A Rarity In The Market (F for M)

Started by Sampais Wrath, August 22, 2013, 09:48:36 PM

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Sampais Wrath

I'm not too picky about partners. I can deal with anything from a mere couple sentences to great long multi paragraph posts as long as you give me something to go off of. I won't bite your head off over grammar either. After all we all make mistakes. I myself am able to post at least once a day but I don't expect that of a partner. Just be reasonable and we will all have fun!

I was hoping to start a game in which a rare slave is up for sale but who would want to keep something so rare as a pleasure pet? Couldn't something more happen? Well let's find out shall we? Below is just a short summary of what I was thinking of. Of course all is negotiable.

It isn't everyday a new slave goes up for sale in the markets but it is even rarer for someone like this to be brought in. It had been centuries since elves had been in the slave markets. Most thought they had all died off or lived in the densest of jungles. Now one had been dragged in and she was not going cheaply but would someone really use something special as a common pleasure slave?
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I just posted looking for a Solo as well, so would like to throw my hat into this ring. As you said, this could go many ways...

The Slave does not get sold and must return with the last owner
The Slave is sold and abused
The slave escapes and must be hunted down
The Slave is kidnapped by someone much worse that her last master.

Let me know if this piques your interest.