 748 times)

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A High Fantasy Adventure (Open Recruitment)
« on: September 08, 2013, 07:23:17 PM »

Into the Unknown

Connor stood in the middle of the small ferry, the reigns to his horse held loosely in his gloved hand. His hood was pulled close to not only hide his identity but provide him with warmth. Beads of water collected on its outside from the heavy fog that covered the river and its banks. The sun was yet to rise and burn it off.

The far bank was his destination and the Red Falcon Inn beyond that. That was where he was meeting those that would accompany him on his adventure. The Northern Wilds lay not more than a few hundred feet beyond the Red Falcon Inn and many that had entered it had never returned.

Like his father.

His father had led the 13th Legion into those very same woods, on a morning much like this; a wetness to the air, a heavy fog making it nearly impossible to see your own hand in front of your face. An eerie silence, not a breeze to be felt. They had walked into the mists and that was the last anyone had seen of the 13th.

And now it was Connor who was going to follow in his fathers footsteps, only not leading a Legion but leading a small party of has-beens and have-nots, who have nothing left to live for. Venturing more than a day or two into these Northern Wilds meant that you’d never be coming back. The few that had returned were stark raving mad. It was a death sentence, going out beyond where even the trappers felt safe.

But Connor really had no choice. His head had a price on it, his family...his family name was dishonored and it was left only to him to restore that honor by finding the Legion, but bringing his father home, by solving the greatest mystery and defeat of the Empires history.

The ferryman continued to pull on the rope, guiding the ferry through the fog and treacherous White River until it bumped against the dock on the shallows of the other side. Connor led his horse off the ferry and along the dirt path towards one of the few permament structures on the North Bank - the Red Flacon Inn. He was to meet everyone inside and the thought of warming up by the fire greatly appealed to him.

The 13th Legion lives on in infamy. A full Legion of soldiers from Ribenheim, mustering at the end of the known world - Tetrarch. A town that had its beginnings as a Fur Trappers Post. It lays on a bend in the White River, far to the North, on the edge of the Wilds. Tetrarch happens to lie on the only place the White River is fordable - by ferry - for hundreds of miles. Rumors of Lost Cities of Gold and creatures never before seen have long drawn people to Tetrarch. Hunters make their living off the Wilds to the North of the River, though have grown wise, not venturing too deep into the Dark forest.

It was upon these rumors that the 13th Legion was sent to Tetrarch, with a contingent of Rangers, to lay claim to the Wilds in the North. Those who were there, those 12 years ago, long remember the morning that the 13th embarked on their journey. Banners flying high, it took nearly a week for the whole Legion to cross by ferry. Their encampment on the North Bank was far larger then the city proper itself and they left a legacy with the Camp Followers left behind.

On the trumpets call, the 13th Marched off into the Mists that fateful day, one by one disappearing into the trees. Nothing has been heard of - or seen - the 13th Legion since. Their fate a mystery that has haunted the region ever since, fueling rumors and myths that have drawn many Adventurers to Tetrarch in hopes of making a discovery. But those who venture into the Deep Woods are never seen of again. Those who do make it back are raving mad and usually die soon after. Whatever is out there is still a mystery though many still head off, seeking fame and fortune.

Tetrarch has always been a place where the unwanted and undesirable have fled too. It is one of the rare places that the Kingdom has little reach, being so isolated and so far to the North. Its a place where you go to get away, though the place has started to grow again recently, drawing more attention to itself as a place in the Kingdom and not just some fur traders outpost.

In the Red Falcon Inn, rumors are spreading of a man seeking to put together a small Party, to head off into the Wilds on what some would say is a Fools Errand, looking for the 13th Legion and any other riches for the taking. Its a death sentence, the rumors go, for anyone who takes part, just like the rest of such adventure seekers.

The World

Right Click + Open in New Tab to see Full Size version of Map

The World, as it is known, consists of one continent with several islands. The Norther reaches are unreachable and covered in constant snow. The Southern reaches are covered in Jungle and Desert and no one has ever ventured further south.

