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Author Topic: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!  (Read 4061 times)

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Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« on: July 20, 2013, 11:06:15 AM »

Modified: 17th August, 2017 (UTC+10)
Please be aware that there are more ideas in the third post in this thread. At present, I am craving petplay and gender transforation/sissification ideas, as well as bondage and other kink related ideas, though if one of the other ideas take yur fancy, please don't hesitate to PM me (and please do PM rather than reply to this thread. Note that I am perfectly open to furry as well as human based stories, so either is more than fine with me, and I'm only too happy to contemplate ideas of both kinds Note though for furry stuff I do prefer anthro form.Als, at present, I am leaning sub, though I'm open to switchy ideas too.

Many of the ideas I present in this thread may be somewhat vague. I prefer to work out details in PMs before beginning (I go over my usual procedure for negotiations in my O/O thread).

Keep in mind that I am open to basically ANY fetish, so don't be afraid to ask,  even if it's something you think nobody will go for. There's a good chance I'll do it!

I'm always open to plot suggestions if I'm listed as Avaliable or Looking, so long as they keep in mind the mood specified above.

A few notes on gender, and an important note on kinks
Please be aware that for roles listed as F/F, I am willing to consider a transwoman, futa or such in these RPs as well. This goes for any plots. I'd also note that if you see an idea you mostly like, but there's one or two kinks in it you're not big on, still contact me, as I'm very much open to negotiating a tweaked version of an idea, even ones that are customised to the point of being almost unrecognisable. Those looking for less extreme plotlines might like to jump down to the third post in this thread, as a number of my more recent ideas, while often still somewhat kinky, are in general rather gentler in terms of physicality.

[EXTREME][BDSM][NON-CON][Degradation][anything goes!] Special Delivery! (F/F or *possibly* M/F) OPEN, LOOKING
Rachel was just an innocent delivery girl on her last job for the day, delivering an unusual package to a small warehouse on the shadier side of town.

She couldn't have known that she was the delivery. Nor could she have expected to be bound tightly and packed into a box. Little would she know that her horrors were only beginning.

This one is pretty much a 'dominate and abuse the living s*** out of my character' sort of deal. I'm really after super rough and humiliating for this one. The squeamish need not apply for this.

I of course would play the young 19 year old Rachel. She doesn't HAVE to live through it though I'd prefer she did... scarred, burned, branded if you wish, endlessly made to endure sexual and nonsexual horrors.

[Possible Romance][Fantasy][Any fetish you care to add] A Fairy Unexpected Tale (F/F preferred) OPEN[/color

This idea's rather less fleshed out but I'd like to do a roleplay where I play as a young adult fairy. For the sake of simplicity I'm going to assume human-sized, but pretty much anything goes here. I'd probably go with a romantic plot here, but fetishes are more than open for this, though I'd like this to be consensual. Humans, furries or fantastical creatures I'm open to. Perhaps a young 20-something, good witch or something might be ideal.

Mind you, with all the above said, I'm very open to the idea that Jinks (what I'm thinking of calling the probably red-haired fairy) has been a little too mischievous and so the witch made her full size and took her to 'discipline her. Though I'd like even that to probably go the romance route after a while.

Caged in Heat [caging][bondage][rest flexible] (any gender combination) Not feeling this right now.

This is an RP idea that was originally played as an MLP type RP, but it's generic enough that I could play it with any character types.

The basic premise is that I capture your character with the aid of a bumbling sidekick who's mostly there as a means to an end (though I'm quite happy to bring him in as needed). My Character, a *very* dominant female, then proceeds to cage your character , pumping your character with drugs (or spells if we're doing fantasy) that cause them to enter a state not unlike a heat... and proceed to commit unspeakable acts, though mostly NOT actual sex (Indeed, I love to put a character into a chastity device for extended periods in this RP, though I may do things to arouse them even so (but not stimulate their privates for some time.

This is a very flexible RP which is what I love about it. Once the initial circumstance is established, what happens depends partly on your character's behaviour and partly on the mood I've decided she's in with your character. Some characters have actually earned the status of personal home servant and release from the cage and drugs. One actually got pregnant. In the original MC was a futanari,  but I'm happy to stick with strapons if preferred. The variety is ppartof what makes it appealing. And yes, these are one-on-one RPs.

