Come stand in the rain! (M seeking F and M)

Started by Rain Keeps fallin, August 21, 2013, 02:11:59 AM

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Rain Keeps fallin

Thanks for taking a peak! First I would just like to say that I am bi-sexual I don't usually think of homosexual scenarios, that doesn't mean I am not willing to try them. If you have an idea for a M on M then please PM me, if you see one of my ideas that you want to try I will be willing to look into it.

My On and Offs! --->

Another thing is post length. I am willing to write to my partner, though I want at least a paragraph, please. I understand that we all get writer's block and some times just can't manage some thing detailed, which is alright. That being said, I wont RP with some one who just posts one line, I need more than that. Grammar and spelling are preferred, I don't like text speak, but I understand if you misspell some thing, none of us are perfect. If for some reason you feel like the RP isn't going the direction you wanted, or is dead to you, tell me! I am willing to work with you to fix it, or maybe start another, or at least would like to know it's over.

Alright! Now that that is out of the way, on to the rps!

EDIT: Sorry if it seems sparse, and very erratic, I am sort of stumbling about a bit >.<

Things that I REALLY want to do will have a +. Things that I am willing to flip roles on will be italicized, on average the roles I wish to play will be on the left. Ideas that I want to try and have thought about will have a description under it.

Role plays!

Far Cry 3

Pirate X Rakyat

A Pirate has the female Rakyat in his sites, closing in on her when he recognizes the figure. It was the girl from his childhood, they had been the closest of friends for the longest of times, but that was before the allure of drugs, sex, and battle, ripped the young Rakyat male from his home and sent him on the bloody path, following in Vaas' footsteps. Once he realizes this he keeps her alive, and tries to remember the days before his blood shed.

Rakyat X Rescued Tourist

Jason Brody X Laura Croft

Metal Gear Solid

Oc X Oc

MAYBE Naked Snake X EVA


Marine X Marine


Fallout 3 and NV

Oc X Oc

Star Wars

Jedi/sith/Bounty Hunter X Bounty hunter/sith/jedi


Oc X Oc

Mass Effect

Any thing really, I would LOVE a Mass Effect RP.


Similar to Mass Effect, any thing I am open to try a lot of ideas.




Steam punk



Other wise I will play just about any genre, though I will say that High School/ Average life RPs are not my strong suit in the slightest.
If death is the only thing in this world I have to fear, than the world has much more to fear of me.

Rain Keeps fallin

Mighty bump from the grave!

I have been absent a while, but now returning I will be looking for RPs, if any one is interested please feel free to PM.
If death is the only thing in this world I have to fear, than the world has much more to fear of me.

la dame en noir

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