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Author Topic: Supernatural cuties looking for fun (F for F or M)  (Read 3361 times)

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Supernatural cuties looking for fun (F for F or M)
« on: August 02, 2013, 05:49:05 AM »
Read my on/off first! But here is a TL:DR: I rp only on the forums, and if you are one of those that like NC then look elsewhere.

Taken RPs gets moved down to the other post (with a link to the story), however I will not mark a story taken until we are actually several posts in. I have been having too many people drop the story without a word after a single post, so I will not shut someone else out over that. Below the initial RP ideas there are the more smut heavy ones if that is what you seek. And below that the Graveyard where I keep older stories that either are dead or no one wanted, I can be persuaded to play them if you so desire. I wont be poking you if you stop replying instead after three months of silence I will just assume you lost interested and didn't feel like telling me and close the story.

And of course your gender can be changed. I just write him by default. To clarify, all of my stories unless indicated can be F/F instead.

Also please don't reply in this thread, it makes it difficult for me to keep it updated. Yes I am really a klutz when it comes to trying to do coding.

The way my ideas are set up, first I have the title along with a few keywords that I think describe it and also the F/F and/or M/F to show the gender pairings I want with your character being the first, if a gender is added in parenthesis that means extra npcs usually played by the person where the parenthesis are. Meaning M/F(F) means I will play an extra (or several extra) females for instance (ie group fun during funtimes) (I will only play as female unless it is just an npc). Then comes a in character snippet that might explain the idea and lastly my out of character rambling to explain everything.. I hope. Oh and a pic to the right that might get your ideas flowing.. or so I hope.

Of course... my ideas are not set in stone, i don't have a script of everything that will happen. I have rough ideas of where I see it going but that is of course something that can and will change as two people RP :)

Note: I work 7 days a week, but in general I can post during the weekdays but weekends are the busiest time for me so I am unlikely to get any posts done during that time other then to reply to the odd PM and such.

Handy links:

On/Off Thread

Available stories


Smutty Stories

Taken Stories


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Re: Supernatural cuties looking
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2013, 05:49:24 AM »

An unusual cargo
M/F, F/F, action, hatred, romance, War of Stars. High Interest. 

"The young man sighs as he raises the electro spanner high and contemplates smashing the stubborn regulator that controls the hydrazine tanks, of course smashing something that is filled with explosive compounds... perhaps not the best idea but it is oh so tempting. At least it might set an example to the other pieces of his ship that have recently decided that they should be in charge and not him, it was only blind luck that kept him from ramming that Dauntless class heavy cruiser when the starbord thrusters cut out. Yes, his old freighter is in dire need of repairs, but in order to get some quality repairs you need money. And to get money you need a ship that doesn't threaten to drop out of hyperspace at random intervals. At least he doesn't have storm troopers watching his every move anymore, with the Empire gone.. ok.. so the Remnant is still around but.. surely they ca.. he stops THAT line of thinking before he tempts fate too much. Money, he needs money. Perhaps some merchant will be desperate enough for his help in this little forsaken outpost, from what he has understood they mine some form of rare crystals and swamp gas here. The latter explaining the delightful odour hanging around the space port, the former well.. as far as he can tell the crystals are useless but the Empire apparently wanted them badly. Even after the Battle of Endor the local forces refused to surrender, and the heavily armoured defence guns held off the rebels for quite some time allowing the Imperial Commanders to flee with whatever secrets the crystals might hold. Probably some jedi crap, it would account for the amount of morons with cloaks who thinks it is cool to talk in riddles.

"Pardon me, are you the captain of.. this fine vessel?" the soft female voice interrupts his wool gathering and he peeks down over the top to see a young twi'lek woman standing there looking back up at him. Fine vessel, well... The Crimson Dawn has been called many things but rarely fine.. usually.. junkheap.. flying piece of scaffolding.. or.. get that fucking shit out of my hangar. Ok he has to admit, he has added a lot of junk to the exteriour himself, nothing like having people underestimate you. And he is woolgathering AGAIN! "Why yes, I am the captain can I help you?" He cant help but admire her lovely dark green skin, her skintight clothing that like so many of her kind is something most other races would wear in the bedroom when surprising their husba.. and again...

"Good, I was told you are available for me to book passage? I have business elsewhere and not many independent captains come here." It didn't take much to persuade him to patch up the last repairs (it sure helps she paid in advance) and soon his ship is hurtling through hyperspace again with the new passenger in her room, unbeknownst to him she opens her baggage and smiles at the twin light sabers that are gleaming among her armour. The Sith rune clearly marking them both and her hand caresses each in turn as her face breaks into a wicked grin."

Well.. can you tell this is a story I been wanting to do for aaaaagess!!!!!!! The idea is set some time after the battle for Endor.. the battle for what you ask.. go read the next story :) if you don't even know this ^^ so the jedi have again started to come into existence, but the Remnant is still lurking in the shadows. Ok I don't think we need to follow the canon to the letter (mostly because while I love the universe I dont know every detail and besides, sometimes a good story idea trumps canon.) But she is a low ranking Sith and she needs to hire a down on his luck freighter captain, and of course she can't let him know what she is :) But well.. this being E and all... need I say more about where the story might lead?

I am also more then willing to have the roles reserved and play a young female captain of said flying junkheap taking on a passenger if you rather play a handsome force user.