There are approximately two-dozen Kingdoms, Empires, and Duchies in the World, spanning from the Western Coast to the Eastern Mountains.

Major Cities on the map are marked by Black Dots.

The Kingdoms, Empires, and Duchies of the World:
1. Isle of Draiocht - The Wizarding Isle
2. The Free Cities - Island Kingdoms, roughly 8 of them, that operate independently. Sea-faring peoples, excellent sailors. One Island is home to a group of Wood Elves.
3. The Frozen Isles - Home to a penal colony, otherwise only the brave Whalers have encampments on some of the islands in these treacherous waters.
4. The Kingdom of Ribenheim - Home to Northmen and Commoners alike, its capital is quite diverse and many different peoples can be found inside its walls.
5. The Kingdom of Perth - A long time enemy of Ribenheim, the Perthians are currently at peace with Ribenheim. A group of Wood Elves live in the forests to the East, at the foot of the Mountains.
6. Sylvanthia - Home of the High Elves, and Wood Elves alike. The only sovereign Elven Nation. Great Forests dominate the landscape.
7. The Kingdom of Conameria - A long time enemy of the Elves, Conameria is now the most likely place you'll find Elves living with Humans.
8. The Duchy of Lavaria - The Duchies are constantly at war, borders and cities constantly changing hands. Many Mercanries come from the Duchies.
9. The Duchy of Lataria
10. The Duchy of Conaria
11. The Duchy of Melaria
12. The Duchy of Toraria
13. The Duchy of Galaria
14. The Duchy of Coria
15. The Duchy of Salnoria
16. The Kingdom of Corinthia - A fiercely warlike people, probably due to the proximity of the Duchies. Great Architects come from Corinthia.
17. The Kingdom of Larabia - A diverse kingdom due to its proximity to the south. Great Traders herald from here.
18. The Sheikdom of Tarabat - The Sheik is quite wealthy and profits from trade with the peoples in the South.
19. The Gorolians - The Gorolians inhabit the Great Plains, skilled horsemen that breed the finest of horses. A Nomadic people too, the Great Market the only year-round settlement.
20. The Island Nation of Theoaspolous - A great Island Nation, sporting perhaps the finest ships of all the Nations. Theoaspolous Ships are highly prized.
21. The Jungles of Sepik - The Jungles of Serilia are a mystery to all.
22. The Sands of Dar'Luka - an endless expanse of Sand and oppressive heat, the Dar'Luka people are known to be great Merchants and Slave Traders.
23. The Wilds - Unihabited places, full of forests and mountains and wild things.
24. The Western Lands - Undiscovered.

Magic: Magic is a mystical thing. In some places its touch is strong, in other places it is weak, non-existent. Its weakest form is the most common - a healing touch, a natural affinity to calm animals, a master craftsman able to use his skill to make the finest of details or weapons. A level most likely not to draw any undue attention.

The next level of magic are those who can manipulate the world around them, or summon the elements. These people are called Mages and are mostly found on the Isle of Draiocht - an island devoted to the study of Magic and its uses for the better of mankind. It is these Mages that are most at risk - to society and themselves - and many die when consumed by magic they can not control.

Wizards are the most powerful magic users to have ever walked the surface of the world. There area currently no known Wizards that exist in the world and it has been nearly 500 years since the last Wizard died.

The Races of the World
The Civilized Races:

The Race of Man

Humankind are by far the most widespread of all the Races. Hardy and Intuitive, they are industrious and conquer all land that they come across. Based on location, they’ve evolved over the years to become more hardy in their locales, and are thus the most diverse of all the Races. Women are typically 4” - 12” inches shorter than their male counterparts.

-The Northmen-
Carving out a living in the Northern Reaches, the Northmen are at home in the cold. Tribal warfare before their civilization has created a race of man typically 6’0” -to- 6’8” tall, with fairer complexions and lighter colored hair. They are by far the tallest of the human races. Due to the climate, they are good hunters and good fishermen as well.

-The Typical Human-
The Typical Human, found in more moderate climates and by far the most common of all humans, are on average 5’8” to 6’4” tall, with body types that span the spectrum. They are Soldiers, Farmers, Craftsmen, Nobles - the whole gambit. Their complexions and hair are as widely varied as they are, with various regions having a higher likelihood of producing similarly looking locals.

