Searching for a Companion in the 'Verse {M for F}

Started by Daelen, August 08, 2013, 09:47:10 AM

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Firefly fans only, please! I'm searching for a One Shot story, nothing long or complicated. General premise: My proposal has been accepted by a certified Companion (you). Perhaps my character has more money than looks, and resents the girls on his planet for trying to get with him solely for his money and hiding it. With a Companion, at least he knows outright what she's there for, and she chose him. It might still be for the money, but if she's like Inara then it may well be for something more. On that note, I don't want this to be a story with established characters (No Serenity crew, or Inara, or anything like that please). Just the 'Verse and the general feel of the show.
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