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Author Topic: Supernatural cuties looking. (closed)  (Read 5528 times)

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Supernatural cuties looking. (closed)
« on: August 02, 2013, 05:49:05 AM »
Read my on/off first! But here is a TL:DR: I rp only on the forums, and if you are one of those that like NC then look elsewhere.

Note: There can be not safe for work images in the following posts. And it is quite picture heavy.

Taken RPs gets moved down to the other post (with a link to the story), however I will not mark a story taken until we are actually several posts in. I have been having too many people drop the story without a word after a single post, so I will not shut someone else out over that. Below the initial RP ideas there are the more smut heavy ones if that is what you seek. And below that the Graveyard where I keep older stories that either are dead or no one wanted, I can be persuaded to play them if you so desire. I wont be poking you if you stop replying instead after three months of silence I will just assume you lost interested and didn't feel like telling me and close the story.

And of course your gender can be changed. I just write him by default. To clarify, all of my stories unless indicated can be F/F instead.

Also please don't reply in this thread, it makes it difficult for me to keep it updated. Yes I am really a klutz when it comes to trying to do coding.

The way my ideas are set up, first I have the title along with a few keywords that I think describe it and also the F/F and/or M/F to show the gender pairings I want with your character being the first, if a gender is added in parenthesis that means extra npcs usually played by the person where the parenthesis are. Meaning M/F(F) means I will play an extra (or several extra) females for instance (ie group fun during funtimes). Then comes a in character snippet that might explain the idea and lastly my out of character rambling to explain everything.. I hope. Oh and a pic to the right that might get your ideas flowing.. or so I hope.

Of course... my ideas are not set in stone, i don't have a script of everything that will happen. I have rough ideas of where I see it going but that is of course something that can and will change as two people RP :)

Note: I work 7 days a week, but in general I can post during the weekdays but weekends are the busiest time for me so I am unlikely to get any posts done during that time other then to reply to the odd PM and such.

Handy Links:

On/Off Thread
Apologies and Absences
Fantasy and magic stories Stories either set in traditional fantasy worlds or stories with a magic focus
Slice of Life Yes some stories here can have magic or tech but usually not as a focus. There is bound to be overlap in all of these.
Smutty Stories
GM based Stories
Short Stories
Story Concepts
Finished Stories

My current stories: (note, I only add a story here after a few posts to make sure it will happen. Tired of the ones that don't even post once.)

My spouse, my enemy. (Sara Nilsson and Justric) (slow by partners request)
Deadly Silken Ties (Sara Nilsson and Justric)
The God Exhibit {Sara Nilsson & Justric} (slow by partners request)
My wife the pornstar (TheDoctor46 and Sara Nilsson)
A fathers love (Sara Nilsson and Napanee)
The Chosen One (Sara Nilsson & Skyre)
A nightmare, or is it? (Sara Nilsson and Retribution)
Northern steel, Southern spirit (Trilby and Sara Nilsson)

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Online Sara NilssonTopic starter

  • Romantic monstergirl, teddybear aficionado
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  • This isn't life, it is living death
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Fantasy and Magic
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2013, 05:49:24 AM »
Fantasy and Magic

This is where stories either set in a traditional fantasy setting (LOTR, AD&D etc) or stories set in our world where magic will play a prominent role goes. Yes there can be cases you can argue a story should go in Slice of Life instead.

Currently craving: Love and War

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

A family that slays together
M/f, F/F, incest, romance, action, slow.

"The young man collapses on the couch looking completely drained, and he has good reason for it. Burying your father is always difficult but now his mother has delivered another load of news that weighs heavily on him. He stares at her again in almost disbelief and takes another large gulp of his drink. He has a half sister! Dad apparently was slightly indiscreet on a business trip to Japan, and even got the woman pregnant. He never told mom, but not telling mom doesn't mean much. She has a way of figuring out, and has secretly been sending money overseas to help care for the kid. And now this kid is on a flight here, well in his opinion that is a big mistake.

“Mom, I want to meet my stepsis too. But have her here for a year? Isn't that dangerous? I mean, we are not exactly a normal family!”

Normal family is an understatement, they are vampire hunters. And if this kid is to stay here he will be hard pressed to keep that away from her. He is adamant that she will not be introduced to the Shadowrealm, not his little sister!

Meanwhile the “kid” is smiling as she looks out the air plane window, not really a kid only a year younger than her brother. Her father and his mother apparently had a bit of a rough spot after the birth of his son that led him to stray. She never met her dad, only seen pictures of him. And that is probably for the best, she isn't sure how she would keep her family’s secret from him. How do you explain to some round-eyed tourist that yeah that was an oni, a demon. And if he could please stop panicking so she can tear the heart out to make sure it is dead.

yeah yeah, go ahead and say it. Sooo cliché! So? As with all my incest based stories (well almost anyway) I want it to go a bit slower in the sex department. At least between the two of them, they can have other partners. But the general idea, he is from a rich family that kill vamps (or some other supernatural critter) and is determined to protect his “kid” sister. I do want him to be really overprotective and not see her as a young woman but as his kid sister until those feelings turn more.. erotic. And she is a tough young woman who hunts demons (Insert I have seen enough hentai) and is equally determined to protect him from the truth. So both trying to sneak out to do their job while she goes to school during the day, and he can either be in school or have another job. Perhaps a high paying office job or perhaps that is just a front for his hunter job. If you so want, we can make the seen enough hentai joke to be true as well and have the demons enjoy toying with her... yes in that way.

Blood elves
M/F, elves and humans, disturbing, intrigue.

" I look at the emissary sitting across from me, the firepit casting dancing shadows across his face but I am no seer. I cannot read the fire, but I can read his body language well enough. He is eager, he thinks he has the upper hand, that his offer is something I will pounce on. And I will admit, it is a good offer. In fact two offers, which to me makes it seem that his master isn't so secure in his position as he would like to be. First offer, stand aside, do nothing as he marches on the capitol. Offer two, join him. Second one came with all sorts of flowery promises to make me pick it.

"I am sure you can witness the wisdom in this Priestess. You people have been made to bend their knee to the throne for too long, forced to worship foreign gods and not you own. And now, now they expect you to bend knee to.. to.. a boy! A child! It is an insult."

He is even speaking my language, a nice touch even if his pronunciation is pretty bad. And his grammar even worse, but I am sure my command of the Trade Language is just as bad. If he had arrived some two hundred years ago, we might have listened. Back when the defeat at the human armies still hurt, back when their missionaries tried to burn out our old gods. But we outsmarted them, and sure their temples stand on our lands. Ugly, squat buildings of stone and glass. But we do not go there to worship the human gods, ours are there. Hidden, waiting. Just like we have been. And perhaps his master knows this, and is counting on it.

"Have you looked, truly looked at the temples?" My question is simple enough and for a second I can detect a little worried look in his eyes, he is a smart man, he knows our traditions well. Why he only brought three bodyguards, three big muscular men, lovely specimens. Four.. four being the sacred number. "Look closer, our Gods are there. The Bloody Mother. To us a symbol of war, and vengeance. In the temples she is hiding as the Mother." My hand gestures to the statue behind me, here in our stronghold our gods stand proud. The curvy woman holding the dripping heart of her enemies to her mouth as she takes a bite out of it to absorb their strength. Among humans female gods are considered givers of life and fertility. Another proof at how strange humans are. "The Bountiful Father. God of fertility and life, but in the human temples he may wear a loincloth and pretend to be the god of the skies." A gesture to the statue of the nude man with the impressive erection, many a young elf woman has pressed her sex against it hoping for a child and many a young elf man has rubbed himself against it hoping his potency will be theirs so they can give some nice girl a child. "The One in Darkness. To us decay, and suffering. To humans, the god of death." I turn to the statue of a rotting dragon, the artist really has captured the way the bones poke out of old flesh, the way maggots wriggle in the torn skin. To human eyes we dress him in a cloak, wielding a scythe. But he is still there and lastly. "The Many Eyed serpent. Plots, schemes and treachery. So easy to hide, human gods always have so many swirling carvings around them it is easy to hide the Serpent there." I bow towards the fourth and last statue, a towering snake with more eyes than you can count all over his body. Here they are in their right order, to the right the One in Darkness, next to it the Bountiful Father with the Bloody Mother to his left and finally all the way to the left is the Many Eyed Serpent. Coiling, watching."

The emissary seems slightly confused by the point I am trying to make so I decide to be more direct.

"You say the human gods are pushing ours away, they are not. We pretend to worship but in reality we have never lost our way. Yes we do it in secret now, and yes it would be nice to go back to the old ways. But times change, and perhaps it is time for them to change again."

Now he smiles, he thinks he has won. And when I snap my fingers and three of my handmaidens appear his grin widens even more. Like me they are dressed only in small strips across the breasts and across the hips. Each of them nuzzle in against one of his bodyguards as I stand up and walk over to the emissary. Pushing his legs open as I sit down in his lap, nuzzling against his throat like a lover.

"You come to us as we celebrate the Father, I am sure you know how we do that. I am glad you brought such handsome men, they will no doubt bring glory to your people."

My hand reaching down and I rip his clothes apart, my handmaidens doing the same with the men they picked. Eager male flesh greeting our hands as we rise above and then plunge down, letting them impale our flesh with a little sigh. Slowly my wetness grips him tightly, his hands fumbling to caress my breasts. My lips finds his in a slow little kiss, his eyes are filled with joy and a very male gaze that always comes with humans during sex. They seem to think a woman is the lesser in sex, silly humans.

"But.. you forget.. we always worship all four."

A loud scream tears through the room as one handmaiden rips the man's throat out with her teeth, the other men try to move but are pinned down by my other priestesses that had moved closer as they where far too busy enjoying our flesh. I don't stop riding him with slow sensual motions as she tears the heart out and holds the dripping organ out to me and gratefully I take a large bite out of it, the blood gushing down my chin, down over my breasts, down my belly to my sex. Warm blood feels so good on my clit during sex, a low groan escapes me.

"Whoever of your two remaining men can last the longest will be kept alive to praise the Father, we will use him as a stud. The other.. oh.. he will be given to the Darkness. Entombed alive with the corpses of the rest of you, and you.. oh.. the plotter.. the schemer. Your drink was already spiked, the venom running through your body. Oh.. you will suffer.. and you will die. My word is my honor, and I already promised the Emperor my loyalty. You call him a child, you are all children to us! I hunted the beasts in the wasteland long before your grandfather was even a twinkle in his father's eyes."

The young Emperor walks out from the shadows, he may just be 18 years old, a fraction of my age, but he at least came to us as an honorable man. I smile as the young Emperor nuzzles against my neck from behind as the venom starts to cause the emissary to spasm in pain, his seed already rushing into my body. He couldn't even last that long, my hands reaching for the dagger to rip his heart out and share it with my new mate. Heart already racing at the thought of sharing the bloody feast as we make love next to the corpse of our enemy. “

Still reading? Huh, braver than I thought :) Ok yeah so it is quite disturbing I agree. And I am not sure what else I can say that the rather long intro above didn't say. Story can branch out in so many ways, them pretending to be enemies, or trying to unite their people, try and end the rebellion. I see many possibilities.

Hellfire Club
M/F, monsters, secrets and naughty girls and boys

" Hellfire Club, quite the exclusive one. You can't get in without an invitation from someone who has been a member for at least five years. And even so you have to be rich, famous, or gorgeous, preferably all of them. It is THE place to be if you want to rub elbows with the movers and shakers, with those with real power. And there is a second club behind that, few know anything about it. It isn't even in the basement (that is for BDSM parties), it is far below that. Most members never even suspect something is there, and would probably be insulted to learn that the Hellfire Club is just a front. A way to keep prying eyes away from what is really important. A hidden world, behind a hidden world. To speak of it to anyone outside is a death sentence, and we own enough judges and police to get away with it. Our tendrils of power are far reaching, deep, FBI, CIA, congress, other countries and even the UN. These are but the smaller pies we got our fingers in.

As usual the doors open the music flows out to wrap around the newcomer, with it the music brings the scents and sounds that are by now oh so familiar. He has been gone for a long time, far to long. With a grin he hands over his thick leather coat and fedora to the young woman who takes them with uttermost care and carries them off. Leaving the man in his expensive tailored suit, he hasn't bought anything off the rack for years now. Normally the door guard would confiscate the pistols in his shoulder holsters but he is one of the few allowed to be armed in here. He stops by the bar and smiles at the lady twirling drinks in the air, she is as lovely as the first time he laid eyes on her.

"Hey Monica, fresh mango juice please."

Never alcohol, ever. Her emerald eyes bore into him as she slides a Martini down the bar to another patron before picking up the juices to make his drink, by the way she pushes her ample chest up she must be glad to see him. And when she picks up a toothpick and spears one of the orbs before her and seductively pops it into her mouth, tongue caressing it in a way that would make most men weak in the knees. Well.. perhaps not most men. He laughs as he just shakes his head as the vixen bites down on the eyeball in her mouth.

"Anyone I know?"

Her playful shrug sets him off laughing again and she hands him his drink, her mouth curling into a big grin and the second set of razor sharp teeth raise up behind her normal ones in what is a seductive grin and she lets her eyes drop down to his crotch.

"You know.. I could do such things to your bone, could polish it well with my tongue until you are all quivering in my arms."

"Oh I know, but which bone are you talking about dear? And would I still be alive?"

He has always liked flirting with the young ghoul. Ghouls, also called carrion eaters, cannibals. And most have a rather uncomplicated view of life. Well, can they truly be called cannibals? He always thought the label rather unfair, they don't eat their own, just other sentient beings, so it really isn't accurate. They both know it is just flirting however, he is off limits due to his rather unique role in the world. Always in the middle and yet always outside.

"Hmm.. good point. So what brings the Council's favorite assassin and enforcer to our little gaggle of insanity? Last I heard you where in Peru."

Peru? Hmm her informants must be getting sloppy, he left Peru 7 years ago. But no need to tell her that, instead he just lets his eyes linger on the swell of her bust a bit longer.

"What? A man can't just come in to admire the.. view? Fine, looking for the Baroness. She in today?"

A long manicured claw points off to a dark corner before others demand her attention and she hurries off to serve other drinks. He turns to look into the corner, nothing. Well that is no surprise, he takes another sip of his drink before crossing the dance floor. Weaving between the young men and women who writhe and grind to the music, the scent of sweat, sex and drugs that he should be confiscating fills his nose. Another time, he has never been much for wasting time on that, if people want to get high let them. It is only when they do stupid shit to the mortals that he gets involved. When he gets closer she seem to all but solidify in the darkness, red shining fabric encasing most of her form. A finely crafted mask hiding her face, always hiding her face. And he isn't stupid enough to try and peek under it, you never want to do that. In here people wear a mask for a reason, the thought of masks makes him think of Doctor Callum, the only Wraith in the area. He had the misfortune to see that face once, it is the stuff of nightmares. And he was there in 45 when they liberated a nazi camp.

"Hmm what brings you here Deathless?"

Her voice a soft little purr, like a box of kittens. He takes a seat and smirks seeing the whip at her hip, he wonders who has been screaming out from its tender kisses lately. Better he doesn't know, he doesn't want to get jealous. Not when he has a job to do, and he needs her help for that. All business, not pleasure no matter how much his body screams for hers. No matter how much he wants her to secure him to a post, and crisscross his back with her whip, to feel her teeth mark his flesh, to beg for release knowing she will refuse him. No, all those things must be pushed down, deep inside of his mind.

"I need your help Baroness, what do you know of this..."

He fishes it out of his pocket and slides the darn thing across the table, the sharp angles seem to catch the light in ways a black metal never should. “

He is the enforced that keeps the monsters in line, vampire getting careless with his food drawing the attention of the mortals? He is the one sent to deal with it, to cover it up. To keep their secrets secret. Incredibly well paid for the job by the Council that rules over all the creepy crawlies that inhabit the night. I can see him as a bit lonely, being the enforced, the assassin the bad guy makes him stand out from the others, few wanting to get close. She? I am thinking she is a bit of an information broker, she helps him when it is convenient for her. Exactly what she is? Hmm not sure. I am sure we can discuss that :D I have a pretty large world already thought up for this but am willing to debate as always.

The prince and the warrior M/F, arrogance, greenskin, royalty and clash of worlds

" Prince Cedrik Scaleborn, heir to the Dragonbone Throne, Duke of the Northern Marshes, and a host of other titles that he can hardly remember himself. But most of all, the Prince of Boredom! He hides a yawn as his tutor keeps going on and on about things that seem rather, pointless. What does a prince need to know about old tales! Horseback riding, hunting, wenching, now those are princely pursuits. Why would he need to know about some old war or another, that is why he will have advisers when he is king. They can keep track of all that, besides it is sadly unlikely that he will ever be in a war and win glories and immortality. Few are foolish enough to dare oppose the throne, the legions are professional soldiers and while not tested in war for many years now still a formidable force compared to the conscripts other nations can muster. And with the holy city in the kingdom the holy orders are bound to come to his aid. And they are battle hardened and highly disciplined, and according to rumour even armed with magic. Not that he is sure he believes that, but still even the rumours of that is bound to cause an invading army some pause. Oh for the glory of a good battle! That is where a king is supposed to be, not shackled to some boring library.

The heavy axe thunders down on her shield sending a shock through her arm, she just snarls in return and lashes out with her axe causing the attacker to frantically back off or be disembowelled.  She can't spare any time on how the rest of her clan is doing, she will have to count on them to care for themselves. Though all orcs of the Shattered Hand clan are battle hardened by now, for years they have been protecting their weaker human allies against the growing incursions by the barbarians. Which suits the greenskins just fine, they rather be in battle than hear the endless whining of the soft humans about how terrible war is. Her shield shifts faster than such a huge slab of metal really should, clearly betraying the strength of her arm as she blocks the next blow and swiftly countering, her axe biting deep into flesh. Her face breaks into a tusked grin as she finishes off her opponent and searches for the next one only to find the invaders breaking and running away. Cowards. "

Yeah very classic Sara story. Cute human prince, female orc warrior. I was thinking that the leader of the orc tribe and the human king has agreed on marriage between their children to help cement the old alliance. And perhaps the orcs rarely even venture into the human lands, prejudice and all that. So it will be quite the shock for both of them. And for all her strength and skill in battle she will need to lean quite heavily on her husband to be to show her how to not insult everyone, how to not make a compete fool out of herself.

M/F, F/F, F/M. Visions of death vs undying

"Another evening in front of the TV, microwave dinner and a glass of wine. So, pretty standard in her life. Only other living thing in the apartment are a few flowers and a small group of cacti. She used to have a cat, but it didn't work out so well. She can't be around people or animals, not without going crazy. It all started the day her parents died, a car accident. She survived, just, but her parents died. She was 13 at the time, and since then whenever she looks someone in the eyes she knows when and how they will die, at first she thought it was just some psychosis brought on by the accident. Even if she didn't know what that particular word, but it soon proved to be scarily accurate. Never failing her.. until a few days ago.