A gorean gentleman
F/F or M/F, Romance, slavery

"He had been stranded in this strange land for some time now and still couldnt wrap his head around all the strange things people took for granted, but it has become clear that people wont take him seriously unless he has his own luxury slave. All merchants had to have one apparently, he rolls his eyes at the very idea of owning another person. He has to admit standing there watching one scantily clad beauty after another being sold is both filling him with disgust and some excitement. Most of the girls seemed very happy with their fate something he just cant understand, then the man drags a voluptuous redhead onto the block. Her fierce gaze tells him everything he needs to know, she isnt a slave at heart and when she spits on the auctioneers face he can't help himself from chuckling and raises a hand to bid on her.

She struggles against the bonds holding her firmly and sighs, she can't belive this crap. She is being sold to this.. pig! Ok he isn't all that bad looking but still .. SOLD?! She snarls at him but before she can do anything else one of the guards backhands her and sends her collapsing on the floor. "Sorry about that, she is a feisty one and i hope you will have lots of fun breaking her." The guards drag her over a wooden block and she finds her legs pinned into place by the shackles as the searing pain in her behind from the branding shoots through her body and she howls in pain.

Rather simple idea, a gor..ish world.. No i dont know much about Gor so please no Gor fanboys.. I wont do it justice, but I use the general idea. Females are slaves, he is from another world and doesn't hold with the idea that women are slaves. But he needs one to maintain his status in the world, so he picks up a feisty one to help him with that. And perhaps show him more of the world, will he maintain that women are not slaves? or will he change? And let me stress the word GENTLEMAN! I do NOT want some to me disgusting Gor Man.

Here be dragons
M/F, F/F, humor, beasts and undead sexy time.

"Sure it all sounded easy, sneak into Bleak Falls Barrow and get the Dragonstone. After all she is quite good at sneaking but no one told her about the draugr and how they seem to be able to see in the dark! When she gets her hands on Farengar she will do something mean! A small smile creeps up on her lips at the thought of getting some revenge on the arrogant mage. Wait what is that sound? She reaches down to grip her axe more tightly in her hands, her heart pounding loudly inside of her chest as she hopes it isnít more of those darn draugrs. She just about managed to outwit the last bunch!

From the shadows the creaking of long dead flesh can be heard as another draugr wakes up having heard the sounds of their Barrow being invaded by the living again. He grips his ancient sword and gets up on his feet and then stops dead in his tracks, in deed another adventurer has come to invade their sanctum and steal their treasures. But this young woman is already caught by two of his brethren who are having fun sticking their hard rotting cocks into her spit roasting the little slut. With a grin he puts his sword down and rips off his loincloth to join them, after all she still has one hole free for him to use.

Yeah itís a variant of the idea below about Fallout, but I see this as a more lighthearted romp through Skyrim. So less roughness and more humor, if that makes sense? This dragonborn really isnít much of a hero, she manages to get through life more by blind luck and by being quite openminded and more than willing to use her body as a bargaining chip.

A Fathers Love
M/F, F/F, monstergirl, wincest

"The young girl holds out her simple map to peer at the squiggles under the streetlamp then her eyes move up to look at the street sign again, her feet are aching from having walked so far and she just wants to find the place she is looking for. The butterflies in her belly are multiplying by the second as she nears her goal, after all what young woman isn't nervous about seeing her dad for the first time? She looks around to see if anyone is out and about and when she sees no one she hurries on, her long cloak is hiding most of her but her large horns are hard to hide and her mother kept telling her that she needs to be careful. When she finally sees the street number she is looking for she tucks the map into her bulging pack and hurries up the gravel path, with each step she takes a deep breath to try and calm herself down. "You can do this, he is your father he won't try and kill you." She desperately tries to tell herself that all will be well, it has to as she has nowhere else to go.

Inside the mansion the owner slowly puts his glass down and savors the fine taste of the brandy, he likes a little to drink before bed to deaden the loneliness inside of his heart. Sure he has tried to find a good wife but every woman he meets he can't help but compare to the larger then life one he met in his youth. They had shared a wonderful summer of love and then she vanished without a word, and he has never been able to find her. A deep sigh escapes him just before he hears someone knocking on his door, he frowns as he tries to figure out who it can be? Probably a drunken friend, ah well. As he opens the door his eyes widen, the young woman standing there looking oh so nervous reminds him of a happier time. The large curving horns different then hers so after the initial shock he is pretty sure it isn't her that is coming back to him.

"Hi dad."Ē

Well that is pretty obvious eh? In his youth he had a steamy love affair with some form of monstergirl, and then she suddenly vanished leaving him aching for her. The reason she left is that he had got her pregnant and now the daughter is hunting down her father to meet him. Exactly what kind of monstergirl, well I am flexible :) The story will focus on them getting to know each other, him showing her around. Monster girls can either be a secret or something that the public knows about depending on how we want the RP to be. Slowly he would realize that his feelings for her mother is being transferred to her and he slowly starts to lust after his daughter.. with.. well.. we all know where that goes. ^^

My spouse, my enemy
M/F, F/F, action, superhero, comedy.