-The Dar’Luka-
Otherwise known as the Sand People, the Dar’Luka have a more olive tone to their skin, almost the color of the deserts that they inhabit. Their men tend to stand between 5’6” and 6’0” tall and are often of a lean, thin complexion and are all universally dark-haired. Those encountered in the Civilized Kingdoms are often Merchants or Slave Traders.

-The Sirilians-
Of the Sirilians, little is known. They inhabit the Jungles of the World, are quite territorial and live in a Tribal Culture. What is known is that they often have the darkest skin of all the human races, all have black hair, and none have even been recorded to stand more than 5’8” tall.

The Race of Elves

Elvenkind are one of the most long-lived races in the World and claim to be the first to inhabit it as well. While they live nearly twice as long as your average human, they are lucky to have more than one child in their lifetime. As such, the Elves now live scattered throughout the World. Getting involved in another major war could quite easily spell the death of their race.

-The High Elves-
Widely considered among the most beautiful creatures on the face of the Earth, the High Elves fall into the category of Nobility among their people. Tall, elegant, graceful and above all, beautiful, they are always noticed when traveling. They are among the best crafters of silver and retain the secret of their Mithril armor - so light it is barely noticeable, but nearly as strong as plate mail. They are considered the best Jewelers in the world as well. Fair complexions and eyes and hair that seem to match the natural minerals and gems of the world. They stand between 6’2” - 6’8” tall.

-The Wood Elves-
Darker skinned than High Elves, with a more bronzed complexion and darker hair and eyes, Wood Elves are most at home in the forest. They are the best wood carvers to grace the world, their bows a testament to their skill. They are also considered the best trackers/hunters/archers as well and have an uncanny ability to blend in with their surroundings. They are also slightly shorter than their High Elven brethren, but much more agile.

-The Dark Elves-
The Dark Elves are a race of Elves who have turned from the light and everything that is natural to their Race. They are of a belief that the other Races seek to destroy the Elven Race and have vowed an endless war against the other races. Defeated in battle, they have taken to the underground, fighting the Dwarves and other denizens for the underground kingdoms, while also controlling a few well hidden surface-side locations where they wage their war. Due to their shift in alignment, their natural order is out of balance, slowly turning their skin to an ashen-gray or even black. They are on average the same height as Wood Elves.

The Dwarves

The Dwarven Race is perhaps the most mysterious of the Civilized Races. Known as much for the fiery temper, long beards and love of drink as they are for the Metalsmithing, the Dwarves are a race in eternal battle with the Under Dark.

They are the shortest of all the races, but also the sturdiest. It is said that a Dwarf has the strength of three men, and when in full battle regalia, the strength of ten! Their love of mining for precious materials has led them down into the earths very core, where - as legend has it - they encountered the Under Dark, releasing hordes of vicious and vile creatures.

Nonetheless, Dwarven Smithing is the best in all the Kingdoms and is highly sought after. Dwarves can often be found in Smithies and Forges throughout the Kingdoms or, as un-dwarf-like as it is, traveling around the kingdoms seeking adventure. Dwarven Fortifications have stood the test of time as well, and many ruins from the Ancient World were crafted by Dwarven hands, the only reminders of those bygone eras.

Dwarves are short and stocky, often standing no taller than 4’10” on a good day. Their hair can be metallic in color too.

The Uncivilized Races

The world is truly a vast place. While the races of Man, Elf, and Dwarf have done much to bring stability and civilization to the world, there are those who seek to undo it, or those that just do not seem to fit in on either side.

Old races, nearly extinct, seeking to etch out their livelihoods in a changing world. Vile races, unleashed by the Under Dark, or inhabiting the Wild Areas.

These are those races.

The Orcs

If there was ever a race bred for warfare, it was the Orcs. Luckily for the other races, the War-like Orcs were a strictly tribal society of nomadic peoples, more intent on destroying each other then the other races. By the time the Tribes united, it was all but over for the Orcs. You are more likely to come across a Half-Orc these days then a pure-bred Orc, but they are out there - mostly operating as Mercenaries for Hire. Even so, an Orc in full Battle Armor is a foe to be feared.