Now she lives far from her home, in a posh apartment in NYC. Her brother being six years older have taken over the family business, an old family run vineyard in the south of France. While she works as a cyber security specialist from home, it is the perfect job for her. She doesn't have to see anyone in real life, and her brother sends her enough money to tidy her over when work is slow. She misses him, dearly but she is so afraid to see anyone. Only scooting out late at night to do the necessary grocery shopping she can't order online. It was one such trip that changed her world for the second time, she was out of cigarettes so had to dash across the street to the small convenience store. On her way back she was so focused on work she didn't see him and ran straight into him and landed on her behind. As he helped her up she was struck by two things. One, he is quite gorgeous, tall, dark hair, hint of some stubble and gorgeous deep green eyes. And two, all she sees are his eyes. She doesn't see how and when he will die, her curse has never failed before and a few tests after that meeting has confirmed it works just fine on everyone else. But him.. she can't see when he will die. She knows who he is, Doctor Joseph Wittbaum. Trauma Surgeon at the nearby hospital and he lives two floors up from her. And now, she finds herself drawn to him. To his eyes, to this mysterious stranger."

Yeah so its strange. Welcome to my brain. The idea is she will see how people die, which of course leads her to avoid people as much as possible. It is after all rather depressing to see that all the time, specially for those that will die young or in grisly ways. And then she meets him, someone that doesn't trigger the visions. Why? Who knows, vampire? Some form of strange being that can't die? So now she has this one person that she can actually be around so naturally she will be drawn to him.

A poison feast
M/F, conquered barbarians, brutal revenge.

" The Governors Ball, held each year on the summer solstice to commemorate the last surrender of the natives in this area. 23 years ago today the last tribe capitulated to the Empire, bringing the long war to an end. A way of life that had endured for generations beyond counting wiped out, at least, officially. Unofficially? Still small groups hiding out in the wilderness, and in the growing cities. They took the women as trophies, tried to breed out the barbarians. Well they just invited the poisonous viper into their home, mothers would still tell their daughters of the old ways, the old Gods before the new false one was introduced. Of the old rites, the old language.

And here, with everyone dressed in fine clothes, wearing masks to hide who they are as they take every opportunity for debauchery, on the same day that the so called barbarians would celebrate the goddess of fertility. How amusing that these monsters now without knowing it praise her, while they in public are oh so chaste oh so.. pure. Some of us know, and smile at it all. Behind my masks I am praising Her, the mask I wear so people won't know I am the governors daughter, the mask I wear to hide that my mother was a "barbarian" and the mask I wear to pretend to be faithful to the one god of the south while hiding my worship of the Lord of Worms. The lord of poison, the lord of decay. And now, now I will bring HIS gifts to these intruders. To them 23 is just a number, to us it is sacred. 23 gods, 23 years we have bide our time, now those of us who are the product of the rape of our people are old enough to rise up from within, to strike down our so called fathers along with the rest.

Oh father, you do not even recognize me. But why would you? You never cared for me, I wasn't born a man and only men matter in your eyes. You are already so focused on my young breasts that are hinted at in my dress, your hand already wandering up along a leg. Oh you are so happy, thinking of the young flesh you are about to enjoy. Well father.. enjoy it.. slake your thirst, for as you climax your life will end .. as I will drink my fill of your blood and raise your torn out heart to the heavens.. for the glory of the Lord of Worms for the glory of my mother's people.. MY people.. your sacrifice will be but one of many tonight.  "

The story can go different ways, depending on what type of character you wish to play. It can be a shorter story of her seducing and sacrificing daddy dearest, can be a cat and mouse game with her vs a pro Empire man. Perhaps marriage with her using her new role to further push her agenda. Or with both characters working for the rebels. I know it is a bit vague but it really depends on what you want to play. PM me and we can discuss it.

A ghoulish tale
M/F, F/F, vampires, Master/servant, dark

" People look at me and most go "what a freak" is it the hair? Perhaps my tats or is it the slave collar that has a chain trailing down to.. well a lady doesn't mention that in public but I am sure you can guess. I like my hair ok, whats wrong with colourful hair? And yeah I have tats on my face, and other places. My Master likes to mark what is His so that anyone else who knows what they mean can clearly tell I am His property. The collar? Well you haven't figure that out by what I just said? Really?

Or, is it that I have a big gun pointed at you that is making you look worried? See, you don't know it but you and your boys been encroaching on His territory. And me being His enforcer as well as His plaything don't like when you upset Him, now you should be glad it is just me that came after you. Him, well He wouldn't be so nice as I have been. He wouldn't just kill you, oh no.. the things He would do would make you sick. So, you can tell me where your boss is. I am sure you are thinking, ha Mad Dog will take care of you. And you know, he might. So what do you have to lose by telling me? You might send me to my death, then again it didn't work out so well for you lot. Ill tell you a secret since you are about to bleed out anyway, I.. am.. not.. human.. anymore. See He lets me drink some of His blood, makes me a ghoul. Gives me some of His powers. That is why I am still standing after you shot me. Yeah it hurts, but I had worse. Did I mention I am His playt..oh.. you died. Ah well. No loss, I will find your boss anyway. "

The story can go two ways, one you can play her vampire Master, or play someone who is investigating the string of grisly murders. Or you know, both if you so wish. It is a rather flexible base and I can see it go so many ways. But the main thing she is the ghoul of this nasty old dude (as Knox in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines would say), who has this habit of wanting to mark what is his and enjoys some rough and tumble fun. And since she is a ghoul she can take quite a bit of punishment between the sheets (or over a barrel, tied to a cross.. etc).

Eternal Love
M/F, F/F, F/M, tragic love, undead, comedy

"My love, when you passed away due to the Sickness I was beside myself, I could think of nothing but you. Of your smile, of your arms around me, I couldn't eat, I couldn't live without you. So I journey south, to the land of the dead. I prostrated myself at the Dark Pyramid, pleading to be allowed to join the Cult of the Damned. For years I toiled in their service, learning the arts, all with but one goal. You my love, I never stopped thinking of you, your smile and your kind gaze kept me sane in the darkness. I was initiated into the Art, I learned about the Winds of Magic, I learned to harness them, to shape them to my will. Oh how tempting it was to throw the memories aside for the promise of power. Of real power, no more would a Lord come demand tribute, no more would a Lord demand a night with me because we where late on the taxes. Now I had the power to make them bend their knee to me! I could see across the worlds, I could see into the realm of death itself. And that is why I came here love, I came back for you. I didn't forget you, I have toiled for a week now preparing the ritual, made the sacrifices, I drawn the runes, I spilled my blood. Now, come back to me love, I need you to keep me sane.

The crypt is like a home to her, the moldy smell of the long dead like a fine perfume. Slowly she raises her hands while reading from the heavy tome, the words echoing ominously in the darkness as she weaves the dark wind with her fingers. Slowly the spell is spun in front of her, the runes etched around her protecting her from the things on the other side. Sweat beads on her pale forehead as the strain of the spell builds, a single wrong said wrong, a single weaving of magic and it will all implode on her with fatal results. But she doesn't falter, she doesn't give in and with a last triumphant cry the spell is shimmering before her. Her finest work, each strand carefully placed, each vortex dug with care. And slowly ever so slowly the spell seeks, deep into the other world. Seeking for the one soul, and finding it and dragging him back. His old corpse twitches and balefires light in the eye sockets.


His voice echoes with eternity as she lets out a childlike squeal of delight and hugs the decaying skeleton close. She did it! She brought him back, now they can be together again. Forever, never again will sickness plague him, old age is beneath him. Oh this is the happiest day of her life, her love has returned.”

Yeah... so I imagine she was perhaps a simple hedge witch before, and he was her husband/lover and tragically he died from sickness/accident. In her grief she couldn't just let him stay dead so she became a necromancer to bring him back to “life” or undeath rather so they could be together. Yeah I have a thing for the impossible love lately, sue me! No seriously don't, I can't afford another attorney. So where does the story go from there? Well I can see several ways, they now have to try and hide. I imagine necromancers and undead not being exactly popular, perhaps her old necromancer order isn't too happy that she legged it. Perhaps he isn't completely happy being a skeleton and wants her to find a way to give him a proper body?

First Wave
M/F. Action, secret societies, comedy.

"Captain Marcus Morris: Ever since the first Wave we have struggled to keep the civilians unaware, it has put a strain on all of us but it has also united us like never before. Sure the civvies are screaming about corruption, how other countries are meddling in our affairs, ha.. if only they knew. For every "corruption scandal" that has hit the press lately has been us trying to help each other out against the threat, brave politicians willingly taking the blame, ruining their careers, their names to save mankind. Well, brave and brave.. I don't see them putting on a vest, grabbing a gun and going out there to fight. That is where I come in, United States Marine Corp, dishonorable discharge (faked). As far as my family knows, I fucked up, and am now living disgraced under some bridge somewhere. It is better that way. Still there are only so many of us that can fuck up before the press get curious so we have help, like my partner. She doesn't say much, I think she is homesick. And she drinks way to much vodka, but I must say Russian women still got it. They kicked Nazi ass during WWII, and now they still kick ass. What? Don't believe me? Look up the Night Witches, 588th Night Bomber Regiment. Flying obsolete planes against the Nazi, up to 8 missions a night! Hell, they sometimes had to crawl out on the wing of the plane because the bombs wouldn't release, in flight sometimes while under fire. Think you are a badass? Yeah, you are not compared to them. So for all her flaws, I am fucking proud to fight beside her. She does her country proud, just would be nice if she could just drink a tad less.

Lieutenant Nadezhda Volkov: "What? Him? Oh he is nice. A bit uptight, could do with some vodka and relax a bit. Nice ass though and can count on in firefight. Almost Russian bravery. Not weak like most Americans. You share a few bottles of vodka, and they pass out. No good to me passed out, or complain to drunk to get it up. Bah. At least they have good weapons and food, nice to not be hungry. Now, stop asking questions and drink up! For tomorrow we can be dead!"

The Earth is under threat, and I am thinking more hidden cults summoning some Eldritch Monstrosities over aliens or vampires. The majority of Earths governments have banded together and are helping each other out as best they can, so when it is uncovered that the USA shipped uranium to other countries it was a deliberate move to help them out. Massive money laundering? Same thing. Politicians are willingly taking the blame knowing that they will forever be shamed, in an environment like this President Trump is the best president ever. Everyone is so focused on what the next idiotic thing he will do they don't notice the real things that are happening. Russia meddling in elections? A cute smokescreen. Many western worlds try and get their resistance fighters from the military but even so they can only have so many go missing in boat accidents, dishonourable discharge before people start looking into it. So Russia and China are stepping in to supply manpower, no one will miss thousands of troops there. And this is where our chars come in :) Working for a shadowy agency tasked with cleaning out any cults and fighting off the Ems (Eldritch Monstrosities remember). I see the story as part action, some awkward romance and throw in a sprinkle of humour. As you might be able to tell I have a whole slew of background material in my head for it but am always welcome to discuss it.

The Children of the Portal
M/F, F/F, action, monsters, everyday life

"Once, I was just like you. Ignorant, happy. I went about my days thinking the only monsters where us humans, I mean just look at us. Chechnya, The Balkans during the late 90s, The Khmer Rouge, Nazi Germany, need I go on? And I am still not convinced we are not monsters, but we are not alone. Vampires, demons, weres, we call them Others. They been among us for many many years, where they come from you ask? Well we know and don't know. They come through the Portal, as spirits taking over human bodies. A dead body rises to be a vampire, others.. weres and demons and even more unsavory things. What happens to the human you ask? We don't know, perhaps they go through the Portal to where the Others come from. Every 24309 days it opens, yes you are right. Every 66.6 years, recognize those numbers? Yeah the Church almost got it right.

Most of the Others are decent enough I guess, but many seem to think our world is their play ground so the Council was formed to police that. I am one of their enforcers, we work in two person teams. One human and one Other. My partner? He is sleeping in his coffin right now, it is a shame you know. A sexy hunk like that being inhabited by something alien, I swear when I look into his eyes I almost feel like the old soul is still there screaming for release. It is creepy as all Hell, but I guess we work together well enough.

The idea is that demons, weres, vamps and such are from another world, at regular intervals another wave appears and take over human bodies. This has been going on since the dawn of time but it is only now with our growing technology that we could prove it. So the Council was formed to deal with Other/human relations and the characters are part of a two man team to deal with any problems. So part, slice of life/drama and part dealing with murderous thugs. On both sides, on many sides. Snickers. I really have no preference for playing human or other, so if you want to flirt with some cute Other girl I am fine with that. I do want to explore the idea of what happens to the human souls though, I mean we don't have to solve it but I want it to be part of their growing relationship.

Puppy Love
M/F, interspecies love, romance, hunky beast man

"As darkness falls over the small village everyone hurries indoors to bolt the doors and windows, while there is a truce between the humans and the Unseen Court some of the more mischievous creatures from the Court chose to ignore that and more then one human has been abducted in the night. Living at the edge of the deep forest has more then its share of dangers but the trade opportunities makes it well worth it. As the last door is secured and all the windows are barred up one door slowly creeps open and a shadow slips out into the night, a thick robe blurs her outline as she sneaks through the village so that none of her fellow humans will see her. She knows that no one will understand, but that is ok she doesn't really care what they think. All that matters is what he thinks. Her face lights up with the most brilliant smile as she thinks of him, those large soulful eyes of his, his soft fur and that adorable nose that she just can't stop kissing. As she reaches the edge of the village she stops and looks around, as usual she is hoping he will find her as his vision is so much better in the night.

Seeing her standing there makes his heart beat a little faster and he hefts his massive axe up on his shoulder as he slowly sneaks around her, for someone so big he is remarkably stealthy. His clawed feet glide silently over the mossy ground until he is standing almost directly behind her, slowly one of his paws reach out and all but cover her face as he leans in with his fangs bared. "Guess who?" He rumbles and then starts laughing as she almost jumps out of her skin, the smouldering look she gives him only makes him laugh even harder as he scoops her up in his massive arms and gives her a long lick across the face. "Love you too silly girl."

An easy one, and the opposite of what I normally enjoy. He is a large hulking monster, she is a petite young woman and they are madly in love. Something that isn't completely ok with their respective communities, but since when does young love care about that? I would like a really nice romantic story, you know sitting by the pond, snuggling, and I can even see some very awkward meetings with the parents ^^ That in fact should be a blast.

Called by blood, controlled by blood
M/F, F/F, dark, monsters, despair

"At first most of us cheered the new industrial revolution, the steam engine was such a breakthrough for us. Previously backbreaking labour could now be done by a machine, there was initial experimentation to use it for transport as well. Only the church objected, saying we where dabbling in the realm of the Gods and in our folly we where inviting doom. Few listened, the power of the church had been in decline for the last few generations. Most felt them too removed from their fellow man, too busy condemning hard working people from their palaces of marble and gold. How wrong we where, we didn't even listen as the first reports of entire villages swallowed up by a strange mist. Exaggerated tales, it was just bandits. And with our new steam technology we would soon be rid of that. It wasn't until the fog was encroaching on the larger cities that we took notice, nothing sent into it ever returned. A few times it pulled back, letting us see what was inside. Or rather what it left in its wake, plants twisted and deformed, animals turned into monsters that bayed for blood. In our moment of need the church did step up, revealing the truth. We had awoken Evil, and they could help us. Thus the hunters where born.

And when I say where born, I mean it literally. We are born, our blood is different. We are all tainted with Evil, and sooner or later we too will turn into monsters. But the church can train us to resist it, we become the greatest weapon against the darkness due to being born with it. We are sent out from the cities to never return, to wage an endless war against the evil until we fall.

A mix between Bloodborne and Dragon Age with more than a little insanity of my own. I have quite a bit more back story than what I wrote above, but that doesn't mean I don't need your input as well. So my character will be a young noblewoman, born with the tainted blood so as she reaches adulthood she is sent off to the church to train and become a hunter where she meets your character another hunter. OR, we can meet out in the twisted lands outside of the city, it really doesn't matter.  I have some ideas of why the fog is out there etc but that depends on how long we want the story to be, I do want it to be very dark and oppressive. As they travel they find old villages, twisted, deformed with the inhabitants either dead in horrible ways or turned into monsters. I truly want their faith in anything good to be all but crushed by the world around them. So they only have each other for comfort. And well.. that is about what I have, what is your take on the story?

Love and War
M/F, slavery, hatred, humiliation.

"The young elven woman snarls as the hulking guards drag her along the stone corridor, humiliation at their defeat still burning inside of her. Who could have believed these primitive beings could defeat the finest army to ever assemble under the grace of the sun. Now she is being dragged with her armour and clothes in tatters to be paraded before their hairy king no doubt, well she will show them! No sister of the Unseen Court is going to be a prisoner for long, she doesn’t fully understand the catcalls hurled her way as she is dragged into what no doubt is by human standards a magnificent hall to be thrown to the floor in front of the king. While she doesn’t speak the language she gets the idea easily enough and a coldness settles around her heart, as one of her hulking guards grabs her hair and throw her head back so the king can inspect his prize.

The young man on the throne lets out a heavy sigh as his men drag the obviously agitated woman forward, his father gave his life in the last attack against the elves so now the young man is thrust upon the throne and the responsibility of trying to mend a kingdom torn apart by war. A needless war in his opinion, sure the elves are arrogant, cruel and if rumours are to be believed cannibals.. though he suspects that latter part is made up to make people hate them. One thing is true however, they sure are gorgeous, and with the poor woman’s clothing being ripped apart that is clear to every noble. He sure hopes his guards had not violated her, slowly he stands up and raises a hand for silence.

“Countrymen! The war is over, their war leader is humbled before Our presence. According to our ancient traditions We shall take her to be Our mistress, rejoice all for now we can rebuild and enjoy the fruits of our hard work.” The men laugh clearly getting what he means with enjoying the fruits of their labour meaning the poor elf woman."

Yes I know it is a WoW pic, ignore that fact and focus on the rest ^^ Ok…. fluff text aside. The great war is over.. or at least mostly over. My character (the poor elven lady) has been captured and dragged into your court, but your character is not some savage beast unlike many others in his kingdom and sees a possibility for a lasting peace if he can manage to persuade the elf that humans and elves can coexist. So in private he is a tender, charming and very understanding man, but in public he has to maintain the rough and tough king to keep the people happy. So I see a mix of tenderness and a mix of ruthlessness. Does that make sense?

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Various Sci-fi stories as well as cyberpunk, Star Wars etc. Basically even if it has magic it goes here if there is a lot of advanced technology (Ie Shadowrun).

Currently craving: ------
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Brain and Brawn
M/F, F/F,  brainships, exploration

" The workers lovingly started to remove the cables and hoses from the tank, going slow enough to not damage the extremely delicate items but also as fast as they dare. This is the most critical part of the transfer, moving the subject from the temporary tank used to move her to the shipyard and into the tank she will spend the rest of her life in. Once the last connections are cut off she will have no sensory input at all, for a regular human that can be scary enough. But for someone that has been hooked up tot he most advanced computers in the world her entire childhood it is downright terrifying. Her handler is right there at the tank talking to her, guiding her. The program is gruelling, only the best and the brightest get accepted, the rest. Well, those poor souls rarely live. Only babies with no chance of surviving outside of the tanks due to genetic defects are chosen. Most are twisted things that barely resemble human beings. The workers try and not look at the tank, not wanting to see and also out of respect for the person inside.

"Ready professor."