Note that I'm open to adapted versions of all of these - don't be afraid to suggest tweaks.

REVERSE Caged in Heat [caging][bondage][rest flexible][EXTREME][BDSM][NON-CON] (F/F ONLY) OPEN, LOOKING[
No explanation really needed here; this is pretty much the same as the above, except with my character being the victim. I really want this to be F/F. This one can be anything, I'm open to furry versions of this (though I'd need to create a furry character, which I'd want some suggestions for in terms of species, as any furry version would probably establish what will become my primary furry character), as well as an MLP version (the normal Caged in Heat did after all start off as a pony RP idea! I have established F-lists for my pony characters, so PM Me for those details if you'd like to do that version).

The squeamish need not apply. I really want no remorse here, and gore and mutilation is very much on the table.

Teacher's Pet [EXTREME][Romance][Petplay][heavy watersports][scat if okay][BDSM] (F/F ONLY) OPEN, LOOKING

A young student in her first year at university/college happens to meet a young woman in her lower thirties on campus who she immediately takes a liking to. Problem is, she's one of her professors, and highly respected.

The two would have met some time ago at the point I'd like to pick this up at; just finding their feet in their relationship and starting to explore their sexual side when, having gone through one of those sexual fetish lists, they realise they both have a range of rather extreme fetishes. I'd like petplay and some pretty wild watersports stuff, probably scat and bondage. Anything else I'm happy to negotiate. (Scat isn't compulsory but I'd really, really like to integrate it if I can).

Humiliation both private and public is encouraged. That said, this should have a clearly consensual bent, and there's likely to be a scene that's just pure unadulterated lovemaking without the fetishes in here somewhere.

Pet For Life [similar fetishes to above, different age gap][NON-CON] OPEN, LOOKING

Would probably use Rachel for this, but I want it to be a petplay heavy one. I'd want her treated literally like a dog, maybe even forced to interact in certain ways with said animals. I still want this to be pretty extreme, but the emphasis here will be on the petplay. And I'd be playing her probably with a similar age girl here. Major difference with this one to the above is that it'll be non-consensual. Or, alternately, I wouldn't mind taking on a pet. for this. I'd probably use Rachel for that too. Watersports and possibly scat here too, but it'd be far more sparing than in the above idea, and would be reserved for when my character really goes out of line.

The New Girl in Town [Bimbofication][probably Bondage][humiliation][NON-CON] OPEN, LOOKING

Angela is a blonde-haired computer technician who never really had much luck with the boys. Not that she isn't attractive, mind you; indeed she was the envy of all the class back in highschool, but was trying to save herself for a good man, and is still a virgin. She's just moved into <big city> where there's more work, and decides to hit the dating scene, starting out by hitting the nightclubs. Unfortunately for her, her unfamiliarity with the city leads her to choose a nightclub notorious for being a place where girls seem to, for want of a better word, disappear.

<your character> spots her and you think she'd make a good bimbo with some work, so you slip something into the drink you buy her. When she inevitably becomes tired, you offer to let her crash at your place.

She wakes up in an unfamiliar, locked room (or possibly tied to the bed), and her new life begins. Over time, you will train her to become a hot bimbo with no regard for anything other than sexual gratification, in particular pleasing men.

Our Little Bimbo [Bimbofication][probably Bondage][humiliation][NON-CON][Female Chastity Play?] OPEN, LOOKING

I have a second bimbofication idea that's a little odd and I'm not sure it's technically bimbofication... but I'd like to do an RP with a sort of bisexual bimbo? So, it'd be similar-ish to the above, but perhaps with you playing maybe an established couple that kidnaps my character and turns her into a bimbo, perhaps with some orgasm denial and perhaps some chastity play?  I'm pretty flexible with this idea, it's pretty vague at the moment and I'd need to work with you to flesh it out. There'd also be breast expansion, body tweaking, things like that.

As with most of the other ideas, I'm also quite open to the idea of using bathroom control in parts. But that's completely an option, not a must.