"Slowly he peels off the mask and grins to himself, sure she got away but damn if it didnít feel good to tussle with her. Then again the supervillain known only as Miss Venom always seem to elude even the most determined hero, and over the years the two of them have battled more than once. And if he is totally honest with himself today he made a few mistakes as his brain was all too busy giving him images of other things he would like to do to her, like bend her over a knee and spank those oh so shapely buns. Or fuck that pretty mouth of hers, perhaps while calling her a little slut. He shakes his head to clear it before heading to shower and head home to his family, as much as he loves his wife adventurous she isnít. Naughty to her is taking the nightie off before having missionary sex in the dark, unlike the hellion he imagines Venom to be.

Meanwhile Miss Venom leans back against the wall of her underground hideout and spits out a gob of blood, Captain Hero sure was in good form today and got a few good blows. They been tussling for a few years now and she has to admit she always looks forward to it, it sure doesnít hurt that he looks so darn good in that tight fitting leather of his. She has always had a weak spot for bad boys, yet she married a nice boring lawyer. Oh how she loves him but lately it seems there is no spark, she is tired and sore from work and being a criminal. And of course the kids, if only he could be more like Captain Hero!

Well, it's obvious no? A married couple, in a bit of a slump from being married with kids etc. Both have a secret though, he is a superhero and she is a super villain (or vice versa if you so desire) and neither know the others secret of course. And naturally, otherwise where is the fun, they slowly find themselves attracted to each other's alter ego. So during their clashes they slowly feel a bit of attraction to each other. I think it should take a bit before they actually do anything naughty, but perhaps during the fights various pieces of armour and clothing can be ripped of her to give some little fun to the story ^^ And yeah I do want her to be really boring in bed at home while really wishing for some naughty stuff, but for reasons (ô) their normal selves donít really break out of the slump until they started being more serious as their alter egos. Then perhaps they start wanting to do what they did to the other super to their spouse and then I donít know.. perhaps they find out the secret.. perhaps they dont.

Love and War
M/F, slavery, hatred, humiliation.

"The young elven woman snarls as the hulking guards drag her along the stone corridor, humiliation at their defeat still burning inside of her. Who could have believed these primitive beings could defeat the finest army to ever assemble under the grace of the sun. Now she is being dragged with her armour and clothes in tatters to be paraded before their hairy king no doubt, well she will show them! No sister of the Unseen Court is going to be a prisoner for long, she doesnít fully understand the catcalls hurled her way as she is dragged into what no doubt is by human standards a magnificent hall to be thrown to the floor in front of the king. While she doesnít speak the language she gets the idea easily enough and a coldness settles around her heart, as one of her hulking guards grabs her hair and throw her head back so the king can inspect his prize.

The young man on the throne lets out a heavy sigh as his men drag the obviously agitated woman forward, his father gave his life in the last attack against the elves so now the young man is thrust upon the throne and the responsibility of trying to mend a kingdom torn apart by war. A needless war in his opinion, sure the elves are arrogant, cruel and if rumours are to be believed cannibals.. though he suspects that latter part is made up to make people hate them. One thing is true however, they sure are gorgeous, and with the poor womanís clothing being ripped apart that is clear to every noble. He sure hopes his guards had not violated her, slowly he stands up and raises a hand for silence.

ďCountrymen! The war is over, their war leader is humbled before Our presence. According to our ancient traditions We shall take her to be Our mistress, rejoice all for now we can rebuild and enjoy the fruits of our hard work.Ē The men laugh clearly getting what he means with enjoying the fruits of their labour meaning the poor elf woman.

Yes I know it is a WoW pic, ignore that fact and focus on the rest ^^ OkÖ. fluff text aside. The great war is over.. or at least mostly over. My character (the poor elven lady) has been captured and dragged into your court, but your character is not some savage beast unlike many others in his kingdom and sees a possibility for a lasting peace if he can manage to persuade the elf that humans and elves can coexist. So in private he is a tender, charming and very understanding man, but in public he has to maintain the rough and tough king to keep the people happy. So I see a mix of tenderness and a mix of ruthlessness. Does that make sense? What this is very similar to another idea of mine down in the graveyard? Well.. yeahÖ I so want to finish a story like this. Sue me! Perhaps a bit more.. humiliation and roughness in this one.. I need to scratch my subby itch some more.

A matter of honour
M/F, F/F, culture clash, arranged marriage.

"Sand, more sand, and even more sand. Sand everywhere, sand in his clothes, sand in the food and now sand in his water as well. How can these people live like this? He still wonders why he was talked into this, he  should be back home basking in the glory of being a war hero perhaps with some cute girl in his lap. Instead here he is, in this blasted land, just sand and smelly camels and the darn sun baking him mercilessly. When he saved one of his allies from taking an axe in the head after his horse was killed under him he didn't think much of it, it is what happens on the battlefield but when the man in his flowing clothes came up to him and started talking about a life debt he thought first about some gold but when informed that a life can only be repaid by a life and that he has a daughter who will become his bride well then things started to snowball out of control quickly. Well from what he has seen of his new friend and what he has heard he expects he will get some docile young woman that he can bring home and perhaps find a way to leave to her own.

"The men are back!! The men are back!" The call goes out loudly from one of the young men who are on lookout duty and the call is spread throughout the small camp, the women look up from their work with eyes sparkling with delight. The war in the north kept the menfolk away far to long, so seeing fathers, sons and husbands coming back is a wonderful sight. From one tent a young woman comes out fastening her veil as she searches for her father, and she spots him easily riding next to a stranger. Clearly a northerner with his strange clothes and one with a kind looking face, if somewhat sunburned obviously he isn't used to the heat in the deep desert. "FATHER!" She rushes forward to be wrapped into her fathers arms for a long hug before her father introduces the young stranger. "Daughter, I want you to meet your future husband."

