Cravings, cravings, cravings ~ [F for dom. M]

Started by Shelyn, July 19, 2013, 08:26:58 AM

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So I had quite a flood of messages after the following two ideas, i'm leaving them here though crossed out as I have multiple options for each story. Leaving them here for an idea of my general preferences. :-)

1. Come play with the spoils of war [TAKEN]
Needed: male dominant character
Initial NC -- where it goes is up to us and the dynamic of the story. Perhaps they stay NC, perhaps there's some other attraction that changes their dynamic. Setting can be realistic medieval or Roman, or fantasy, perhaps they are legion soldiers or barbarians, etc. Up for discussion.

Story: The soldiers and inhabitants of a town/city/camp have long fought over who has rightful claim to the spoils of each conquest of an enemy establishment. It seemed tempers were going to escalate the situation, and conflicts would be brought home and tear the prosperous town apart. In order to settle his unruly subordinates, the lord of the city has decided to resort to the oldest trick in the book to settle unruly behavior -- bread and games. Keeping people fed and amused had always provided enough distraction to keep conflict at bay. However, the city's resources are purely based on what they can steal -- both material and living things. The spoils that were fought over the most were the young women that were captured from nearby villages, as the men fought over the most beautiful, the best cooks, or the ones they genuininely liked. His solution has been operational for many years now, and deemed normal: the women are transported in a cage to the centre of town or the edge of a forest, whichever location is deemed most interesting at the time. The townsmen are given their time to list their favorites in their minds, before the women are set free, many attempting to flee in panic. The rules are simple: without use of weapons or unneccesary force, the men chase and capture the women. Whomever captures a girl, owns her henceforth. The games had always been simple, many young women being maids and servants when they were captured. But what would happen if one of them is more resillient? Would anyone be able to catch and tame a true vixen?

2. Are you my husband? [TAKEN]
Needed: one or more dominant male characters
Potential to be initial NC (I'd like her to cave), or for her to go along with it (maybe she's just his lover as opposed to his wife, and she's down to get freaky with others eventually..)

Story: A husband has just tied his wife to the bed of their master bedroom, ready for fun times. Their relationship hasn't been great, so it's more of an attempt to spice things up a little. She's tied to the bedpost and blindfolded. Then the door bell rings. Laughing, the couple decides that it would be sort of exciting if the husband would just go downstairs and open the door, pretending like nothing is going on upstairs. So he does. Only to find the door to be bust open as soon as he turns the handle, and himself overpowered by one or several (your pick) armed men. The men start to look through the house, collecting any valuables. The wife upstairs is oblivious, expensive houses are well sound-proofed, you know.. When the intruder(s) reach the bedroom, they find the wife tied to the bed in a flimsy nightgown that lays off her shoulders, some toys scattered around her.. all ready for play time. What would they do? Would they play with her, not speaking to her, making her find out off her own accord that it's not her husband who's doing those things? How would she react if she found out? Would she give in to them? Would they make her husband watch? Oh, the options.. Would love for there to be some slow torture-pleasure action, where they drive her insane with hands and toys whilst she is still blindfolded.

Let me know if you're interested in anything else, maybe your own stories (look through my prefs for an idea of what I like), I'd love to hear from you!  :-)


I am highly intrigued by your Beauty& The Beast request. I've been mulling over a couple ideas for such a thread myself. pm me if you're interested. And feel free to check out my story requests if you like. Maybe something'll catch your eye.




Very very very(did I mention very?) Interested in the spoils of war rp. I think I have just the right thing in mind..would love to hear back! Thanks.


I think you did. ;) Somewhere. I'm working on a few spin-off type thingies, but I'm very curious to hear your take on the story. PM incoming!


Love the Husband and Wife tied to the bed story.  PM me if it's still available to discuss the details:)
Equal Parts Temptation & Seduction!:)


Updated to say both 'Spoils of war' and 'Are you my husband?' have been taken. Thanks for the enthousiasm! :D