Our Little Bimbo, variant two [same fetishes as Our Little Bimbo] OPEN, craving
Another variant of this would be an incestuous angle, perhaps the two could be her older siblings, she was always the smart one, and the two were jealous with the special treatment she got growing up. This variant would probably ramp up on the BDSM stuff a little too as well as the bimbofication, and definitely somewhat heavy on the humiliation.

Her New... Girlfriend? [Gender Transformation, possible bimbofication, BDSM, any fetish you might care for] OPEN, LOOKING
In this idea, I would play a young guy (early 20s, maybe?) who has started dating a rather attractive young woman (probably late 20s).  What he doesn't know is that she isn't dating him for the reasons he suspects. She intends to, over time, train him and transform him into a rather well endowed young woman, complete with all girly bits. Probably a near future setting for this one.I haven't marked this as extreme as we'd likely skip over the transformation down below and have him waking up in horror.

Ideally your character would be rather possessive, and unwilling to take no for an answer. I'm open to him being transformed magically or simething, but not all at once, you might, for example, change things as a punishment as he fails to act as your character wants.

Just Fuck Me! OPEN[

Janet, a 20-something blonde bombshell, Has decided to let her hair down for once and hit the clubs, drinking rather heavily. She goes home with you unsuspecting. Unfortunately, you have other ideas, and next morning when she wakes up she finds herself locked in a small, dark room scattered with strange implements, tied up and stripped naked. You have decided to make her your personal sex slave. Most of her life will be lived in that room, but I'd definitely like to explore other scenes as well, not just sex and not just in that room. Maybe she gets taken places and is fucked by random strangers while there.

Finding (Her)self [Semi-Consensual Gender Transformation/Semi-Consensual Sissification, BDSM, Romance, MtF/F] OPEN, LOOKING[

This is a little different from most of my genderplay ideas, in that I want my character to willingly undergo transformation. I'm thinking they meet, hit it off, discover their kink side, and one day my character drops that 'he' would like to be 'she'. Your character, who happens to be bisexual, has long fancied the idea of taking a man and guiding him into womanhood. That she has a willing subject. Now, there's a catch. While he consents, they agree that she gets to make the decisions on how my character should look like, what my character should wear etc.. So not quite fully consenting (your character plans to craft my character in the mould of her ideal girl (probably big breasted, flirtatious, wears seductive clothing, and serves her, dependent on her to get off. Of course, it turns out my character rather likes this, giving yours basically free reign. I'm open to any fetish you care for here, but I feel chastity play would lend itself well to this scenario. Keep in mind this *is* intended as a romantic partnership, so give and take will be a thing (I'm open even to my character being the Dom occasionally. Note that I'm okay with this also just being made to dress and act feminine, not necessarily the full transformation (though it would be preferred, and preferably gradual).

If we go the transform route, it can happen either through hormones or magically, depending on what you prefer. I'm very flexible with this one. :)

I'm happy to take almost any other bimbofication idea as well, as I'm really craving it right now.

Menagerie Farm [Heavy BDSM, Animal Play, Fairly extreme pain elements, Lactation, noncon, probably branding, possible breeding, possible toilet play] OPEN, LOOKING

My character is a young, naive 17 year old girl who, as a sentence for a crime she didn't commit, has been assigned to a rather interesting farm. There, the girls are kept as different kinds of animals. Some are milked, others are simply fucked, and some, particularly unfortuante girls, are treated rather harshly. My character, unfortunately, has been fated for all three. Sometimes, she'll be fucked repeatedly. Other times, she will be denied and forced to watch as other girls are fucked, displayed publicly, and, if you're open to it, being 'bred' and forced to carry children for her masters.

She will also be milked regularly, which is both fed to her, and onsold for profit (I'm thinking there are hormones in use). I haven't worked out the wider details of the world yet, but I imagine it to be a land that is rather tough on criminals. I'm open to inclusion of any other fetishes if they fit in the scene or world. The toilet play isn't necessary, but I figure it could be a disciplinary measure used against her among other things. it's also likely she doesn't get to use bathrooms, having to go outdoors or, if tethered in a stall while being milked, where she stands. She likely is made to sleep in a barn or outdoors, probably naked (even in winter), except perhaps when she has a client wanting sexual favours. I'm definitely open to suggestions, or input, so if you like this idea but have something you'd like to add to it, don't hesitate to PM me! I don't bite (unless you want me to ).

