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Author Topic: Black Rose's current ideas (M seeking writing partners)  (Read 235 times)

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Black Rose's current ideas (M seeking writing partners)
« on: July 20, 2013, 09:12:57 PM »
Hello and welcome to the inside of my head. Don't mind the cobwebs, I've been out of writing for a little bit. Things may be a little cluttered too as I've had to shove things aside to make way for school. Try not to trip over anything, it might hurt.

If you are here looking for a roleplay with me, which I assume you are, since you're reading this, please take a glance at the link in my signature for my rules and O/O. I'm not going to demand you read that before looking at my ideas. You're a big girl or boy or liege, you can decide for yourself which order to do them in. If you want a recommendation though, read my ideas first. If you like an idea, check my rules link to see if you think I would be a good partner for you to write with and vise-versa. I know I only have the one idea up right now but I will post more as they come to me. I've been out of writing for a while so I haven't really cultivated my own plot ideas.

The Curtains Fell
I wrote this plot starter and the character for an attempt at roleplaying with a friend of mine a few weeks ago. However, my friend got too busy shortly before I finished the idea and then we never got to play, so here I am with a character and a plot and no one to play it with. Below is the information that leads up to the beginning of the story as told from two different perspectives.

The Story:

Six months ago, everything was simple. Life seemed like it was going to continue to go on in it's ordinary way, just like always. Earth was still a planet divided by imaginary borders and people trying to get an edge over their neighbors. Six months ago, the curtains fell.

It started as a brief surge of energy, causing electrical storms to form in places where they were rarely seen. The storms gave humans their first look into the other realms which coexisted in the same point in space and time. As lightning streaked through the sky crashed to the ground below, rifts tore in the veil that separated the realms. From these rifts came the first of the savage Rahk'Shir. At first, confusion and panic allowed for the reckless slaughter of thousands of humans all across the globe.

Tens of thousands of people were killed in the first two weeks before the humans could push the invaders back to the rifts they came from. Millions more died to new diseases that spread from the invaders. Storms continued to rage daily near the rifts and each time a new storm came, more of the Rahk'Shir came pouring through. However, they were ill equipped to deal with the technology and weapons the humans had. Most of the casualties had come from the Rahk'shir just being so difficult to kill. Military forces all over the world worked to contain these rifts and built walls around them which would be easily defended.

The storms continued to rage and more enemies poured through on a daily basis, but the walls held. Governments all over Earth came together to research and combat this problem. Rich and powerful private parties started looking for a way to go through the rifts into the other realm. Untold treasures could be anywhere and being the first to raid the place where these savage monsters came from would mean controlling the new black market.

However, Earth wasn't the only place these rifts opened, and Rahk'shir weren't the only ones that found themselves on Earth. Every so often, something new would spring forth from a rift. The humans, being fearful as they were, killed anything that came through that appeared dangerous and detained and imprisoned anything that didn't. The hunt for information was on.

In the months that followed, the news spread that there were no less than five realms that all seemed to now share some kind of connection. Of the five, one had already been completely overrun by the Rahk'Shir, its people either dead or enslaved. Another, known as Shalein, had suffered similar losses to Earth. News of the other two realms was scarce. A few pieces of information leaked from time to time about the inhabitants of other realms not really being humanoid. Rumors of sentient animals, mythical creatures, magic, and technology that surpassed even what was on Earth spread faster than the diseases that had killed so many. Everyone seemed to have their own opinions and no one knew what was true. On top of that, new rifts seemed to open and close randomly. Only the major rifts where the storms raged were constant. Just as random inhabitants from other realms seemed to appear on Earth, sometimes people who were too close to these random events were sucked away to other places.

My role in this story:

Alexi Fayyad

A native of Shalein, Alexi grew up comfortably. Shalein had known peace his entire life. Before his parents were married, his father was a traveling merchant. Some unnatural disaster had left most of the world of Shalein barren, containing the population to only one of the three major continents. The other two were little more now than deserted ruins waiting to be picked clean by any foolish enough to try the wastelands and get past the traps.

After returning from one particularly lucrative foray into the eastern ruins, his father had a chance meeting with the daughter of a minor noble family. It wasn't long before the two were married and little Alexi was born. His father continued to make trips into the wasteland to fuel his new family and for several years, everything went smoothly.

When Alexi was 12 years old, his father embarked on a trip into the more remote ruins in the mountains of the eastern continent. His father never returned from that trip. His mother never got over the death of his father and sunk into depression. Alexi ran the household in his mother's name from then on.