Well, Simple right? He is a young knight that rescued her father on the battlefield, and the father insists that to repay the young man he offers his daughter's hand in marriage. Something that the young man has mixed feelings about, but arranged marriage isn't something he wasn't totally unprepared for so he has no choice but accept. She of course is totally ok with the idea, it is the way of her people. The fun in the plot will be the culture clash between the two of them, with of course a side of possible naughtyness :)

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Re: Supernatural cuties looking
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2013, 06:11:19 PM »

This is a collection of images I like but haven't come up with a good story for, so feel free to browse them and see if any tickles your fancy or just to see what kind of things I like.

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Re: Supernatural cuties looking
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2013, 12:06:38 AM »
Smutty Stories

When I say smutty stories I don't mean non stop smut, I still want a story. For a good example look up my story 21 Hunk street, still plenty of story but more heavy on smut then my other stories.

War, war never changes
M(M)/F, bestiality, monster sex, rough, kidnapping possibly darker.

"She looks down at her trusty companion Dogmeat and grins, with him at her side and a trusty rifle she now feels a lot better about her chances in this radiated wasteland. When her number had come up to leave the vault she was initially very unprepared for the outside, something a group of raiders had taken advantage of. She lost count of the number of times she was the center of their evening funs with cocks pounding every hole over and over, and who knew that a wild deathclaw would set her free from that particular hell. And even let her go, even if she walked a bit stiffly after the deathclaw had had its fun. Sometimes she wonders why it is that everyone and everything she comes near seems to only be interested in sex, but perhaps that is the way these days. The vault at least had prepared her well, so obviously the Overseer must have known and that is why they had had orgies every day. Once again she is pleased that VaultTech had planned for everything to make sure the inhabitants had the best chances of survival.

Of course she has no way of knowing that her vault had been chosen as an experiment in human sexuality and how far you could push it, with the food laced with chemicals intended to enhance the inhabitants libido. And now and then the Overseer was to let the most promising youth out to see if they could use that sexuality to survive in the wasteland. What VaultTech hadnít planned was that by now the inhabitants all but oozed sexuality that drove anyone nearby into a sexual frenzy.

Well.. its simple really. Honestly, my char the poor (snicker) vault dweller has been sent out into the wasteland, but she seems to either drive things around her into a sexual frenzy or she stumbles upon ones already more interested in fucking her brains out then killing her. So deathclaws, of course the faithful Dogmeat, ghouls, gangs of raiders will all fall before her lusts ^^ So I need a partner willing to play a variety of beings, and if you want to play a more permanent companion to her that is of course more then ok. Perhaps a raider that finds finds her interesting and want to tag along, or some scientist who suspects that there might be something behind why she seems to find herself spitroasted by two deathclaws instead of horribly killed.

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Re: Supernatural cuties looking (mostly romance)
« Reply #4 on: April 07, 2014, 10:06:34 PM »

Puppy Love
M/F, interspecies love, romance, hunky beast man taken

"As darkness falls over the small village everyone hurries indoors to bolt the doors and windows, while there is a truce between the humans and the Unseen Court some of the more mischievous creatures from the Court chose to ignore that and more then one human has been abducted in the night. Living at the edge of the deep forest has more then its share of dangers but the trade opportunities makes it well worth it. As the last door is secured and all the windows are barred up one door slowly creeps open and a shadow slips out into the night, a thick robe blurs her outline as she sneaks through the village so that none of her fellow humans will see her. She knows that no one will understand, but that is ok she doesn't really care what they think. All that matters is what he thinks. Her face lights up with the most brilliant smile as she thinks of him, those large soulful eyes of his, his soft fur and that adorable nose that she just can't stop kissing. As she reaches the edge of the village she stops and looks around, as usual she is hoping he will find her as his vision is so much better in the night.

Seeing her standing there makes his heart beat a little faster and he hefts his massive axe up on his shoulder as he slowly sneaks around her, for someone so big he is remarkably stealthy. His clawed feet glide silently over the mossy ground until he is standing almost directly behind her, slowly one of his paws reach out and all but cover her face as he leans in with his fangs bared. "Guess who?" He rumbles and then starts laughing as she almost jumps out of her skin, the smouldering look she gives him only makes him laugh even harder as he scoops her up in his massive arms and gives her a long lick across the face. "Love you too silly girl."

An easy one, and the opposite of what I normally enjoy. He is a large hulking monster, she is a petite young woman and they are madly in love. Something that isn't completely ok with their respective communities, but since when does young love care about that? I would like a really nice romantic story, you know sitting by the pond, snuggling, and I can even see some very awkward meetings with the parents ^^ That in fact should be a blast.