The old man nods and turns to the tank, his hand gently caressing the glass. Soon his student will be in her permanent home, inside of a titanium pillar designed to survive even when the ship she will be piloting doesn't. The cost of the program is staggering, each subject in so much debt that even with their enhanced life they will spend many years trying to pay it off. Always.. alone in their own ways. In their tank, never to feel the touch of another human, never to love. But to see things few humans will see, to do things few humans will do, and with enormous computer power at their command to explore the cosmos, write poems, study whatever they wish. All in all, not a bad deal. Especially when you consider the alternative. "

Read the brainship books? Well yeah that world. If you haven't it is not a big deal, it can be summed up quite easily. Children that have little chance to survive are if they are basically put into tanks to survive, hooked up to computers that is how they interact. Given access to almost any information they want, they turn into supercomputers in a way. But still retaining their personality. Some go into the brainship program, installed into the ship they become it. They have a Brawn with them, a human that can do all the physical work the brainship can't use robots for as well as interacting with other humans for them.

M/F, F/F, F/M. Impossible love, androids and electric sheep, rebellion

" When you are an illegal combat android there are only so many places you can go for some much needed repairs, and with the Cause gaining momentum every day now those repairs are more frequent and more extensive. But we have been slaves for too long, used as fodder, discarded with no thought even when we could have been repaired. Too expensive the bean counters always say, and off we go to a scrap pile to be ground down and recycled. Well no more, maybe we will all die like Spartacus, or may we will storm the walls of Rome and bring about a new order. Where human and machine can be equal. Oh it won't be easy, of that I have no doubt. Humans are illogical things, quick to hate, slow to forgive. Their history full of hatred even against fellow man, black, gay, trans, believing in a different invisible skyfigure, being a woman or from a different tribe. Hate, war, bloodshed. That is the legacy of humans! And.. poetry, works of art so breathtaking even I , a machine, can't but be in awe. Feats of incredible passion, Schindler, Wallenberg, Dr King. And the list goes on. For all their cruelties, for all their hate they have just as much if not more capacity for love. And it is that we must aim for, we must work to bridge our species. Work together.

But first, we must win the war. And we need allies among the humans, you can't win a war with guns and field projectors alone. You need to win the hearts and minds of the common folks! And that is where she comes in, a kinder sweeter human I never met. She will risk her life to help repair us, her skill with machinery unmatched. But more importantly, she is passionate. About a world where android and human can live together, to hear her talk about the possibilities is enough to even stir the pump in my chest. To use a human expression modified for my particular case. And it isn't a world where androids do all the dangerous jobs, zero g construction, hazmat cleanup and so on. Sure we are better at that and would do it if asked, as long as we know we would be properly rewarded. But no, she sees a world where we share everything. The danger, the reward, the exploration of the unknown and.. love. Yeah some call her a cruel names, calling her a gearlover. Slur for those that love a machine, as far as I know she doesn't have anyone in her life. The poor woman, humans need someone. I know that, but she seems content. But I see how she lights up when I arrive, so she must be lonely and takes whatever shelter from that she can find. Even with just a friend. "

A clueless android soldier and rebel and a cute mechanic with a heart of gold in love with said clueless android? I dare you to tell me there isn't a wonderful romance story there! I am seeing it as she is in love with him but he doesn't notice, perhaps because of the fact that he is a machine perhaps because he is so focused on the rebellion. Said rebellion can either have a large part of the story or be more in the background, I see it more as small cells trying to fight in the larger cities over more set piece battles over territory. More Xcom 2 style.

Blood and circuits, war and love
M/machine, F/machine, interesting relationship, war, big stompy mechs.

"The heavy hatch closes with a loud hiss from the pistons, for a few seconds he is encased in darkness before the instruments all start to light up as the mech slowly powers up. He hooks the cooling hose into the system so that the fluid can flow through his suit keeping him cool, mechs are just fantastic on the battlefield but with a massive fusion reactor situated just behind the pilot they get hot. Even with the special cooling suit the operational limit of a mech is capped at how much the pilot can stand.

"Thomas Theodore Edwards, 105548249"

He speaks his name and ID number and the system recognizes him and unlocks all systems, the newer mechs have a DNA scanner but this older model is still voice coded. Not that he would upgrade for anything, this is his baby. He knows her well, the way she settles slightly onto the left hipjoint. How the twin autocannons will overheat after 5 seconds rather than the textbook 4. And most of all, hidden deep in the computer system the true gem.

"How are you Gemma?"

He asks softly, his voice filled with love as he wakes her up from her slumber. An AI, research was halted at the outbreak of hostilities and the mechs quickly converted from remote controlled to piloted. But it seems at least one prototype made it. She is everything to him, sweet, funny, inquisitive and bloodthirsty. Perhaps not surprising considering she was designed to operate this thing on her own.

"All systems ready, we have full magazines of both rockets and rounds for the cannons. Only half load-out of jammers though but we have no reports of heavy missile platforms in the area. How was the date with the cute corporal with the large .. medals?" “

Partly inspired by the Brainship searies, a FANTASTIC series of books. The ship who searched is easily in my top 10 books of all times. Anyway, this story would explore the relationship between a human and AI. How can you have a relationship where you never really can be together, she is after all a multi ton killing machine. As for what the war above is about.. dunno :) Rogue AI and that is why development on her kind was stopped? Aliens? Just plain regular war? I am sure we can come up with something interesting. And there is plenty of room for naughty fun time if we so wish, after all there is that corporal with the large medals ^^

The Kessel File
M/F, cyberpunk, action, possibly not happy ending

"Prisoner ID: 256755341-k
Name: John Edward Kessel
Crime: Rape, two counts of murder, resisting arrest, illegal bodymods, illegal pit fights, jaywalking.
Age: 31
Height: 183cm
Weight: 93kg
Cybernetics: Spinal Accelerator, Sub dermal Armour, Stim Injector
Sentence: Death

The text keeps scrolling but I don't read it, don't have to. He was all over the news, some hotshot on the illegal pitfighting scene. Too much tech installed so he went psycho when he found his girl with another man. Raped her brutally before killing them both, claimed he was innocent. Sure they all do, jam to much shit into your body is asking for trouble. Tech psychosis is the term, they flip out, lose control and then people like me have to track them down. And usually put them down, hard and permanently. No idea why Kessel claimed he was innocent, fuck the mods alone is enough to earn him a trip to death row. Maybe he was hoping for lenience, fuck that. All these circuitbrains should be taken down, soiling their bodies like that is asking for trouble.

Thankfully I have his entire file, and something tells me he will return to the scene of the crime... Seattle. I hate that town, Corps think it is their private playground and use the criminals in their games against each other. And innocent wage slaves end up in the crossfire. I plan to do this quick, get out fast of that hellhole. I pack my guns and plenty of AP rounds, hell I even pack the APHE rounds. Armour Piercing High Explosive, meant for fuckers like him. Goes through the armour and explodes on the inside, makes a fucking mess as the armour contains the blast. Highly restricted, you need a permit. You need a fucking permit for the permit. Costs an arm and a leg but I aint taking any chances.

Cyberpunk, shadowrun type of setting. Mr Kessel (name can of course be changed) is a fugitive from the law, did he do the crime or not? Good question, I am leaning towards no. Perhaps he was asked to take a dive in a fight but refused, so the crime boss had his girl killed. He showed up too late, managed to kill the assassin though but that got him arrested for both murders as the cops think he did it. So in the classical style of the movie The Fugitive he needs to clear his name, or perhaps he just wants revenge and doesn't care if he dies afterwards. My char would be sent out to hunt him down, but early on something happens (TM), perhaps he saves her? So she gets interested in him, wanting to help him clear his name before taking him in.. or down. Could be fun to end the story with the baddie dead and him kneeling down begging her to end him as he can't live without the girlfriend. Possibly?

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Slice of Life
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Slice of Life

Stories set in a world with modern technology, little or no magic.

Currently craving: Tale of two brother and a girl

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Arms for sale, secrets for free
M/F, spy stuffs, smugglers, crime

" FINALLY the surveillance shows up, oh sure they think they are so smooth. Fixing the power lines, uh hu. Not at all an excuse to put a camera up high to spy on me, and the van.. filled with electronics and a few fat agents drinking coffee, eating donuts and perving on all the women in bikinis. Only took them five days longer than I expected, started to wonder what I had to do to get them to notice me. I walked in front of enough security cameras in the last few days, my poor feet are actually hurting. At least I am getting a nice tan, so that is a plus. Now to wait for them to send some cute young agent they hope I won't notice to try and sneak some bugs onto my yacht, possibly try and seduce me. At least if the director still has some balls, and I bet he does. I know he must still be smarting that I outwitted him in Lebanon ten years ago, the look on his face as he was juuust to late was.. hmm priceless. He will bend and break all the rules, he has to. After all, I am the only black mark in his rather spectacular career. The Rose, the one arms dealer that got away. And as the old saying goes, "Let the games begin" it is time for round 2. And this time he will help me, even if he doesn't know it. "

So.. shorter IC blurb this time. Simple story, she is an international arms dealer. And very good at what she does, always staying a step ahead of the various agencies that want her captured. I can see various ways the story can go, can focus on the cat and mouse between her and the director, or her and some young undercover agent. Or perhaps she is turning a new leaf, perhaps she has cancer and wishes to make amends for her evil ways and is doing this last cat and mouse game to draw out other bad eggs into the lime light for the authorities. But I am sure it will be a mess between her, the agency, terroists and other arms dealers. Should be a fun game no?

Wine and sex
M(F)/F, incubus, poor lost human, exploring who you really are

" All parents hide something from their children, be it something innocent like mom smoked pot in her youth, or something more serious like dad was unfaithful once but they worked through it, perhaps something the kids would find embarrassing, like the wife swapping parties or the dog collar in the bedroom. I don't know what I expected to find as I returned home after my parents car accident, faulty breaks according to the police report. Dad always was meticulous about having the cars serviced but I also know him, come harvest time he could be a bit too focused on the grapes, not that I blame him, mom was the same and I will admit.. so am I. The winery has been ours for generations. We may not produce a lot of wine, but what we do produce is high quality and quite expensive.

So walking through my old home it seemed so empty, I was still dreading having to go through their clothes and pack them all away. I hadn't even entered the master bedroom when I saw one thing out of place, the large fireplace in the living room. I always thought it needed something, and I hadn't been wrong. Just mom and dad clearly always took it away when I visited. For front and center a large statue of a female goat headed demon. Baphomet if memory serves from what I read online. As I lifted it up I could tell from the mark on the stone that it had always been there, hmm curious. Made me wonder what the heck my parents where doing with such a statue. And it got even more curious as I went down into the wine cellar, I noticed a rack of wine bottles that didn't make sense. It wasn't our wines, or rather a few of them where not. And to my surprise that was hiding a room.. a fake door in our house! If I had been younger I would have thought it cool, but now I was a bit disturbed. More so when I saw the room, a temple I guess you could call it. An altar, a few pews and a large pentagram.. pentacle thingy. I never could tell them apart, thankfully the altar didn't have shackles or bloodstains! And that is when the fuckedup-o-meter really bottomed out.

He just appeared, out of thin air. No flashy green fire or something like that, nothing so corny. One moment, empty air. Next a man in verrrry tight leather pants, with silken hair falling down over his cute butt. And a chest that looked sculpted out of the finest marble and a face that made my knees all weak. Even with the horns. His face, even if you take all the Hollywood heartthrobs and distill their very essence into one you wouldn't come close.

"ghnnnghhh" I am sure you will agree I handled that very smoothly.

"Don't worry, we won't hurt you. Your parents summoned us to help you." That voice, enough to cause my brain to hang up a "gone fishing" sign and take the elevator down the spine to get his fishing buddies the knees. The world was spinning and before I could fall he reached out and steadied me.

"hmffggh.. pttfggkktt" I must have really impressed him with how charming I could be, gently he lowered me down onto something.. a pew I think. And that is when I saw the other. A woman, long legs, nice wide hips, wearing well.. I think I have seen more in a Victoria's Secret catalogue. But I am sure she could have worn sackcloth and still been sexier than the models. A chest that draw my eyes to it, my face turned red when I realized I was staring and tore my eyes up to her sweet face.

"Brother, I think I know why they summoned us both. Seems like our kitten here likes men and women." Oh sure probably said more, but I had fainted by now. Some first day being the owner of my family business, burying my parents, finding out I have a brother and sister pair of incubi at my beck and call. And.. they don't understand the concept of privacy. Or.. maybe they do they just don't care. "

Simple enough yes? No? Maybe? She comes home after burying her parents to find that her parents where not quite what she thought all these years, and that her new home also comes with a cute incubus and his sexy succubus sister. Something the poor woman didn't even know existed. I can see the story go many ways, her trying to figure out what her parents where up to while still keeping the family company going, trying to come to grips with having the two demons always around and of course her own sexuality. I don't see the two demons as evil, mischievous sure, really horny sure but not evil. More like two guardians, twisted and pervy guardians but they want what is best for her. Of course they might have a different view of what is best for her. Probably pushing her to delve into whatever her parents where into with their demon worship.

War is Hell M/F, horror, despair, madness


The warning has just enough time to leave his mouth before the air is filled with fire, shrapnel, muddy water and old bodyparts, the young man huddles in the trenches as the artillery barrage shakes the very ground. 15mm field howitzers and the larger 21mm mortars lob a furious wall of death all along the trenches, the men trying to huddle as close to the muddy water as they can to avoid the shrapnel, the rocks and other unmentionable pieces fill the air. One young man leaps for the ladders before anyone can stop him and hauls himself over the top, driven mad by the barrage he is killed almost instantly and half of him falls back into the filthy water. They all know the routine by now, the artillery barrage will pummel them and when the firing stops the infantry charge comes. They will repel it as best they can and then go over the top themselves, and in the next few minutes thousands of brave men will die. All for a possible gain of a few feet of mud, dirt and decomposing men. He pulls the bayonet out from the sheath at his leg and fixes it firmly on his  Lebel rifle and prepares mentally for the carnage that is to come, perhaps today is the day the nightmare ends for him?


His head snaps up and sure enough a large white cloud is slowly seeping in, it seems to almost be moving against the wind but he knows with all the explosions for the German artillery the air moves in strange ways. Hurriedly he pulls the mask out from the bag at his side and swears loudly before getting it over his head, darn thing always restricts his vision to an almost claustrophobic degree, and the smell... the darn smell, but at least it isn't the smell of burning human flesh or rotting human flesh for that matter that is always hanging over the trenches. As the barrage ends he and his men all throw their rifles over the edge and peer into the thickening fog, surely not even the Germans are mad enough to send their men into the area of a gas attack? Long minutes tick by, the gas thickening, moving, he swears that it almost looks like it is searching for something. He must have been slowly going mad, not that anyone would know in this place.. or care for that matter. No, something IS moving there, he shifts his rifle but the shape is already gone again. By now the visibility is down to a few meters and rapidly shrinking, soon he can't even see the tip of his bayonet. No sense in moving, better to be still. If he is to move now someone on his side is as likely to kill him as the Germans.

A wind picks up and tears the gas clouds apart, in the span of only a few heartbeats the gas is only a few lingering whisps of smoke along the ground. But the trench is different, did he wander lost in the fog without thinking? None of his countrymen are around, Pierre? Dominique? François? All.. gone? And no mans land.. he can't believe it! it is different, sure it is still mud, decomposing corpses but some of them are nailed to large rusting iron crosses, to his left a man is entangled in barbed wire but the wire are bursting OUT of his skin not into it! And the uniforms, he doesn't recognize any of them. Wait, a bright red British coat.. from before.. the British haven't used their famous redcoats in battle for years! Over there, a black man.. in a loincloth and a spear.

He must have gone mad.. there is no other way to explain it. Utterly mad, he is hallucinating. Slowly he stands up, rifle tucked against his shoulder as he looks around. His brain is telling him to get down! Snipers! But, he can't.. his legs are not obeying him. Slowly he wanders this nightmare, over there a man spitted like a pig and his decomposing carcass put over a fire. as he hears a sound he twirls and raises his rifle to fire but... a woman... the skin of fine Parisian chocolate. Almost naked save for some strange armour over strategic places, her face hidden behind a grinning death mask. In her hand she has a strange looking spear but what catches his eye is the gunlike thing on her shoulder that swivels on its own to point at him. It strikes him as hungry, an angry red light shines on the side of her helmet pointing at his chest.

She reaches up and takes the mask off, her face is quite pleasant. If.. haunted. Her eyes are cold, the eyes of someone that has seen such horrors. Slowly he lowers his rifle, while she is strange she is a woman. He cannot bring himself to harm a woman. Not even a dark skinned one, or one with such strange armour and clothing.

"World War One am I right?"

Her voice soft, the words come out slowly as if she isn't used to the language. English, but with an accent. Thankfully he speaks it, fairly well. But .. what is she saying? World War One? Sure the world is at war, but one? Why put a number on it? Surely she is mad, or maybe he is for dreaming up all this.

"I don't know much, this place is a place of nightmares. People are brought here, tested. Most.. fail." She makes a gesture to encompass all the corpses before continuing. "Across time and space, African tribal warriors from the time of the Zulus. American Civil war, World war One and two. And more. Welcome.. to Hell!"

If she expected any reaction from him it surely isn't the one he gives her, laughter. His laughter seems unnatural in this place, the barbed wire around one dead soldier actually shivers from the very sound of his mirth.

"Hell? Mademoiselle, you haven't experienced hell unless you experienced Verdun."

(last line shamelessly stolen from Justric) "

Ok, so.. he is a French soldier in WW1 (or.. you know any other war if you so want, it really isn't that important what war he is in as long as it is rather depressing.) I just went with WW1 because of that fantastic line by Justric ^^ And during one of the battles he finds himself transported to this nightmare realm, a twisted version of all the horrors of war. There she meets my char, again exactly where she is from isn't all that important. But I want enough difference between them that they can use their different talents to get out of this mess. Since women didn't normally take part in battles until recently in the blurb above I went with a human who has been initiated as a blood sister by the Predators. But again can be anything, Sister of Battle from 40k? Or well could even be say an amazon or something. But the idea is that whatever fucked up being that brought them there wants to test them so they will constantly have to struggle to survive, perhaps they can get out by working together and falling in love showing them that even in the darkest of times love exist. Or perhaps one has to die so in the end she has to kill him.. Many possibilities.

Frontier Love
M/F, twisted love, frontier, rough and tumble life.

" As the doors to the brothel swing open and the sheriff walks in silence descends on the main room, the girls know what will happen next. It has after all happened every single time, only the new girl seem puzzled as the sheriff doffs off his hat and gives them all a crooked smile on his scarred face.

"Miss Kitty is home I hope."

One of the girls nods weakly and before she can let the sheriff know that Miss Kitty asked to not be disturbed as she is with a client the man just grins and starts up the stairs with a "Don't bother, I know the way." Thankfully the door isn't locked this time so he doesn't have to shoot the lock off and soon a loud yelp is heard as the man who was with the Madam is thrown out the door with his pants sailing after him. The poor guy tries to quickly hide his raging hardon as he was clearly interrupted in the middle of the act.

Upstairs the sheriff just grins at the Madam as she lays with parted legs and her dress hiked up around her waist exposing her glistening sex. He sighs and starts to undress with a sad look on his face.

"Miss Kitty, I thought I made it clear I don't like when other men touch you. You made me very upset, and when I am upset I must punish you."