Orcs are large - on average, around 7’0” tall, with tusks, green skin, dark hair, and muscled bodies. Half-Orcs are more human in looking, though their size and strength give away their Orcish heritage.


Goblins are very much the Scavengers of the Under Dark. The size of Dwarfs, but on the leaner side of things, Goblins often attack in packs - about the only time they are truly deadly. Goblins caught unawares are likely to panic, and one-on-one most creatures can defeat a Goblin. Packs of Goblins have been known to raid above ground and are quite effective at it, scavenging for better equipment as they do so. They are quick and agile as well and often set traps around their encampments - it is said they love nothing more than torturing their enemies to death!

All character sheets MUST be sent to me via PM. Any posted directly to this thread will be IGNORED.
Male Players for Male Characters, Female Players for Female Roles please.

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=12 width=250]IMG HERE[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Character Race:[/b]
[b]Character Profession:[/b]



[b]Major Skills:[/b]
[b]Minor Skills:[/b]
[b]Innate Abilities:[/b]

[b]Additional Information/Secrets:[/b]

Character Creation Guide
Copy/Paste the following code into a PM to create your character. Remember to follow previously stated rules.

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=12 width=250]IMG HERE[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Character Race:[/b]
[b]Character Profession:[/b]



[b]Major Skills:[/b]
[b]Minor Skills:[/b]
[b]Innate Abilities:[/b]

[b]Additional Information/Secrets:[/b]

Character Name: Character Name
Character Age: Age - something realistic in regards to background.
Character Race: What Civilized race are you?
Character Profession: All encompassing name for your character class/abilities

Background: Be detailed. Skills etc reflect background.


Major Skills:
Minor Skills:
Innate Abilities:

Additional Information/Secrets:

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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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Accepted Characters:

Connor O'Fearghail

Name: Connor O'Fearghail
Age: 24 Years Old
Race: Human
Profession: 'Assassin' - term used lightly.

Background: Connor comes from a mixed background. Born to Nobility, he was given an education from an early age. He can read and write, do math, and speak three languages including Common. And he has kept this knowledge secret for most of his life. He received weapons training as well - mostly with Sword and Bow. As a youngster, he could often be found practicing his Archery and joining the Hunters out in the woods, where he learned how to track and trap, along with stalking his prey. Little did he know how useful these skills would become for him.

He was always destined for the Legion, like his father, and as he neared his twelfth birthday, he knew that it would be only another 2 short years before he'd be able to join and receive proper training. However, that all changed in a cruel twist of faith. His father was the Commanding Officer of the 13th Legion and upon his disappearance, things quickly spiraled out of control for Connor and his family. People cursed his name and spat at him in the streets and the family name was forever tarnished, tarnished by events out of his control. The servants left, not wanting to serve such an unlucky family, and soon Connor and his mother and younger brother were cast out onto the streets.

His brother only last a few months, his mother a few more months after that, leaving Connor all on his own. He quickly fell in with a gang of street urchins, fighting for every crumb of bread. By the time he was 14, he had grown adept at stealing and had become hardened to street life, realizing that there weren't any rules when it came to fighting. Following rules meant the difference between life and death. Over the next 4 years he began to rise through the ranks in the Underground World - a world as dangerous as it is mysterious for those on the outside. It was during these years that his innate abilities began to surface - or become noticed. He was deadly accurate with a bow, eerily consistent in fact, and seemed to be able to sense when some one nearby possessed magical abilities.

Both of these facts aided him in his new profession - combined with the skills he had learned on the Streets, and what little training in tactics and fighting as a youth, combined with his education - that of an Assassin. It was work that came easy to him, feeding the hatred he felt towards those that had shunned him into his tasks, he quickly excelled in his role. It paid well on top of everything as well but came with its own dangers. One could slip while climbing along the rooftops, or be cornered by guards. Or an Assassin could run afoul with the Guild and find a contract out on their head as well.

