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Author Topic: Romance, seduction, and other creative concepts [MUL]  (Read 579 times)

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Offline NimueTopic starter

Romance, seduction, and other creative concepts [MUL]
« on: July 09, 2008, 11:55:23 PM »

Lookin' for a partner or three to play out some of these concepts. I'm open to discussing changes in some of my more specific ideas, and I also value the individual players creativity and his or her freedom to create far above the perfect realization of my own vision. Thus, I will compromise within reason – and everything is open ended. I will format mine to make it as specific and useful as possible. Please let me know if something is hard to read. I also am not going to reveal too much about my own characters, as I enjoy developing them in-game, and I like to have the element of surprise at my disposal.

General note; I prefer to play the female characters here but I may be interested in trying out the male just for the challenge. Secondly, regarding the characters I have in mine to play with – I am looking for someone who is inspired by my idea and wants to bring something original to the table. What I describe sounds fairly bland to me, so I need somebody to spice it up and bring it to life.

1.One on One games, ongoing.
2.Solo games, one timers. [coming soon]
3.Character types I would enjoy playing. [coming soon]
4.Character types I'd like to play with. [coming soon]

1.One on Ones.

The Garden[TAKEN]
Setting: Some time in the past, say medieval. Either a fictional world or historical. Humans only, no obvious or apparent magic. In a kingdom, an old palace with large expansive wings, surrounded by the worlds most lush and lovely gardens. Some are private, some are public, but all are beautiful.
My Character(s): The daughter and the only child of the current King in power. A commoner who can sometimes be found wandering the gardens.
Your Character(s):Chief of War, a dark mysterious man who has little apparent interest in women, save to serve his lust occasionally. He assumes the princess is just like every other stupid, privileged woman. He enjoys visits to the garden, both as himself and possible in some form of meager disguise. My vision for the ideal development of this character would include the following traits; intelligence, self confidence, expertise, a workaholic of sorts, an excellent tactition, kind at heart, guarded. He has yet to meet the gardener.
The Concept: Basically, this is more of a romantic game. Something that is really seductive, has multiple scenes. Could be something that we come back to at later times. I am interested in other plot lines and stories that extend beyond the relationship, like perhaps an impending war, political conflict, etc.

The Underworld.
Setting: This one can be during any historical period, and may be interesting to someone who has a thing for time travel. Planet Earth, with one major difference. There exists a society of primarily mystical creatures such as goblins, gnomes, imps, and trolls – very folklore-esque. Their world exists underneath the crust of the earth. The top-siders are unaware of the underworldings existence, but the underlings are keenly aware of the top-siders. I picture the underworld being set in traditional fantasy rather than sci-fi, but I totally wouldn't mind something more technological.
My Character(s): A young woman, fairly non-descript. A nobody as far as the other characters are concerned, at least at first. She has been brought up in the traditional patriarchal ways. She has a unique capacity for spiritual understanding, is timid, and beautiful in a non-contrived way.
Your Character(s): A wizard – or something like one. Basically, the go-to guy for when issues arise while keeping the order between Good and Evil, and managing any conflicts with the top-siders. It is possible that there was a very rocky ancient past between the two societies, and many opportunities to gain and misuse power – thus the use of magic and spiritual powers is very restricted. The character should be dark, calculating, mysterious, disciplined, powerful, and practiced in self-denial. He is obviously a supernaturally powerful man – and it is absolutely essential that the player can make use of this in a believable and interesting way.
The Concept: This one can include submission and other more rough and naughty things. Seduction plays a big role, and it may be fun for a Dom who enjoys a challenge. I view my character as being fairly innocent, and certainly fiery and self-aware in many ways, but very traditional. Her nature is curious and questioning, but submissive. The idea is that she is traveling with her family, perhaps they are migrants or refugees of a major top-sider conflict. She becomes separated from her family due to an attack on their caravan and is found unconscious in the forest by some mischievous and ill-intending goblins (who I view as tricky, but overcome with ego and greed). They take her to the underworld illegally with aspirations of making her some kind of slave. They are of course caught immediately – but now there is a new problem. She can not go back to the top-side, and intrusions are punishable by death. Such a situation has not happened in a few millennia. What to do? Somehow the Chief of Magics (I need a better title) notices her and there is some sort of spark.

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