Chapeau's recruitment thread (MxM)

Started by Chapeau, July 20, 2013, 01:42:51 PM

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Chapeau's Recruitment Thread

Status: Looking for a story or two

Hello there, this is my recruitment thread. I'll post story ideas, hooks, pairings and character profiles to present my ideas and various cravings. I'm happy that you stumbled upon this page and I hope that you and I will get to write something fun together. I am a gay programmer from Quebec, Canada. I've been roleplaying for several years in all ways imaginable (LARP, forum, tabletop, you name it.) I love it. I love all things computers, games and of course, writing stories.

I am a MxM writer, so I prefer when both characters are males. I'm a very chill guy and greatly enjoy planning out and scheming. I love communicating with my partner, laying out plans and talking through what we are doing. I do love a good smut scene, but I like the smut to have a point. I try to tend towards 50/50 smut/plot ratio, though that does not mean this number won't fluctuate based on the game we are doing and the story that's laid out. I'll write out what stories I think are driven more by plot or by smut in my suggestions. As for positions, I don't mind. I tend to play more dominant characters, but I can just as well play the submissive character, or more of a switch. Again, it'll depend on the story we lay out before ourselves.

I like any kind of setting, be it modern, historic, fantasy, sci-fi, you name it. I strongly, strongly prefer playing original characters though. I'm not a fan of fandom games. I won't mind basing our world off of something that already exists, but I don't like playing someone else's characters usually. So we might play a Harry Potter themed game in Hogwarts, but it won't be Harry and Ron. It'll be our characters.

As I said, I'm very laid back and fairly easy to talk to. So if you have questions, suggestions or hesitations, I'm always happy to receive a message and start a discussion. Horizons are meant to be expanded and I am a firm believer in this, so offer up, I might say yes and I might like it.

Current mood/cravings
I am feeling exploratory these days, willing and wishing to explore and try out new power dynamics, kinks and characters. Here are some things that are on my mind and that I'd like to try out:

  • Humiliation
  • Long term ownership
  • Daddy/Boy relationship
  • Hypnotism
  • Cross-dressing
  • Trope subversion
  • Big subs

Here are a few plot prompts, all of which are negociable.

My best friend
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    Driving force: Kink
    Kink: Medium to heavy
    Themes: Adultery, D/s
    Role I desire: Dom/Sub

    Two friends have been through thick and thin together for several years now. One night, one goes to the other because he has trouble with his girlfriend. They talk and drink through the night, but things heat up and they end up sleeping together, the occasion being a sort of cathartic moment for all those relationship troubles. Their encounters become more and more frequent as this new relationship solidifies.

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    Driving force: Relationship/kink
    Kink: None to heavy
    Themes: Teacher/Student
    Role I desire: Dom/Sub
    Setting: Fantasy or Modern Fantasy

    A young magician is on the verge of earning the title of Magician, but he must first go through an apprenticeship with another magician to learn the ropes of practical magic and, oh joy, he has earned an apprenticeship with the king's High Wizard. It is said that he has never recommended an apprentice and that every apprentice he had quit, requesting another magician for their apprenticeship. But that young magician knows he'll be the one to do it.

Trophy boy
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    Driving force: Kink
    Kink: Light to heavy
    Themes: D/s, long term servitude
    Role I desire: Sub

    What could a rich and powerful man want more than money and a big house? Having someone to greet him every night with a blowjob and dinner. And he knows that investing time and money in such a project will pay off with the perfect himbo to show off and warm up his bed with. He'll have to be charming and suave to get someone that's not just a sugar baby, but a boy committed to him and to being the best he can be for him.

Student Loans
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    Driving force: Character
    Kink: None to heavy
    Themes: "Doing what you must", use and abuse, helping hand

    College was supposed to be liberating for Jordan. Instead, it turned out to be another form of prison and servitude. Coming in with no scholarship or loan meant that work just didn't cut it when trying to pay for his tuition. The handsome jock, nearly out of funds, resigned himself to making money selling his body to other people on and around campus.

    From that premise, there are many directions we can take. Maybe a client becomes a regular. Maybe his roommate tries to help him out of it. Maybe a teacher takes advantage of the situation. I envision the story as being fairly serious and a lot about the characters and what they're going through.

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    Driving force: Kink
    Kink: Light to heavy
    Themes: Consensual, big sub

    Vance came to college to get out of his family and finally be able to explore his homosexuality. What little guys he had been with convinced him it was for him and that he just loooved to get fucked. Having his big jock body pushed down on the bed and fucked silly was his favorite thing. He couldn't afford getting found out though, wanting to avoid the team finding out and the rumor maybe spreading to his parents.

    He wanted to avoid his roommate knowing, mostly because he didn't want things to get weird... though he didn't know his roommate had been checking him out, only waiting for that moment to be the one to bend him over.

Corporate ladder
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    Driving force: Kink
    Kink: Light to heavy
    Themes: Power dynamic

    Phillip is a bigshot, personal assistant, driver, and security detail. He has success and an image to maintain. Behind closed doors though... he just craves being brought down to his knees and treated like a cheap whore. He cannot let that be revealed, but he cannot stay away from that life.

    Maybe he gets blackmailed and gets into it, maybe his underlings indulge him...


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