Corruption of a Champion
M/F only. Centaur love. smut taken

"The young redheaded woman looks behind her again in her headless flight and to her horror the little imps are gaining on her, sure she can take them on one at a time but not such a large group. The little monsters are slowly gaining ground as they are not exhausted by days of fleeing from various monsters. Some champion she has turned out to be, but in her defense she was totally unprepared for what is on the other of the portal. Her meager training proving quickly to be nowhere near what she needs to survive this tainted realm, her sword just glancing off the hides of some of the larger beings here. Only by pure luck has she been evading them after her first encounter where she only lived by pure chance and a lucky mudslide. But here there is no sign of any form of quick escape here, nothing but shrubs and a few scattered trees. Soon the imps will catch her and she doesn't want to even think what they want, not with those.. no.. she refuses to even think such thoughts. A twisted root catches her foot and she tumbles to the ground just as several arrows whistle through the air cutting down the evil looking little monsters.

She may be just a human but he can't let anyone be caught by the imps, and with his arrows firmly planted in the lead imps the rest soon turn tail and run. Bah, cowardly little things. The centaur steps out from the thick bush he was hiding behind and walks towards the stunned woman. For a human she isn't bad looking, dirty for sure but a bath and some proper clothing and she might even be called cute. "You are far from the human settlements, did you come from the portal?" When she scampers frantically on all four in the dirt away from him he can't but help and chuckle, another so called champion come to cleanse this land of evil. And as always woefully under prepared. "Look miss, I saved your life. So don't you think it is a bit illogical to be scared of me?"

Have you played Corruption of Champions? Well.. it is loosely based on that, but with a lot less rape. I am NOT a fan of that, but the general idea is still interesting. Basically, she is a young maiden who has been selected to become the champion of her world to enter through a mystical portal to another world that is filled with demons and other dangers. A world that is a lot more sexual in nature, and her being rather naive and innocent she is in for a shock. But a friendly male centaur (yes sorry not budging on that, what can I say.. I have a thing for male centaurs ^^) rescues her and they team up for various reasons. And during their adventures they start having feelings for each other, so yes I expect there to be some human on centaur sex.

Love Express
M/F(FFF), F/F(FFF), romance, multiple women, lighthearted humor. taken

"Slowly something pokes at his sleeping brain, it isnít the annoying alarm but something else something odd. He cracks open an eye and peers out at his small apartment, the stack of Chinese takeout boxes are still at a dangerous angle, the pile of laundry is still there, and the scantily clad redhead is still trying to wake him up. Yup all is as it should be, with a content smacking of the lips he snuggles back into his pillow. WAIT WHAT?!

Thankfully she has almost infinite patience, and quite enjoys the first panic as her latest client slowly comes to term with the fact that he now has a love fairy. Yet as she looks at his record in the Celestial Scrolls it is not exactly filling her with hope, not even an accidental boob grab! Well, not one to shy away from a challenge she takes a deep breath to again explain that yes she is real, yes she is a fairy, and yes her job is to help him score with the babes.

"No you can't just go back to bed, time is being wasted! There are young women out there right now who could do with some male company, so get up!

She grabs the blanket and violently tugs it off him only to smirk as he desperately tries to hide the growing hardon in his shorts. Well at least she  won't have to worry about his libido so that is a plus."

Yeah you caught me, I been playing HuniePop ^^ So the idea is that your character is a poor virgin young man/woman who isnít having much luck with the ladies. But that is all about to change when a Love Goddess/fairy/insane rambling lunatic (ok perhaps not the last one) appears and promises to teach them all they need to know to become a total babe magnet. I expect there will be quite the selection of both young and older ladies for our poor virgin to perfect his game on, and while I do enjoy the rougher side of sex I feel this should be more soft and snuggly. But if it suits the storyÖ But most of all I am looking for a romantic story that doesnít take itself too seriously.

My sister the model
M/F, romance, slow, incest taken

"Finally his parents are away, his sister is off to one of her stupid ballet lessons so he has the house all to himself. That means only one thing, a wank session of epic proportions! So having settled down by his computer he unzips his pants and fires up the browser, after a brief consideration he  decides to not visit redtube as usual but to google some things that has been interesting him lately. Before long he finds himself looking at a site called Latex Bitches, and while the free cam show is rather tame he canít help but find the young redhead in her tight fitting latex quite interesting. She looks to be about his age, hard to see as her face is partially hidden by her flaming hair. But when she parts her legs and caresses on top of those tight latex panties that clearly show the hidden lips he has to stroke himself a little harder, those slender fingers seem to kno.. wait.. the peculiar nail polish.. little black hearts on a red background just like his sister. He leans in closer and peers at her face, yeah she looks quite a bit like her but surely that is just a coincidence. He seen some women on the internet that look like people he knows but on closer inspection that isnt true. yet.. when she turns a bit he spots the scar on the leg, the same scar his sister has after her bike accident!! His sister! And she is doing a cam show, and he is stroking to her! Quickly he shuts off the computer and goes to shower to try in vain to forget what he saw.

An hour later she blows a kiss to the camera and waves to her fans as her shift is over, she still has some trouble getting over the fact that she is doing these shows innocent as they may be. But the paycheck isnít too bad, even though the boss keeps telling her she could make a lot more if she was willing to play with toys or even have another girl with her. But she isnít sure she is that brave yet, besides she really does want to save herself for a nice guy sometime. With a last wave to her friends she heads outside to her trusted bike and heads home, not for the first time wishing she had a car but alas those cost money. She remembers that mom and dad are gone for the evening so she will make sure to be extra noisy when she comes home in case her nerdy brother is having a wank, she sooo doesn't want to walk in on him jerking it. Euu!!

