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April 22, 2021, 12:48:16 pm

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Author Topic: The Painting m seeking f .intended as a Van but happy to move to dom/sub  (Read 470 times)

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Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Prefer posts at least 2-3 paragraphs long thou I do tend to mirror my fellow writers efforts, please no one liners , happy to work out plots and twists in plots please note also that these ideas are envisioned more as vanilla stories however I am happy to have dom sub(my character dom) into the story once the characters are a couple.

Please also note this story intents to include marriage and probable conclusion with a pregnancy(thou that can be implied rather than from part of the writing

Background story

Four hundred years ago an elderly gypsy woman was caught in the middle of a storm, she came upon a young girl in a small hut, the girl was kind and not only let the gypsy in but shared her small meal , she also gave up her bed to the elderly woman and then when morning came insisted on giving the gypsy the last of her cheese for the journey. A year later the gypsy returned to payback the kindness, the young girls situation had not improved  for her father was still with the kings army and she was struggling, but again the young girl shared what food she had.

The Gypsy presented the girl with a blank painting in a frame as repayment for the girls kindness, she told the girl that on the morning of her eighteen birthday a man would appear as a painting on the canvas along with a number. The man was the one she had to marry and the number of days was how many she had before fate would send him into the arms of another woman. She was told that if she married the man in the painting she would find happiness and wealth as well as a deep fulfilling love, If she didn't marry the man her life would be a struggle and full of sorrow, she was assured that he would say yes to her proposal of marriage but only if he felt she genuinely loved him. The painting should be passed down to the eldest daughter.

Today: Kate Jennings (name can be changed) had lead a life of privilege and wealth she was beautiful, popular , had the right boyfriend and the right friends, today was her eighteenth birthday and while a little nervous about what the painting would show her , she was looking forward to finding out which babe she would end up marrying , convinced it was her current boyfriend.

Standing in her mothers study her mom and grand mother (whos own mother had been the last woman to ignore the picture much too her regret) stood with her ,Kate removes a silk sheet covering the picture and waited , she'd been told this would take only moments from the time she looked at the picture...and there he was.....and she knew him.....Kate felt ill and then ran from the room to the nearest toilet and threw up.

What did she see ? Well she saw 'the smelly kid' you know the one ,loner , same clothes all the time showers rarely no one knows why and no one really cares, they are simply to be avoided at all costs.

I have two variants

1 ) she has 30 days to marry him, for this I would envisage my character being 16-18 I have a preference for him being 16 but happy for him to be 18

2) she has 1400 days to marry (just under four years) problem is when high school finishes he disappears. Then with forty days to go, you finally find him and boy is this guy totally different , no one knew he was English and had returned home, joined the military and is now a member of the SAS and he remembers you , your friends went out of their way to make his life a misery and not one bothered to find out why he was the way he was.(open to you if she was part of the bullying or not but he will associate you as part of that group who did bully him) he's not interested in the slightest , unless you want a quick shag because Kates still very much a babe

Post on thread if interested, happy to play both variants but the first is the one I think really challenges more...besides I like the dork/loner getting the girl while he's still not yet the man he will become .