Who wants to POP my elliquiy cherry!

Started by Blondebooklover, August 08, 2013, 01:57:37 PM

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Hello All!

I am a newly approved member looking to get my feet wet in my first role play on this site. I am looking for a longer more story driven role play with a more dominate male. This is the story I had in mind called mafia captive, here is the story in a nut shell more details to come if someone is interested.

"Wren is the daughter of a prominent  mobster but being the black sheep of the family finds herself in the wrong part of town at the wrong time. ( INSERT MALE CHARACTER NAME) is a trafficker for the rival mob since his father demands he work his way up to gain experience. He comes across Wren in a less then graceful state outside of a bar and takes her, unknowing of who she is. "

I have added my On and off page here to help see if we might be compatible matches
Close your eyes now and give up the fight
There’s no place for you to run and hide
Welcome to a fairytale where sinners come to sin
Drink up all your money to forget the world you’re in
Welcome to a fairytale where sinners come to sin
You know you gotta get back out but we just pull you back in