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August 11, 2022, 10:41:11 am

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Author Topic: [FFM] The Game - The Contract - The Suite  (Read 905 times)

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[FFM] The Game - The Contract - The Suite
« on: September 04, 2013, 12:06:12 pm »
I'm just posting a few ideas of my own here, but am more than willing to write up a thesis for an idea of your own!
 I'm a shifter, I love to take on any kind of role, setting, or fetish.

The Game

   Vincent never considered himself an especially successful man. Sure, he had a 5 figure salary for doing something that was rather easy. But he always worked, building his wealth from the ground up. In the process he forgot how to play, how to release all his pain. But the night of the game, everything changed.

   See over the past few years as his business had grown, he never attended a formal school for his trade. So now the thirtyish man has found himself in a college on the Florida beach, and the competing attention of two gorgeous classmates. They both date him and eventually as the tension builds between the two women Vincent offers them a dual.

 He rents out a high end rooftop suite along the coast and brings the girls out for the weekend. For the dual he keeps a large timer by the bed, and an assortment of toys he's just purchased scattered across the bed.
Each woman will have one minute to use whatever means available to stimulate her opponent, in an attempt to cause her to orgasm. They will go back and forth over one minute rounds. The loser is the one who cums first.

The winner gets the first go on round 2.

Round two consists of 3 minute turns to try and get Vincent to Cum, alternating back and forth.

And the final round Vincent will bind both of them and use his tricks to see who can cum the most in 5 minutes.

The Contract

A successful trophy wife has a terrible car accident that scars her face terribly. She is approached by a demon for a contract to get her face returned and ageless. She sells her soul and makes a miraculous recovery and lives in fame.

Until she's shot "for being a witch"

In hell she has been bound to serve as a demons sex slave.

The daemon dr. Diego Sebastian and his/her slave.
There's room for variation here. The slave can be anything, fairy, human, angel, kitsune, succubus.
If someone wanted I would even be willing (Read: Gladly) to play the supernatural slave.

The new human concubine of the demon is trained and disciplined along with the slave.
Here's some of his favorite tortures:

Blind bind- hands are bound with rope to the feet behind the back. A large high power dildo is inserted and strapped in place with a leather cord on its highest setting.
  The student is covered in warm oil and left in a lightless room for an number of hours equal to the offense committed.

Power word: Orgasm
   The demon utters a word in an otherworldly language so dirty, so sensuous, so erotic that those who hear it are thrown instantly into a state of intense orgasm. This lasts for 3 minutes and can't be stopped once its started. Students quickly learn to accept their fate after enough treatments, for the duration stacks with the number of times it is said.

The Honey Pot
   Pick the student up by the throat in such a way that they have the minimal air to stay conscious. Utter the power word ORGASM four times. Then flip it upside down, choke it with your tail, and have lap up like a hungry bear.

Power word: KILL
The demon speaks a word so frightening that the subject fears for their life, and their body will lose the ability to orgasm. The retain the climax, but will never pass until the duration of the power word has ceased. The demon controls the duration with his will.

The Donkey punch.

Utter the Power Word, KILL once
Utter the Power Word, ORGASM ten times
The spell will misfire each time causing the student to convulse violently as she is held in a constant state of climax.
It is good to chain the subject down and gag her for her own saftey. Many slaves have chewed off their own fingers and gone mad.


 The Suite-
FFM Breast Worship Incest

A wealthy man is staying in a penthouse suite near an airport when there is a terrible plane crash. He and his wife are stranded there as the airport is closed for a week. The mom is contacted by her 18 year old niece asking for a place to stay. She was on a connecting flight after having come from Hawaii. She has just her carry on and her sundress with her.  Her mother doesn't know about the trip and since he's the one Paying for the nieces college, she forbids partying.
 The two take her into the suite in privacy with the three of them stuck in the suite for a week.

Who knows what will happen?

Here's my idea-
Sexual tension between the unrelated uncle and the niece. The niece probably has father issues and flirts with the uncle, the wife is most likely overweight by with a voluptuous body. The niece is very curvy but small, with a petite frame. The wife likely shows off her breasts more in attempts to keep her husbands attention. Eventually the niece and uncle have their way with each other and are caught by the wife. The wife then ties up the niece with a toy and is forced to watch while the wife and husband fuck.

I have lots more, but ill just toss up these three.


Offline MayakterraTopic starter

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Re: [FFM] The Game - The Contract - The Suite
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2015, 11:35:20 pm »
Did a little touching up on the details.