There's also scope for variety in this idea... for example, it's not hard to imagine such a farm having different 'animals' working it. These could serve as roles for demoti and on or promotion due to good or bad behaviour. What these are the roles would be, we could discuss, but I'm a big fan of ponyplay as well, so that could definitely be included should you wish. With this expanded version with various roles, I feel like there's also potential for a romantic subplot, but it's not necessary.

Thread Last Edited: 3/10/2015 )DD/MM/YYYY)

Reason for edit: Cleared and opened RPs back up for availability. Most ideas are now again available.
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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2013, 09:55:08 AM »
A Little about My Negotiation and Role Play Style, Themes I'm Currently Seeking, and The Importance of Communication.

My Roleplaying Style and How I Negotiate RPs

In general, when I set up an RP with you, you're going to be getting some questions, unless I've worked with you before at length. While many of these are probably answerable by checking your O&Os thread/page, I know not everyone gets around to keeping them up to date, and I'd rather check for sure that you're still into something, especially given some of the dark territory I'm wont to venture into. I've touched on some seriously dark themes before, and because of that, I take my partners' no's as gospel. Not only do I not go there, I make ap oint to avoid them. Why risk freaking someone out when there are so many other perfectly good fun and possibly kinky things to try?

Where I start will depend on why you're contacting me. Obviously you're contatcing me for an RP if you're reading this, but  I should note that the ideas I have here are far from set in stone. I'm happy to tweak, modify and change. I'm even open to doing the dom side of an RP listed as a sub RP if you've got good ideas. I'm actually doing this now with the Menagerie Farm idea as I type).

Once I've done that, I usually move on to setting out the basics, agreeing on post perspective, if it's a furry RP, whether the characters are anthro or feral (really important distinction to make, as it can effect what fetishes are relevant). Once that's worked out, we work out the opening scene and the general theme of the RP.

I actually deliberately don't do a detailed plan for the RP. I'm a very reactive roleplayer, and this way of playing lends itself to unexpected twists and turns. I've had RPs that have started out down one route, and ended up veering somewhere I've completely not expected (on other sites, mostly, I'll note, which is why I don't have a reference). The only things that are generally set in stone are usually who is going to be the dom/sub (or if it's going to be a switch RP).

How often will I update? I generally try to update at least once a week, but if you reply more often than that, I'll likely do the same.

Anything else I Should Know?

Yep. I love feedback on my RPs. Whether it's that you enjoyed my writing, or think I could do it beter (but please be constructive with your criticism). Yes, I am actually serious about this. I'm here to learn and hone my writing skil as much as enjoy writing erotica and smut. Also, if you want pointers from me - I don't bite, and I do my very best to be polite in my critiques. I'm also neither a spelling nor a grammar Nazi, so unless your errors are particularly egregious, I'm probably not going to make a fuss of it. 

Do I have Any Standards For RPs?

The only standard I have, really, as that you make an effort with your posts. That doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a multi-paragraph monster! While I do like my replies between 2-4 paragraphs i general, it's a loose guideline. Honestly, anythning about a couple of good, solid lines is fine. I tend to adjust to my partner's length, although if I'm handling a scene transition... it could get long; I do like to try and set the scene.

Current RP Themes I'm Craving [Last Edit: 2/6/14]
Sissification (on either side!) Always Craving
Gender transformation (on either side!) Always craving
Bimbofication BIG Craving
Bathroom play (including watersports, scat, bathroom control, all of it).
As odd as it sounds with all that there... Romance
Gender Transformation (on either side!)
Orgasm Denial
Chastity Play
BDSM, Master/Mistress and Pet or Slave (on either side!) Always Craving

Any and all combinations of the above fetishes and ideas are welcomed!
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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2013, 09:45:56 AM »
Characters, Fandoms, and other Miscellany

These characters are ones I'm using in RPs here but ones I like and can use for any RP you have in mind.

