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May 26, 2018, 10:35:45 PM

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Author Topic: Plot & Character-Driven Original SF/Fantasy [LGBTQ] [VAN/BON/NC] [MxM][FxF][FxM]  (Read 1633 times)

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Offline MjöllnirTopic starter

First off, I'm primarily interested in creating interesting stories and characters in original worlds.  While sexual content is fun, I'm more concerned with plot, character development, world building, etc.  I'm looking for writing/rp partners who enjoy writing fairly sizable posts that at least a paragraph or two, if not longer.

I am only interested in one-on-one RPs, so please do not message me about joining group games.  I will most certainly decline the offer.

I'm looking for writing partners who'd be interested and available to post in the forums somewhere between bi-weekly and daily.  Also, partners who are willing and open to writing multiple characters of differing gender identities and sexual orientations, and a variety of pairings.  Cis Straight Man/Cis Straight Woman pairings would need to come with a really interesting story for me to wish to write them, and would prefer them not to be the central characters, however.  I'm open to writing more than one story with a partner if there's interest.

I am currently taking new rp requests, and I have 5 active roleplays, and 2 on hiatus.  I think I am looking to have a total of five to fifteen active games, depending on posting speeds of partners.  I will do my best to keep partners up to date with my ability to maintain a presence on this website.

Please do not comment on this thread - if you're interested in RPing with me, please PM me.  Also, check out my Ons and Offs where I also have a complete list of my rps and stories, active and inactive, on E.

General themes & settings I enjoy
  • Scifi & Speculative Fiction
    • Typically prefer Soft to Hard scifi
    • Dystopias & Apocalypses
    • Ruined Earth/Life after Earth
    • Time Travel
    • Exploring New Words
    • Steampunk
    • Cyberpunk
    • Alternative History
    • Space Opera

  • Fantasy
    • Magical Realism
    • Modern Fantasy
    • Futuristic or Science Fantasy
    • Historic Fantasy that breaks away from the stereotypical Medieval High Fantasy setting
    • Supernatural
    • High or low fantasy
    • Fairy Tale/Folk Lore Retellings
      • Especially with genderswapped pairings or making m/f stories into m/m or f/f or trans characters.
    • Mythology
      • Most familiar with Norse, Greek, and Egyptian, though my strong interest in those was in younger years
      • Also open to creating original mythologies
    • Note: not interested in the dark/black=evil & light/white=good theme. It's 1) racist and 2) simplistic and 3) boring

  • Relationships
    • Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Bisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual and Trans relationships
    • Forbidden relationships/breaking taboos
    • Polyamorous relationships
    • Power differentials (social, class-based, etc.)
    • I will do hetero relationships, but typically I prefer them to not be the focus of the story, or the main relationships, unless it is for a very interesting story, or for the characters in a different-sex relationship to have one or both of them be bisexual/pansexual/queer
      • And I would still like any story to include relationships with LGBTQ characters, regardless if there are some straight pairings in it or not.
      • Note: if you are a man and want to play M/F and F/F but refuse to play M/M I will likely not play with you.
        • The reverse is also true if you're a woman who wants to play M/F and M/M and is totally opposed to F/F I'll likely not be into it.

I'm not a huge fan of historical settings, though for a good story I'd be into it.  I feel similarly about modern settings, but am more willing to play them than historical.
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Offline MjöllnirTopic starter

Simple Plot Lines
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2013, 12:55:28 AM »
Simple Plots
These are threadbare ideas that spark an interest, and that I'd like to hash out more thoroughly with a partner with similar interest. If the combination of any of these strikes your interest, or you have an idea that would further develop any of these in any interesting way, definitely PM me.  Also, if you have another idea entirely that you think might interest me (after having read over this thread and my O/Os), also PM me!

I'm not interested in a plot that solely focuses on the romance of two characters, but rather one that has multiple characters and several story arcs co-existing. I'm open to practically any pairing you can think of, so long as it doesn't land in the realm of "exotic," though with compelling plot and characters, I might be convinced to change my mind about that. I'm especially happy to play LGBTQ characters.

    • Buffy Season Eight: The Uncanoning
      • Characters - slayers, witches, vamps, demons, original characters only
      • Setting - Buffyverse post the events of the series finale, when all potential slayers became activated
      • Plot - I'm thinking a sappy witch/slayer fxf romance would be cute.
      • Inspiration - Buffy, obviously

    • The Amazons
      • Characters - trans women and cis women Amazons
      • Setting - a tribe of Amazon women - but rather than being only cis women who cast out "male" babies, they raise all their children to be warrior women, regardless of what genitalia they have.  Could be fantasty, scifi, or not.  Could be historical, modern, or futuristic
      • Plot - This is totally negotiable.  An outsider meets the Amazons?
      • Inspiration - a tumblr post

    • They Live Among Us
      • Characters - humans and non-human ilk
      • Setting - Modern, Alt-Universe, maybe Near-Future
      • Plot - The stories humans have told each other throughout the centuries of mythical beings, fantastic creatures, and supernatural kinds have elements of truth to them - and they still exist.
      • Inspiration - Lost Girl, Fables, Harry Potter, American Gods, mythology, fairy tales, folk tales

    • The Librarian
      • Characters: Librarian(s), people who are a part of the library, and Visitor(s), but from where?
      • Setting: An unusual library.  Is it real?  What sort of magic or technology exists there?  Is it a space between dimensions or universes?  How does one get to the library?
      • Plot: An outsider arrives at the library, but how and for what purpose?
      • Inspiration The Library of Babel by Jorge Borges, possibly could draw some inspiration from Doctor Who Episode, "Silence in the Library"