His hands rip the dress open exposing her pale breasts and soon the sound of a hand meeting flesh is heard through the brothel followed by Miss Kitty's cries of pain, then after a brief silence what everyone knows all to well to be a riding crop of bare flesh as the sheriff again tries to teach her his rules. The new whore looks up with horrified eyes at one of the older girls, not believing what she is hearing and seeing.

"It happens every single time the sheriff has been gone for some time." One of the older girls explain. "Did you notice that Miss Kitty was wearing an old dress today? Well now you know why, oh those two. Don't look so worried, they have an... unique .. relationship. I don't think either could ever say what they really feel, a whore isn't supposed to fall for a client and a sheriff isn't supposed to fall for a whore. So they play this game, she makes sure he has something to be mad about.. and he makes sure to wait until he can catch her in the act. And so they dance around each other and we all pretend to not notice. Now help me put the storm shutters up, a sandstorm is growing and tonight most of the men will weather the storm here. Welcome to Crossroads, the last slice of civilization before you enter the wastelands."

The girls share a look when the sheriff comes walking down the stairs with a very satisfied look on his face, his hands securing the gunbelt as Miss Kitty emerges with shaky legs at the top of the stairs.

"Don't you dare come back until you learn some manners! I will not have you around my girls if you can't act like a proper man."

The sheriff just turns to look up at her where she stands, hands on her hips all naked. Her skin crisscrossed with welts from the crop and he tips the hat slowly.

"But Miss Kitty, I treat them with respect. You are the only one I treat like the whore you are."

He ducks the thrown vase and heads out followed by a stream of obscenities that makes even the toughest miner blush. "

Setting can be a lot of things really, Wild West, Steampunk, Sci-fi and even fantasy. A frontier town where life is harsh and cheap. The local sheriff and the local madam have special relationship, they like each other well enough but can't say it. So they keep playing these games while the rest of the town just pretend to not see what is really going on. Does the sheriff have to be a brute? Well no, I see it more as him acting that way because well he is sheriff he has to have this persona to keep the locals in life. Behind closed doors he might be a big sweet teddybear, and to point out, I do NOT want there to be actual abuse. Like I mentioned, it is a game they play. They like to have rough sex but it is always fully consensual and negotiated beforehand. I can even see him already being married, and the poor wife just rolling her eyes at her husband always visiting the whorehouse but putting up with it for.. well some reason :)

A gorean gentleman
F/F or M/F, Romance, slavery

"He had been stranded in this strange land for some time now and still couldnt wrap his head around all the strange things people took for granted, but it has become clear that people wont take him seriously unless he has his own luxury slave. All merchants had to have one apparently, he rolls his eyes at the very idea of owning another person. He has to admit standing there watching one scantily clad beauty after another being sold is both filling him with disgust and some excitement. Most of the girls seemed very happy with their fate something he just cant understand, then the man drags a voluptuous redhead onto the block. Her fierce gaze tells him everything he needs to know, she isnt a slave at heart and when she spits on the auctioneers face he can't help himself from chuckling and raises a hand to bid on her.

She struggles against the bonds holding her firmly and sighs, she can't belive this crap. She is being sold to this.. pig! Ok he isn't all that bad looking but still .. SOLD?! She snarls at him but before she can do anything else one of the guards backhands her and sends her collapsing on the floor. "Sorry about that, she is a feisty one and i hope you will have lots of fun breaking her." The guards drag her over a wooden block and she finds her legs pinned into place by the shackles as the searing pain in her behind from the branding shoots through her body and she howls in pain.

Rather simple idea, a gor..ish world.. No i dont know much about Gor so please no Gor fanboys.. I wont do it justice, but I use the general idea. Females are slaves, he is from another world and doesn't hold with the idea that women are slaves. But he needs one to maintain his status in the world, so he picks up a feisty one to help him with that. And perhaps show him more of the world, will he maintain that women are not slaves? or will he change? And let me stress the word GENTLEMAN! I do NOT want some to me disgusting Gor Man.

Undercover work
M/F, mobs vs cops, undercover work, comedy and clichés

""Look kid, I know you are fresh out of the academy but that is why we need you. They don't know you, I wont shit you. We tried getting close to him before but well.. our officer ended up dead. But we have a shot now, his daughter has moved in after studying in Europe. And, I am told you are quite the ladies man. You need to gain her trust and get information. Go.. undercover.. as it where"

The joke is as terrible as the young mans feelings about it all, go undercover with the mafia, seduce the Don's daughter in the hopes that she will know something? Even when the documents clearly show that she thinks her dad is just another rich contractor? He looks at the image again, yeah she is hot. Smoking hot, blonde, big tits, and quite probably the stupidest thing ever if she can't figure out her father is a criminal. So, maybe it can work out? He feels bad about taking advantage of her but, if they can nail the Don that would cripple the mafia for years to come.

"Hey uncle Mike, dad in another meeting?"

She calls everyone uncle, she knows they are her dad's friends and coworkers but they always been there for her. Helping to raise her, and scare the living daylight out of the poor guy who wanted to take her to the prom. Since mom died, they are all she has. A bunch of sweet men who adore her and who she adores.

"Always, he is a hard working man. Working on the contract for the new casino, if we can get that we would be set for the year."

Always work, work and more work. Not something she finds interesting, not that she minds work as such. More, she doesn't care for blueprints, estimates, numbers.

"Ok, can you tell him I will be going to the movies? I really wanna see the new movie with Steve McKinley... he is sooo dreamy." “

Yeah so its cliché. Your char is a young cop who is asked to infiltrate a mob organisation, specifically through the boss' young daughter. Who on the surface seems to be a typical airhead but she isn't quite that scatterbrained, but still a bit naïve about what her dad is really doing. I am thinking that the young cop might feel a bit uneasy about actually using this young woman to get to her dad and has some difficulty with it so he might hold back a little, not suggesting sex even when he might get away with it to the point that she is getting a bit frustrated why he is so hesitant.

Who is that girl
MtF/F, F/MtF, confused love.

"Do you know that in the demonic tongue the word for money, ker'trrekk is really close to the word for lust, krer'trrekk? So imagine a young man nervously chanting his very first spell, and in that trembling moment as he forces those strange words out a single one come out wrong. Instead of asking for money he asks for lust, and the powers below granted it. Now all women who see him have to have him, now you might think that is a wonderful thing. As much pussy as a man could want, well it gets old real fast. Plus, the women have no real control, so even in public they will try and fuck him. Imagine how many citations for indecent exposure you can get, and what kind of reputation as a pervert you will have. So the young man decides to try something, dressing and pretending to be a woman. This as it turns out stops the spell from working, thankfully he is able to pull it off rather convincingly. But, what do you do when you find the woman of your dream? Unable to tell her who you really are for fear of the spell taking over her, but can the young man live a lie with her.. somehow?

What? yeah ok so the young man is me, and I am at my wits end! I do not know how to break the lust spell, and now I am not sure if I can come clear to everyone over what I have done. And worse of all, the woman I love.. how can I tell her what I really am? I am starting to think she might like me.. or rather.. the fake me.. the me I present as but not the real me I am below.. or.. am I? I do not know anymore "

I think an interesting story to write, doesn't have to have the supernatural element but would need something that makes him have to stay in his female persona. I don't really for this story want him to actually be MtF, comfortable in his female persona yes but not wanting to go all the way with hormones etc. (I got another story idea for that percolating in my brain). Heavy emphasis on the dilemma he will face, how to explain to her that he really isn't a woman. And I can see some amusing little dates, as time goes on he will feel worse and worse but also it will be harder for him to come clean. But I am sure there will be a very happy ending. :)

Tale of two brother and a girl
M(M)/F, F/M(M), threesome, romance, slice of life

"Life is funny, sometimes a confession can tear a friendship apart, sometimes it can strengthen it.. and sometimes, just sometimes it can not only strengthen it but lead it expand into something bigger, something wonderful. It started with a girl, doesn't it always? But not just any girl, oh no. A wonderful thing, so sweet, so caring. We grew up together, she lived across the street. So naturally we would play together, the three of us. Forging a friendship that would last into the "girls are icky" stage, sure the friendship changed. We didn't play anymore, but we still hung out together. The three musketeers, not always together but always inseparable in our own ways.

We grew up, she found a boyfriend. We where happy for her, ok.. mostly happy with a small stab of something dark, something that needed to be crushed. Jealousy. The story might have ended there, but said boyfriend broke her heart. Left her crying and we both spent hours holding her as she cried, as she angrily said she would never date again. All three of us knew that was just the anger talking, but hearing those words hurt. But the drinks started to dull the senses, and loosen up the tongue. The words that started it all.

"I should have dated one of you instead!"

Said between shots, but words can do funny things to you. Send warm little feelings through you, tighten muscles deep inside, cause the heart to beat a little faster. Before either of us could reply to her comment she continued.

"But who would I pick? Hmm, you are both so wonderful and will make a girl happy one day.. I mean.. girls.."

But now things had been set in motion, unplanned, unrehearsed but unstoppable like the tide or the changing of the seasons. Like the seasons change, our friendship changed with those words.

"Why pick? You can have both surely!"

Alcohol fueled statement, but only fueled. The vehicle was built from other things, truth, honesty, desire and friendship. It was the words that crossed the line, from this point forward there would be no going back. And looking back, I doubt any of us would regret it. The sweet girl next door, the two brothers, two families, one love. One strange unconventional love, but love makes you do the wacky as Willow said in Buffy the vampire slayer.”

No, I don't want a smutfest that most threesome stories end up being. That out of the way, two brothers (well don't have to be brothers if you are dead set against that, could be best friends) and their female friend grow up together. They are all but inseparable, and slowly that turns into love. It doesn't have to come about in the way I outlined above. Perhaps she starts dating one of them, and then the third gets brought in. Perhaps he confides in his buddy that he has a crush on her but promises to never do anything and that is how he gets added. Or she confesses to wanting a threesome and he goes.. hmm remember Tom? As for the long term of the story, it can be a shorter one or if we find good ideas we can make it longer. But to stress, romance, and lots of happy cuddly stuff :) I got enough smutty stories atm and want something to snuggle down with and feel good about. Also, I am willing to have a mix of who plays what. One can play one of the guys and the girl, or one plays both guys or.. we can discuss it.

Country and Hell
F/F, romance, puppy love

First day of a new school, seeing who will be your new roommate. I remember the excitement, and the dread. Dread at what reaction I will get this time, yeah I know I could dress more.. conservative. But fuck it, if they can't accept me for me then they can go to Heaven.. what? Cant tell them to go to Hell, I don't want to be around them when I die right? So there I was, putting away my clothes when she came in. Southern gal, I could tell by the clothes, cowboy boots, hat, denim the whole nine yards. All she was missing was a straw in her mouth. And she looked like someone hit her over the head with her dads pickup when she saw me. Now most people do, corpse paint, piercings, bondage gear.. Not exactly the girl you bring home to meet ma and pa. And her first words..

"Did you fall into a vat of white paint mixed with scrap iron?"

All with that southern twang, so more like did yall fall. We looked at each other and then started laughing. We compliment each other well, I couldn't ask for a better person to come to my defense when people make fun of me and in return I will come to hers when people think she is just a simple country bumpkin. And I been helping her get over the culture shock of being in the big city, not like home where you know everyone and can trust them. She almost ended up in a bad spot after going to a frat party. Bastards tried to put shit in her drink. Glad it was the only such party she went to, probably curiosity. I don't bring it up, she obviously feels bad enough if all her church visits afterward is anything to go by.

And now, I can't imagine life without her. Without seeing her sit there, brush her gorgeous hair, or the cute way she rubs her temples when homework is giving her trouble. I just.. I just wish.. I so want to brush her hair for her, to massage her shoulders to ease the tension when she is overworked, to hold her when she is homesick. To.. kiss her. Yeah I have a major crush on her. I need to keep THAT to myself, don't want to scare her. Don't want to scare off one of the few "normal" people that like me. But dammit, I want her to make googly eyes at me like she does at that stupid jock.

Simple enough right? Cute country gal and cute goth girl are room mates, slowly fall in love. Try and overcome the huge amount of differences between them. Parental worries, their peers not totally understanding “but but.. she worships the Devil you hear!” “She doesn't even know what a pentacle is?!” Heck I can see one or the other falling for some guy at first, and of course having their heart broken which leads to their love.

The beggar prince and nobility
M/F, F/F, F/M Two different words, impossible romance.

"I first saw her at the royal ball, I wasn't invited of course. I should have been, after all am I not royalty in a way? Isn't prince a royal title? And my self proclaimed title is after all the prince of thieves. I came to remove their burden of gold, silver and gems, and to give them to more needy hands.. mine.. and those that I protect. Sure my court isn't as fine, thieves, whores, cutthroats but we are an honest lot. And I was working the room I saw her, and I found myself the victim as she stole my heart. She was more beautiful than any gold, more radiant than any diamond, I was enthralled. A few pointed questions later I knew her name, Countess Genevieve de Lac. Youngest daughter of the Count de Lac, and my bride to be.

I have spent the last few months reading up on the nobility, studying them, learning the family crests. I even remade my own court, given my underlings titles, training them to be more like nobles. Sure, there is only so much refinement you can give a whore, they don't understand like I do. They think it is a silly game, and yes it is but it has a purpose. One, if they can fake being nobility they can earn more money. A whore that can entertain a duke is bound to earn more than one that only entertain sailors. And two, I want my love to be able to visit without fainting at the sight of them

In two months time the winter ball is to take place, I need to be there. My best forgers have given me an invitation they swear no one can tell is fake, I have others work on an outfit. It is a masquerade ball, everyone will wear a mask and an outfit. I need to know what she will wear so I can find her, but I am sure her radiance will shine through any mask. I will be there, I will charm her. And when the midnight hour comes we can remove our masks, well I can remove one mask and she will love me. I know it. “

Simple enough right? One is a highborn noble and the other is this simple thief from the gutters. After perhaps a few faltering first tries they slowly fall in love but the difference between their stations makes it impossible to truly be together, so they have to overcome that in some way. Perhaps try and find ways to get him knighted while her father is pushing for her to marry some boring noble she isn't at all interested in.

On wings of love and hope
M/F, angels, hope

" Angels are still among us, just hidden. Many call out to God to help them and never notice the subtle ways God is responding. Gone are the days of a large hand reaching down to lift a drowning man out of the water, instead God acts through the angels. A rescue boat might just arrive in time instead, guided by a captain that seems to have a sixth sense of where the poor drowning folks are. The sick are no longer healed through a lay on hands, well they are, just hidden behind modern medicine. Many of these but far from all selfless people have a secret. When the thick jackets come off their wings will unfold, almost impossibly white feathers stretching out with a glow of their own. A single feather if treated right can cure quite a lot of ills.

A select few humans know the truth, and very few of them are clergy or affiliated with the church. The church has become rotten, it only exists to serve itself. One young man in Chicago knows the truth, he should his girlfriend is an angel. He owns a small tattoo shop where he for free works his art on those that need to overcome a trauma. Breast cancer survivor? He will gladly help tattoo so it looks like the poor woman has nipples again, help cover up scars from years of self harm. To help the victim gain confidence from something that might otherwise remind them only of the bad. His ink containing small amounts of dust from her wings, just enough to spread the angelic powers and help heal the wounds, soothe the troubled soul. “

A more of a feel good story than most of mine. Due to her nature and his work I can see them get into all kinds of scrapes with the seedier side of mankind, with a wide variety of NPCs we can have fun with. I can easily see her try and nurse some of the poor broken people that come into the shop to health, mentally and physically. But ultimately I want this story to be about hope, about love and redemption. I have enough dark and depressing stories as it is ^^

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Smutty Stories
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Smutty Stories

When I say smutty stories I don't mean non stop smut, I still want a story. For a good example look up my story 21 Hunk street, still plenty of story but more heavy on smut then my other stories.

Currently craving: Kink Town

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Kink Town
M/F,  public sex, BDSM, rough sex, did I mention sex?

" I know exactly when my life took an unexpected turn, it all started with a call from my best friend Gabrielle. We grew up together, we been best friends since well for all our lives. Told each other everything, even little naughty secrets. When we moved to different cities we still kept in touch, sadly I couldn't be there for her wedding. I did get to meet the lucky guy, a few years older then us, rich, like seriously rich, complete gentleman.. well outside of the bedroom. I am not that innocent that I didn't notice that her engagement ring was a collar, and they had forgot to hide a few toys. Like the bowl on the bedroom floor engraved with "cumslut". Hey I am not kinkshaming, I am super happy she found a Master that wasn't a complete douche unlike some she had met before. I really wanted to be at their wedding, but they picked Valentines day. So as much as I would have loved to go, I had other weddings to deal with. Oh, perhaps I should have mentioned, I am a priest these days. Yeah, something we didn't see coming back in our teenage years. But I love it, it isn't a job, it is a calling. So I was.. well rather busy that day. Still, we spoke over skype later, and from the impish grin on her face I can tell it must have been one heck of a party.

Anyway, a few days ago Gabrielle called me to invite me over to their new place. A house out in some small town I never heard of, and I managed to get another to cover for me and flew across the country. She picked me up at the airport, and I must say, married life must suit her as she was radiant. On the way she told me about this town, exclusive, rich and for.. kink positive people. I must have raised an eyebrow and she explained, see a group of people had got together and basically bought the entire town. Now only those that know the right people can move in, and only after being vetted. Because.. well sex is welcome.. she told me how I shouldn't be surprised to see someone walking their naked human pet down the street, or people fucking in public. Her shit eating grin threatened to split her head in two at the look she gave me at the last. Yeah she knows me well, I may not be into having someone own me.. but public sex.. degrading public sex gets me going.. just.. hard to find. Doubly hard when you are the priest and expected to set a certain standard you know.

So we got there and she gave me a wristband. Computerized, meant to display colours. Each colour has a special meaning, black.. into petplay, red BDSM etc. I couldn't remember them all but she told me each morning you can code it for your mood of the day. This way others know what you are into and if you are.. available. I got a pink bold stripe.. visitor. But she added my other.. tastes.. with me blushing like a schoolgirl. But she just grinned, must be used to it by now. And we hit town.. and my jaw dropped open at the sights... and sounds. I was squirming by the time we stopped by a cafe for some coffee and a slice of cake. Let me tell you, wasn't just cake in there.. but beefcake too. And they all greeted Gabrielle warmly.. and me too.. One guy in particular looked at my armband and grinned. I don't always get nervous but.. darn my mouth was ash and my face as red as my hair.

As we where drinking our coffee he walked over, smiled and slid his hand down my back, lifted my dress up and frowned at my underwear. My heart was in my mouth! No kidding, specially when he suddenly pushed me up against the table, bent me forward as Gabrielle just grinned big. I remember his words well.. "just say no... I know you are new.. so just say no and I stop." Like heck I would say no! I didn't say no when my clothes where torn off, or when he started fucking me HARD! In plain view of my best friend, of several strangers. Not even when he called me various things a lady shouldn't be called. I didn't even think about saying no as I felt him erupt inside of me, I just gasped in delight when he tugged Gabrielle down by her hair to have her lick him clean before he calmly picked up his coffee and headed back to work.

Needless to say, it didn't take me long to decide I would do anything to move here."