Geoffrey Andrews

Geoffrey Andrews
Age: 24
Sexuality: Bi with strong female preference.
often enjoys a nice workout at the gym, likes to read, but most of all enjoys watching a good football match, especially if Arsenal plays and wins.Born and raised in the better parts of the borough of Hackney, he lives these days in much the same place, though with his well-paying job in the City it won't be too long before he moves. He's rather prone to crude remarks and sudden outbursts, often sexist, and in particular is often heard muttering about how things would be better if he were in charge. His behaviour extends to his treatment of women, often treating them with contempt. His hair is often as rough as he can get away with. His favourite team is also his nearest, Arsenal, and he rather enjoys his cricket as well, catching as many major matches as his busy work schedule allows.

He is most often seen wearing a typical business suit, however on days off he prefers a casual blue top and jacket with jeans on his lower half and plain boxers underneath.

Jinks the Fairy

(but imagine wings on her).

Jinks (Fairy)
17 (turning 18)
Pansexual. Will have sex with anything and everything willingly if she's able to ascertain consent and is alive.
Hobbies: General mischief, Giving the Fairy Council more work to do (usually by destroying a prized heirloom), and giving anything not-fairy the middle finger. That said, she is known to be a rather good singer too.

Jinks is a rather mischievous, problematic, and above all absolutely annoying little fairy. In her seventeenth year - which is adulthood as far as fairies are concerned - she's never quite outgrown her playful side. She often pranks humans and other creatures who pass through the forest she lives in, which often gets her into a lot of trouble, and occasionally gets her increased to human size as a punishment for being a nuisance.

But don't let that put you off. Once you get past her brash and bold exterior and her pranks, she can be a wonderful friend who will stand by you thick and thin. Sexually she takes both sides quite happily, dominant or submissive. Mind you, if you try to give her problems, she'll just give you problems in return, to the best of her ability.

Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams
19, nearly 20
Bisexual, but leans towards women.
Loves working out at the gym, reading, and the odd video game as well, and loves getting out at parties with her friends and downing a few drinks. She likes to sing, but is tone deaf.Rachel is a delivery girl for the firm Bradley and Sons, a small-scale delivery firm that's rapidly expanding. She's fairly strong, confident in herself, friendly and outgoing. What she won't do though is take bullshit. Usually she tends to be on top, but for the right guy (or girl) she'll submit. Really, she prefers submitting, but that's something she'll only do willingly with a person she trusts. She and her sister Angela (upcoming character whom I haven't fleshed out yet, but will be a top-only character) are the closest couple of girls you'll find... possibly in more ways than one. If you're *really* lucky, you might just get them both interested. But you'd have to be really lucky for that.

To someone who earns her trust, she can be sweet, loving, and mostly gentle, if occasionally somewhat demanding.

I also now have several furry characters. :3

Furry Characters

My characters of the furry persuasion, obviously. I have a few others I'm toying with, and there are many, many MLP OCs I haven't listed here, so if you have a particular species you'd like to see, don't hesitate to ask.As you might guess by their colour schemes and similar species, Sylvia and Amanda *are* indeed sisters.

Sylvia Valentine
Reference image:

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, but tends to prefer females ore feminine guys.
Sylvia in summary is bouncy most of the time, or so she likes to claim. She's definitely not opposed to some lazy time, but if you're talking about sex, yeah, she's down. She has a little problem though. You see, so far... she really hasn't had much action. And it seems like every guy or girl likes to make her wait for it, or even uses it to control her. Which would drive her completely mad, if she didn't enjoy the denial just a little.Don't let that foal you though. She's a bonafide switch, and she can definitely dish out as much as she can take (including the denial thing...) She doesn't have all that many hangups, though she's slightly non-committal about the idea of having  children..Art is by a friend of mine from DA: (they haven't posted the art up there yet, it was a private request).

