The Personal Side of Ascension (White Wolf's Mage: the Ascension) [UN]

Started by Barding, July 09, 2008, 09:57:37 AM

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Once again, my cravings for White Wolf’s Old World of Darkness games has arisen. This time it has done so in the form of a new found love for Mage: the Ascension. I have been reading up on this, arguably, most complicated but potentially gorgeously versatile of White Wolf’s games once more and, as a result, I have formulated a few ideas based around this particular game, however, these plot concepts are far from exclusive…If you have any ideas of anything that is remotely possible in the world of Mage: the Ascension, do tell me! Let’s be honest, in Mage, what isn’t possible!?

I feel first I should lay down some ground rules. I would prefer if whatever stories we weave as a removed from epic stories of fireball tossing as possible. I feel there is a reason that the rules on paradox and vulgar magick exist that is totally aside from simply preventing mages from becoming too overpowered. The rules exist in hope of Mage stories being played as White Wolf (and I) would have wished them to be played and be done interestingly…
   Instead, I should very much like to focus on the personal side of Mage – after all, each of the characters are only human at the end of the day. It would be a relationship that is only tempered by the existence of Magick with a special K. It would simply be a gorgeous twist in the tail of all classic love stories :) added spice, if you will.
   The only other ground rules I have are GOOD, VIVID, GORGEOUS role-play. I trust most of you can achieve this :)

IMPORTANT: excessive knowledge of the world of Mage is not necessary but is recommended. I am, however, willing to teach my own initiates and induct them into the world of Mage.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here are the two ideas I happened to have. In both cases, I am looking for a female lead to play alongside my male lead.

Idea Number 1
This idea would be based around the Tradition of the Virtual Adepts and would revolve about the concept of dual existence that all Adepts must truly feel they live within as a result of their existence in both the Virtual Reality Net and within actual, consensual Reality. In one plane of existence they have acquired perfection that one can, quite literally, feel through all the senses, in reality they have…well…something real.

Outside of the Net, most Adepts tend to be somewhat insular and shy and so this idea sprang to mind. I would like to play out a relationship between two Adepts, the first being a newly Awakened ‘Dept, the second being a low-ranking but knowledgeable one (who plays which Adept is negotiable, depending on both our levels of confidence).

The relationship, unlike most between the Adepts, would initiate at one of the annual parties/orgies held by the Adepts in consensual reality in order for Adepts in an area to meet and have the rare opportunity to indulge in flesh…actual touching and meeting and real, warm, biological company. The newly Awakened Adept would meet the older and more experienced one at this party and, I would imagine, we would go from there.

The general ideas present in this would be that each character would be insecure with their actual selves and would be far more comfortable with their Virtual Icons (their Virtual Reality selves). While they would both be experienced and hugely proficient at the Adepts’ own brand of hugely realistic cyber sex, achieved through wiring oneself into the sensory receptors of the brain or such like (or at least one of them would be very practised), neither would be happy with themselves or their sex-lives in reality. However, each character would desire something more real than Virtual Reality and, therefore, both characters would have to learn to take their relationship offline and into reality…It would be a voyage of discovery and growing self-confidence, I think. They would get over their flaws, insecurities and attempts at botched real sex together :)

While you pretty much have full creative freedom with regards to your female character, I would like to be able to discuss your decisions with you. Thanks. I’m open to any age over sixteen as the rules state for your character – I think an age difference and some forbidden love as a result would be rather a nice touch.

Idea Number 2
This idea is based around the Hollow Ones tradition and is a decidedly simpler one. It as also far more open to interpretation and brainstorming from the both of us. While the first, Virtual Adept based, idea would be set in the modern era or in the near future, I like the idea of setting this Hollow Ones story in the full-swing of the ‘20s with flapper bobs *drools* and feathers abounding :)

Our characters would both be bohemian types, dwelling in the fringes of roaring ‘20s society. Whether they be jazz pianists, singers, dancers, those addicted to newly fashionable drugs, any manner of musicians, poets, journalists, writers…They’re welcome so long as, in true Hollow One style, they are committed to the concepts of a romanticised reality full of…well…romance. Not the kind of romance featured in books for lonely house-wives. The kind of romance that is found in sacrifice, suicides, unrequited love, duels at dawn, fighting for a cause against insurmountable odds, refusing to accept stagnant, banal reality. THAT is the kind of romance the Hollow Ones look for and that is what they embody.

In other words, this story would be a gorgeously dysfunctional romance between two Hollow Ones, preferably a mentor/initiate relationship. Once again, who takes the role of initiate and who takes the role of mentor is negotiable :) Pretty much, though, it would be a guided tour into the depths of beautiful romance and into the depths of Hollow One magick. A journey of discovery of a completely different kind.

The same rules for your character as in Idea Number 1 apply here.

Those are the two specific ideas I had. However, they are by no means exhaustive, if you have any other ideas, tell me. I’d even be willing to slip into an actual game of Mage. I’d prefer this to be rules and dice-rolling light…Instead, most magick would be roleplayed. Thank you.

For your reference with regards to simply playing with me in the Mage setting, my favourite Traditions happen to be, in descending order:

Virtual Adepts/Sons of Ether (they’re equally lovely)
Hollow Ones
Cult of Ecstasy
I’m not so keen on any of the others but feel free to play one so long as you play them well!

Well, that’s that. For more information about me and what my roleplays can include and how I like them, take a glance at my On's and Off's. They're in my signature.

As a final note, if you happen to be interested, then please, send me a PM and reply to this thread. I’d love to see any manner of proof of your roleplaying talent or any kind of character concept or story idea you may have…Anything about Mage that interests you at all. However, these are not entirely necessary, simply ways of accumulating brownie points with me.

Thank you for listening/reading. I hope to hear from you all soon.
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Marie Reynolds

Well Id be interested in a Mage the Ascension but honestly I am a big Technocracy Game with a group of players.


Brrrrr, Technocracy, *hisses* Ah well, I totally see the fun in that! Still, I'm all about the Traditions' technomancers - namely, the Children of Ether and the Virtual Adepts.

Still, please do drop me a line if you're ever looking for a player or even a cameo for a M:tA game.
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It sounds interesting, but I have exact zero experience with Mage I'm afraid :)

I think I playedtested a couple of Vampire con scenarios, but thats about my experience level with oWoD as well.
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