Well, that should be easy enough to figure out eh? A brother and sister story, he finds out she is doing a moderately innocent cam show online and after his initial grossout finds himself aroused and comes back week after week to watch it. But he knows it is wrong and is adamant in not saying anything to her. I really want this to be a slower story where they slowly build up some interest in each other, naughty scenes can be with other romantic interests and of course the various camshows :)

A new pet
F/F. M/F, petplay, BDSM, public humiliation. taken

"As the heavy door opens the young redheaded woman raises her head and shuffles over to the bars to peek out curiously, this isnít the usual time for one of her trainers. As the person comes into view she spots the woman coming towards her wearing one of the fine uniforms and a leash in her hands, at the sight the young redhead in the cage starts wagging her behind and lets out an excited little whine. The trainer stops to check the nametag dangling from the naked redheads neck and smiles, ďok pup, time for you to get crated up and sent off to your new owner. Yes.. yes.. calm down .. SIT!Ē The redhead stops and lowers her behind down and artfully parts her legs to show off her naked cunt and crosses her arms behind her back to push her breasts out so she can be leashed up and led away.

Meanwhile a middle aged man is checking himself in the mirror for the unmpteenth time, his suit is immaculate as always but still it isnít everyday you expect a delivery of your very own petgirl. But now he feels he has reached the point in his life where some female companionship would be more then welcome and when a friend told him about trained petgirls he knew he just had to have one. After a long search he found the perfect match, a cute energetic redhead that has just stolen his heart straight away. He has to admit, it is more than a little exciting thinking of a woman who wants to be on all four naked and serving him, though.. he feels a little bit uneasy about the thought of going out for walks with her but.. at the same time.. he cannot argue that the fact of letting her out to pee in yard has a certain charm to it.

Yes it is a strange story. Its one of mine, what did you expect? Well, for a reason or another that we can discuss my character is enslaved and trained to be a happy obedient doggiegirl. Yeah she can speak and all of that of course, not that brainwashed ^^ But she feels more at home on all four etc. Your character has recently bought her and his experience level with BDSm and such well.. we can discuss that I can see him from everything from a novice with her helping him understand to someone more experienced. I rather have it set in a modern.. ish world but one where naked slaves are not considered too unusual, perhaps they are ok in certain gated communities. Basically, the thought of my character sitting at her masters feet as he is out in the park chatting with someone else, perhaps discussing what a nice cute bitch she is.. well.. that makes me more than a little wet. Ok.. there I said it.

21 Hunkstreet
M(M)/F, comedy, paradise, smut. over the top. and HUNKS! taken

"Fresh out of school she still can't believe she has managed to snag this wonderful job, sure her dad probably pulled a few strings to make it happen but still to get her own practice here.. in paradise. Her dad even managed to get her a cute little two room house with white picket fence and a flower garden that made her squee in delight when she first saw pictures of it. And now, her very first day here. Thankfully she doesn't have to work so she can start unpacking, all her belongings still residing in the many boxes scattered around the house. She takes the moment to open up the windows to get some of the fresh tropical air to replace the slightly stuffy one. The sounds of birds singing, the ocean not too far away slowly lapping against the beach. Oh the beach! She may be a redhead and therefor not tanning well but a good sunscreen and she should be fine, surely. As she opens up the  front door she notes her neighbor across the small road is busy painting his fence, wearing nothing but a pair of painted on jeans. His muscular chest rippling in the sun and when he looks up she finds it hard to breathe at his almost angelic face, just the right amount of stubble to look sexy and not unkept, neat brown hair that she swears looks like he just came from the barbershop. Of course those jeans.. hmm the less said the better, she can feel muscles low inside of her tighten up. He must have noticed her and waves in a friendly manner flashing a perfect white smile as the postman saunters into view and she again struggles to breathe. Daumn, she wouldn't mind digging her fingers into his long jet black hair, his dark skin just flawless and the blue shorts showing off a pair of muscular legs that would look good in her bed.

She shakes her head at the thoughts racing through her, what has gotten into her? Sure, there are two very hunky guys waving at her but come on! Almost as if there is a natural aphrodisiac in the air, but this is the tropics.. perhaps the scents and heat has something to do with it. Before she can ponder that for too long the gorgeous post man is walking up the small gravel path to her house holding up a stack of letters. "Hello doc, got a bunch of letters for you. No doubt invitations to beach and or pool parties as everyone is no doubt wanting to meet our new doctor."

I know, the prompt is a bit strange no? Well.... I have several different ideas about this concept. So let me try and spell it out, basically our young shy lady finds herself in a tropical paradise. Every single guy is just photomodel material, and acting as if they belong in a daytime soap opera for lonely housewives. Or perhaps, a late night soap opera for the lonely mature ladies ^^ Is it all real? Is it an illusion? Is she hooked into the matrix? Who knows, all I know is I see it as a bit of comedy, lots of sexy flirting and some fun romping in the hey.. or beach, front yard, pool.. etc once the shyness melts away. And when I say comedy I mean like porn movie comedy as well, "Doctor... I have this swelling you should take a look at." yes you know the really over the top stupid lines from porn movies ^^

My wife the pornstar
M/F, smut, romance, humor possible incest.  taken

""Aaaaand cut!! Wonderful job!" The director grins at his preview screen where the camera man has zoomed in on the naked redhead smearing cum all over her face with a wicked grin on her lips, the man responsible for the mess just grins down at his costar and helps her up from where she is kneeling. "God Jenny you are amazing, think you can leave a guy some leeway next time. I almost erupted way to soon." She just grins and gratefully takes the towel an assistant gives her so she can wipe off, "oh come on a big strong stud like you can't take having his cock sucked?" He just gives her a long look and grips his softening shaft, "hey be nice to the monster or next scene where you get it in the rear."