From the age of 18 - 22, Connor was at the height of his game and feel ever further into a deadly game. His jobs quickly shifted from Guild Warfare and small time targets to the big leagues - contracts taken out by one noble against another. Here, treading carefully was the only way to survive, but soon Connor's name grew - the Shadow, as he was called, due to his uncanny stealth and impossible shots that he made, along with his ability to avoid detection by those with magic. But with great Fame comes great Danger and it wasn't long before Connor discovered that a contract was out for him.

Connor had remained friendly to those who had shown him kindness and knew that gifting the street urchins that he had run along with as a youngster was a good way to get information that was otherwise hard to obtain. They were also good at creating distractions for him and seemed to know things before anyone else did. It was through the Urchins that he first learned that a contract was out for his head and he ambushed the Assassin sent to kill him, hoping the rest would get the message. But for people in that line of work, danger was half the fun, and being able to claim the head of one of the most feared Assassins in recent memory would be a great honor indeed.

Connor managed to stay in the city for a few more months, fending off the attacks that became more frequent. Soon enough, though, the city was far too dangerous for him to remain in, especially at night. He made one last hurrah, assassinating the head of the Guild he had once worked for in an attack that would forever live on in legend. Instead of calming things down, though, it stirred a hornets nest. During the night that would be forever remembered as 'The Flight of the Shadow', Connor escaped what seemed like every Assassin, Cuthroat, and Guild Member in the city looking for him.

It was certainly a close thing, though he'd never admit it. Connor hit the road running and has never stayed in one place for too long, least his past finally catch up to him. But now that he is on his own, he has been able to learn more about his father and the rumors that swirl about the 13th Legion. With a full coin purse, and taking on the occasional job along the way, Connor has made it to Tetrarch - the last place he ever imagined himself going to - and has decided to put some distance between himself and his enemies by heading out into the Wilds. Why not search for his father and the legion, perhaps adding another ounce of Legend to 'the Shadow of Ribenheim' while he is at it?

Personality: Connor is wary of strangers - for good reason - and is rather cautious in new places. Old habits die hard and he is always on guard, only ever half asleep with one eye open and a dagger within reach of his hands. Despite this, there is also a hint of nobility to his hard shell, charismatic and charming while also intelligent and friendly. He values loyalty above all else but knows all too well that too much fame can break such loyalty.

Major Skills: Stealth Skills (Sneak, Climbing, Hide), Archery, Swordsmanship
Minor Skills: Alchemy, Acrobatics
Innate Abilities: True Shot, Detect Magic

Character Items:

Additional Information:

Ser Guildenstern
Character Name: Ser Guildenstern
Character Age: 31
Character Race: Human
Character Profession: Spellsword
Group: B


Found clutching a small sliver of silver in a basket upon the door-step of the knight Hardin, Guildenstern was brought into a wealthy home under the Kingdom of Ribenheim. Initially, the child was called Guild, as nothing had been hinted at to why he'd been left alone, and he was brought in as the last and youngest of Hardin's sons to be cared for - a total of three.

Growing up, Guild was found to be quiet, deliberate, and very, very inquisitive. According to stories, Guild was found to be hiding in the attic one night, sleeping amongst bats, just to hear the flap of wings. Another time, Guild was found sharpening the silver shard with a whetstone, and then using it to cut hessian sacks to ribbons. Hardin grew concerned for Guild's nature, but eventually yielded when, during his tenth birthday, he called for Hardin as his father.

Aged fourteen, Guild was renamed to Guildenstern, to match the broad shouldered, strong young man he would soon become. He had taken to training with Hardin in the summer months, first using wooden training swords, but eventually to simple short-swords and grips, and for every spar he took part in, Hardin saw more and more skill come from the young orphan. However, one afternoon, Guildenstern broke his collar-bone during a quarry, stumbling backwards onto the granite steps, meaning his arm had to be held in a sling for several weeks. Hardin grew upset, knowing that the protégé he'd been training would never raise a sword again. Though these thoughts were dashed when Hardin found the boy training against a dummy, using only his right arm. This impressed Hardin to the point where he feared Guildenstern's initiative on swordplay.