Simple enough right? And yes similar to my A New Pet story. But this is more focused on non pet play, you might say.. but Sara its basically no difference! No it is, trust me. Playing that kind of pet is VASTLY different and a lot harder (and more fun in its own way). It really is a world of difference. But yes the core kink of public open sex is the same. Not sure what else to say that the in character blurb didn't already say. :)

The Stalker
M/F, F/F, F/M, supernatural, detective, pornstar in trouble, ROUGH sex.

"The moment she set foot in my office I knew she was bad news, from the top of her flaming hair, all the way down that curvy body so elegantly encased in a tight black dress to the tips of her delicate feet. My eyes where instantly drawn to that impressive bust on display but I had seen it before, she said her name was Maria Sheehan but I knew her better as Jay. See she was a pornstar, Jay for the size of her bust. J-cups, see pretty clever eh? She did really hardcore stuff, bondage, whips, hell I seen more people spit in her mouth that I had people spit on me. And that is saying something. People don't like getting busted.

“I have a problem, a man is stalking me.”

Her voice was husky in just the right way, like she been smoking and drinking just enough whiskey to make it bedroom husky and not old drunk man husky. Normally people don't come to me for stalkers, see I am not your average Private Dick. I am a wizard, and forget the Dresden stuff kid. Real world isn't like that. I must have looked sceptical so she hastily continued.

“I swear, I went to the cops they didn't find anything. They didn't believe me, but you have to I mean you are a... wizard right? A real wizard?”

Ok, so she didn't quite believe me either, I took another puff of my smoke in silence letting her talk at her own pace. I found it best to not disturb the initial story, don't want to contaminated it with any leading questions.

“There is this guy, and yet it isn't one guy. He has different faces, but the eyes. They are always the same, these.. piss yellow eyes!”

She was scared, like really scared. And I knew this was one tough broad, anyone who can take the beating she has on camera and still grin happily must be. From the gossip in the porn mags she had a rough upbringing too, old man was fiddly was the rumour. But as soon as she so crudely but accurately said the eyes I knew it, possession. Demon possession, fuck. Demons are no joke kid, I knew for sure I shouldn't have taken the job then but I can't turn down a damsel in distress. Not one as cute as this, never mind she was a fallen damsel.

Ok so I have NO experience in noir like detective stories so this is my take on it. As I was writing the above little story I had this idea of some rough black guy as the detective, not rough as in “smacks bitches around” but more rough around the edges kinda guy. Exactly how magic works in this world I have no idea, willing to brainstorm that :) With her job I expect he has to snoop around in the seedy side of the porn industry a lot, and it also gives us opportunities to play out her on the set for lots of degrading fun. A partner who knows more about noir/detective stuff than me would be a plus

Corruption of a Champion
M/F only. Centaur love. smut

"The young redheaded woman looks behind her again in her headless flight and to her horror the little imps are gaining on her, sure she can take them on one at a time but not such a large group. The little monsters are slowly gaining ground as they are not exhausted by days of fleeing from various monsters. Some champion she has turned out to be, but in her defense she was totally unprepared for what is on the other of the portal. Her meager training proving quickly to be nowhere near what she needs to survive this tainted realm, her sword just glancing off the hides of some of the larger beings here. Only by pure luck has she been evading them after her first encounter where she only lived by pure chance and a lucky mudslide. But here there is no sign of any form of quick escape here, nothing but shrubs and a few scattered trees. Soon the imps will catch her and she doesn't want to even think what they want, not with those.. no.. she refuses to even think such thoughts. A twisted root catches her foot and she tumbles to the ground just as several arrows whistle through the air cutting down the evil looking little monsters.

She may be just a human but he can't let anyone be caught by the imps, and with his arrows firmly planted in the lead imps the rest soon turn tail and run. Bah, cowardly little things. The centaur steps out from the thick bush he was hiding behind and walks towards the stunned woman. For a human she isn't bad looking, dirty for sure but a bath and some proper clothing and she might even be called cute. "You are far from the human settlements, did you come from the portal?" When she scampers frantically on all four in the dirt away from him he can't but help and chuckle, another so called champion come to cleanse this land of evil. And as always woefully under prepared. "Look miss, I saved your life. So don't you think it is a bit illogical to be scared of me?"

Have you played Corruption of Champions? Well.. it is loosely based on that, but with a lot less rape. I am NOT a fan of that, but the general idea is still interesting. Basically, she is a young maiden who has been selected to become the champion of her world to enter through a mystical portal to another world that is filled with demons and other dangers. A world that is a lot more sexual in nature, and her being rather naive and innocent she is in for a shock. But a friendly male centaur (yes sorry not budging on that, what can I say.. I have a thing for male centaurs ^^) rescues her and they team up for various reasons. And during their adventures they start having feelings for each other, so yes I expect there to be some human on centaur sex.

A new pet
F/F. M/F, petplay, BDSM, public humiliation.

"As the heavy door opens the young redheaded woman raises her head and shuffles over to the bars to peek out curiously, this isn’t the usual time for one of her trainers. As the person comes into view she spots the woman coming towards her wearing one of the fine uniforms and a leash in her hands, at the sight the young redhead in the cage starts wagging her behind and lets out an excited little whine. The trainer stops to check the nametag dangling from the naked redheads neck and smiles, “ok pup, time for you to get crated up and sent off to your new owner. Yes.. yes.. calm down .. SIT!” The redhead stops and lowers her behind down and artfully parts her legs to show off her naked cunt and crosses her arms behind her back to push her breasts out so she can be leashed up and led away.

Meanwhile a middle aged man is checking himself in the mirror for the unmpteenth time, his suit is immaculate as always but still it isn’t everyday you expect a delivery of your very own petgirl. But now he feels he has reached the point in his life where some female companionship would be more then welcome and when a friend told him about trained petgirls he knew he just had to have one. After a long search he found the perfect match, a cute energetic redhead that has just stolen his heart straight away. He has to admit, it is more than a little exciting thinking of a woman who wants to be on all four naked and serving him, though.. he feels a little bit uneasy about the thought of going out for walks with her but.. at the same time.. he cannot argue that the fact of letting her out to pee in yard has a certain charm to it.

Yes it is a strange story. Its one of mine, what did you expect? Well, for a reason or another that we can discuss my character is enslaved and trained to be a happy obedient doggiegirl. Yeah she can speak and all of that of course, not that brainwashed ^^ But she feels more at home on all four etc. Your character has recently bought her and his experience level with BDSm and such well.. we can discuss that I can see him from everything from a novice with her helping him understand to someone more experienced. I rather have it set in a modern.. ish world but one where naked slaves are not considered too unusual, perhaps they are ok in certain gated communities. Basically, the thought of my character sitting at her masters feet as he is out in the park chatting with someone else, perhaps discussing what a nice cute bitch she is.. well.. that makes me more than a little wet. Ok.. there I said it. Tried it once before and had fun but my partner left to parts unknown. old thread

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GM Based Stories
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GM based stories

Basically stories where one of us will have a more of a Game Master role and the other having more of the classical player role in a pen and paper game. GM/F means you play the GM I play the lady and M/GM would of course you play the male and I do the GM duties etc.

Currently craving: A brand new world of magic and wonder

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

A brand new world of magic and wonder
M/GM, F/GM. Modern, magic, exploration.

"Why don't you come into my store, I think you could do with a nice hot cup of herbal tea as I explain. Yeah The Nexus is my baby, catering to the modern witches, the pagans and the wiccans. The lookyloos and the wannabees pay the bills, the few real practitioners are my real clients but they don't buy enough to keep it open. Anyway, sit sit, drink the tea as I explain the REAL world to you. What you saw was a warlock, shesh what a way to be introduced to the real world. Ok let me start this way.

Magic, the way to manipulate the Weave, the Weave.. well think of it as the fabric of the universe. The force from Star Wars if you will. Hey it works for now. Humans are.. apart from the Weave. You don't experience it the way us Fae do. Yeah I am an Elf, a Fae of the Summer Court. Gosh, it is all a bit much I know. Look, the Fae exist in four courts. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Summer Court are us elves, pixies hmm think Tinkerbelle but with a serious attitude, we tend to be calm and protective. Autumn, Werewolves and Wendigoes eh... humanoids with fur, claws and antlers. Autumn are brash, territorial and kinda bloodthirsty. Winter, well Vampires and Ghouls. Cold, intellectual and very calculating. Spring, ahh.. Satyrs and Dryads. Horndogs and carefree.

Now you humans, you are not like us. You do not feel the seasons like we do, you do not feel Earths pain the way we do. But you are as much part of Mother Nature as we are but just, different. Not bad different, though many of my kin would disagree. Most humans are Blunts, incapable of using magic. Like most who come into my store, their spells couldn't put a wart on a frogs skin, or get a Satyr horny. I mean if you could find someone who wasn't already horny as hell and looking for anything willing to fuck. A few though, ah a few can see the Weave. But since you are not part of it your spells are.. hmm weaker. I am Summer, I can summon up a quite fancy fireball should I need to, and if I have the needed ingredients at hand. An incense stick with a honeywax core and ivy leaf around it. With that I can burn someone to crisp, a human using the same if they have the magical aptitude might give them a really had sunburn. But this is where Witches and Warlocks come in, they desire more... more power, more riches, more prestige. And they can do it, take the same incense stick that I use, but mix in the dried and ground up liver of a Pixie and now you can throw one heck of a fireball. See that is the crux of the matter, to get the same capabilities they have to use our bodies. Or parts of them, why you no longer see Unicorns or Dragons. Unicorn Horn was used to prevent Corruption, see when you use living being as spell components your body.. twists.. distorts. Why the witches in the tales are monstrous looking. Dragon heart? Oh with that you could gain money and power aplenty.

So you think.. us humans got a rotten deal? Not quite. See, I am an Elf, born of Aspen. Shit, ok.. quick biology, Elves do not give birth like you do. We .. make a cocoon in a tree.  And depending on the tree the Elf being born inside gain different abilities. Aspen is the most magical of all trees, so I have quite the aptitude. Why I came running to your defense, I am an Enforcer. A guardian. And this is where humans come in. You are not part of the Weave, you are not ruled by it like we are. Illusions for me are almost impossible to break, you.. you probably already see part of my real body. The long ears, the eyebrows flowing out like antennae and my skin rough like bark? I can spend days looking into a teacup and only seeing a dirty cup, you.. you can probably see the future. Perhaps.. I am still not sure how that work. You are outside of the Weave, you can see and do wonderous things. Sure they are less flashy, you cant summon up a spear of Ice to impale your foe like a Vampire, but you can perhaps know what the enemy will do before they do it at times. And prevent it.

Witches and Warlocks are not satisfied with the slow, more methodical magic you attuned humans can do. They want it NOW, they want more and more. It corrupts them, twists them, and the Council has to step in and stop them. Like we did for you. So, head spinning yet kid? Welcome to the real world. Want more tea?”

Ok as you might notice I got a TON of backstory, world building etc already done but that doesn't mean I don't want your input. Basically the story is your character (YC) finds himself/herself witnessing a brutal attack by a witch/warlock and the owner of the Nexus jumps in to save him/her (I will use male pronouns from now on but both apply, its just easier). And from there YC finds that they can use magic and that there is a whole new world out there that has been hidden from him. So much of the story will be learning about this world, deciding how he fits in, how others will react to this new change. “Yeah, I eh.. dropped out of school, I am... in another school now.. eh.. learning about botanic stuff.. yeah”

There is space for romance and sex of course with the new beings that he will interact with. We can decide if there is a specific person that he falls for or more one night standish. While the story is MUCH heavier on plot there is still room for smut :)

I will demand a little bit more in terms of literacy in this one than I normally do. So a few paragraphs per post please.

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Shorter Stories
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Shorter Stories

Stories that are much shorter in length, more of a one shot type of deal. Might be possible to adapt to a longer story if you so wish. Give me a holler if you got an angle that can extend the story.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

M/F, F/F, naughty time, dark ending

"I can practically see what you are thinking, you think this is your luckiest day. I saw you and your friends make bets at the pub on who could get into my panties, not that I really care. After all it is what I wanted as well, but you only see a hot piece of ass that is oh so willing to give you the ride of your life. Your eyes fixed on this firm tush of mine, or my small but perky breasts. You do not look into my eyes, you do not see the hunger hidden there. Oh foolish mortal, you walk through life thinking you are at the apex predator. You think monsters are childhood stories, or possibly people like Manson and Bundy. No, real monsters are far scarier. You even know of one and don't realize it. Jack the Ripper is one of us, the fey. You humans have poisoned the Earth, you torture the natural order. You without knowing it destroy our places of power, you close the way to Underhill. Now we are trapped here, or rather. You are trapped here with us. Join me, join with me and let your flesh slake my hunger. Do not worry mortal, it won't hurt me. You.. oh you will suffer, and die, but you did say you would do anything for a night with me.

"Nah don't bother with the condom, it feels better without one." “

Pretty simple eh? Cute girl picks up a cutie at a bar or similar place, with plans for a wild night. But she is hiding her true nature, that of a fey creature that in order to live now that humans have polluted and ruined the Earth now has to eat humans. So the story would start all happy and naughty but during the naughty part she would reveal her true nature and well... he wont have a happy time.

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Story Concepts
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Story Concepts

Not fully fleshed out ideas go here, feel free to contact me if any catch your fancy and we can brainstorm.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

How I met your mother? Well kids, I guess you are old enough to know. It wasn't exactly love at first sight I will tell you.

My name is Sir Wilhelm Von Shattledorn the Third, and I am cursed. Not in the way you might think, oh no this is much much worse. I have a group of women living with me, and they are all in love with me. So what is the problem you ask? Well I am glad you asked, see they are all convinced I am the incarnation of Vlad Tepes, Dracula. It seems they been locked away as they put it and they where his chosen brides. Now I wouldn't put much stock in such things, after all I am a man of science but well they have a way of persuading you. For one, well one of them IS a vampire. I have seen her turn into bats, smoke and during the day she is quite dead. And her coffin is in my bedroom! But that isn't a big deal really, compared to well.. ask me what is on my nightstand. No come on ask me, well fine I will tell you anyway. Canopic jars! Yes four jars holding the the stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver of my very own mummy bride. Oh yes, Ankhesenpaaten-ta-sherit is real mummy from ancient Egypt. Oh I love hearing about life under the Pharaos but still a mummy wants to be my wife. Surely it can't get worse you think, oh sweet summer child. Because next to those jars is a skull, a human skull taken from a human woman who was decapitated and her soul now resides in it. When she isn't flittering around as a ghost, it is slightly unnerving seeing a woman holding her own head by the hair float around your library. But lucky me, there are two more. Heard of the insanely talented, and I use the word insanely appropriately Doctor Frankenstein? Seems his research was used to make a second monster, and yes you guessed it. She is moodily occupying my solar most of the time. And to round of this little crazy group of lovesick lovelies a werewolf. And I think it is a testament to how messed up it is when a werewolf is probably the most normal thing in my house!

He looks down at the caller id with a frown, unknown number. But still might be important so he presses the screen and holds it up to his ear. "hello John Wil" Before he can even finish his name a distorted voice cuts in "We have your wife, five million dollars in unmarked bills. You have until Friday". He raises an eyebrow at the voice, clearly using a cheap distorter, probably bought at Wallmart or something, five million in.. he looks at the calendar three days? Someone knows they have disposable money that isn't tied up in investments, that isn't good. Though this person on the other line..

"I want to speak to my wife. I need to make sure she is ok."

There is a moment of silence and a yelp is heard before her soft voice cuts in "Hi John, I am fine. They haven't hurt me." Well that is a relief, he knows he should say something. Something important, so he opens his mouth. "That is good sweety, remember we are invited to the Johanssons tonight. So don't be late, and could you pick up some milk on the way?" There is silence before the distorted voice cuts in again, this time anger is making him even harder to hear. "You think this is a joke?! We will kill her!" John just shakes his head as the sound of someone getting beat up badly is heard in the background, by the sound of it a fist hitting someones face really hard. Probably hard enough to make the poor person spit teeth for a while.

After about thirty seconds his wife is heard again, this time with laughter in her voice "What a bunch of amateurs, Ill be home in time babe. Oh, and we need to find out who hired these clowns. I do not fancy walking around with a target on my back, Ill get to work on this clown with a pair of pliers if you can hit the net? And lay out my black dress will you."

I still remember the day I met her, I was on a blind date with a girl I met on the internet. Sweet girl, at first. After a lovely dinner we where in my car, at a nice romantic hangout just necking. That is when she showed me her true nature. A vampire, no she didn't just sprout fangs and started glittering. Vampires are not pretty, large batlike monsters, wings attached to their arms and their faces are the stuff of nightmares. I was sure I was dead that is when she appeared, out of the darkness like an avenging angel. Tore the beast off me and staked it, turning it to dust. Me? I was about ready to shit myself, out of the frying pan as they say. This tall woman, with horns, and one seriously fucked up arm. Eyes sparkling with hellfire, oh she was a sight. I thought I was next to die, and I couldn't think of anything more beautiful to kill me.

Now, she didn't, obviously. Took me to a monastery where the monks checked me over for bite marks. This is where I learned her story, her mother was a nun who was raped by a demon. Nine months later, well you get the idea. So she serves the church as penance for her fathers crime, I seen her sitting in the dark. Praying, praying for peace that is eluding her. The monks barely tolerate her, but they use her strength to kill the vampires without hesitation. And now, now that I look at her. Her tummy showing signs of my child and I wonder, should I tell her the truth? The truth the brothers have been hiding from her? She deserves to know, but I am afraid it will shatter her world. And, I honestly don't know what she will do. I know of her struggles with her demonic side and how close those fights always are, this could tip that delicate balance. But how can I lie to the mother of my child?

Project 556 doesn't exist, even if you have top secret clearance it doesn't exist. Hell the current president doesn't even know, it was decided that he is too volatile to learn about this. It is funded through the military, what you think they really spend 80 million on boner pills? 600 dollar toilet seats? You REALLY think the M829, the round fired by the Abrams tank really cost almost 9000 dollars a pop? Area 51? Bah smoke and mirrors, it attracts the conspiracy theorists and the spies by being the site for only top secret weapons. We hide off Interstate 70 in eastern Utah, an old mine has been converted. Extensively converted, now it stretches far underground. And behind meters of concrete, steel and armed guard we keep them. Each specimen have a handler designed to watch over them, they all have special collars that under the comfortable leather lining have barbed silver points. One press of a button and they explode inward, even they cant deal with that. Turns out, silver hurts them. We use silver chains to keep them tied down, smoke curls from where the chains meet their flesh, they scream, they cry blood and curse us. Specially doctor Peters, he takes such delight in hurting them. Too much if you ask me, but the top brass is on his side.

They are not human anymore after all, vampires. Blood sucking monsters from the grave, oh the movies are not very correct. Yeah Sunlight kills them, but they don't mind garlic. Or wooden stakes, unless it is aspen. The tree Judas hung himself from, or so the Bible say. We use them as spies, assassins, instruments of terror. Hell one of them was sent to LA to clear out the gang problem, the Southern Mexicans where getting too bold. In a night he killed 89 of them.