Amanada "Mandy" Valentine

Age: 27
Sexuality: Bi with a female preference, though pretty much pansexual.
Gender: Herm/Futa (Female, has both guy and girl bits downstairs)

Amanda or "Mandy" as she's usually known is an excitable little pink-hued red panda/bunny hybrid. She's very friendly, very energetic, and usually prefers milder fare sexually. Not that she won't do kinky stuff, she just tends to prefer it on the lighter side - ribbons and lace rather than whips and chains will be the norm for her. Not that she's opposed to being tied up with said ribbons, mind you... There are cases where she will be dominant however. She has a special thing for feminine looking males, whether they are actually effeminate or not in their personality. She loves to doll them up, and have them do things for her. None of her friends understand this side of her, exactly. Mostly, however, she's submissive to other females, to quite an impressive degree. Though she prefers things on the milder side, she can be talked into most anything with the right motivation.

Art is courtesy of SeiiannaKyuako []
, whom I thoroughly recommend.

While she *prefers* things on the milder side, I'm quite prepared to head to the darker side with this character if you'd like. Just be aware she may not like it, even if she may agree to it when under pressure, or if she just *really* likes your character and wants to get their attention.

Roxie Ana Anderson


Age: 25
Gender: Herm (Female, with guy bits, basically)
Sexuality: Bisexual, female preference
Roxie's just a girl... Or at least that's what she'd tell you. As you can no doubt tell, she hides a secret, which she doesn't dare tell anyone. She's also on the taller side, and mostly that's due to her gorgeous legs - the envy of many. Also the envy of many is one of her biggest secrets, her rather substantial length downstairs. She's pretty shy about it, but then, she's a little shy about most things, especially anything to do with being public. She definitely thinks of herself as a girl though, and her ample breasts (about a 32F), give her the street cred to go with it. Of course, she's a bit of a troublemaker at times - albeit one who's a classic tattle-tail, which actually gets her into trouble more often than her actual troublemaking does. She's a little kinky, but not excessively so ((Not that I won't do anything I'm okay with. Again, she just won't like it. I'm more than okay with non-con RPs.)). She doesn't like to admit she's a sub because of her personal pride, so she won't just *give* herself to you. You'll have to earn that. Art is courtesy of SeiiannaKyuako [][size=78%], whom I thoroughly recommend.[/size]

Fandoms: Aside from MLP, not really craving these right now.
I am most familiar with the My Little Pony franchise and am happy to do pony RPs in any of the gens except 3.5. (Most familiar with G4 but I've seen enough of the earlier gens to get the idea)
Star Trek (not super knowledgeable,  but would take place on a fictional ship anyway).
Ditto for star wars.

WIth all of these I prefer doing OCs, but with the Pony universe I'll play canon chars quite happily (I'm best at Rarity and Fluttershy, but I'll consider most ponies (though I can't keep up Pinkie's energy). (note I generally assume canon or close to canon universe unless specified).
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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2013, 08:44:22 AM »

All of these are intended as F/F pairings.

A Love Entwined [Romance, f/F, kinky, probably bondage, elements, but kinks are very negotiable and focus is on the romance, Switch]

Amanda had always wanted something a little more than just  simple love. Sure, she wanted that too, but for her things had always been... complicated. As much as she had loved her previous girlfriends, she had never quite been able to explore her naughtier side as much as she would love to. And sure, her occasional nights at the kink club were a lot of fun, but she'd always wanted something more lasting. For a girl who had always been in the middle, never popular but never quite the bohemian, the 5'5" brunette with a casual and easy going demeanour felt like once again life was pegging her square in the middle. A square. Not vapid or particularly nerdy either, though she did have a level-head and looks that were at least good enough to draw in potential partners. It was a matter of finding someone that wanted the real her.

Little did she know that her life was about to change forever one ordinary day on what was just another trip to that cafe she'd always loved.

This one's a fairly simple romance, with a bit of kink thrrown in. I'm open to whatsoever you wish as far as the kinks go, though I'm intending the romance to be the driving plotline. I'm happy to do a bit more planning for this one than usual. i would though, love to mix in some fun, them exploring their relationship as it unfolds and descends from a casual friendship to something much, much more.

Winter's Curse
Humankind managed to overcome global warming using an array of technological measures.