For the next few years, Guildenstern and Hardin trained together, tuning the young hedge-knights peculiar skill until he could wield any weapon with his only one arm. After a few months, Guildenstern could use his sword arm again, but refused to, knowing that training again would waste more time - time he knew he didn't have with his ageing father.

Aged twenty one, Guildenstern entered his first tournament, the Ribenheim Royale, which would pit various knights in varying one-on-one foot-combat, eventually reaching the final match against the two most prevailing warriors, Brae of House Hathinger, and finally Ser Jon of House Norden. Using his new - rather disarming skills - Guildenstern conquered the entirety of the tourney, and was granted his first title: 'Ser Guildenstern'. However, pleasantries were short lived, and upon returning home, he found his father had been drafted into the 13th crusade for the North, and had left nothing for his son, no note, no goodbye. Seeing this as an omen that pointed to his own departure, Guildenstern decided to leave his home, much to the dismay of his ageing mother and brothers. Rather than play the fools errand and search for his father - something he believed he would commit to later in his life - he decided to travel south, towards the Elf-lands, in order to further hone his skills and prepare himself for his future.

His travels took him to Sylvanthia, where - upon arriving - he had found them hostile towards his presence. He bordered the county, evading elven-eyes all the whilst training his technique against make-shift dummies. Upon his self-noted vagrancy, Guildenstern had come across a camp that had been raided by an unknown enemy: tent's were ragged and torn, fires were kicked and burnt, and the corpses of four elven knights were found amongst the devastation, one of which was wearing an armour that Guildenstern had never seen before. Believing the armour to be attuned with a slight magic - as the tarnished plate had been etched with numerous runes and scripture - Guildenstern pried it from the charred elven corpse, cleaned it in the river, and wore it himself. His logic for such an act was to simply protect himself and his identity, and if the Elves wouldn't accept his presence, why should he?

The armour was flexible, light, and seemed to fit Guildenstern perfectly, and he noted that each plate would move in accordance with his own body, and that his technique needed no changes whilst wearing the plate. He resumed his travels, and now noted that Elven caravans would no longer spit or try to attack him whist he wore the armour - it was a heady disguise he would never remove, as he would need to keep his true appearance, even during the night, most of which he spent without rest or sleep.

Years would go by as Guildestern travelled the Kingdoms, entering tourney's as simply 'Ser Guildenstern' and winning, leaving the prize horses and taking what little money he could. He'd found that no weapon could damage or chip his armour, and that he had a slight temper towards the earth which he discovered during one spar, he managed to push himself from the dirt and into the air, disorientating his opponent and allowing for the finishing strike. With practice, Guildenstern could manipulate the earth through his combat, allowing for new forms of attack, and most importantly, a new insight into his technique. Now aged 31, he has heard of a party travelling into the North-lands, and recalling the memory of his father, he has decided to fulfil the promise he'd made to himself those years ago; to travel north and find out what he really is to this world.


Guildenstern is a calm, collected character, despite his hatred of his appearance, he has become a small-talk legend amongst sell-swords and mercenaries. He finds himself unable to sleep, watching campfire's with no shine to his eye, and passes what time he has with a low hum of song. His intelligence towards both sword-play and social affairs is also something to note, as his words are always deliberate, and his logic is always sound.

Major Skills: Unique Swordsmanship, Unique Armour, Elemental Temper towards Earth
Minor Skills: Acrobatics
Innate Abilities: High Jump, Hone Blade

Additional Information/Secrets:

~ Lack of sleep has left Guildenstern an insomniac, this makes him a great night-watch, but prevents any real recovery

~ Rumours suggest that before leaving for his travels, Guildenstern had blonde hair and amber eyes.

Zandra Roux
Character Name: Zandra Roux
Character Age: 22
Character Race: Human
Character Profession: Gypsy

Background: Zandra Roux was born a performer. She is a gypsy. Her immediate family and extended family traveled around making coin as performers and carting their wares to different locales. She wasn't the brightest in her family, more physical than smart. Even though the gypsies preferred to learn as many languages as they could, Zandra had never mastered any language but the common tongue. She danced and acted in plays. If their was one thing that was never small about her, it was her ego and her confidence. Zandra was a seductress and her confidence showed in her performances.

