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March 07, 2021, 05:48:59 am

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Author Topic: ~Cherri's Muse~ (F seeking Lit M, F partners) All stories still open!  (Read 483 times)

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Offline CherriTopic starter

(STILL OPEN)Captured Princess (FxM)Slight NC, slight BDSM, romance, Fantasy world and Possible sm group rp
I have one game going of this, but I would be more then happy to play this with someone else too :)

So I've been kind of wanting to dabble along with this idea. I'd like to find an rp partner that can be more active tonight (but it not then that's fine), and add to the plot with detailed replies~ Please bare with me I'm horrible with summaries >.< With this story, I would really love to draw for it, I'll post character references for what I'm looking for first before I start drawing ^^

So basically, it could be a story taken in a Medieval time... but in a fantasy world. I haven't done anything with fantasy yet so I'd like to try it out ^-^ The character I play would be a princess over her race, same with the King over his race. I'm thinking Demons and Light Elves, or even an Angelic race.  While both kingdoms are at war or on the brink of war, the Princess is kidnapped. Now, her being kidnapped I was thinking that someone from the Demon Kingdom came disguised as a servant for the Light Kingdom. (I'll think up better names for the kingdoms later, this is all just from the top of my head). We can discuss the means of the kidnapping~

While she is with her captor, it will be up to you on what you'd like to do, but please keep in mind my OFFs... I don't like anything completely TOO harsh like; Humiliation, anal, physical abuse or verbal for that matter, I'm not a HUGE fan an blatant non consensual, but I'd like to push the boundaries with it. I know if done correctly, she can be persuaded to give into him. Now it doesn't have to start off like that, as I said you can do what you'd like with her. We can discuss more ideas if you PM me~ I'd like this to fade into a romance. But for now we can have fun with her hating his guts and him being amused by her and her antics.

We can also include several characters like the King's Butler, I imagine him being a class guy. He'd be in charge of looking after the princess and her well being as well as getting her prepared each time she is to be with the King. Then we can also include the jealous female demon suitor. But! We can talk more on that later ^_^ I hope this is enough information for you to ask me about it! Please don't be turned off by the fact these are anime drawings, it's only this way because it's the art style I use and so it would be easier for me to use these references ^_^
Appearance wise, I'd like the King to look like this:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Appearance for the female character I'd play:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Appearance of the Butler:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Appearance of the Female Suitor that is head over heals for the king:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Maid Service (fxm) Slight Non-Con, BDSM, Romance
Craving as well!

The male character is a wealthy  and very handsome young man who lives with his rich family. He's a bit of a playboy and normally gets all the women he wants and is pleased when there is a fresh face in the house. My Character is the new maid in the house and is subject to the male character's advances, what draws him to her is that she is one of the few women who refuses his antics. In order to gain what he wants he will have to just take, make her surrender to him.

It's just a rough summary of what I'm looking for, but please message me with what you'd like to possibly add in or ask about ^_^ The female character will be submissive so I'd like a partner who is experienced and can write more then a few sentences.
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Offline CherriTopic starter

Re: ~Cherri's Muse~ (F seeking Lit M, F partners)
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**Updated! Added in the Maid Story Plot~ :)