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Escaped prisoner (F/F) [NC]

Started by elfguy, August 21, 2013, 06:16:56 PM

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Janie didn't look like a murderer. In fact, she looked like an active, athletic young girl who may be a model citizen. But for the past 2 years, the 22 year old girl has been in a prison for having killed a man. It happened back in college when she saw a guy beat up his girlfriend, and she decided to intervene. Unfortunately, he had a knife, and was drunk. She had no choice but to kill him. The girlfriend was too traumatized to testify, and since she provoked the altercation, self defense didn't stick. As a result, she ended up in jail, and has been bitter towards the world ever since.

Today, she's part of a small group of prisoners on a highway far from everything, where the jail makes them work on cleaning up trash. However, Janie is smart, and notices that the guard at the bus, the one with the keys to their shackles, is very tired. So she waits until he falls asleep, and quickly grabs them, uncuffing herself, then removes her name from the roster so her escape won't be detected for as while. She runs away and ditches the orange inmate jumpsuit.

Free at last, she's still in the middle of nowhere, when she spots a house. It appears to be surrounded by trees and bushes, and a good place for her to lie low. However, there's a woman inside. So, why not take advantage of the situation? Janie decides to kidnap her and have some fun while she's spending some time hidden so things cool down outside.

For this RP I'm thinking Janie is an escaped prisoner who comes to your house far from town, and takes an older woman in hostage, abusing her to pass the time while things outside cool down. The woman may fight back, try to escape or warn the authorities, but the more she resists, the more Janie will abuse her.