From a young age, she learned from watching the women of her gypsy camp that men could be so easily influenced by the swish of a hip or a few whispered words. In fact, anyone could be influenced with the right kind of push. If there was anything that could be said about her family, it was that they brought the best out of each member. Zandra soon learned to be who she needed to be in different situations. Her strength, though, lay in dancing. She was one of the best dancers in her family though it was in part due to the slight magic that she weaved. Zandra never knew and still doesn't know that her dancing causes a hypnotic effect that has more to do with magic than her dancing ability.

Since the gypsy camp was reliant on each other for all the skills a city would have, everyone had to have skills in more than one area. As young teen, her parents made her care for the animals in their camp. One of her greatest possessions was a tiger. It had been a cub when they found him and given to her to raise. Needless to say, it had been all trial and error with raising yound Grehi but she ended up doing a fantastic job. A lot of her family whispered that it was a miracle that a girl as young as her with little experience could raise a tiger to adulthood. For some reason, she just was good with animals.

It wasn't until she fully went through puberty that she truly cared about what she looked like. After that, long hours were spent learning about herself and how to do her hair or wear her jewelry. Just to impress men, she got into the art of mixing various plants to create different perfumes. She became good enough at it that she always mixed her own. Once in awhile, she would dabble in creating mixtures for healing though her main focus remained on perfumes.

Her family traveled a lot and often. They found themselves in Tetrarch. A place where many whispered of the land beyond, the one that none returned from. She knew the stories. After all, she was a gypsy. They always speculated about what happened.

Zandra is far from the adventuring type. While she loves coin and treasure as much as the next gypsy, a foray into a death trap was never in her plans. That is until those conniving bitches that were a part of gypsy family drugged her and left her behind in Tetrarch. They left her caravan but took the horses which meant she was stuck. Her sweet Grehi, the tiger, had been taken. She hoped he ripped their caravan to pieces and escaped. Dancing in an inn far removed from the riches of the nobles was something she did not even want to lower herself to do. Zandra was utterly alone now.

Having nowhere to go, no family, and no job made her spiral into a depression. Something that had never happened before. Of course, she had never had everything she loved taken from her quite so thoroughly before. When the news reached her ears that a party was being put together, she felt a great desire to join. If only to belong for a fleeting moment, to do something with her life. There was nothing for her to lose now. Her gypsy soul was also clamoring at her to solve the mystery of the 13th Legion.

Personality: Zandra is very calculating and confident. She knows what her abilities are and uses them to her advantage. Her ability to change the way she acts on a whim allows her to get along with whomever she wishes to. Beneath her acting though, she is a woman through and through and will use her feminine wiles to get what she wants. She also wants to belong. Now that her family is gone, she feels alone and is likely to seek out a new family to call her own.

Major Skills: Dancing, Persuasion, Acting, Handling Animals, Acrobatics
Minor Skills: Knives, Herbalism
Innate Abilities: Hypnotic Magic, Animal Affinity

Additional Information/Secrets:
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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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What can we expect theme wise?

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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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Its an Adventure game, so outside of relationships forming in the group there can be situations where there will be NC/Rape or forced reluctance - so pretty expect most sorts of things to go along with the inerrant violence that will accompany the game.

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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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Cool. Will this be a more serious or light-hearted campaign?

Oh, you want male players for male characters only. I prefer to make females only. Sorry about that. Good luck on the campaign!
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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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This sounds interesting! I'll definitely throw a character together.

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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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Awesome. You can see what I expect from the posted Character.

Post requirement will be multi-para as well.

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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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Sounds good to me. I probably won't have time to send you the sheet today but I'll definitely get it to you by tomorrow.

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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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Looking good so far. Added another character to the thread, with one more shortly on the way.

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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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Added a 3rd accepted profile.

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Re: A High Fantasy Adventure (Open)
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Major update to the first post.

Still looking for players.