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Started by Chiarra, June 29, 2013, 11:56:44 PM

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So, I would like to do a pet play rp with a caring master.  Would prefer him to be rich, but not a requirement.  My F's list can by found in my sig and I only have a couple rules.

1.  Good spelling and grammar.
2.  No one liners, at least a paragraph.

That's it.

Okay, so I had a couple of ideas.

1.  My character is very new to being a pet.  She barely remembers her life, since her memory was taken from her, and all she's known is being stuck in a cage like the rest of the "animals" in the back of the truck.  the truck, is a delivery truck that goes to people's homes who want to buy a pet, but they aren't really sure what they would want.  Because she is new to being a pet, she is still a virgin and is very terrified of who her new master is going to be, but she will be behaved, afraid of being punished.  ((Okay for this one, I wouldn't mind if she had a mistress either, as long as there wasn't any hardcore F/F.  Maybe she wants to breed her and has male pets to do that?  Also, would like for her to not be allowed to speak, maybe she is either just told of that rule, or muzzled until he or she thinks she understands that rule, or she could even have a spell put on her to where she could only make animal sounds like a cat or dog?))

2.  My character, a neko, had been given to your character, (which has to be a male) as a gift when he was a little boy.  They had grown up together and have grown very fond of each other and she really loves her Master.

The first idea I would like to be more modern, my second idea can be any time period.  I am sorry if this doesn't sound as good as it could, I am very sleepy and it is late where I am from.  If interested, please pm me and I will post when this is closed.
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