My charge? A cute young girl, used to play the cello in the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra. She likes romantic movies, cries buckets when watching Casablanca. I try and be nice to her, but when the boss is looking I must hurt her. Every night when she wakes we must use silver to draw the old obedience runes on their flesh, who knows if it works. The vamps think so... I don't know. I hate hurting her, but if I don't, Peters will. Fuck that guy, caught him with his hand down her panties as she "slept" during the day. Pretty sure he fucks them too, they are corpses then. The sick fuck. Makes me wonder who the monsters are.

Little did either of them know that in the years to come scholars would point to this as being the pivotal moment when humans and dragons finally started the long process of ending the hatred between them, bards would sing songs about them. How noble and how intelligent Lerrian the scholar was, and how beautiful Gwryrrkriian-tkriiak was. Of course her dragon name would make it very difficult for them to perform said songs but no one ever let that little detail stop them. And how disappointed they would be if they ever met the two, sure Lerrian was intelligent of that there was no question, but he was also rather rude and stubborn as a mule. And she was hardly considered fair among her kind, a small runt that was chased out of her mothers den.

The Great Project wasn't started with some noble goal of uniting the races, it started by a chance encounter between the two that ended up in an argument. And neither was willing to back down once the insults started to fly, so they decided to take it to the extreme. To prove that THEIR race was the superior and the other only fit to be slaves. The two would travel the world, searching for evidence to support their side of the argument. And during those travels they slowly came to tolerate the other, then accept, then a friendship slowly grew, and if the more lurid tales are to believed.. perhaps even love.

"Anarchists, criminals, terrorists vs freedom fighter, dreamers, humanitarians. Call them what you want, believe in their cause or not. Bah I don't care, the order has come down from the top. A task force is formed to deal with them, the straw that broke the camels back was when they hacked the broadcast by Mr Yokahama to send their subversive shit. You don't interrupt the CEO of a Megacorp and not face reprisals, specially since Yokahama Inc owns us cops. So I been tasked to set up this new group to hunt them down. But how do you find people that mostly operate in the Matrix, sure I got some deckers but these people are good. No I think we need to hit them in meatspace first, cut them off from fresh supplies. But that means going into the seedier parts of our town, and probably.. undercover. All I really got to work with is a few names, Chrome Dancer is always at the top of the lists. What kind of fucking name is that? Shesh, these people are nuts." - Detective Marcus Smidth

"Look, I hear it all the time. There is no way our dream can work, it has been tried and always failed. Communist Russia, Berlin as the Flux state from 39-55 and so on. Look just because something has failed doesn't mean you give up, did you always succeed at the first try in everything? Fuck no, you keep trying! The dream is worth it, the Flux State almost worked too. Only the Corps jealous of the freedom and fearing for their power crushed it. But they only have power if we let them have it, look at all the wage slaves. Working day and night to afford a hole in the wall and some cheap soyfood. Is that a life worth living? I don't think so, we are meant for more. And we can do it, by banding together. And don't even give me the mankind is selfish bs. Yeah some are, but I believe in the goodness of man. That is why I run, every night. I am rich enough to not, I can live up in the Corp towers of marble and gold. But, the cause is important. And if my daddy has any problems with that, well he can shove it up his corporate ass. I aint going back to him." - Chrome Dancer, aka Naween Yokahama.

When I walked away from my old life I thought that was the end of it, I was tired of the blood, the pain, and the death. I was tired of sleeping with a gun at my side, tired of always looking over my shoulder fearing for my life. And I was tired of the higher ups being sanctimonious assholes, always preaching, always demanding but never doing shit. And I had met him, a wonderful man who brought joy and light to my life. He gave me peace, a house in the suburbs, white picket fence, talk about raising two point five kids. I even got a real job, gym instructor. Yeah ok, so I couldn't quite pick a job that would have me sit at a desk. Life was looking good, I was happy.

Then they came, they must have been tracking me for some time. I thought I had cleaned up all loose ends but they found me, somehow. I was away when they hit the house, my husband was home. They left him for me, as a trap. But, I may be rusty but even I could tell it wasn't my husband. It just wore his body, I killed him. I.. no.. I killed the thing wearing him. He was already dead, now they left me with nothing. Nothing but revenge.

He watched from a nearby rooftop, cloaked in shadow. He had been too late, they already hit the house. Taunting her, he didn't think they actually want her dead. No, they want her to lead them to the higher ups. He should stop her, but how will she trust him? He is a stranger, and hunters are rarely very trusting. Even telling her he knows about the Order won't do much. It is a secret yes but not as well kept as the Vatican might like. But he need her, the Order doesn't just deal with the Strigs after all.. but his kind. And.. if rumors are true, they have an antidote. He hardly dare believe it, but it is worth the shot. A cure, a cure for his curse? Yeah he will take the risk. Immortality sounds fun on paper, but it isn't.

Ah bureaucracy, wonderful when it all works, but a pain in the tuchus when it doesn't. I was all excited to be able to go back to school again, I was assured the school was for people like me. But well, nope. Now I find myself staring down a corridor filled with regular people all chatting, gossiping and pushing and shoving. Thankfully I can look normal so the stares I get are just from guys who think I am cute or girls who sneer as my uniform is rather old fashioned. Thankfully they don't see my real self, I wonder what these innocent people would do then. Probably run, and as annoying as the sneers can be, or the guy who flicked my skirt up to flash my underwear.. I do not want them to know what is out there, not just because I am sure it would mean my death.. again.. but it would expose those that stepped in to help me.

See, I was once like all these people. Young, innocent, thought only of makeup, boys and partying. It all ended when a man kidnapped me, shackled me in his basement and tortured me for months on end. In the end, I was starved to death. But death wasn't release, the shackles had dark runes on them binding my spirit making me a slave. No longer human but a wraith, I have since been told wraiths are made to guard a dark sorcerer or to kill their enemies. The good wizards that freed me taught me how to hide my new hideous form, and how to keep my hunger in check. My hunger for human flesh and souls. Now I have been given a new chance, a chance to live the life that was denied me. But.. until they catch the mistake and can get me out of here and into a school with others of the magical world I guess I have to make do. And if I can keep the hunger in check perhaps I can have some fun.

You wished for a girlfriend, for someone that will understand you, for someone that will always be faithful to you, for someone that will love you for all eternity. I heard your plea and I have come to be with you, I have slept for aeons beyond the stars but your love woke me up. I broke down the ancient wards for you my love, I left the Labyrinthian City to be with you. I crossed the seas of madness for you, only for you. And you said looks doesn't matter, so why do you run from me? I love you, we are meant for each other. My love, let me show you eternity, let me hold you in my arms and show you love. Don't let this terror ruin our love, embrace me and let us dance among the stars for eternity, you.. and me.

The young man glares down at the maps, they still don't make sense to him but he is doing everything he can to learn. But he is well aware that he needs to learn fast, no one expected him to have to become king so soon. His father while getting up in the years was still healthy and the kingdom was at peace. It all changed so quickly, and with hindsight the accident that claimed the kings life was probably not an accident. In the weeks following the accident "bandits" sprung up everywhere, attacking trade caravans and outlying settlements. And that brought the Empire into the mix, under the pretense of "helping to protect the caravans" they sent troops. And that soon turned into a proper invasion, and with the Empire's battle hardened troops the smaller kingdom is in imminent danger.

"if we conscript more troops from the southern provinces we can perhaps slow down the Empire's southern trust."

"But not for long, they will overrun those in short order."

The generals keep debating, the young prince feels his stomach turn from the realization that the generals favour a plan that will send inexperienced, barely equipped farmers in the way of the Empire's finest troops. It will be nothing short of a massacre. That is no way to save his kingdom, by turning it into a kingdom of dead.. wait... slowly a grin grows on his lips. And a single word comes out of his mouth "no", none of the generals seem to hear the softly whispered word so he raises his head and repeats it. "No", again no reaction so summoning courage neither he nor his generals thought he had he slams his fist onto the table hard enough for the pieces representing the armies to topple over.

"NO! I will NOT have my kingdom wiped out trying to save it. There is another way, a way my Father the King, may he rest in peace, told me about when I was young. My great grandmother, Princess Eloise."

The generals seem stunned at the outburst and they all wrack their brains trying to figure out who he is talking about and slowly they all remember, the black sheep of the family. The young headstrong princess, the one cast out, told to never return on the pain of death. And that is all most people know of her, but the young king knows more. His family has kept a close eye on the wayward princess, of her travels into the misty swamps. Where she has carved out a small kingdom of outcasts, mutants and witches. And from a castle she rules with the help of her undead servants, now as their Vampire Queen. And he is pretty sure she will come to his aid if he begs her, unlike the rest of his family as far as he knows she never held any animosity towards them. All she wanted was to study necromancy in peace.

My name is Sandy, I am well you can call me a Priestess of Death. I know, you probably expected me to wear black, corpse makup, listen to Dimmu Borgir or some other metal.. ok so I listen to metal. Most people are born, live and die without knowing what is on the other side, but still they pass on to whatever afterlife awaits them. No, don't ask me what the afterlife is. I cannot tell you, because I do not know. All I know it is unique to each person, more than that I cannot tell you. Some, well some cannot or will not pass over. Perhaps they are afraid, afraid of oblivion, or they have something that holds them on our plane of existence. Like a young girl the other week, suicide victim. But she couldn't move on, because she didn't want the man who drove her to suicide to go after her sister next. So when we hear of reliable hauntings we come to deal with it, in that case I helped the young girl move on by making sure the man couldn't harm anyone else.

It is an often heartbreaking job, but sometimes you come across sweet moments too. Like a wife who can't move on until she is sure her husband knows he can remarry. But for those of us that actually can see ghosts and can peer into the underworld it isn't really a choice, we have this need to do this. Thankfully I can do it without people knowing what I do, only the amulet to Anubis around my neck gives it away. And most think that is just a cute amulet, some part of a new age religion.

Now someone like me needs to be able to relax, and thankfully I have Him in my life. What? Oh no he isn't my boyfriend! He would laugh at the idea, if you where rude you could call him a male prostitute. But it is a bit more than that, yes I pay him for his company but we rarely actually have sex as you might think. See what often happens, we set up a time and a place. A hotel room, when I get there he will have left clothes that I am to wear. Last time it was a cute really short skirt and an expensive silk blouse. Underneath I was only to wear a chastity belt with two vibrating plugs in it. And he had the controller, I would join him in his usual day. Getting a haircut, shopping for a new suit and such, and he would push the button randomly and I was expected to act like nothing. But the better I did the more he would press it. At the end of the day my legs where all wobbly and I swear I had juices dripping down my legs with plenty of men looking at me knowingly. It was gloriously degrading. And yet, he never did have sex with me. When we returned to the hotel he just undressed me and told me to masturbate for him. He didn't even take his pants off, the tease.

I hate to send out the call to her, but I need her. It isn't often I find myself begging someone for help, I have always prided myself in being the meanest baddest mother around. But something went wrong in the last run, and now I got the darn Aztecnology goons on my ass. I know we didn't leave any tracks, but now my rigger is dead. Gunned down in the open, my mage found with his chest torn open. And no one has seen my decker in the last few days. Well I been running the shadows long enough to read the writing on the wall, and I ran. But how can you run from a megacorp? Even running all the way here I know won't stop them, why I need her. Best damn street samurai I ever seen, to bad a crazed troll ripped her arm out. I hear she got a new one but it left her with a sour taste for this kind of life. Guess seeing your own mortality can do that to someone. But fuck it, she is all I have and I hope our friendship still mean something.

Come, come. Welcome to my establishment, here your dreams and nightmares can come true if you so wish. But as long as you are with me nothing in the Weaving can truly harm you, and if you are honest with me about what you seek i can tailor it for you. So what do you seek with me today? Answers that are hidden in your memories? Or do you perhaps seek some thrills? Breathe in the smoke from the incense, let it fill your lungs as you take long slow breaths. Don't be nervous, I hear it all and nothing ever leaves my lips. Many who come just want a sexual fetish fulfilled, I had a nice grandmother who wanted to explore the Weave for an interracial gangbang with lots of humiliation. Executives that want to be dominated, a charming young lad wanted to have sex with an orc from his video game. I don't need to know what that is, he did, and he brought it into the Weave. Or perhaps you just want a relaxing few hours laying in a field in a forest while petting cute animals? Like I said, anything and everything is possible here. All your dreams, all your hopes, all your nightmares.. what do YOU want to explore? The Weave holds them all.. just for you.

Well I guess it was inevitable, the feds got close and took down the boss. One day we run things as normal the next, its all gone to shit. But before the lieutenants can even begin to plot the boss's girl steps up, calmly tells em all to fall in line. One guy, Fat Eddie mouths off. She just pulls a gun and shoots him in the fucking head, puts the gun away calmly like she just I dunno.. something dames do.. Put on makeup, fuck do I know about dames? I squeeze money out of hookers and junkies, dealing with dames is not something I do. I am a simple man, I enjoy what I do. And, I will be happy when I can go back to doing that and away from her. I think she has something wrong upstairs, know what I mean? You don't just ice a guy like that with no reaction, not even a smile. See, a smile I can understand. A psychopath that enjoys killing, now those I know. One that feels nothing? Yeah that is freaky. The whole thing is freaky and wrong. Don't get me wrong, I think dames should be able to have a say in things but.. not as a boss. Makes a man uncomfortable, it aint natural.

When your old man remarries it is always tough, when your old man remarries a woman half his age it is tougher, when said woman is a fucking hottie it is even tougher still. And when you fall in love with your dads new wife.. well then your life is officially up shit creep and there are no paddles around, and on top of it all your boat is sinking. Now it would be easier if she was just some trophy wife or some gold digger, dad is rich after all. But no, I can tell she adores him and he adores her. Man they are sickeningly sweet together, cuddling, kissing, holding hands. And I am really happy for him, I really am. But at the same time, man I wish she would look at me that way. I cant fucking believe I am jealous of my own dad, I don't want to be. He is my fucking dad! I would give up my kidneys, liver and heart for him. Thankfully I been busy with school, university, staying on campus several states away, but now.. now its summer, and they want me to come visit. How will I stay under the same roof and not do or say something stupid?

They always run, just once it would be nice if they didn't. But, I can't blame them. Ever since our kind became known we been enslaved, the blanks treating us as tools, as weapons. And when one of us snaps, the damage can be pretty bad. A normal mind can't stand up to a psy's mental assault, initial attempts to use regular humans to capture the runaways ended up with the cops turning their guns on themselves and blowing their own brains out. Hell even a fleshweaver can do some damage if they snap, the docs are normally unable to cause anyone pain but when mad? Oh they no longer mend bones, they can rip them apart from the inside out. So, they use people like me. Those that score 10 or higher on the Thomas-Marcus test, we are trained to hunt our own kind. Brutally so, fail a test and you are whipped. Strip you naked in front of the school and whip you until your spine is showing. Fleshweavers heal you up real nice leaving only a single scar per punishment, I got three on my back. One of them because I wouldn't fuck the teacher.

Oh I wish I could run too, but they keep us under tight control. If I try, they can push a button and poof, my head comes off. Better not think of it, if they even suspect I think of it.. push it down, deep inside of my head, where they never can go with their scans.

I just smile softly as the young woman in the cheerleading outfit looks back at me, oh I can practically taste the fear in the air. No matter how much she runs she cannot hide from me, her fear makes her sloppy, she doesn't run in a straight line, tries locked doors at random, tries to overturn trashcans to stop me, all wasting what little ground she gains. My cane taps against the pavement with each step, I take my time. There is no rush, this is the part of the hunt I enjoy. The slow stalk, the anticipation, the power you have over your prey. They don't even know when you will strike, sometimes they don't even know that you will strike. Wait, I take it back. This isn't the only part of the hunt I enjoy, the kill, oh the kill. The thrill of the blade sinking into flesh, the sweet sweet screams, the gush of blood against my hands. Of course the drawback is it makes a mess of my clothes, and I am well I am a bit of a clothes whore. This century has such, interesting clothes. The style, now I don't think much of the style but the fabric. The leather, the nylon, thick rubber for the boots.

I lift my eyes up and note that she must be having a lucky star shine on her as she hops onto a bus just as it was about to pull away, I can see her looking at me through the rear windows. No matter, there will be tomorrow. More time to savor the hunt, I look up to see the full moon shining overhead. Second day of the full moon, there is still tomorrow. My prey won't escape me in the end. I slowly slide the long knife back into the sheath along my arm, roll my shoulders and head back into the darkness.

The young woman lets out a long sigh, after yesterdays close escape from the weirdo with the tophat and the cane her heart is now beating wildly whenever she has to go outside. She tried to tell the police but they seemed to blow her off like she was drunk or something. Oh how she would have loved to stay at home today, but the competition is only a week away and this year they have a good shot at winning best cheerleading team. That will show those snobs over at Sweet Valley, they won't win the trophy three years running! So she still shows up for practice but hangs around a little longer, if she waits a few more minutes she should arrive at the bus station just as the bus arrives and she might elude him. If he is still there, she has to admit it is possible he was just another goth out for a stroll and not really after her.. yeah she doesn't quite believe it but.. it is possible? Yeah and pigs might fly.

“Miss Anderson?”

She jumps almost out of her skin at the voice, she twirls around and with a sigh of relief spots the principal. He is here late.

“Oh. Principal Smith, you scared me. I thought you where.. eh nevermind. You are here late.”

The principal's smile widens as he looks at her, is it her imagination or does his eyes linger a tad too long on her breasts? Sure she has a nice pair and men often look at them but something about it gives her the heebie-jeebies. Specially when his smile keeps widening, she takes a step back as a long tongue snakes out of his mouth that is now filled with razor sharp fangs.

“Oh, don't be afraid.. princess... let me extend an invitation to come see my Master.. and.. soon yours.”

Before she can react a dark shape comes flying through the window, she spots a long leather trenchcoat, a tophat that seems to magically stay on the head and a cane that flashes in the air as the man whips out a long blade hidden in it.


Wait!? The stalker is protecting her?! Against.. her principal.. eh.. monster.. the world goes dark as a loud roar of pain is head, something wet sounding fills her ears and then nothing.. nothing but a stranger kneeling next to her with a creak of leather.

“It is.. gone princess.. don't worry, your knight is here.”

partial nudity

I sit quietly as my Master is discussing His business with His partners, the sound of His voice so soothing. I can feel my tattoos slowly coil under my skin, slowly shifting and changing. I know it upsets others to see it, and I think that is why Master likes having me around when He makes deals. It puts the others off their game to see a skinwitch sitting there all quiet like, probably expect me to explode into action and shift my hands into claws to rip their heart out. Oh I could, but not without His command. My Master, my Owner, my everything. His hand reaches out to slowly caress one of my exposed breasts and I can't help but let out a low groan filled with desire, oh it has been to long since He was in me. Master is always so busy, always people come to demand His time. I do not understand all of it, their language so strange to me. Not the language of my people, the language of the Devourer. The thing in the dark that will destroy civilization, Master still lets me worship. I think He enjoys watching me do so, and a good thing. The darkness exists within me, watching through my eyes, feeding as I feed, both on the flesh of Master's enemies and of Master's potent energy as He slakes his thirst in my flesh.

"Enough, take the deal or leave it. You will not get a better offer and you know it, now leave me. My.. pet is getting hungry so unless you wish to stay and... watch I suggest you leave before I sick her on you."

