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Author Topic: JN seeks partners  (Read 563 times)

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JN seeks partners
« on: July 26, 2013, 02:24:01 pm »
O & O's and a list of some examples of my writing here:

As a background on a general way I like many of my stories to go, I will refer to the On/Off page of the person who got me here, Lovelynice.  I read her stories and roleplays elsewhere, and through the magic of google found Elliquiy.  Unfortunately, she seems to have been and gone before I had a chance to play with her.  Fortunately, the Elliquiy community has a wonderfully diverse and skilled group of people to play with, and I have had several very enjoyable RPs with them.  However, I always have that bit of regret that I didn't get here sooner.  In any case, the things that hit LN's buttons hit so many of my own it's ridiculous.  If anyone who reads this likes to be in the mind of a woman who is treated like the ones in her stories, I will always be willing to try to set it up, either as controller or playing the female myself.  Settings, methods, things to add or leave out can be determined by PM.  :)  In particular the young age is not necessary, although I must admit the corruption of innocence angle does hold it's appeal.

Naturally my first more specific idea has nothing to do with any of that.

An Ordinary Guy on Dancing with the stars

Prefer a partner who knows more about dancing than I. 

I watch the show and think, "Damn that looks like fun; I wish I could join in somehow."

My guy would be and ordinary Joe, on vacation and taking a studio tour, who spots a sad or even crying female pro.  (Possibly Karina Smirnoff, because no matter what the soundwaves which hit my ears convey, her lips always say, "kiss me.")  It's the Sunday before the season premiere, her partner is hurt, they can't line up a substitute, and she's going to miss the season.  (Suspend that disbelief harder dammit!)  I will, of course, suggest that the two of us go start dancing, and basically from top to bottom the attitude will be, "What the hell; why not?"

I'm not entirely sure how this will work.  There will be so much interaction that the posts could end up being pretty short a lot of the time unless we can work things out on YIM before posting.

I'll probably put it in light, just in case, although this could easily end up being non-adult -- well unless we get far enough in the competition for lambada.

And an idea that could fit in to the first paragraph a bit better.


An erotic twist on Stephen King's story, "Thinner," though heavy on the erotic and light on the outright-risk-of-death horror.  A prudish woman is offended by and offends in turn a sexy gypsy who curses her with the single word, "Wetter."

Sweet Subliminal Superior Symphonic Submission

A rock star is tired of all of the star-struck and/or gold-digging women who throw themselves at him.  However, rather than seek true love, he is so jaded and disillusioned that he seeks a woman who doesn't want to be with him.  Fortunately for him he once stumbled upon limited mind-control subliminals.  They only work on women who have sufficient musical talent of their own for their subconscious to be able to interpret the messages.  He begins playing them through his band's concert audio, commanding a single woman that is confident in her attractiveness who has no intention of throwing herself at a star to come backstage.  The other filter?  She is so strong-willed that no matter how many times she fails to control herself, she never gives up.  I will play either role.
PMs always welcome.
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Re: JN seeks partners
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2013, 10:14:01 pm »
Added SSSSS.