From tough chicks to cheating wives (f looking for mostly m some f)

Started by MissMoonchild, August 21, 2013, 07:41:09 PM

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Hey there! Me again! I have a handful of ideas that I want to do and thought I'd throw my hat in the ring again.

Cheating and such...

Bad wives
I have so many ideas regarding these things that sometimes it gets overwhelming, the idea of typing them up. As a result I'll just give a general idea of what I'm usually looking for in regards to a bad wife story goes.

  • Women who are in good relationships who lose control.
  • Things starting off small and building until her cheating is completely out of control.
  • Depending on the idea, I'm not always looking for my character(s) to hook up with studs.
  • These stories don't have to be married couples but can include younger characters who are in very serious relationships.
Globe trotting and being mostly sorta a taken woman
I have a craving at the moment to play a world traveling investigative journalist who is constantly finding herself in the middle of trouble. I think I like the idea of her being a general pain in the ass to all sorts of people but just public enough of a figure with her shows, articles, blog, etc that those who find themselves exposed by her fear retaliation. This could include supernatural themes, I'm not against that but also not requiring it. I also like the idea of this idea being pretty smutty. Not the usual "oh I'm captured so I'll suck your cock to get out of it" crap but just a woman that enjoys sex and when she wants it she finds it. This is a really new idea for me so if you want to get in on the ground floor and help develop it I'd be thrilled. I had an idea of even possibly doing this with two other writers as like a small group thing to allow for her to occasionally pair up with other ladies too. I dunno...

Quitting Smoking
Talia was a happy married woman with a good job and good husband. The only problem she had was that she was a smoker. Talia had tried everything she could to quit, all the patches, all the tapes you listen to while sleeping, cold turkey, all of it. Nothing ever worked and if anything she found herself smoking more than she had. Then her doctor told her about a new drug that would cap the cravings and she'd be done smoking in a matter of days as long as she stayed on the drug for a while. Talia gave it a try and it worked like a charm. In a matter of days the nasty cigarettes were a thing of the past.

There was one problem that no one saw coming, no one knew would ever happen.

A craving for sex started to well up inside Talia unlike anything that had ever been inside her before. The worst part was that it wasn't for her husband. It was for every man she'd been turning down for years. Every guy she'd ever turned in to HR for making comments, ever guy who had ever betrayed her husband's trust by trying to seduce her while she was drunk. What no one including Talia knew was that the drug was lowering inhibitions, increasing her impulsiveness, making her want to cheat...bad...and she doesn't give in to just one of them....

This story is a bit smuttier but it's been floating around in my head. *shrug*

Okay so it looks like I have a bit more time than I thought I had at the moment.

To be honest I'm not sure I have an idea for a story per se but I do have an idea for a character, a street samurai named Molly. Sexy and dangerous she would occasionally put together a team for work through a fixer. My idea is at this point that she would have an on again off again relationship with one of her teammates. I'm thinking it's on again off again because there's a struggle over the power dynamic with her usually acting as the team's "leader" and not wanting to be known as anyone's girlfriend. That sort of thing. The sorts of conflicts that I think one could expect from the kinds of strong personalities that would be involved.

Also, I have a bit of a thing for Orks so if we could sneak one or two in there for my girl to pounce on that would be awesome lol

Obviously (or hopefully obvious now) I'm thinking free-form, no need for rolling up characters beyond writing a background of some sort. I would ideally want some one interested in handling the stories or at the very least interested in collaborating on the runs as wells as the events in their personal lives.

As I get more ideas or as things flesh out in my head I'll update this thread, but feel free to say something if it sounds good so far.