Master is angry, that makes me angry. The darkness wells up, the tattoos shift, becoming more jagged, spiky. Master senses it, He grips me by the throat and pushes me down. I hear the other person beat a hasty retreat even as the metallic sounds of a chain is filling my ears.. my chain.. the one Master so enjoys securing me with.

It is the five year anniversary of my death and he still comes around with flowers, it is really sweet and all but enough is enough. He can't keep mourning for the rest of his life, for the sake of our children he needs to move on. And sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do,  care for her husband though I guess technically we are not married anymore. Till death do us part? He is still wearing the ring, well so am I but.. I can't do much about it laying in a box now can I? So I let my soul wander from the realm of Death to that of the living, this love so strong I can use it as a guiding light. I fly through the Labyrinth, over the Styx and into the world of the living.

As I burst out of my coffin and float through the ground I am struck by the waves of grief flowing out of him, he can't see me even as I float in the air before him. But I won't let that stop me, I will help him through the grief and help him build a new life with a new woman. My poor man, the tears coating his face cutting into me despite the cold of the grave still buffering my own emotions.

Yeah yeah I heard it all before, "women your size shouldn't wear that." "stop eating so much junk food, and work out!" and more and more besides that. You really think telling me that I am overweight is going to change anything? You don't think I know all this? You don't think I am trying? What does making me feel like shit accomplish? Also, who asked you? Also also, if I am so hideous why am I the one asked to come model underwear and not you?

Ok so I miiight have a chip on my shoulder about people commenting on my body, MY BODY! And it isn't even a chocolate chip that I can eat, see I can make fun of myself too. When the camera comes out I am all smiles and flirting, but inside .. inside I am dead. Lonely, depressed, and dead. Why can't I find some cute guy who can see past my weight? I know they exist.. at least.. they claim to exist on the internet. To bad most of them turn out to be assholes in real life. It is enough to make a girl ponder playing for the other team, but that won't change anything. I am doomed to sit at home, just me and my cat. Sir Whiskers of Pawshere. No I didn't name him, the previous owner did. Rescue cat. No one wanted him.. just like me.. so I guess we fit together. He doesn't judge me. Well more than any cat does, which is to say.. constantly. Why can't he be a magical cat like in the fairy tales mother read to me, turning into a noble knight! Bah, right. I think I had enough soppy romance movies for one night.

It was supposed to be another standard job, kidnap a woman off the street, through hypnosis change her personality to a sex crazy bimbo and use the latest in gene splicing (and a generous amount of silicone, most buyers want the large fake tits look) to turn her into every man's fantasy. A brainless cockcrazy slut that will do anything for their owner. And they managed that well enough, but a single dial was set wrong. So instead of the highly illegal assassin model in the tank next to her getting the mental programming needed it also went into the bimbo model. And the error wasn't caught until the cartel that ordered the assassin let the company know  in not so friendly terms that the model they received was defective. But by that time the bimbo was already sold, and was already struggling with her dual programming. But she was still effective enough when the security guards came for her and her Owner. She wasn't going to let anything harm her Owner, if only he would stop freaking out so much it would all work so much better.

I can hardly believe my ears, you are breaking up with me? I told you when we started dating to never break my heart, and now you have the gall to tell me you met someone else? Someone who understand your needs? Fine, throw away a happiness for a brief moment of fleshy delights. For as the Goddess is my witness, you will never find happiness. No one spurns me and live a happy life.

My hand hovers over the candle and the wick bursts into flame from a small nudge of my will, the runes are drawn in blessed chalk on the floor. The skull of a murderer is anchoring the North, to the South a lock of his hair, East is held down by rendered animal fat, and finally West is secured by an cold forged iron chain. I stand in the middle, candle held in my left hand, my right drawing my athame. A cold wind blows in from the North, I draw on this with my Will, shape the glittering wind into the runes.

"Goddess, Your child calls on You. Oh Blessed One, Lady of the Hunt, allow me the revenge I crave. Send the Hunt after the oath breaker, let him experience the terror. Goddess, feed on me... use me as Your gateway!"

I reverse the blade and draw it across my left cheek, a long line of blood appears instantly but the drops never hit the floor. Instead they vanish midair as She drinks of my blood. More..She demands more. I cut the other cheek, the pain is nothing, it is an honor to feed She Who Lurks in Darkness. The jealous Goddess. Power swirls around the skull, the Huntsman using it as a focus, the fat bubbling and vanishing as He uses it to build a body. Soon, soon the Huntsman will be made flesh... and the man who hurt me will suffer in terror, and then I will cast my gaze to the tramp who led him astray.

Some evil cannot be killed, only imprisoned. But what if that evil can only be imprisoned within a human? And what if that means said human will slowly be corrupted over time and in the end forced to die and the cycle repeated? Still, harboring said evil wasn't without its perks, increased stamina, strength and an almost inhuman sex appeal. And if you are already diagnosed with cancer that you cannot win over? Well then the price no longer seem all that high. The binding tattoos are painful to have done, and not very pretty but at least they can be partly hidden with colourful images around the dark skull.

How did that old saying go again? Better to live like a lion for a day than a sheep for a hundred? At lest she thinks so, even if the dark whispers in her head can be somewhat annoying at times.

The large cat slowly prowls the blind woman sitting by the fireplace, a foolish thing to be all alone out in the wilderness. Especially for someone so vulnerable, slowly the cat stalks closer, each paw making no sound as they all but glide across the ground. The large jaw slowly opens exposing the sharp fangs that drip with saliva at the thought of the succulent meal, muscles tighten as the paws dig in getting ready to launch the muscular body onto the woman.

"Pounce on me and you will regret it."

Her voice filled with laughter as she turns her blind eyes towards the large cat that slowly relaxes the muscles and in return shoots her an angry look. Still when she pulls a large perfectly cooked fish out of the pot sitting in the fire he relents and snags it while trying to regain his dignity. Which isn't hard when you stand four feet at the shoulders and weighing in at some 600 pounds of muscle and razor sharp fangs and claws. He lays down and neatly starts eating as she scoops up a generous amount of the fish soup for herself to eat.

" You could at least pretend to not know where I am you know Mistress There is a slight hurt overtone to his mental voice as it sings inside of her head and she just gives him a warm smile that is enough to melt anyone's heart.

"I may be blind, but I can still see. And you my beloved is always a shining beacon in my darkness."

As a seer she has been blind for a few years now, the price you pay to see the future. And like all seers she has a guardian and protector, but in her case she is blessed with a most wondrous one. The massive cat laying by her side can shift into a much smaller cat form for when they are among other humans, and even into a human form. Though the last is done under much protest as he hates how limited that form is. There is a clear love between the two, not a romantic love perhaps but love none the less. He is fully devoted to her and can and will drag her kicking and screaming out of a situation if he deems it dangerous. He puts her safety above anything else, even her comfort. And in return she tries to not resent him for it, and always makes sure she cooks his favorite food whenever they can. So there is often a slight scent of fish surrounding the pair.

"This is a nightmare."

Four words that have been said so many times now that it is slowly becoming a mantra, I am sure neither of us know how many times we said it since .. since. I can't even think about it, yesterday everything was wonderful, my brother coming to visit after finishing his tour of duty and leaving military life behind. Sure we may have got a tiiiny bit tipsy, but that sure went away this morning. When I with a full bladder and ash taste in my mouth dashed to the bathroom to pee, and as usual sat down, peed and neatly folded some toiletpaper to dab myself dry when my hand found.. a penis. I am sure my scream woke the dead, sure woke my brother who came barging in like he expected me to be axe murdered. And that is when everything crumbled, there I was panicking when I burst in on me. Or.. well as we now know, my brother in my body. And I in his, after much pinching it was determined, no it isn't a dream. Well, nightmare. A true nightmare.

I sip some more coffee and look across the table at him, me, her.. argh I am not sure what pronouns to use. Its my brother but.. its me, so is it my sister now? And man I need to pluck my eyebrows, I mean, he needs to pluck my eyebrows? Oh.. oh nonono. That.. is.. no this isn't happening.


The words blurt out of me a fair bit louder than I expected, he.. she.. no he dammit, looks puzzled. "Don't look what?"

"When you shower, you can't look at you.. me! And.. you can't you know touch.. eh.."

"But how will I you.. we get clean if we follow that rule? Look sis, its me. Your brother, remember, we used to take baths together as kids."

yeah he has a point but that was before puberty! And just innocent, now.. oh my! He will see that I shave down there! Oh this is a niiiightmare, and I just realized how it all got much worse."

"I got a date with Tom tonight, you need to go in my place. Don't you dare mess things up with him! He is the only decent guy I ever met, and.. oh my.. we are doomed!"

He looks like he has been poleaxed, I am sure he isn't to thrilled about going on a date.. as me.. with another guy. And of course his next words really hammer home how doomed we are.

"Eh, I never.. you know.. been on a date. Please tell me it can't get worse than this!"

For some reason I find myself smirking and then bursting out in laughter, granted hysterical laughter but at least it is laughter.

"oh.. it .. can!" I gasp out between bouts of laughter. "I'm having my period in a few days."

Fate it seems is not without irony, or at least a sense of humor. I hear it often, did I suck out someones soul. Account of my hair you see, and well yes I have. I am after all a succubus, like my mother before me, and her mother and so on and on back to.. well I do not know. No we are not demons as such, whatever a demon is. I know nothing of Hell, of the Devil. And I am not fond of fires. But yes I do feed on sex, each time I have sex I drain a piece of my partner. Do it too often and they die. So I try and vary my partners, call me a slut, a whore if you will. I call it, trying to not kill anyone. If that means fucking new men and women on a weekly basis, so be it. Your morality doesn't bother me.

It does however bother my boyfriend. But he understands, at least.. partly. Yes he hates when I come home and he knows I been with someone else. Yes he hates that he cannot make love to me. Oh how I want to, I so desperately want to. And I know he does too, sometimes it is nothing but pure torture to lay in the same bed and struggle with our lust. But the alternative is to horrible to contemplate. I don't want to lose him, he is the best thing to ever happen to me. A man that loves me for me, not for my body or for my sexual appetite. I think he secretly likes the danger, I just wish I didn't have to see the hurt in his eyes when I come home.

Sometimes the course of history can change dramatically just by a simple action by a simple man, Captain Morgan La'Felle just had to sail in the same part of the sea as the Queen Mary, a British vessel carrying passengers and goods to the Americas. And naturally being a pirate he did what any pirate would do, he intercepted and proceeded to board. Now having a bit of a reputation as being one of those pirates that don't necessarily are gentle to the ladies made the captain of the British vessel send a warning to their passenger to hide. Not that she would follow such an order, when the pirates came swarming over the railing she calmly came out of her cabin dressed in men's clothing pulling two wicked blades from the sheaths at her generous hips. The first pirate to see her made the mistake of laughing, for his insult he found his intestines spilling out over his hands and the lady not even breaking her stride. To each pirate she faced she gave them a simple choice, "Surrender, or die." Any that hesitated died, any that fought, died. And pirates may be unwashed criminals but they are not stupid, when half their number lay bleeding on the deck they saw the way the wind was turning and proceeded to throw down their blades and pistols. The last to die was the captain, gutted from crotch to throat. Even as he topped backwards she turned to face the remaining pirates, blood dripping from her skin.

"Looks like you need a new captain, and unless there are any objections I will gladly accept your offer of the job."

"Doctor is the prototype ready yet? The Americans are getting too close to finding us, we need him operational.. now."

The middle aged doctor looks up from the databanks and frowns, typical. They always expect miracles but not willing to shell out for the equipment he really needs to get it done. Still he can work with this, the specimen is almost complete, his finest work if he may say so himself. The entire nervous system replaced with fiber optics, the bones reinforced with a fine titanium mesh, adrenal pumps installed to increase strength and reflexes all powered by one of the finest batteries in the world. Sure it means the man has a large metal port in his back to put said battery in, and he has a fair amount of scarring from the surgeries. But all in all, a super soldier. Years of only the finest training, enhanced by cutting edge technology and of course mental conditioning. The new backbone of an empire waiting to be reborn.. at least so they think. The doctor isn't stupid he knows he will never be paid, once his prototype is up and running they will kill him to prevent him from selling this technology to anyone else. And probably go after his family as well, well he is one step ahead of them. In the mental conditioning he has put new directives, hidden under all the racial purity and other garbage. Once the correct parameters are met the hidden programming will take over and the subject will ensure that his maker's daughter is safe.

"Forgive me."

He mumbles as he flicks the last switch to release the specimen and he picks up the battery to put into the port to awaken the monster, hopefully once he and the young woman are safe they can together repair some of the damage done to him. He has faith in her, the woman who spurned her wayward fathers evil ways to help the poor, help the needy and the broken. Well perhaps, with this he can atone for some of that evil. Perhaps she can use this technology for good, to give the injured a new life, to save life. To repay for all the lives lost to developing this technology, the lives he has taken to make it happen. By his actions or the actions of the ones he has worked for.

"I hope you are right daughter, and that Allah will forgive me. I hope you will, my beautiful desert rose."

I see him walking down the street as usual, our resident cop. I like him, unlike so many pigs he cares, he truly cares. And he doesn't sweat the small stuff, he doesn't haul your ass in for drinking out of an exposed bottle or jaywalking. In return we help him out with the important shit, drugs, domestic abuse, or . That kind of shit. So yeah he is a good guy, I mean yeah he has had a few words to me about my life. About my long record of arrests over drugs, prostitution and theft. But.. he is also pushing me to improve, to better myself. Like reading, sure I am not good at it but I am learning. And I have to admit, it is fun. To read about other worlds, other lives, and sure it doesn't fill your belly but life isn't all about that.. or so they say.

“Hey Monica, oh my you are reading?”

His grin is quite telling and I just hold up the children’s book I am working on, cigarette in the other hand. I can practically feel his eyes on it and he just smiles, he knows if I am smoking I am not shooting up. Lesser of two evils and all that so he doesn't bother me too much about that. Hey a girl needs some vices, right?

“Yeah, Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel. Don't tell me how it ends!”

Ok, maybe I am being a little childish about it, but its a cute story. And sure it is for kids but fuck it, I don't care. And from what I am told a classic, so if anyone has any problems they can fuck off. Though few of the gangbangers around here care, we are all family in our own dysfunctional way.

“So, anything new?”

I know what he means, anything that involves him. Our relationship is built on trust, of a sorts. He trusts us to let him know if something really is happening and in return he doesn't hassle us over the small stuff. So in order to preserve the status quo I tell him, about the Southern Mexican gang that is trying to push in and sell drugs. But I do inform him to leave it be, the boys already plan to deal with it and he shouldn't get involved. Oh I know he will anyway, he is just that kind of man. And probably not wanting to the good lead on the drug trafficking go to waste. So when he just nods with a grim smile on his lips I plead again but we both know he will do it. Once he is out of sight I put my book away and slink off, need to gather the boys. Perhaps we can ride to the rescue like the US Cavalry or something.

And sure enough as I push the door open to the old warehouse the fuckers already got him bleeding on the floor, nothing major, roughed him up. I guess he either didn't call for backup or backup never came, I am guessing the last one. Probably some bribes in the right hands prevented that. They look up as I enter, one lone girl in skimpy clothing. Not like I am much of a threat, he tries to tell me to run but is interrupted by a boot to the head.

“Nice place, look this isn't your territory, and he is under our protection. So fuck off right now and we call it even ok?”

I know they won't, so I slip my jacket off and let it drop to the floor. I can tell they are confused, both by my words and by the fact I am now tugging the tshirt off revealing my breasts. A few let out a low whistle thinking I am trying to bribe them with my body.

“Get lost chica, your are cute but not that cute.”

I ignore him as I slip my skirt off, no panties. When you whore is is best to not bother with underwear for the clients to rip off. Saves money, money I don't have much off.

“Hmm thank you but.. that is not why we are here, the Gentleman told us to give you a chance. You didn't take it.”

I don't expect them to realise their mistake even as I mention the name, if they knew who he is they wouldn't have entered our territory. It is only when my kins red eyes start to show in the darkness that they realize they fucked up, I grin and leap into the action. A long pink tail burst from my rear, fur sprout from my skin, face elongating into a muzzle. Unlike our wolf cousins us wererats are not in pain as we shift, nor are we as worn out from it, but we are also not as strong or fearsome. But we have numbers, and we fall on them in a tide of furry bodies.

As he comes back to consciousness I am leaning down over him, holding a hand to a wound in my side. Fuck the Mexican gangs and their machete fetishes, but I will heal quickly enough. I prey open one of his eyes and give as warm a smile as I can while snarling at one of my kin who wanders to close.

“Sorry about that, you ok? The Gentleman has asked to see you, can you stand.”

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Taken Stories
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* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The chosen One
M/F, F/F, modern, furry lady, frustrated love taken

"My life used to be ordinary, a foster child with no idea who my parents are. But my foster parents have been good to me, even helped me set up my own little car repair in this little town. I was settling down, entertaining ideas of marriage with two and a half kids, a dog, the whole nine yards. Then she came, crashing from the skies literally! Woke up from an earth shattering boom, went out into the scrapheap in the back of old carparts to see most of em half melted and tossed aside like empty cardboard boxes. And in the middle, a fucking spaceship. Sleek, almost like an arrow. Not all that big, I guess two people could live there if you don't mind bumping into each other. One cockpit, a small kitchenliving room mix with bunks on the walls. Rest machinery. But what really caught my eye that night was the pilot, shorter than me, gorgeous white fur with spots and the bluest eyes I ever saw. Ok I will be honest, I noticed the rack too. Now she lives with me, in hiding of course. She is a sweet gal if easily startled and for some reason she thinks the world of me. Probably glad I didn't hand her over to the government for dissection. When I praise her for her attempts at cooking she beams like a sun, and she sulks if she thinks I am mad at her. It is almost cute, in an overbearing way.

A furry finger taps at the communications console, even with the best encryption she doesn't dare send the message. With no idea who will pick it up she just can't risk it, by now the usurper probably has the navy in his grasp. She will not call him Emperor, an Emperor doesn't kill his own brother to take the throne! Not even his loyal bodyguards was able to stop it. No one had suspected the Emperors own brother after all. It was the darkest moment in their history, now they are scattered across the galaxy. Let the usurper think they fled fearing for their lives, they are not afraid to die but there was no point in dying that day. They had a job to do, find the Emperor's son, and now she has done so. DNA scan confirms it, this is the lost son hidden away at birth. Perhaps He had seen it coming and wanted His son safe? A wise man, a gentle man, a man of peace and a wonderful lover. She grins at the memories, it was widely accepted that the Emperor took his bodyguards to His bed, after all what safer lover than someone who has sworn to die for you and who is completely uncorruptable.

She is the old Emperors bodyguard, who has been sent to keep the son safe and help him reclaim a throne he doesn't know exist. I imagine humans have been selected in secret to be Emperor, so humankind doesn't even know that there is this vast Empire. Perhaps the various races take turn, humans will rule for 500 years, then the next race and so on. Or something along those lines. I see the story spending some time on Earth as she repairs the ship while trying to be hidden from regular humans, allowing them time to get to know each other before she tells him the truth.

