Current Cravings.... Please Help! (F seeking M)

Started by ZhenShanMei, July 01, 2013, 04:12:24 AM

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I'm craving a good roleplay. Mainly I want to try anything with age play, gangbanging, taboo, rape, and/or Sadomasochism. For a full description of me, my roelplaying style and my kinks. Please visit my On/Off thread. There is a link on my signature. Anyway currently craving:

Give and Take Until There is Nothing Left
Pairing: Master x Slave
Setting: Victorian
Theme: Drama / Romance
Kinks: House Toy / Role Reversal / Submission / Age Gap
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After a certain wealthy nobleman passed away, his only daughter was sold into slavery by her jealous and bitter step mother. Being the most dignified and beautiful young woman in the market, she manages to catch the eye of a man almost twice her age seeking a new housekeeper. She recognizes his name as one of her late father's business partners and conjures up a plan to use him as a means to get revenge on her step mother and win back her inheritance. However, she knows getting this man to help her will be difficult. After all, he's reputable for being an austere businessman, not a philanthropist. Getting him to free a slave he just spent so much money on wasn't going to be easy. However, she was surprised at how easily she was able to get him to eat out of the palm of her hand. In fact, with the exception of agreeing to release her, she had him wrapped around her little pinky finger in no time. It was only a matter of time before she figures out how to use that to her advantage.

"It's alright, Master. I'm not upset anymore."

Amidst The Blood and Roses
Pairing: Maiden x Vampire
Setting: Medieval
Theme: Drama / Romance / Horror
Kinks: Fear / Force / Possessive Lover / Biting
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Alone in an old castle on the summit of Torok's Hill, dwells a meek and forlorn vampire shunned by the surrounding villagers constantly living in fear of him. As one of the most wealthy noblemen in the area, he is forced to go into town for business on occasion. Though he is despised, he does not hate the townspeople because he knows their loathing is justified. Despite his humanitarianism and harmless demeanor, there is a terrifying monster hidden within him. When he goes without feeding for too long, that ghastly side of him becomes debauched, violent and uncontrollable. For their sakes, he makes his visits short to avoid putting them at risk. Legend has it that during one of the longest winters of the century when he was a new vampire, he was overcome by a powerful thirst and had attacked a man who had been hiding out in the woods near his castle. It was the first time he had fed on human blood and was immediately plagued by guilt. He returned to town seeking judgement but was met with thanks for the man he had killed was a fugitive rapist and murderer. From that day onward, he lived in peace with the villagers under the agreement that he would serve as the towns unofficial executioner. In their many years of peace that the townsfolk grew afraid of him, but kept the practice of delivering their criminals to him. It was during one of these routine capital punishments that his life was changed for his victim this time was a young woman. A woman whose blood retained a flavor of sweet innocence... 

"I can think of nothing else but to possess your love... and taste your blood."

Pairing: Knight x Princess
Setting: Medieval
Theme: Drama / Romance
Kinks: Foreplay / Rape / Discipline / Fear / Force
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The king has fallen ill and has been given only a few short months left to live. The only heir left to the throne is the king's beloved daughter. Though the old king was good and has always been well liked, the people feel strongly that the young princess isn't capable enough to rule the land especially in the midst of war. Nevertheless, the law states that the crown shall be passed down the royal family line as long as an heir exists. As the king steadily approaches his death, the citizens of the kingdom become more and more fearful of the future of their homeland. Some even become desperate. Assassination attempts against the princess result as a means of eliminating the last surviving heir making way for the citizens to appoint a more competent ruler. As the attacks against the princess become more frequent, the king is forced to request a bodyguard be appointed to his daughter at all times. After many days, they find an able man skilled in almost every area of combat. Overjoyed and longing for peace of mind, the king hires him immediately and without question. However, the king unknowingly hired a man already conspiring to take the princess' life as soon as the king draws his last breath and take the throne for himself.

"You really should stop trying to run away, Your Highness."

Be Here To Love Me
Pairing: Father x Daughter
Setting: Contemporary
Theme: Drama / Psychological / Forced Incest
Kinks: Force / Rape / Obsession / Possessive Lover / Age Gap / Stalking
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They were young and in love. Just a couple of kids without a care in the word. That is until she got pregnant. Even though he was in deeply in love with his girlfriend and ready to be a great father to their child, she wasn't as enthusiastic. She agreed to marry him and went through the pregnancy, but on the day of the delivery, his wife quickly placed the daughter up for adoption before he arrived and convinced him that she suffered a miscarriage. The man was heartbroken, but as long as he was with the love of his life everything would be okay. It wasn't until eighteen years later that he discovered his wife didn't feel as deeply towards him as he did her. She had been having an affair for years and he only found out about it the day she was killed in a traffic collision. He fell into a state of depression and always blamed himself for her death and infidelity. Two years later, there was a knock on his door. When he opened it he found a young woman who strikingly resembled his late wife in her younger years. His daughter had come back and he never wanted to lose her again.

"I promise I wont stay out past curfew again. Please let me go, Daddy."

Nights of the Cursed
Pairing: Warrior x Elf
Setting: Fantasy
Theme: Romance / Drama / Adventure
Kinks: Force / Kidnapping / Slave / Size Difference
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In a world of magic, monster and dragons, a group of nomads led by a notoriously merciless and skilled leader wander in search of a land to call their own. They were infamous for pillaging and wrecking every town they passed through murdering and raping as they went. It wasn't until they came across certain sacred monk village that they realized the error of their ways. After desecrating their temple, an ancient malediction fell upon them. Their endeavors failed and their numbers slowly dwindled ever since. When only a handful of strong men remained, their leader met with a promising fate. He stumbled across a damsel in distress and not just any woman, an Elven priestess. Knowing she would bring them good fortune and reverse the effects of the curse, the leader rescued her only to take her away and keep her as his good luck charm.

"Just try and take her from me."

The New Girl
Pairing: Roommate x Roommate's Girlfriend
Setting: Contemporary
Theme: Romance / Drama / Comedy
Kinks: Force / Stalking / Teasing
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Two guys have been living in the same apartment since they started college. One was responsible and studious, the other was a party-going douche bag notorious for bringing a girl home every weekend. One day, he comes home with a cute girl whose just a bit more quiet then the others. When she meets her boyfriend's friend at the breakfast table the next morning, she develops deep feelings for him and chases after him no matter who or what gets in her way, not even his girlfriend.

"I've been looking for you."

Please, Sis. . .
Pairing: Bother x Sister
Setting: Contemporary
Theme: Romance / Drama
Kinks: Blackmail / Teasing / Incest
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Even though she's a little shy, a certain girl is really popular since she really nice and cute. A lot of guys want to bang her, even her little brother who is a geeky virgin and social outcast. All he does is shut himself in his room and play video games or surf the net. He'd also peek into her room and watch her change, but that was extent of it. That is, until he caught her one night having sex with a guy on their living room couch while their parents were out of town. It was then that he realized, she wasn't as innocent as she made herself out to be. It was then that he decided he'd have a piece of her too. He approached her with a proposition: Either she taught him how to be good in bed or he would tell her parents what a slut she really was.

"Come on, sis. Show me what you did with those other guys."