    • Running Across the Universe
      • Characters - A Time Traveler, perhaps a very future descendant of humanity, or an entirely different species, who hops haphazardly across time and space, and the friends he/she/they picks up along the way.
      • Setting - A variety of fantastical/futuristic places.  I'd prefer to avoid repetitively visiting the human past, when there's such vastness to the universe beyond that.
      • Plot - a simple adventure story!
      • Inspiration - Doctor Who, but I'd like to do it one better on the stereotype front (because I can't with the whiny manpain)

    • Eco-Terrorism in a Dystopia of Unfettered Capitalism and Corporate Oligarchy
      • Characters - A group of eco-terrorists with a variety of backgrounds has taken to using different technologies and skill sets to upset the existing power structures, with the ultimate goal of restoring order to the earth and the environment
      • Setting - near/distant future on earth, corporate greed has taken nearly all the environment can take, polluting the air, the water, the food.
      • Plot - follows the exploits of eco-terrorists, failures and sucesses
      • Inspiration - Characters from Oryx & Crake and The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, as well as a handful of scenes from Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy

    • Love in the Time of Theocratic Totalitarianism
      • Characters - anyone from the lowest of the low to most highly ranked, a variety of interesting stories could be told here
      • Setting - very flexible, could be future earth, could be an alternate world altogether with a mix of fantasy, futurism, and/or realism; could be a theocracy based on existing religions or one entirely invented; a new or old theocratic system; social roles are heavily prescribed by gender, class, and social position
      • Plot - focus characters find different, small ways to make their lives feel meaningful and unique under the pressure of a totalitarian regime, including tiny and large rebellions
      • Inspiration - the political landscape The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

    • Striking a Balance of Parasitism and Symbiosis
      • Characters - A small group of humans on a spaceship far from Earth, members of a very alien species
      • Setting - Distant space/Post Earth/Spaceship/Alien homeworld
      • Plot - Humans fleeing from Earth (could be due to war, desolation of the planet, etc.) have come into contact with an alien species, and attempt to form a mutually satisfactory relationship in order to survive
      • Inspiration - alien/human interaction in Bloodchild and Xenogenesis by Octavia Butler

    • Gender Imbalance
      • Characters - Would be most interested in focusing on the experiences of members of whichever gender had seen a huge decline in their number, would be really flexible on this
      • Setting - A world (or even smaller scale as in a nation) in which the proportion of men to women has vastly altered from roughly 50/50. Could be due to targeted virus, could be rampant gender based infanticide/gender selective abortions, or any other plausible reason.  Could go either way, majority male or majority female.
      • Plot - Currently, nothing in particular springs to mind.
      • Inspiration - many materials, one popping to mind being Y: The Last Man
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Offline MjöllnirTopic starter

Types of Characters Who Interest Me
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2013, 09:53:09 PM »
These will be brief character concepts that I might be interested in including in a story.

  • Schizophrenic: inspired by this TED talk and some of my own family members with the diagnosis.
    • I think it would be really interesting to play someone with schizophrenia.  Could play this a number of ways, especially in a speculative fiction setting. I'm fascinated with abnormal psychology and would require a partner with some understanding of how mental illness works, and who would not personally express stigmatization of the mentally ill
    • For that matter, I would be interested in characters with a number of different mental illness, whether it's mood disorders, dissociative disorder,s personality disorders, psychotic disorders, etc. Same requirement as stated above.
    • I've been rewatching The United States of Tara, and I'm thinking I'd like to write a character (or play against) one with DID.
  • Addiction: I'd be interested in playing as or with characters that struggled with various addictions, from substances in the real world or invented drugs in scifi/fantasy settings.
    • Also, I love the shit out of Breaking Bad, and especially Jesse Pinkman.  Who doesn't love that little methhead?
  • Sex Workers: Any form of sex work would be interesting to explore in a story, but it would require a partner who had respect for sex workers as human beings, though individual characters in the story might not
  • Aliens: I'm interested in writing a variety of kinds of aliens, humanoid and not remotely human, with very inhuman societies, cultural practices, and technologies. Inspirational Images Here
  • Collective Intelligence: The concept of collective intelligence would be fun to explore, whether that intelligence is alien or artificial
  • Witches: I'm especially interested in the ideas of femaleness or queerness being attached to magical ability.
  • Monster Girls/Women: Because too many monstrous creatures and beasts are always male.  There's not enough space made for ugly, ferocious, monstrous women
  • Artificial Intelligences, Androids, and Cyborgs: I feel like these all explain themselves.  But I'd like to explore elements of transhumanism, genetic and technological body modification, and robots.
  • Atypical Genders: I like the idea of playing characters that come from species with a different number of social/physical genders/sexes than we are typically used to.  Something like The Left Hand of Darkness where adults can be male or female during there "estrus" type period, or the ooloi in Xenogenesis who are a third sex that sort of facilitates the sexual reproduction of the male and female.  Or any other unusual take on sex and gender.
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Fandom Stuff
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2013, 06:05:53 PM »
Fandom/Non-Original Universes that I would be willing to play in with all original, no canon characters, for a good story
  • Mass Effect
  • Lost Girl
  • Buffyverse
  • Dungeons and Dragons (without the dice)
  • Star Trek
  • Farscape
  • Battlestar Galactica
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Added "They Live Among Us"

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Added "Fairy Tale/Folk Lore Retelling" to genre interest

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Added Witches, Monster Girls, AI, Androids, and Cyborgs to character interests.

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Added The Amazons

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Added Buffy Season Eight: The Uncanoning