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August 12, 2022, 10:42:07 pm

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Author Topic: Centaurs and more, super pervy! F seeking M characters for porny fun times  (Read 806 times)

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I love all you pervy folks!  TAKEN while I sort through the blizzard in my email.  *kisses to all*

How about some very pervy, porny ideas! All, in this case, involve non-human/human interaction.

I post 2-3 times weekly, sometimes a little more.  I've come off a dry spell and I’m trying to get back in the swing of things – what better way than super pervy!  I usually write 3 or more, descriptive paragraphs with plenty of hooks for my partner to work with, use a spellchecker regularly and hope to see the same from my partner.  My partners can be male, female, trans*, queer, straight - whatever works so long as we have fun!

Beast of Burden
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In this fantasy (or steampunk era) world, humans are prolific but considered little more than clever animals – primitive wild bands are hunted, domestic humans are bought/sold, trained as pets, bred for desirable characteristics, etc.  Centaurs are the dominant species and they keep humans as pets and beasts of burden, there are also mer-folk, satyr, intelligent dragons and other non-human folks but they don't necessarily feature strongly here.

My human character is part of a wild band, living like savages.  Your centaur character is a fairly wealthy fellow whose family estate is on the edge of the wildlands.  In our childhood, the two of us met and developed an odd friendship.  We'd play together, got to know each other, you'd bring me little treats, etc – your parents (unknown to you as a child) were aware of this and thought it kind of cute, as if you'd made friends with a wild fawn.  My parents were unaware and would have been terrified if they'd known.  We haven't seen each other for several years.  You remember me fondly – that wild little fawn in the woods.  I remember you too and when my parents want to give me to an old, ugly, abusive chieftain as a third wife, I flee towards those memories.  We find each other and I plead with you to take me in – but there's only one role for humans in your world; property.  You'll break me in, train me up, use me for your own pleasure, and enjoy my company the way someone enjoys their favorite dog or pony.  I'll become your happy, obedient, eager to please pet.

In this storyline your character is totally fine with my being your property – what other use is there for humans besides being pets anyway?  As far as you're concerned, a life as a pampered pet is a safer, happier life than the harsh, short existence as a wild animal.  I … accept it somewhat nervously, as I do like you and don't know any other life – except the harsh one I grew up in.  Humans are used to pull plows and light carts (centaurs walk beside them), carry packs and baskets, clean, cook, serve etc.  We're also fine sex toys; pretty and unexpectedly, delightfully … accommodating.  Humans can also be bred by centaurs and other species – or to each other for tame human pets.  Humans bred to non-humans always bear the non-human parent's species.  I'm looking for an affectionate, moderately light (for an enslavement story) and mostly consensual (my character has chosen to be yours) storyline.  We can discuss plot complexities within the world as well.

Kinks: Enslavement, BDSM, dehumanization, humiliation, public nudity, pony play (this is important to me), large cocks (obviously), forced orgasm/multiple, public sex, branding, harnesses, bit gags (also important), training (sex and otherwise), various sorts of sex play, toys, horse tail butt plug (centaurs find tails attractive so they have their human pets wear them), decorations (piercings, tattoos, pretty harnesses etc).  Desired but not required: breeding (human and centaur/others), lactation/milking (human milk is a delicious treat!), multiple partners, gang-bang.

The goal here is a very perverse, enjoyable romp where the relationship is very unequal – I am your pet, there is no 'secretly loves me as an equal' – but the affection and devotion between the two characters is very real.  Think about all those happy movies about boys and their horses and imagine it's centaurs and their human pets instead.

Bitch Queen
This story is even kinkier than the previous! 
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In this fantasy world, my father's kingdom was overrun by the enemy (your side).  In a last ditch attempt to hide me (the surviving princess) away, my father's magnus created a powerful illusion to hide me in the kennels …among the royal hounds.  It's not a shapeshifting spell, my character is human but no one can see that, pretty much everyone perceives me as a lovely young bitch from a fine bloodline.  The illusion also allows me to keep up with other dogs in hunting, running, etc (oh, and well … reproduce with them successfully 'cause, yeah, I'm going there).  I can't communicate my predicament to anyone and the magnus was killed in the siege (which helped power the spell, alas).

Your character can be anyone from one of the princes of the enemy to a captain whose been gifted several of the hounds as a war prize, etc (your character can also be female, BTW).  Perhaps you have a natural immunity, or a magical device that lets you see that I'm human (sometimes? All the time?).  However, rescue is the last thing on your mind; instead the idea of me as your loyal pet thrills you.  You train and treat me as you would any other dog, breed me to the other hounds (after all, I've got a perfect pedigree!), and use me for your pleasure as well. I come to slowly, not entirely willingly, accept then enjoy my role.  I can be a fine hunting hound, or a guard dog, or whatever you like.  Worldbuilding, plotty details etc can be developed together.

pet play, zoophillia, knotting, forced/multiple orgasms, orgasm training, collars leashes, humiliation, de-humanization, degradation, communication impairment, sexual fun and games, kennels, dogs, public sex.  Desired but not required: breeding, lactation, bathroom control (walkies!) others as discussed.

I envision this with plenty of perverse sex, humiliating treatment of my character and an owner who won't let me get away with being a bad girl!  Good animal training involves both rewards and punishments so I hope that your character will include some treats and fun games as well as punishing me when I'm bad.  I absolutely adore dog treats (milkbones, etc) as part of puppy play.  I enjoy training scenarios so I'd like someone whose also interested in spending some words on teaching my character to sit, and fetch and beg ;)  I know it's not especially popular, but I enjoy breeding to dogs.  C'mon, who doesn't love cute puppies!
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