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August 15, 2022, 11:11:34 am

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Author Topic: Ragnarök - Recruitment  (Read 598 times)

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Ragnarök - Recruitment
« on: August 29, 2013, 09:13:21 pm »

Death is no longer a threat, at least to the rich. Over the years medical science has allowed for bodies to be repaired from the brink of death, and now, even past that. Those that can afford it can have their memories stored in implanted chips that send constant backups of themselves to remote locations, and should anything happen to them, their minds can be restored into their bodies long after their death. Even in the event of a lost body, or utterly destroyed one, ‘new’ bodies can be made to fit. Of course, such things are expensive, so only those that are rich and powerful have the privilege of this new found ‘immortality.’

With one exception.

Not long after this technology was discovered, one man, Azarel Sadowska, came up with another use for it. Entertainment. Humanity has always enjoyed watching suffering, blood, murder; though it had always been fake. But now, death was not such a terrible thing. Ethics were a problem in the beginning, but Azarel was nothing if not resourceful. Prisoners were offered a new way to serve their time. They were not offered release, quite the opposite in fact. The contracts were signed for ‘life,’ and they were to be owned indefinitely. But they were given luxury, fame, everything they could want aside from freedom should they emerge victorious.

So began the soon to be world famous show, Ragnarök. The games were simple at first, the contestants would be placed in an arena, not unlike the stadiums of ancient Rome, and the only goal was to be the last man or woman alive. It was bloody, it was brutal. The crowd loved it. The show quickly became popular, earning itself larger and larger budgets. As a result, the arenas became more complex, and more game modes were introduced. It became a multi-billion dollar industry, and when volunteering became an option, they had no lack of applicants. Some joined for fame, some for the life of ‘luxury,’ and some out of desperation.

The contract covers more than just the games, however. Once it is signed they are owned completely. Those that are not competing in current games will often be found in the observers’ area, a special building devoted entirely to those that pay for the privilege of being there. If they pay a little extra, they can have time alone with their favourite contestants, during which they are allowed to do whatever they like with them, provided they pay for any... Damages.

Short Summary

This rp is set in a futuristic world where technology has advanced enough to bring people back from the dead. This technology is not available to everyone, but inevitably ended up in the hands of the entertainment industry. The rp is set in the largest television show on earth, Ragnarök. You can play as a contestant, a member of Staff or a rich observer. Contestants fight to the death in the arena, and those that lose (or not placed in the round) spend most of their time in the observation deck, servicing the observers and doing pretty much whatever is asked of them. This RP is set 18 years after the show began, and 23 years after the technology was first discovered.

Link to OOC is here!

We are currently in need of Staff, Observers and Contestants!
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