[UN] A Royal Affair

Started by MagicalPen, July 08, 2008, 02:53:36 PM

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A Royal Affair

The Prince, at the age of 18, has finished with his schooling and is preparing to enter court life. And now he has the whole City at his finger tips. What is a lad of 18 to do? There are many temptations, and he decides to go to whore-house in the upper-class sector to indulge in drinking and the pleasures of the flesh. But its his first time and he gets cold feet, not to mention needing to remain incognito. As he leaves his friends to let them indulge themselves, the wife of a Nobleman crosses paths with him and recognizes him as the Prince, not to mention knowing almost immediately where he had come from. She hatches a plan right then and there, and invites him back home with her for a drink – her husband is out on business – where she plans to start her seduction of the Prince. She has always had a thing for younger men, and there would be no greater conquest for her then the Crown Prince, especially one so easily influenced at such an age as his.

[Looking for a respectable Lady, aged 30 – 40, to seduce the Prince]

Several alternates to this one include a group scene, niece/daughter, and other possibilities. Not required, but more thought to chew on.

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