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April 14, 2021, 03:03:33 am

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Author Topic: Four fantastic plots to play (M seeking F) (varied categories)  (Read 434 times)

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Offline TheGlyphstoneTopic starter

My ons/offs are linked in my signature, and I'm always open for proposals - the ideas below are far from the only things I'll play, they're just the only things I could come up with on my own. Take a look below, maybe something will catch your eye. If it does, please PM me.

The Hunter's Apprentice (Light/BON, Fantasy, World-Building)

There are things that go bump in the night - monsters and magical creatures, who find humans to be slaves at best and delicious snacks at worst. And where you have monsters, you have monster hunters, at least a monster hunter. He's been hunting and killing for years, seen the worst inhumanity has to offer. Then she crosses his path - an innocent bystander or rescued victim, who gets a glimpse at his world and decides it's more interesting than the one she was destined to. He doesn't want a companion, but she won't go away, so all he can do is train her and hope it doesn't get them both killed.

This could be a Supernatural/Grimm-esque modern fantasy, with monsters living in secret amongst mortal society, or it could be a quasi-medieval fantasy setting where peasants fear the troll in the forest and offer maidens to the dragon on the mountaintop. If you're interested in this sort of thing and have a preference for one or the other as far as setting goes, make sure to mention it, since I can work with both.

Alien Horizons (Light/BON, Sci-Fi, World-Building)

Sometime in the future(Trope warning) , humanity has started spreading beyond Earth. Space stations, lunar bases, Martian colonies, the works. Now it's time to test our first interstellar spaceship, using an experimental faster-than-light engine to explore Alpha Centauri and return, and carrying Earth's finest as its crew. But, naturally, something Goes Horribly Wrong. Most of the crew is killed, with only two survivors crash-landing on a strange alien world. With no way home, the only option is to survive, and explore the strange planet they've discovered.

For this story to work, it'll take a really creative and proactive partner willing to literally build a world bit-by-bit as the RP progresses. The sky's the limit for us, as long as it stays a place two humans can live in, and the weirder the better.

The Second Most Dangerous Game(BON/NC,  Contemporary)

What do you do when you have everything? A multi-industry mogul, wealthy beyond description, with the world's best food, wine, cars, drugs, women - whatever he wants - at his fingertips. Nothing is interesting anymore, nothing excites on his private island, isolated from the world, he creates a dark new game to play. A young woman meeting his specifications is kidnapped, brought to his island, and let loose as he tries to hunt her down. The longer she evades him, the more money she wins, but if he catches her, she's his to do with as he pleases, after which he'll set her loose to try again the next day.

Obviously, a kinky twist on the classical short story, and probably the most plug-and-play plot idea here. There's still plenty of room for variation, though, and a character who gets into the spirit of the hunt will be more fun than one who just waits to be ravished.

Out of Time (Light/BON/NC, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, World-Building)

Far into the future, scientists have perfected commercial time travel, or something close enough as to be functionally indistinguishable. Acceptable uses are for historical research or non-interfering tourism, but of course criminals will find a way to monetize anything by looting authentic historical artifacts from when they were new, and there's always a nut who wants to deliberately change history for one reason or another. Enter your usual bunch of Time Cops, charged with chasing down miscreants, fixing what they broke or replacing what they stole, and dragging them back where they belong.

One is a master crook, recognized as the best time-thief the world has to offer. The other is an obsessive detective who's sunk their entire career into (unsuccessfully) capturing their nemesis. One goes back, the other follows, but in the fight that ensues, whatever brought them back is broken. Now they're stranded in the past, with each other as the only familiar face - an enemy, but not a stranger - in a strange land.

This is similar to Alien Horizons, but this focuses more on the interactions between the two characters and the world they're in rather than the details of the world itself - it's a strange place to them as characters, but more familiar to us as players. They could be stuck in the current-time modern day as temporal fish out of water, or thrown back to a historical era for a period piece with a twist. I can play the crook or the cop, both are easily gender-neutral, and this could fit into any game category based on how the relationship between the two develops and who, if anyone, gets the upper hand.
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