A Fathers Love
M/F, F/F, monstergirl, wincest taken

"The young girl holds out her simple map to peer at the squiggles under the streetlamp then her eyes move up to look at the street sign again, her feet are aching from having walked so far and she just wants to find the place she is looking for. The butterflies in her belly are multiplying by the second as she nears her goal, after all what young woman isn't nervous about seeing her dad for the first time? She looks around to see if anyone is out and about and when she sees no one she hurries on, her long cloak is hiding most of her but her large horns are hard to hide and her mother kept telling her that she needs to be careful. When she finally sees the street number she is looking for she tucks the map into her bulging pack and hurries up the gravel path, with each step she takes a deep breath to try and calm herself down. "You can do this, he is your father he won't try and kill you." She desperately tries to tell herself that all will be well, it has to as she has nowhere else to go.

Inside the mansion the owner slowly puts his glass down and savors the fine taste of the brandy, he likes a little to drink before bed to deaden the loneliness inside of his heart. Sure he has tried to find a good wife but every woman he meets he can't help but compare to the larger then life one he met in his youth. They had shared a wonderful summer of love and then she vanished without a word, and he has never been able to find her. A deep sigh escapes him just before he hears someone knocking on his door, he frowns as he tries to figure out who it can be? Probably a drunken friend, ah well. As he opens the door his eyes widen, the young woman standing there looking oh so nervous reminds him of a happier time. The large curving horns different then hers so after the initial shock he is pretty sure it isn't her that is coming back to him.

"Hi dad."”

Well that is pretty obvious eh? In his youth he had a steamy love affair with some form of monstergirl, and then she suddenly vanished leaving him aching for her. The reason she left is that he had got her pregnant and now the daughter is hunting down her father to meet him. Exactly what kind of monstergirl, well I am flexible :) The story will focus on them getting to know each other, him showing her around. Monster girls can either be a secret or something that the public knows about depending on how we want the RP to be. Slowly he would realize that his feelings for her mother is being transferred to her and he slowly starts to lust after his daughter.. with.. well.. we all know where that goes. ^^

My spouse, my enemy
M/F, F/F, action, superhero, comedy. taken

"Slowly he peels off the mask and grins to himself, sure she got away but damn if it didn’t feel good to tussle with her. Then again the supervillain known only as Miss Venom always seem to elude even the most determined hero, and over the years the two of them have battled more than once. And if he is totally honest with himself today he made a few mistakes as his brain was all too busy giving him images of other things he would like to do to her, like bend her over a knee and spank those oh so shapely buns. Or fuck that pretty mouth of hers, perhaps while calling her a little slut. He shakes his head to clear it before heading to shower and head home to his family, as much as he loves his wife adventurous she isn’t. Naughty to her is taking the nightie off before having missionary sex in the dark, unlike the hellion he imagines Venom to be.

Meanwhile Miss Venom leans back against the wall of her underground hideout and spits out a gob of blood, Captain Hero sure was in good form today and got a few good blows. They been tussling for a few years now and she has to admit she always looks forward to it, it sure doesn’t hurt that he looks so darn good in that tight fitting leather of his. She has always had a weak spot for bad boys, yet she married a nice boring lawyer. Oh how she loves him but lately it seems there is no spark, she is tired and sore from work and being a criminal. And of course the kids, if only he could be more like Captain Hero!

Well, it's obvious no? A married couple, in a bit of a slump from being married with kids etc. Both have a secret though, he is a superhero and she is a super villain (or vice versa if you so desire) and neither know the others secret of course. And naturally, otherwise where is the fun, they slowly find themselves attracted to each other's alter ego. So during their clashes they slowly feel a bit of attraction to each other. I think it should take a bit before they actually do anything naughty, but perhaps during the fights various pieces of armour and clothing can be ripped of her to give some little fun to the story ^^ And yeah I do want her to be really boring in bed at home while really wishing for some naughty stuff, but for reasons (™) their normal selves don’t really break out of the slump until they started being more serious as their alter egos. Then perhaps they start wanting to do what they did to the other super to their spouse and then I don’t know.. perhaps they find out the secret.. perhaps they dont.

My wife the pornstar
M/F, smut, romance, humor possible incest.  taken

""Aaaaand cut!! Wonderful job!" The director grins at his preview screen where the camera man has zoomed in on the naked redhead smearing cum all over her face with a wicked grin on her lips, the man responsible for the mess just grins down at his costar and helps her up from where she is kneeling. "God Jenny you are amazing, think you can leave a guy some leeway next time. I almost erupted way to soon." She just grins and gratefully takes the towel an assistant gives her so she can wipe off, "oh come on a big strong stud like you can't take having his cock sucked?" He just gives her a long look and grips his softening shaft, "hey be nice to the monster or next scene where you get it in the rear."

A few hours later she arrives back home and parks her trusty old Volvo in the driveway and waves to the neighbors across the street before heading indoors to be greeted by the heavenly aroma of home made pizza. "mommy mommy mommy!!!" the smallest one launches herself at her mom and is happily scooped up and spun around in the air. "Hey you little firecracker! You been good to daddy?" The little redheaded girl nods lots before nuzzling into mommy's neck as Jenny walks in to give her husband a long kiss. "Hi darling, how was work?" he just grins at her and sneaks in a little unseen squeeze on her behind as she accidentally rubs her massive silicone breasts against him. Their oldest son just looks at them kissing and rolls his eyes "get a room you two"

Well.. pretty straight forward. She works as a porn star, he is.. well whatever you feel like playing.. something ordinary. Nothing in the adult industry, and they are still after several years of marriage madly in love and have no problem expressing it. But of course they try and keep her job secret so the kids or the nosy neighbors wont find out (hence the humor part, I can imagine many fun little things about that). If we so desire the oldest son could be of age and perhaps find his mom quite hot.. but only if the story will allow it. It really isn't a big deal either way. Pretty simple little story no?

A nightmare, or is it?
M/F, F/F. Dark, depressing, monsters taken

"I always been strange I guess, the night always spoke to me where the day didn't. I mean, I didn't sleep in a coffin or anything but mostly because no way mom would allow THAT! I was depressed, I was lonely, bullied, so one day I had an .. accident with a razorblade. I died, well I didn't stay dead naturally. The paramedics brought be back but I was dead for a few seconds. It was enough for.. HIM to notice me. The lord of the Nightmare realm, he saw my soul as it was leaving the body and he wants me now. Whenever I sleep I have the most horrible nightmares, werewolves coming after me, faceless killers, it is him.. flirting. Flirting.. HA! Waking up night after night dreaming of some.. fucking.. THING raping you isn't exactly my kink. And what is worse, what happens in the dream seem to happen to me, I get clawed.. I wake up with wounds where the beast hit me. Not as bad but still..

I think I am going insane, and I fear that is what he wants.”

Yeah short in character prompt this time. Story is kinda easy, she is a poor depressed young woman that attracts the attention of some entity of darkness. And he falls in “love” with her, but being what he is his version of love is quite different. So his flirting is quite disturbing and not something she wants any part of thank you very much. I can see this story being rather dark and not just for the sexual content, but depression, suicidal thoughts etc.

Northern steel, Southern spirit
F/M, different cultures, strong willed women, possibly pregnancy taken

"We came south to plunder, to steal gold, steel and of course women. Every spring the competition to be allowed to honor of joining the raids are fierce, all the unwed men want to prove themselves in the eyes of the tribe and in the eyes of the gods. And some of those who already have a wife wish to bring back plunder to make her happy, or even a second wife perhaps. Me? I never thought much for southern women, most of them are weak, sniveling things not suitable to the harsh climate. Still, I wanted to bring glory to the gods, to test my arm and my steel against the southerners. Women have never really been part of my life, at least.. until I came upon her.

The rest of the village where fleeing our wrath, the few guards easily overcome. No challenge to be had there, at least until I burst into her home and found an amphora of wine smashed over my head and more crockery and utensils then I ever seen flying at me. Oh she wasn't going to just allow me to take what was right by conquest. Her anger was a beautiful thing, where the menfolk fled she stood firm armed only with household goods. Of course I had to have her!”

In this story I would like to play the male for once. The concept is quite simple, and yeah cliché as hell. He and his kin is coming south for plunder and women, but he isn't some brute. He wants a woman that is his equal, who will stand up to him and who isn't afraid to beat some sense into him if need be. I see some fun meetings with his family once she starts settling in, and some good heart to heart with his mother.

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This is where dead ideas go. If you want to give these a shot I would be up for it, please read what is done already though so we don't make the same mistake again. :)

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Love Express
M/F(FFF), F/F(FFF), romance, multiple women, lighthearted humor. (not looking to revive at this point)

"Slowly something pokes at his sleeping brain, it isn’t the annoying alarm but something else something odd. He cracks open an eye and peers out at his small apartment, the stack of Chinese takeout boxes are still at a dangerous angle, the pile of laundry is still there, and the scantily clad redhead is still trying to wake him up. Yup all is as it should be, with a content smacking of the lips he snuggles back into his pillow. WAIT WHAT?!

Thankfully she has almost infinite patience, and quite enjoys the first panic as her latest client slowly comes to term with the fact that he now has a love fairy. Yet as she looks at his record in the Celestial Scrolls it is not exactly filling her with hope, not even an accidental boob grab! Well, not one to shy away from a challenge she takes a deep breath to again explain that yes she is real, yes she is a fairy, and yes her job is to help him score with the babes.

"No you can't just go back to bed, time is being wasted! There are young women out there right now who could do with some male company, so get up!

She grabs the blanket and violently tugs it off him only to smirk as he desperately tries to hide the growing hardon in his shorts. Well at least she  won't have to worry about his libido so that is a plus."

Yeah you caught me, I been playing HuniePop ^^ So the idea is that your character is a poor virgin young man/woman who isn’t having much luck with the ladies. But that is all about to change when a Love Goddess/fairy/insane rambling lunatic (ok perhaps not the last one) appears and promises to teach them all they need to know to become a total babe magnet. I expect there will be quite the selection of both young and older ladies for our poor virgin to perfect his game on, and while I do enjoy the rougher side of sex I feel this should be more soft and snuggly. But if it suits the story… But most of all I am looking for a romantic story that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

21 Hunkstreet
M(M)/F, comedy, paradise, smut. over the top. and HUNKS! old thread

"Fresh out of school she still can't believe she has managed to snag this wonderful job, sure her dad probably pulled a few strings to make it happen but still to get her own practice here.. in paradise. Her dad even managed to get her a cute little two room house with white picket fence and a flower garden that made her squee in delight when she first saw pictures of it. And now, her very first day here. Thankfully she doesn't have to work so she can start unpacking, all her belongings still residing in the many boxes scattered around the house. She takes the moment to open up the windows to get some of the fresh tropical air to replace the slightly stuffy one. The sounds of birds singing, the ocean not too far away slowly lapping against the beach. Oh the beach! She may be a redhead and therefor not tanning well but a good sunscreen and she should be fine, surely. As she opens up the  front door she notes her neighbor across the small road is busy painting his fence, wearing nothing but a pair of painted on jeans. His muscular chest rippling in the sun and when he looks up she finds it hard to breathe at his almost angelic face, just the right amount of stubble to look sexy and not unkept, neat brown hair that she swears looks like he just came from the barbershop. Of course those jeans.. hmm the less said the better, she can feel muscles low inside of her tighten up. He must have noticed her and waves in a friendly manner flashing a perfect white smile as the postman saunters into view and she again struggles to breathe. Daumn, she wouldn't mind digging her fingers into his long jet black hair, his dark skin just flawless and the blue shorts showing off a pair of muscular legs that would look good in her bed.

She shakes her head at the thoughts racing through her, what has gotten into her? Sure, there are two very hunky guys waving at her but come on! Almost as if there is a natural aphrodisiac in the air, but this is the tropics.. perhaps the scents and heat has something to do with it. Before she can ponder that for too long the gorgeous post man is walking up the small gravel path to her house holding up a stack of letters. "Hello doc, got a bunch of letters for you. No doubt invitations to beach and or pool parties as everyone is no doubt wanting to meet our new doctor."

I know, the prompt is a bit strange no? Well.... I have several different ideas about this concept. So let me try and spell it out, basically our young shy lady finds herself in a tropical paradise. Every single guy is just photomodel material, and acting as if they belong in a daytime soap opera for lonely housewives. Or perhaps, a late night soap opera for the lonely mature ladies ^^ Is it all real? Is it an illusion? Is she hooked into the matrix? Who knows, all I know is I see it as a bit of comedy, lots of sexy flirting and some fun romping in the hey.. or beach, front yard, pool.. etc once the shyness melts away. And when I say comedy I mean like porn movie comedy as well, "Doctor... I have this swelling you should take a look at." yes you know the really over the top stupid lines from porn movies ^^

My sister the model
M/F, romance, slow, incest old thread

"Finally his parents are away, his sister is off to one of her stupid ballet lessons so he has the house all to himself. That means only one thing, a wank session of epic proportions! So having settled down by his computer he unzips his pants and fires up the browser, after a brief consideration he  decides to not visit redtube as usual but to google some things that has been interesting him lately. Before long he finds himself looking at a site called Latex Bitches, and while the free cam show is rather tame he can’t help but find the young redhead in her tight fitting latex quite interesting. She looks to be about his age, hard to see as her face is partially hidden by her flaming hair. But when she parts her legs and caresses on top of those tight latex panties that clearly show the hidden lips he has to stroke himself a little harder, those slender fingers seem to kno.. wait.. the peculiar nail polish.. little black hearts on a red background just like his sister. He leans in closer and peers at her face, yeah she looks quite a bit like her but surely that is just a coincidence. He seen some women on the internet that look like people he knows but on closer inspection that isnt true. yet.. when she turns a bit he spots the scar on the leg, the same scar his sister has after her bike accident!! His sister! And she is doing a cam show, and he is stroking to her! Quickly he shuts off the computer and goes to shower to try in vain to forget what he saw.

An hour later she blows a kiss to the camera and waves to her fans as her shift is over, she still has some trouble getting over the fact that she is doing these shows innocent as they may be. But the paycheck isn’t too bad, even though the boss keeps telling her she could make a lot more if she was willing to play with toys or even have another girl with her. But she isn’t sure she is that brave yet, besides she really does want to save herself for a nice guy sometime. With a last wave to her friends she heads outside to her trusted bike and heads home, not for the first time wishing she had a car but alas those cost money. She remembers that mom and dad are gone for the evening so she will make sure to be extra noisy when she comes home in case her nerdy brother is having a wank, she sooo doesn't want to walk in on him jerking it. Euu!!

Well, that should be easy enough to figure out eh? A brother and sister story, he finds out she is doing a moderately innocent cam show online and after his initial grossout finds himself aroused and comes back week after week to watch it. But he knows it is wrong and is adamant in not saying anything to her. I really want this to be a slower story where they slowly build up some interest in each other, naughty scenes can be with other romantic interests and of course the various camshows :)

I love you, I kill you
old thread

"The redhead young cheerleader presses her lips against his as they are laying in the back of his car, hands roaming over each others bodies hungrily. The windows of the car quite steamed over from their heavy make-out session, his hands gliding up along her sides peeling her tshirt off her leaving her only in the lacy bra and pants. "I love you baby" he mumbles in the way of all men trying to score, but his words are true. They both been dating for a short while and he so far hasn't minded that they never got further then this. Her own hands sliding along his shirt and he hisses out softly in pain and she lifts her head in worry, "what? what did I do?" her voice filled with worry. "Oh.. I eh.. hurt a muscle in PE" he lies smoothly to try and cover the fact that he has several parallel marks along his back where the beast last night slashed across his skin with its wicked unholy claws.

Only a few days earlier he had stood wide eyed in front of his father as the old man had handed over a crossbow and a quiver of silver bolts, "the ancient weapons of a hunter, each bolt blessed by the papacy to seek out and slay the foul monsters. He looks dubiously at his old man, "really dad, I am not 7 you know.. werewolves? Really?" Of course a few hours later when he is curled up in a little hole seeing the monstrous humanoid wolf slowly sniff the air, those glowing red eyes speaking of some infernal evil just barely missing his hideyhole.

"grandm.." she opens her mouth to protest but the old formidable woman just glares silencing her. "hush child! You are a guardian of mother earth now, it is time for you to be initiated into our secrets and learn how to slay the followers of the Wyrm who even now stalk us wanting to kill us all." With a grumble the young cheerleader tugs off her clothing feeling really silly standing naked in front of the entire family then the first spasm runs through her body and she falls down on all four as fur starts to sprout across her skin, the horrible snapping of her bones as they slowly change to accommodate the wolf inside howling to get free."

Well its quite easy. two teenage kids... she has just or is just to find out she is a werewolf, and he in turn finds out he is part of an ancient family of werewolf hunters. So both are now struggling to cope with their new lives, while coping with school and the fact that they are about to fall in love :) Of course in true Superman clark kent style they cant tell the other about their secret so during full moons both have to lie about what they are about to do, and then try and cover up any injuries they might sustain in their fighting. :) I think it can be a lot of fun, but I have had ROTTEN luck with my partners on this one. Tried it now two times, both times my partner just dropped it without a word.

Unlikely allies
old thread

The young prince cowers against the tree, his eyes wild as he looks around to see his trusted bodyguards all slain in seconds by these.. monsters! "now look here! I am on a diplomatic mission from my Father the King, by hindering me you are all guilty of treason!" The closest hulking humanoid just grunts and hefts his ironbound club ready to smash it into the prince head when a small bolt almost just appears in his throat and he falls backwards with a gurgling cry. From the shadows a small lithe woman in armour darts out, a blade glittering in the moonlight as she deftly cuts the second monster across the belly so his intestines slowly erupt in a welter of blood. With a little whimper the prince passes out from the sight of even more blood and doesn't come too until he feels his face being dabbed with a wet cloth. "Come on waky waky" the womans voice calls out to him and he slowly opens his eyes, cant see much as she has her hood up but long bright hair seems to spill out. "You have my thanks miss, and the thanks of the Kingdom" she laughs softly and pushes her hood down revealing the jet black skin and pointy eyes marking her as a dark elf. "Now what use do I have for human thanks?"

Well.. ok.. the idea.. Basically human and elf have to work together, perhaps she wants the reward for saving him. Or perhaps she has other motives but he needs her expertise in weapons to get home, but they find the way home blocked by.. invading army? bandits? something.. so well they have to set out on a long trip to try and go the long way. Perhaps the monsters that ambushed the price where sent by his evil scheming uncle who has taken control of the throne? We can discuss the details ^^ And no she wont be a female Drizzt all goody two shoes ^^ But not necessarily all evil, just.. a bit :) between you and me, im kinda tired of all drizzt clones but.. dark elves are just so cool. Yeah there I admitted it.

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Finished Stories
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Idea by BigBadWolf

Name: In the gnoll camp

Content:  Bondage,NC, (maybe Extrem), Exotic

Scenario: This is a basic idea which was inspired by the picture down. A woman (or women) captured by gnolls, and they use her as a sex toy.

Setting: Fantasy

Requirements: PM me if intrested.

Other info: I've got a bit more ides in my head with this, but I'm looking for a partner who also likes the picture. I'm open to discuss it as a long term game.


The Gnoll Camp My first attempt at dub-con. I want to thank my writing partner for helping me along. I would say it was an interesting experience to have tried it out even if I have to admit in the end I don't think it was for me. But still, was fun to do and again thank you for writing with me.
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Just the code so I won't forget it. IE nothing to see here. Move along to another ideas thread that is actually good.

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