A few hours later she arrives back home and parks her trusty old Volvo in the driveway and waves to the neighbors across the street before heading indoors to be greeted by the heavenly aroma of home made pizza. "mommy mommy mommy!!!" the smallest one launches herself at her mom and is happily scooped up and spun around in the air. "Hey you little firecracker! You been good to daddy?" The little redheaded girl nods lots before nuzzling into mommy's neck as Jenny walks in to give her husband a long kiss. "Hi darling, how was work?" he just grins at her and sneaks in a little unseen squeeze on her behind as she accidentally rubs her massive silicone breasts against him. Their oldest son just looks at them kissing and rolls his eyes "get a room you two"

Well.. pretty straight forward. She works as a porn star, he is.. well whatever you feel like playing.. something ordinary. Nothing in the adult industry, and they are still after several years of marriage madly in love and have no problem expressing it. But of course they try and keep her job secret so the kids or the nosy neighbors wont find out (hence the humor part, I can imagine many fun little things about that). If we so desire the oldest son could be of age and perhaps find his mom quite hot.. but only if the story will allow it. It really isn't a big deal either way. Pretty simple little story no?

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Re: Supernatural cuties looking
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This is where dead ideas go. If you want to give these a shot I would be up for it, please read what is done already though so we don't make the same mistake again. :)

Fangs for the mammaries F/F
  romance, puppylove, lesbian "HIGH INTEREST" taken

" "But daaaaaaaad!" The young woman's pleading would normally have melted the old mans heart but this time he is adamant and looks at his youngest with some anger in his smoldering eyes. "No but dad me young lady! This is the deal we made last year when your mother and me agreed you could go to collage, I will NOT have my daughter frequent any old dirty bloodbar. We all agreed, you included that you will get a shadow and I managed to negotiate for one with a fine lineage and excellent training. You have already proven you are reckless when feeding, you almost tore open that man didn't you?" His daughter hangs her head and mumbles something that might be sorry but it is hard to say, the old man ruffles her hair like if she was eight and chuckles. "You will get along fine, she is a sweet girl your age."

"Girl?! But da.." he cuts her off with a snarl baring his vampire fangs for the first time in a long time, "what you think I will send you away with a young man? yeah.. that would never happen. Now go pack and don't forget to bring your caps! You know the laws!"

At the same time a young redhead is packing her bags with quite a bit of butterflies in her belly, it is hard to believe that one of the old vampires had approached her family with an offer for her to serve his daughter. Some people might have been insulted by it but to her it is natural, she has trained her entire life (granted she isnt that old yet) for this, she knows all about how to care for one of the living vampires.. in theory at least no one has yet bitten her neck. So she is what they call a true virgin, something that brings a little smile to her face as she puts the case holding her Glock 19 in among the underwear. A shadow has to protect her charge after all and she wont let anything happen to the young lady she is sworn to protect.

Normally I say your characters gender doesn't matter, but this is FF only. Of course your real gender doesn't matter, I have no problems with a man playing a woman. Ok that said, I got this idea while reading The Hollows series about Rachel and Ivy. And I think like most readers the idea of a romance between the two sounds like fun. But since I dont like using established characters I came up with this. A young vampire girl is heading out into the wide world to go to collage, and her over protective father sends for my character to watch over her and be her companion, guardian and blood donor. If you havent read the series it doesn't matter it is mostly my inspiration along with Patricia Briggs and lastly the vampire academy books. So.. I see the world as supernatural beings are slowly making themselves known, and mankind is reacting with the usual fear and prejudice. So seeing a young female interspecies couple.. well that would make for all sorts of trouble much like inter racial dating used to be (and still is in some  circles). Puff this is getting long winded :) And NO this isnt meant to be twilight. Yeah your character much like in Kim Harrisons books, she isnt a dead vampire yet so she can be out in the sun.. though not liking it. Well we can discuss details in private if it tickles your fancy. I have wanted to do a F/F romance for a long time, and I want it to be romance not.. hi I am Tara lets fuck..

RL happened to my old writing partner. I would like to try this story one more time though. see this for the previous attempt.

Another story that never seem to work. :(

The inheritance
M/F, F/F, seduction of innocence, humor, clash of worlds.

"The young American man is for the umpteenth time scratching his head and looks down on the stack of papers in his hand, his previously unknown uncle willed everything he owned to the young man. But there was a stipulation that he has to visit his uncles old mansion in Bulgaria to collect the money. And being a poor student he was most relieved to see plane tickets included and the thought of having his studies paid for is enough for him to go on the wild goose chase. For some reason the backwards Europeans seem to either not understand him or not want to talk to him when he asks for directions, who can understand these people? And there is no real burger to get anywhere! What is wrong with this country? But finally he has managed to find his uncles house, a place more fitting for a Dracula movie! A frikking castle, and as if he was in a Dracula movie there is even rain! Typical, with trembling hands he pushes the heavy oaken doors open to be greeted by,.. light? Someone has lit candles everyone, but surely his uncles place should be empty. Wait what is that, hoofbeats?! Someone has a horse inside and judging by the sounds rushing towards him, and there.. a woman! With wings.. and horns.. and.. hooves.. Well at least it isnt a horse running indoors.. WAIT WHAT?!