That is the good news.

Unfortunately,the effect of the remedy was to trigger a major cooling trend.

That was 40 years ago. And while times are still tough,the world is stable, although old ideas about the need to reproduce and who should be allowed to date and marry are making Angelina's life hell. Sure,it's not illegal for her to love a woman. It's just difficult.

Focus would be on their relationship and their struggles.  Fetishes are open, but in particular I'd love to involve a lot of snow and ice in there somehow.

A Doll's House (dollification, bimbofication, BDSM, transformation, other fetishes as appropriate)

Amelia is tired of her busy life. If it isn't work, it's family. If it isn't that, it's her needy (and financially draining) friends. So when she stumbles onto an ad for a retreat to get away from her responsibilities, she leaps at the chance.

Of course, she's in way over her head.

This role play would centre around training and transformation of Amelia into a mindless doll for her well as the bimbo stufff, BDSM elements would feature heavily, perhaps as a means to teach certain lessons, or even just to spice things up a little. I'd ultimately like to see some kind of physical transformation here, into what kind of doll I'm flexible on, (ha!) but the dynamic between Amelia and her Mistress (I'm open to having male characters involved as secondaries, but I would prefer the dynamic to centre around two women. I've really been craving this one of late and I'd dearly love to get this idea off the ground. I could see perhaps working the below idea into this somehow also, maybe it starts out that way, and at some point it turns into this. It'd give us many more play options..

Learning the Ropes

Amelia has fallen on hard times, and, thanks to a severe lack of options, has decided that, against her best instincts, the oldest profession is the way she needs to turn.  She has seen an advertisement for a very exclusive brothel that tailors its offerings to suit both worker and client, using an elaborate system not unlike that used in some online date matching systems. Of course, before any of this can happen, her employers need to find out what kinks and fetishes are her natural talents, and this means a *lot* of experimentation, since really, the only way to know if you're into something is to actually try it. And this agency is fairly exhaustive. Of course a worker can opt out of the more extreme options, but does Amelia want to? That is a question she is uncertain about.

This idea would focus on the training and experimentation phase of Amelia's new job role. We can start with the final interview, and go right up to her first real client (that is,her first after the training is complete. Given the nature of this RP, it's pretty much anything goes aside from the obvious death and mutilation. Other than that...

The Sisterly Touch (Incest, F/F,all kinds of BDSM, light dom/sub,teasing, some humiliation, F/F)

Angelica has always had a thing for her younger sister, Melody.  In college now, the two are both, for the first time away from the prying eyes of their wonderful, if overprotective parents. Angelica has adjusted well, but Melody is having a tougher time adjusting.  Understandably, Angelica is only too eager to help, but at a price...

I've been curious about the incest dynamic for a while, and decided I'd like to do a rather kinky twist on the genre, and to do it with two sisters rather than the usual brother and sister dynamic (because what can I say? I like to be a girl, and I like to play against a girl) I've suggested light dom/sub here, but I can be convinced to go into a heavier arrangement. I do want to emphasise that I am after a consensual  arrangement here. Sure, Melody (which I'll probably be playing here) will be somewhat cautious about the idea, she trusts her sister not to go further than she's comfortable with. I'm open to a lot of kinks here, petplay could be fun, perhaps a "housemaid" sort of scene,really, as long as we're talking about things that don't result in severed limbs and lasting damage (I have plenty of ideas for you folks!) we'll probably be okay.

I am also interested in some fairly extreme stuff in a FURRY setting. Just not sure how far I'm allowed to go here, as they really are very very dark (things like vore, I'm talking about.

(M/F) Roles in Reverse

This is similar to some of my other gender transformation ideas, but it's a much deeper one in terms of intended plot. I haven't fully sketched it out yet, but the basic premise is the idea that my character, Jason is your average single guy who's been through a string of women and is pretty bummed out about it. He's willing to take any woman at this point, as long as she's to his standard. Long story short, he's going to find her. But not the way he expects.

