Terrible Love (M looking for M/F!) Especially interested in LOTR stories...

Started by Valth, August 05, 2013, 12:53:55 AM

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Howdy! Thanks for stopping by. I'll try and make this a pretty concise post to try and not waste your time. And please please PM me if you're interested! I'm friendly! Promise!

About Me:

- I'm bisexual, and can do stories with guys, girls, or both.
- I generally play dominant characters. With the right story I can play submissive ones.
- I'm a laid back and understanding guy. If you've got some real life commitments, that's cool with me! I won't pressure you into anything in character or out of character, and I hope for the same from you.
- I'm kinky and open to try new things.
- I'll make very little grammar/spelling mistakes (hopefully) while writing, and I usually have no problems writing as little or as much as my partner.
- I love creativity and exposition, but I'm not a fan of "fluff".
- I keep IC and OOC separate! That said, I enjoy talking to people outside of just roleplay. Ya'll are cool people.

Kinks and Turn Ons

- Anal (with guys & gals).
- Blowjobs/Handjobs
- Drug/Alcohol (ab)use.
- Spanking
- Bondage, Light/Heavy
- Hair-pulling
- Group sex, with either me or my partner playing one or more characters.
- Biting, Licking, Making Out
- Romance
- Details. I love when someone goes into details about their actions and doesn't just generalize them all.
- Blood
- Blindfolds
- Humiliation
- Master/Slave roles
- Choking
- Property/Possessiveness



- Angels/Demon
- Magic
- Medieval
- Futuristic
- Apocalyptic
- Dystopian/Police State
- Fallout Universe
- Lord of the Rings
- World of Warcraft
- League of Legends


- Teacher x Student
- Rich x Poor
- Daddy x Boy
- Jock x Twink
- Master x Slave
- Drug user x Girlfriend/Boyfriend trying to help


These lists definitely aren't exhaustive, so make sure to send me a PM if you have any question/suggestions, or... anything, really!

I try my best to respond to posts in a timely fashion, and while my schedule can get incredibly hectic, I really do try my best to keep it under control and be consistent. Thanks for coming by!






Definitely interested, especially in something like Daddy/boy. Would it upset you to play against a female writer tho?