Fourteen years later, the boundaries between the worlds began to fade. The first collapse claimed the lives of many citizens of Shalein as creatures poured through the rifts. Bloodthirsty fiends slaughtered mindlessly any in their path and the first week, Shalein saw losses that seemed reminiscent of the disasters that left two thirds of their world in ruins. The forces of Shalein mustered and managed to hold off the invaders. Luckily, the rifts that had allowed entrance into their world hadn't been stable enough to allow a full scale invasion.

Alexi helped establish the defenses near the major rifts. Periodically they would open again and more beings would pour through. Sometimes the invaders were savages bent on mindless killing, other times they were women or children who were unlucky enough to get too close to a weakened thread that held the veil between worlds together and just got sucked in. After the initial invasion, the people of Shalein were unwilling to take chances. Anyone seen as a threat was killed on site. Anyone else was captured and enslaved, shipped off to do manual labor in areas where machines simply were not an option.

Alexi disliked the notion that his people were enslaving anyone who happened to get stranded on his world. He knew well enough that the mining industry had nearly crashed after the first encounter. There just weren't enough people in some places to get the work done. The work was dangerous, too. Someone had to do the work and there were now hundreds of stranded humanoids with little understanding of the technology Shalein possessed and absolutely no understanding of the magic.

Some people were even going so far as to use these enslaved Earthlings as fodder during their expeditions into the ruins, sending them bound and gagged to locate traps or as sacrifices to power mechanisms. The ruins held dangerous secrets even after all these years. Others seemed content with trying to use the new captives as breeding stock and pleasure slaves after having lost their spouses and families to the initial invasion. He may have disliked the idea, but at least he understood it.

Having helped set up the defense grids, Alexi was awarded a little more power than before. Politics in Shalein could be ugly, but at least they were simple. The Overseer was the leader. Below the Overseer was the Senate. While many noble families had sway with one or more of the senators, few flaunted it. If one family seemed to get too much control, the Overseer fixed that-- permanently.  Alexi was always careful when and where to pull strings and had thus far remained under the radar.

For all his views against the slavery, Alexi was well liked. He was relatively handsome. He was slightly taller than most Shaleinese at just over six feet tall. His hair was dark and straight, kept short so that it wouldn't get in his eyes. Like all Shaleinese, his eyes shifted color depending on his mood. Though each person's moods yielded somewhat different colors in their eyes, anyone who spent enough time around a person would get to recognize what the colors meant. He was well muscled from years of training as a noble. He was a decent with a long blade and a good shot with a pistol. Though his hands were calloused from long hours of training with weapons, the rest of his skin was soft and held the color of light bronze from his time in the sun. The one physical feature that set the Shaleinese apart from humans was the shape of their ears. Alexi's were fluted near the top and overall just a little bigger than those of the humans.

His affinity for magic came from his Father's line. By necessity, only those with a firm grasp of magic braved the ruins and the gift was passed down genetically. A few of the noble families had the power, but often times if magic was cultivated too strongly in a noble family, arrogance led to intervention from the Overseer. As a result, magical talent among nobles was rarely used for anything other than convenience.  Alexi didn't feel much different about it. He had a fairly significant amount of money inherited from his parents. There wasn't much of a reason to worry.

However, with tensions rising as breaches between the realms became more frequent, Alexi found himself on edge more than not. The politics in Shalein were getting more and more volatile by the day. Many senators were calling for retaliation. Others were calling for those with magic to be conscripted to seal the rifts. All the while, innocent people were slaughtered or enslaved every day. It was difficult to discern which way the favor would swing, all Alexi could do was wait.

Your role in this story:

I have intentionally left two of the ‘known’ realms undefined. My hope is that whoever is interested in this storyline will want to play a human or will work with me to define one of the other two realms (with almost limitless possibilities) and play something from there. The main idea for the story will start when one of the two characters accidentally falls through a rift and ends up in front of the other. My original plan is for your character to be the one ending up in front of mine, but it would likely work either way. I've also left the plot a little open ended so that we can work together to take this almost anywhere.

If your character is the one to come to my character through the rifts, a certain amount of pretense would need to be in place. Politics are politics and anyone harboring a foreign being that is not enslaved is breaking the law. Your character would, by necessity, be enslaved in any public setting. What goes on in private is open to discussion before we start writing.

I know there is a lot of information hidden in that tag, but if you read through it all and find yourself interested, please check out my Rules/Ons and Offs page to see if we'd be compatible writing partners.
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