Now, I've got a few possible variations of this in mind. Either he meets someone online who lives in some sort of unique culture where the traditional gender roles are almost entirely reversed, and men are the 1950s housewives, or he's somehow caught up in some sort of time travel contrivance, or some other mechanism, and he ends up waking up in such a society. He would of course be subjected to a series of body modifications and the like, but in addition to this, I would love to explore the culture shock such a man would experience being caught up in such a world.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2013, 07:44:26 AM »
New RP ideas added and REVERSE Caged in Heat modified to add a furry or pony option. Should've added that last bit from the start. *facepalm*

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2013, 05:17:56 AM »
Changed to indicate my present subby mood, added a few bimbofication RPs (for which I've got a huge craving to try at the moment).

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #6 on: March 22, 2014, 07:50:16 AM »
I'm back, and with new ideas and characters! I haven't added my furry characters to the OP yet, but they'll be up soon. I do have them specced, and am able to provide references at request in the meantime.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #7 on: April 18, 2014, 08:11:36 AM »
Still haven't added the furry character spec sheets, but I've added an idea, Finding (Her)self. I wish to also note that I'm opening the pet play ideas up to furry variations. I don't seem to post here mixj, but I duck on at least daily now.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
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Yeah, still slacking on the furry specsheets (they're coming, I swear!) but I reorganised the OP so that all of the ideas are listed one after the other,, updatd the status of some ideas that are currently off the table, and added a new idea while I was at it (Menagerie Farm).

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #9 on: May 02, 2014, 05:47:14 AM »
I have FINALLY remembered to add my three furry characters here. I also have a plethora of MLP OCs, and I'll play some MLP canon characters, so don't hesitate to ask about those. I have f-lists for each of them, so I can link you quite readily. I also added some ideas to the Menagerie Farm idea.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
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EDIT 2/6/14 - In overall terms as to the content, a fairly minor edit, but I've just done a big overhaul of the thread layout to break out various things. It was starting to get a little unmanageable in the one post. I did, in addition to moving things around, add a block on how I handle RP negotiations and a few other small things. Hopefully things shouldn't break every time I need to do an edit now!

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #11 on: November 26, 2014, 05:45:47 PM »
I'm craving something bondagey,playing as a female sub or maybe a guy if you're into gender transformation. I will insist on a female Dom, but as long as I'm getting dommed, I'm happy to include basically any fetish or plot.

Just feeling super subbby right now.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
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Added two new ideas,  Winter's Curse and A  Doll's House. Also created a new home for my newer ideas, as the OP is an unmitigated nightmare to edit in any way that will preserve my sanity.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
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First, I'm still here. :P Just have had most of my RPs go quiet over here (I RP on several sites).  More importantly, there are new ideas down in that 'new ideas post that I've  been mulling over for a while. Learning the Ropes and The Sisterly Touch I've not actually done any incest sort of ideas before and I've wanted to try out that dynamic. I'm also interested in trying out some anthro furry stuff of varying degrees of messed up, but not sure where the lines are here for the violent aspects in an RP, because some of the ideas I'm thinking about in that sort of setting are very dark indeed.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
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3/10/2015 - Have *finally* fixed the RP open status.  Most ideas are now open and available, as they should be. It is my intent to return to more regular activity on these parts. That edit was a chore, but more are probably coming in the near future to tidy things up a little. Just wanted to get the important things done.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
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Tweaked and fleshed out a touch more one of the ideas I'm currently craving, A Doll's House. Note that I'm still open to the other ideas here, but I'm currently craving things around transformation or sissification chastity and BDSM particularly.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #16 on: July 04, 2016, 09:12:58 AM »
ze bump.

I'm back and trying to find partners. Don't hesitate to PM me ifyou like these ideas or have one of your own based on similar kinks and such.

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Re: Susie's Not-Always-Sparkling RP ideas!
« Reply #17 on: August 16, 2017, 02:36:57 PM »
Polished the opening paragraph and added a new idea in the third post in the thread (Role Reversals).  Note that I'm pretty open at the moment, the number of RPs I have ongoing and busy at the moment is lower for me than it's been in some time, so don't hesitate to contact me by PM if you like any of these ideas, as I'm highly flexible and such.

~Susie <3