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June 26, 2022, 08:36:25 pm

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Author Topic: Prehistoric encounters - Bi M looking for partner/s  (Read 829 times)

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Prehistoric encounters - Bi M looking for partner/s
« on: August 11, 2013, 06:08:26 am »
Hi everyone, I'm Neander, a newbie here.
   I have an idea for a play by post freeform roleplay, or co-written story that might be fun for two or a small group of players. The scenario is the first interaction between Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal people, in northern Europe at the ending of the ice age. Yes, there's a clue to my name in there. Here's an intro to set the scene :-

   Chulak had never felt this kind of fear before. Until now there had been the People, and the beasts.         
   The beasts were strong and often fearsome, and always dangerous at the climax of the hunt, when Chulak and his father and brothers would steal the beast's life with spear and axe. Chulak knew that kind of fear well, the fear of trampling, of being crippled like old Gorek, unable to walk straight since a beast broke his legs, or of being killed, as was his elder brother Tumek when a dying beast impaled him upon its tusk in the blood-madness of its death throes. Such fear was the fear of every day, and must be faced unless a man preferred to face the worse fear of starvation.
   Chulak knew a greater fear, his fear of the wrath of the sky god, who would enchant a man and then strike him down. As a boy, Chulak had travelled with his grandfather to the edge of the water, to look for fish. The days were sunny and bright, but the nights were even more spectacular, when the green ribbons would play before the brilliant stars. Those nights were colder than Chulak had ever known, and the sky god had punished his grandfather for showing the treasures of the sky to Chulak. One morning Chulak had awakened, chilled and shivering, to find his grandfather dead and stony hard with frost, his life taken by the sky god. Since then Chulak would never watch the green ribbons, or look for men and beasts among the stars at night, without leaving an offering of food for the sky god, though his brothers mocked his fear.
   His brothers also mocked him, gently, for they knew that in his heart he was as much a woman as a man. All of the tribe knew this, and would laugh at his strangeness. Chulak would lay with girls, but also he longed to be a girl. The men of the tribe mocked him openly, but in secret some would bring him gifts of berries or pretty sea-shells, and kiss and touch his body. But they would never stay with him long for fear of discovery.
   The world had belonged to Chulak's tribe for as long as anyone remembered. There was the land, the water, the sky, the ice, the beasts and the fish, and the People had lived here and been happy. But now the Others had come. The Others who were small and quick, who were as slight and lithe as children, and who spoke a strange tongue. At first, the others had kept a good distance away from Chulak's People, and each group had considered the other curiously, but neither had interfered with the other, until the day when cousin Quilem had gone to gather berries. Some boys of the Others had taken her and mocked her, then stripped and fucked her. They had released her finally, and she had returned home, but now she no longer spoke, and she carried a child in her belly.
   It was perhaps because the elders decided that the People would not retaliate against the Others for this outrage, that the Others grew bold, and would come closer, to threaten and to mock the People. Chulak knew that the lightweight others could do no harm to the larger and more powerful People. It would be entirely different, however, if a group of Others should capture one of the People on his own, as they had with poor Quilem.
   Chulak feared such a fate more than he feared anything, but still something drew him to spy upon the camp of the Others. The Others were physically so different from the people, and he was enthralled by their smooth, slim grace. Their girls were small and delicate, and their boys more beautiful than any girl of the people's tribe. His hunger to see the Others was constant, but to come here alone was to invite trouble. If the Others should find him and take him captive, who knows what horrors they might inflict upon him. But his curiosity always overcame his terror...

This setting gives scope for pretty much anything to happen, but please bear in mind that it isn't a war scenario, the two species are only competing for living space and for food, and there are possibilities for either side to get the upper hand, or for some degree of assimilation.
No need for any particular accuracy (how can we know what's accurate?) but in general the Neanderthals should be slower thinking, although equal in intelligence with Homo Sapiens, and generally more trusting and altruistic. Homo Sapiens are a little more assertive, more cunning. Physically the Neanderthals are bigger, stronger, with heavy features and more body hair. Homo Sapiens are more athletic and graceful, with less body hair.
I'd like to play as a bisexual male young adult neanderthal, large, powerfully built, hairy, intelligent but relatively naive. My character name would be Chulak.
The action could commence as soon as I can find a partner willing to play as a Homo Sapiens of any gender. However there are places here for other writers if more are interested, although it would probably become unmanageable and difficult to follow beyond a small number. It should be possible for latecomers to join in at will, if they can find a way to “write themselves in”. I hope that the plotline will develop naturally, without direction, but if anyone prefers to discuss or plan things that is OK with me.
Any kind of sexual activity is OK, within the chosen limits of the participants. When engaging in sexual activity, just as in real life, we need to be considerate of each individual's ons and offs. This might entail a little research, or polite enquiry beforehand.
Forbidden things are:- Killing or inflicting injury which results in permanent impairment of any primary character. These are allowed for secondary, described characters, provided that they occur in context, and only with the agreement of that character's creator.

I prefer to post often, around twice each week, and my posts will be detailed, and typically at least 150 words. How my partners post is up to them, but try not to rely too much on dialog and please don't use txt!

If you're interested, contact me by PM or email, and tell me all about the character you would like to play. If you bothered to read this far, then I'm sure that you will have the imagination to be able create a great one of your own.