"Master!!! Master?" She leans down over the young man who is passed out at the door, at first she thought it was her Master returning but no this is a stranger. Though, he smells like the Master and  she can feel the magic enslaving her to this world is tied into this man. "Well well, Master you found a way to transfer the spell to your heir? That is impressive, but foolish the man doesn't seem trained so.. well I guess I will seduce him and eat his soul instead. A poor succubus cant be picky when a tasty morsel comes knocking after all."

Well.. ok it is rather basic. He is a young innocent man who finds himself inheriting both his uncles fortune and his uncles pet succubus. A being no one even knows exist (seeing as this is set in our world) and he now has to be in charge of her, but being a good person he is disgusted by her being a slave but he can't really let her go to spread evil. So he has to try and keep her around, and moving back to the USA for his studies he has to try and explain the redhead following him around and who seems ignorant of everything. Should be good for both some humor and some fun kinky sex.

I give up on this story, tried it four times and it never worked.

I love you, I kill you

"The redhead young cheerleader presses her lips against his as they are laying in the back of his car, hands roaming over each others bodies hungrily. The windows of the car quite steamed over from their heavy make-out session, his hands gliding up along her sides peeling her tshirt off her leaving her only in the lacy bra and pants. "I love you baby" he mumbles in the way of all men trying to score, but his words are true. They both been dating for a short while and he so far hasn't minded that they never got further then this. Her own hands sliding along his shirt and he hisses out softly in pain and she lifts her head in worry, "what? what did I do?" her voice filled with worry. "Oh.. I eh.. hurt a muscle in PE" he lies smoothly to try and cover the fact that he has several parallel marks along his back where the beast last night slashed across his skin with its wicked unholy claws.

Only a few days earlier he had stood wide eyed in front of his father as the old man had handed over a crossbow and a quiver of silver bolts, "the ancient weapons of a hunter, each bolt blessed by the papacy to seek out and slay the foul monsters. He looks dubiously at his old man, "really dad, I am not 7 you know.. werewolves? Really?" Of course a few hours later when he is curled up in a little hole seeing the monstrous humanoid wolf slowly sniff the air, those glowing red eyes speaking of some infernal evil just barely missing his hideyhole.

"grandm.." she opens her mouth to protest but the old formidable woman just glares silencing her. "hush child! You are a guardian of mother earth now, it is time for you to be initiated into our secrets and learn how to slay the followers of the Wyrm who even now stalk us wanting to kill us all." With a grumble the young cheerleader tugs off her clothing feeling really silly standing naked in front of the entire family then the first spasm runs through her body and she falls down on all four as fur starts to sprout across her skin, the horrible snapping of her bones as they slowly change to accommodate the wolf inside howling to get free."

Well its quite easy. two teenage kids... she has just or is just to find out she is a werewolf, and he in turn finds out he is part of an ancient family of werewolf hunters. So both are now struggling to cope with their new lives, while coping with school and the fact that they are about to fall in love :) Of course in true Superman clark kent style they cant tell the other about their secret so during full moons both have to lie about what they are about to do, and then try and cover up any injuries they might sustain in their fighting. :) I think it can be a lot of fun, but I have had ROTTEN luck with my partners on this one. Tried it now two times, both times my partner just dropped it without a word.

Unlikely allies

The young prince cowers against the tree, his eyes wild as he looks around to see his trusted bodyguards all slain in seconds by these.. monsters! "now look here! I am on a diplomatic mission from my Father the King, by hindering me you are all guilty of treason!" The closest hulking humanoid just grunts and hefts his ironbound club ready to smash it into the prince head when a small bolt almost just appears in his throat and he falls backwards with a gurgling cry. From the shadows a small lithe woman in armour darts out, a blade glittering in the moonlight as she deftly cuts the second monster across the belly so his intestines slowly erupt in a welter of blood. With a little whimper the prince passes out from the sight of even more blood and doesn't come too until he feels his face being dabbed with a wet cloth. "Come on waky waky" the womans voice calls out to him and he slowly opens his eyes, cant see much as she has her hood up but long bright hair seems to spill out. "You have my thanks miss, and the thanks of the Kingdom" she laughs softly and pushes her hood down revealing the jet black skin and pointy eyes marking her as a dark elf. "Now what use do I have for human thanks?"

Well.. ok.. the idea.. Basically human and elf have to work together, perhaps she wants the reward for saving him. Or perhaps she has other motives but he needs her expertise in weapons to get home, but they find the way home blocked by.. invading army? bandits? something.. so well they have to set out on a long trip to try and go the long way. Perhaps the monsters that ambushed the price where sent by his evil scheming uncle who has taken control of the throne? We can discuss the details ^^ And no she wont be a female Drizzt all goody two shoes ^^ But not necessarily all evil, just.. a bit :) between you and me, im kinda tired of all drizzt clones but.. dark elves are just so cool. Yeah there I admitted it.

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Re: Supernatural cuties looking
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Just the code so I won't forget it. IE nothing to see here. Move along to another ideas thread that is actually good.

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