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Author Topic: Magic of the Pen [MUL]  (Read 585 times)

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Magic of the Pen [MUL]
« on: July 16, 2008, 12:58:33 PM »
Current List of Game Ideas can be found here:

Please PM me if interested.

Online MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Magic of the Pen [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2008, 10:44:17 AM »
Or here:

Solo Games

The Final Frontier
First, it was Mars. Then it was the Moon. Then it was SCS-1. Space, the final Frontier, was being colonized. Just in time too, as Earths population was exceeding the capacity of the planet. Wars were breaking out over vital resources, killing millions. Colonizing Mars released this tension, offering vast stores of water hidden under the surface. Thousands flocked to Mars, hundreds more to the Moon and SCS-1, the worlds first sustainable Space Station that was large enough to support a few hundred people.

The rest of the system was then colonized, breakthroughs in technology and the discovery of new substances spurring on the advance. But despite the rumors – what really lay in Zone-M1 on Mars? - there has been no evidence of Alien Species. No signals, no ships, no wreckages. Nothing. Powerful satellites and telescopes now focus out beyond the solar system, and a string of Earth-like planets have been discovered. The next step is pretty clear, but such a distance to travel requires extraordinary materials and an extraordinary ship.

The Swallow, named after its sleek design and the speed at which it travels, is a one of the kind ship. It cost billions of dollars to produce, has a state-of-the-art lab, large media library, stasis chambers, crew quarters, greenhouse, kitchen, and everything else one could possible need. Its also one of the first fully automated ships – a Sci-Fi novel come to life – which can take care of itself while its crew is in stasis.

Its a risky endeavor, a million things could go wrong, and the horrors of Stasis Chamber research is still fresh in many peoples minds. But a select group of Scientists, Engineers, and a crew intimate with The Swallow have decided to tempt fate and make this journey into the unknown.

After the ceremonial launch of the ship, everyone but the crew go into Stasis. The crew make some final checks and plot the course, ensuring everything is set before joining the others in the Stasis Chambers.

They awake in what feels moments later, but has really been over a year, to flashing lights and the emergency alarm going. Something has happened, something very bad, and they are plummeting towards a lush, green planet with no way to stop.

Looking for a female scientist, member of the crew, or doctor.

An Unusual Romance

What happens when a young tavern wench falls in love with a traveling Dwarf? She falls hard for him, and his tales of adventure and life on the road. Not only does she find that his tales have more truth to them then one would believe – she discovers that he does have scars all over his body – but she finds her young heart yearning to join him on the road. He is traveling with some companions, and dismisses her wishes as being young and naïve. Once back on the road, however, he notices some one following them. The wench has decided to run away, to join him. It doesn't hurt that shortly after he left, some rough looking men came looking for him and didn't sound too happy. It puts him between a rock and a hard place – he knows well enough who these men are – and he can't willingly send her back to her death, but knows her trail will lead the men straight to him.

Looking for a young, beautiful tavern wench to fall in love with my Dwarf, and embark on some epic adventures with him and his small company

Surviving in the New World

No one is really sure what happened. Whatever it was, it caused a global catastrophe. It started when simple electronics began to malfunction. It grew worse and worse until nuclear missles were fired on their own accord. There was nothing anyone could to do to stop them. Millions died. That day, all electronics stopped working. What happened over the next month will be forever in the memories of those few that survived it. People turned on people. People ate other people when food ran out. Millions more died from starvation, murder and rape.

Now, the survivors are starting to pick themselves up. Bands have formed together, the government has collapsed, and no one knows what the situation in the rest of the world is like. No one is sure who to trust or where to go. All Major Cities have been turned into radioactive wastelands, and the bodies of millions of Americans lie rotting in the sun if they haven't already been eaten. Some survivors have cracked, gone total mental, and can't be trusted. Others see this as a time to grab power and rule their own Kingdom. Then there are those that cling on, help others, and bring some sort of peaceful order to things.

How will you survive?

Looking for a female survivor. Any background. Non-Con and EX apply to this game.