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May 21, 2018, 08:00:14 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking gynarchy-based roleplay; submissive male for dominant female  (Read 773 times)

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Offline NergalTopic starter

So, for the longest time, I've had a craving for a roleplay set in the setting of a gynarchy-based society (that is, one in which females hold all political and social power). I've variously searched on other sites before, but without particularly consistent luck, so I thought I'd try my luck here to see if things fair any better in these, presumably more open-minded parts.

As per personal background, I'm a graduate student, aged 23, currently living/studying in China. So my time zone is a bit ... off. I've been roleplaying for well over a decade now, am in the process of writing a novel I hope to see published, and have been writing at an academic level for a number of years now. Thus I'd like to think I'm fairly literate - laziness on coding aside. I'd prefer if my prospective partner could at least throw sentences together into coherent paragraphs that aren't too much an eyesore to look at, but beyond that, I'm hardly a "literacy nazi". It's much more about the dynamic, keeping things going for me.

At any rate, the plot that's currently crystalised in my mind is something along the following lines:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A few generations back, one of the nations of the world went through a dramatic shift in the balance of power between gender roles. Women, already the dominant sex in terms of business and political influence began to exert yet more and more control over society. The first critical step was a law that was passed barring male participation in national elections, as more openly female-supremacist factions gained power, setting the stage for men in turn to be banned from higher education or any position of authority over a woman in the workplace.

Many males resisted at first such changes, but the government's response was quite firm; any male caught in opposition to the government was taken and made into property of the state - being forced the rest of their life to carry out backbreaking menial labor for the benefit of woman-ruled society. It was not quite a death sentence, only because society preferred to extract their labor, but they did have average lifespans several decades shorter than the average male population.

Other males were considered, from time of birth, to be their mother's property, and at a certain age to be married off and pledge absolute obedience and subservience to their wife. Again, any males resisting such, or refusing a serious offer of marriage from a woman, were made into state property - a fate which many considered far worse than simple submission to a single woman.

As the decades passed, this arrangement began to be seen more and more as the status quo; the natural way of the world. Yet, as time passed, some of the women of society began to grow dissatisfied with some elements of the arrangement. Namely, as at least a significant minority of males were being taken as state property, there were more females in society than available males to claim. Further some especially well off women were dissatisfied with simply owning a native-born male who'd been trained nearly from birth to be meek and submissive; they much preferred the idea of 'conquering' a strong, foreign male; as a display of power, bringing a formerly well off, free man into a position of kneeling at their feet.

And so to fill the void of such discontent, there was increasing pressure to 'import' foreign males, willingly or not, into their society. A law was passed to accommodate this, stating that if a foreign male married a woman in their nation, he automatically was granted their citizenship and forfeited his prior one, making him legally her property, and nothing more in the eyes of the state.

An new, secretive organization was formed by the government to assist in the expedient 'import' of foreign males - The Bureau of Foreign Male Domestication (BFMD). An organization of only a few hundred active agents of the time, it represented some of the most elite members of society. Beginning at age 12, girls were selected both for high intelligence and physical aptitude. From there, they were taken to the BFMD academies, taught foreign languages, psychology, the necessary skills to easily disarm/kill a physically larger male if necessary (though destroying the product was seen as quite wasteful), or more aptly, how to cause sufficient pain that he would listen without physical damage.Paying clients would select any male worldwide they had an interest in, and the BFMD would deliver; with an astonishingly high success rate of over 95%.

So enter your character, a new graduate of the BFMD academy (age 16 - 20 roughly, though older could be negotiable). She's incredibly ambitious and wants to move as high up in the organization as quickly as possible - indeed, it's often a springboard into high political offices - and so wants to prove her skill quickly. Thus, rather than waiting for her first assignment, she decides to go on her own. She selects a foreign young man. A powerful foreign young man. The thought of bringing him to her nation, making him submit and turning him into her grovelling, obedient husband; and all the status and likelihood for advancement that comes with it. Well, it's simply too much for her to resist.

So quite quickly she springs into action, visiting him in his home nation, under some disguise or another; making it seem as though she has an absolutely incredible offer to benefit his career or political capital that she could set up for him if he would travel back to her female-dominated homeland with her. Arrogant, and a bit hubristically, my character would agree. And from that moment on, of course, he would be 'trapped', as the law of your character's nation would be very strongly on her side:

1. Males aren't allowed out in public without a female escort, subject to arrest if seen. Thus, once he enters the country, he'd be essentially trapped in whatever building she takes him to, completely at her mercy to even leave.
2. A male refusing a serious offer of marriage (when it comes up), is subject to immediate arrest.

Thus, the procedure for her would be quite elegantly simple - take her desired male to her house, keep him essentially trapped there except for when she wants to take him outside (the law already has that covered) and increasingly work to break down any vestiges of his arrogant male ego and work to transform him into the subservient, grovelling position she feels all males deserve to be in. Then, when she finally is convinced that he knows his place as a 'proper male', force him to marry her, claim him as her property, and ride the wave of success far up in the world with him at her feet.

So it's pretty straightforward I think; pretty early on into things, your character is going to trick mine into going into her country with her, then systematically start breaking him down into a proper, submissive man, and her eventual slave-husband. I was thinking for my part, I'd either be playing a prominent young politician - maybe one particularly outspoken against your character's nation, and thus a target, that way; or alternatively, a very wealthy young business executive, who'd also be a prominent target. The exact details of how she'd convince him to go along with her, we could work out together.

Necessarily, your character would have to be rather cruel - probably at least a tad sadistic, and definitely seeing my character as naturally inferior to her; she'd have to have a strong desire to impose her will on him, because I'm planning on having my character fight back rather hard. It's the power struggle that's the most intriguing/erotic bit for me, more so than even any smut itself.

Though, obviously, as this is an adult site, I have no particular objections to such. Though realistically, at first at least, my character is probably going to absolutely despise yours once she realizes what she is, so any such encounters would have to be at her initiation. Not like mine would really have much of a choice one way or another at that point anyhow.

My only real "limits" for this, I'd say, are anything involving bodily fluids (just eww), or permanent injury/death of either of our characters (as that would obviously end things rather quickly, now wouldn't it?) Beyond that, I'm pretty open. Anything REALLY extreme, or involving physical modification first, talk me by it first, and we'll see; but I'm fairly open-minded in most cases.

I'm perfectly fine roleplaying either on-site or off (so I wasn't sure which of the two to post this in); so if you'd prefer offsite, feel free to PM me for my information. Or I can do here just as well.

Uhh, I think that's about it. Now to see if THIS site is ... eccentric enough for me to find someone compatible for this craving on. xD

Offline NergalTopic starter

Re: Seeking gynarchy-based roleplay; submissive male for dominant female
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2013, 02:22:59 PM »
One last try I guess. *shrug*