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So... this is an Avenger's Idea so if you don't like it you can ask me for something else. I don't mind but if you do I'd like a Hawkeye a please? -puppy dog eyes-

It’s been a year since Agent Romanoff died and/or defected back to Russia (whatever works better for you) and Fury decides that Agent Barton needs a new partner.

Sinead Erainn has been an Agent of SHIELD for a while now. An Agent with a few secrets. A few dangerous and interesting secrets that could potentially change the way humans see the world and themselves. Fury tasks Agent Erainn as Agent Barton’s new partner. Claiming the younger Agent could do with a little training from the best Agent SHIELD has to offer. Though Sin doesn’t need any training she’s just as skilled as an assassin twice her age and an aim that never misses, Fury thinks that Sin could help heal Barton’s injured heart.

Well, with Sin nothing is what it seems and Agent Barton may just find himself entangled something far bigger than himself. A web of ancient magicks, mythical creatures and dangers hidden just beneath the surface of the world he thought he knew.With Sin as his guide and protector in this new world Agent Barton begins to experience things he could never imagine and feel things he thought he never would again. The question is if he’ll betray the trust Sin has given him and tell Fury or lie until the Supernaturals decide the Human world is ready for things they’ve long forgotten and pushed aside.

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