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Author Topic: Scar broadens his views... (M seeking F)  (Read 354 times)

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Scar broadens his views... (M seeking F)
« on: August 22, 2013, 12:33:16 AM »
Welcome to my request thread, but this is a bit different than what I usually do. Normally I would pick the things I'm comfortable with. Sadly this isn't one of those in all actuality this thread is to broaden my views on some things I have either never done before, not fully accustomed to or thought differently about. I find that if one wants to understand something they must first go forth and do such so here I am with three ideas for starters though more will be added as time goes on.

These three are the ones I wish to do for a humble beginning and branch out toward more unique. Heck there is a high chance I'd play a female since its one few things I don't usually do. For now what I am looking for is rather basic.
-Just looking for an individual that can write a paragraph or two. Though quality is preferred over quantity.
-Frequency is at least two to three times a week. Since real life comes first. (That and my job tends to screw me over)

Only have two since those are the main ones I want to talk about. Once again more ideas will be coming soon.
Please PM me if interested.

 The one that protects an heir.... (taken Via pms)
High fantasy, Medieval, Temptation, Sexual themes, and Action

 She was once the guard of a noble Lord, yet due to her failure one fateful day she was gravely injured causing the death of the once Noble Lord, and deemed useless and exiled to a far off land. After months of recovery a messenger arrives to in pursuit to the once appointed Knightess with a message pertaining to one of now deceased Lord's sons whom she was not familiar with or even knew existed. He was kept away from the public eye due to his stature; oddly enough he requested for her personally as his protector. Despite the ill sayings of the mother whom claimed this decision would end the same as his father.

The Prince is not sick of any kind. Its a fabrication due his body being one with magical energy which he cannot fully control. As serpents are apart of his body though they are docile in a sense. The reason behind his wanting of The Knightess is a mixture of desire and concern of the other siblings whom see him as a monster. The Lords dying will spoke that the sheltered prince was to be the sole heir to the throne. She must keep him safe until the day comes when the prince can be put properly have the title bestowed upon him. The lady must tend to his every whim whilst keeping a watchful eye on the to be crowned prince from any harm that will fall towards him.

A once a fleeting memory (Open)
Modern, Lost love, Poltergeist, and Errotic Horror(?)

It had been more than a six years since he had lost her. The love of his life and by others they knew them as a couple soul mates. However fate is a cruel one when she was hit by a drunk driver on her way home from work during mid-winter. For the past few years the young man has been through a number of things from mental a harsh breakdown to a failed suicide in hopes to be with her. At the age of twenty-two it seemed as if he'd finally made the right steps to move on by getting rid of pictures, clothes, anything that brings her to his mind. Ultimately he decides to move away from the town they lived in to the city to broaden his horizon on things along with a sense of renewal.

Three years had passed as he's gone through relationships in hope of some kind of spark. Though none has given him a joy for more than a few months. One day he rummages through a box he never went around to unpack finding one last thing that belonged to her. A shirt she wore on their first night together which stirs feelings once more; with clouded judgement he keeps it instead of doing the reasonable decision, and is visited by what seems to be her in image. Though is it all in his head? If she is a ghost why does she come to him now? What goal does she have?

Taming of a Wild beast (Taken)
Supernatural, Master & Slave, Humor, Blackmail, slight beastiality, Interracial relationship

He's never been able to control his urges which plague him ever since reaching puberty the beast within him claws its way outward during the moons full. Throughout his family there has been cases just like his going back centuries. All have either fully circum to this change or died to end the suffering they held. Lucky for him he was spared from such burden. This young wolf has seen this more a gift in disguise since it occurred to him the 'benefits' getting away with almost anything his heart desires only for people to say it was a big dog or some mammal. Well that is until he gets tranqed by a woman during one of his full moon exploits.

This clever girl and recorded his reversion back to a human being. She hold the only evidence to his ability saying if she wanted she'd sell it off along with him if he did not meet her demands. One that was rather simple enough, yet puzzled him. He would be her toy when they were along, yet outside they would seem as if a loving couple.

My winged angel.... wait what? Craving
MonsterGirl, strange relationship, Interspecies, transformation

Harpies had always been a nuisance when late spring rolled around the small village of Oolacile they winged creatures would invade the towns sanctuary which was a fair distance from the town due to its surroundings which promised suitable mates and plenty of food, and once it passe they would return to the Nothern ruins of Ariamis. The township would warn young men and children to stay indoors during the night as the harpies had a tendency of flying over to swoop on the unexpecting citizens taking them for a day or two before letting the man go with a story to tell. It was a rare occasion if one managed to pick up a man so not many tales were told. Oddly.

There had been no danger until a young boy had been taken. One by the name of Kaathe whom did not heed the warning from the elders and went out along with the company of his brother Nico. The Duo sat near the clearing of the township to enjoy the peaceful day that had come. The youngest brother Kaathe strayed to far from his brother and was taken, and as the days passed he had not returned.
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