La Veuve Noire

Started by Le Immortelle, September 02, 2013, 12:09:14 PM

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Le Immortelle

A man is murdered. Another death in this heartless city. He was a loser. A life spent in and out of prison and in running one scam after another. Soon his face would be forgotten in the glitz and glamour of the town, most might assume but no, this one's a special one. Not because of the one who is murdered, but because of who murdered him.

Thor Wright.

Wife of Christian Wright [name negotiable[, founder and majority stockholder of Olympus Estates and one of board members. A successful solicitor in her own right before marrying the man. An exemplary member of the high society dazzling everyone with her beauty, charm and secrets. The husband, is devastated. The man, shot multiple times. Ruthlessly. It's a scandal of gigantic proportions. Thor claims self defense; is bailed and eventual date is set for trial whilst detectives try to sniff why and how it might have happened. They, want answers and so does his family. As secrets are uncovered whilst new discovery is unleashed and a sordid past covered up comes out or maybe it all is an elaborate game set in motion.

A past of debauchery, sin and strangeness whilst the ones who decide to step into this mystery get sucked into a world so strange that distinguishing between reality and fiction becomes impossible for them.

What I am looking for here, is many things. As you can see it's a pulpy story inspired by works of James Hadley Chase, Elmore Lenoard and the likes. The main character, Thor Wright is the femme fatale and for her, the black widow weaving her web carefully, mating with one partner after another and cosuming them voraciously. She's a sexual dynamo, capable of setting off others and make them slip their control in ways they never imagined them to be, deviancy is a gift bestowed upon the rich and privileged after all. You have choice to play whoever you wish ranging from detective who investigates the case, housemaid hopelessly in love with her, a nosy reporter, one of her numerous lovers who is one of the partners of Olympus. It's an open ground that I leave to you.

I also intend to incorporate a large cast of NPC's including the hapless [and hopelessly in love with Thor] Christian, ther circle of high society individuals, maybe their kids [a possibility, as I write this, I imagine Thor to be around 40 but it's negotiable as with most of things.], other business rivals etc. which I think are essential for a story like this. I seek to create a labyrinth with you where nothing is as it seems and there are multiple layers to everything. I am fairly open ended with the plot and it's malleable.

I am looking for a partner who'll be fine with my slow posting rate and someone who is interested in crafting something complex and not merely kink based roleplaying. This will not be taken on first come first serve basis. Please PM me if you wish to discuss this concept further or hit me up on IM instead of replying here, thank you.