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May 21, 2018, 03:54:32 PM

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Author Topic: Will you tame the beast...or will he tame you? (M looking for F) (Light to NC)  (Read 276 times)

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Offline CmdrRenegadeTopic starter

I am no longer seeking for this RP.  Thank you for your interest.

Long ago, during the days of the Warring States, the land we now know as Japan was a place of war, violence and plague.  When mystical creatures both fare and foul roamed the land and altered the course of the lives of humans as much as any samurai warlord.  This is a chapter in the tale of one such creature and the one who would alter his fate. 

Within the lands of central Nippon, there resided a creature known only as Kuro no kyōfu, the Black Terror.  This fearsome creature was a nogitsune or a fox demon.  The creature possessed nine tails to signify his great power as well as fur as black as obsidian to hide his presence.  Men and spirits who saw the malevolent green eyes of this creature and lived to tell the tale were rare.  The fox demon had plagued the region for hundreds of years, bringing death, grief, and madness to all within his reach. 

Fox Form:

Tales tell of the many horrible acts of the monster.  Some tell of how he would bring blights upon the rice fields of the local farming village.  Others of how he would sneak into villages in the form of a man to deflower maidens on the eve of their weddings.  The most chilling is how the fox bewitched the daimyo's army into turning on their own in a night of blood and slaughter, leaving the villages to be burned and pillaged by the daimyo's enemies.  These and untold more can be laid at his feet.  What are his motivations? Revenge? Infamy? Or a simple wish to watch the world burn? None know. 

Many men have come to hunt the Black Terror down and all have ended in failure.  Many brave and skilled woodsmen have gone into the forest to find the creature only to be horribly discovered the next day, burned by foxfire, dismembered, and hung by their own entrails.  Foolhardy young samurai, looking for glory, would challenge the creature only for the creature to stride out in the hybrid form of a man, sword in hand, and mercilessly butcher them all .  Young maidens had been offered to the creature to slake its lust, never to be seen again.  Though this would quiet the creature for a time, it has never lasted for long and the creature's reign of terror would begin again. 

Hybrid Form

Human Form

But, a new one, a female comes...what is her story and how will she change this creature? Will she? Can she?

That is where you come in.  What kind of woman strives to meet this demon? For what end? Justice? Revenge? Love? Peace? Conquest?That is up to you.

What your character is and what her motivations are is completely up to you.  She might be a demon slayer who seeks to make a name for herself.  She might be a maiden who wishes to offer herself to him to give her village a few years of peace.  She might be a sorceress who seeks to bewitch and enslave him toward her own ends.  She might be a kitsune sent by the Fox God, Inari, to end his reign of terror one way or another.  These are just a few potential possibilities.  The story can be Light or Non-Con in tone.  It will depend on what we agree on before we begin the story.  Please PM me if you are interested.
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