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Author Topic: Tea for Two... or Three or Four (Seeking Writing Partners of Any Gender)  (Read 470 times)

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Offline PalabraTopic starter

~ Tea for Two ~
or Three or Four

Hi! I'm Palabra. Welcome to my little list of cravings. Pull up a chair. Take a cup. Do you prefer one or two lumps?

This list is still very much a work in progress for me, so check back often. It's just a little assembly of plot bunnies that I'd like to nurture and raise. Bunnies being what they are, who knows? They may even breed new generations of (cotton) tales! If you're interesting in pursuing any of these stories with me, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread or to drop me a PM.

As a point of interest, I should note that I'm not really interested in doing any one liner rp in chat rooms or tabletop stuff over Skype. Just not my cuppa. I like to flex my writing muscles. I prefer longer format (at least three paragraphs) play-by-posts here in the forums. I am fairly active. I try to post at least once per day. in practice, it ends up being one to three posts per day. Depending on how many posts I owe, that means you may be waiting for yours for a couple of days. I haven't lost interest; I promise! Weekends are busy for me in real life, so expect me to be slow Friday - Sunday.

Do you ever close a book and wish it were longer? Do you ever sit and wonder what happened next, or first, or between the scenes? Do you ever wonder what would have happened if a certain character had changed his or her mind at a certain point? I sure do! Why don't we find out together? Let's write some of these missing scenes, sequels, prequels, and AUs together.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Little Women
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I would very much like to write a Jo/Laurie story about Little Women. I have always felt that, in the later books, it was strongly implied that Jo and Laurie may have had an affair. I would like to write that story with someone.

Pride and Prejudice
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Let's take a peek into the married life of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. We can do something with substance here, or we can write straight porn. Whatever floats your fancy. I'm sure I will be an ardent admirer of your work.

Elizabeth doesn't like Lydia's method of catching husbands, but Lydia is as pleased as punch. What happened in London? How did married life progress for the Wickhams?

Boyhood friends and college companions, these two were torn apart in college by Wickham's dissolute ways and, later, by his attempted seduction of Georgiana. What, exactly, happened at university to drive a wedge between the boys and to ignite Wickham's passion for revenge?

Redeeming Wickham
I've always had a soft spot for Mr. Wickham. I'd love to write a redemption arc for him. Perhaps there's more to his past than meets the eye? Perhaps he truly did love Georgiana? Maybe his feelings of jealousy and resentment are well founded when you look at matters from his POV? Alternatively, it's possible that life with Lydia reforms him. I just want an excuse to dive in and dust off Wickham's tarnished regimentals.

Bingley & Darcy
Ah, Bingers. He's such a sweetie. How did Bingley and Darcy meet? How did their friendship progress? I'd love to get affable little Bingers into a spot of trouble of some sort.

21st Century
Future fic! Bring your favorite (or least favorite!) P&P character to the 21st century. How do they react to the world around them? I always find myself wondering what Darcy would think of Metal music, for instance, or how Lady Catherine would react to so many young women traveling about unchaperoned. Would Lydia take to 21st century fashions? Would Mr. Bennet die of shock when catapulted into a Barnes and Noble? Pure crack, here, but fun!

Mansfield Park
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What if Fanny Price had accepted Henry Crawford? Would he still have eloped with Mariah? Would he truly have reformed? Would Edmund have married Mary and would Fanny's feelings for her cousin have burned out, or would they have continued?

Good Omens
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
How did these two celebrate the apocalypse that wasn't? Alternatively, I'd take excerpts from their past.

Romeo and Juliet
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Was it really one sided? Did Mercutio love Romeo in vain, or did Romeo throw him off for Juliet?

Lonesome Dove
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
These two old coots squabbled like an old married couple. They raised a son together. They lived their entire lives leaning on one another. After Gus died, Call buried him back at Lonesome Dove. Neither completely eschewed sex with women (although Call was less lecherous than anyone else), but what happened behind the scenes?

Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What if Tess had chosen Alec? What if she hadn't killed him and, instead, had kicked Angel to the curb (like he deserved)?

Ah, the Boob Tube. We often becoming invested in our favorite shows only to be disappointed when things don't go quite our way. If you'd like to correct some of those mistakes with me, let's get together and write our own endings, scenes, and pairings.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

General Hospital
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
These three characters would go to the ends of the Earth for each other. They would (and have) lie, steal, cheat, and even kill in the name of one another and the strange little family they've formed over the years. Personally, I've always felt that they belong to each other. I'd love to write a story in which Jason either returns (somehow) or an AU story during which the characters realize that they belong together and finally (finally!) find a way to make it work.

Sason! Brokeback mobsters, anyone? These men have been the most enduring partners in each other's lives. What if they finally come together romantically? What would Sason look like if they were more than just friends? Maurice has said several times that he'd play that story. Well, I wanna write it!

Let's get these two back together! They're meant to be! Lucky would never have abandoned his kids. I hate the way GH wrote him off instead of recasting him. Let's find a way to bring him back and get Liz and Lucky back together. They need to be a family.

Let's bring Ric back and reignite this old spark. I find it hard to believe that Ric would have missed Molly's childhood as completely as he has or that he wouldn't have maintained his ties to Kristina, whom he loved like she was his own. Let's bring Ric back and set him to courting Alexis all over again, not to mention strengthening his bonds with the girls. Of course, that's that thorny issue of Sam to deal with (ick).

I loved the way these two connected and I hated the way they parted. Let's rewrite Claudia and Ric, two vulnerable black sheep who find kindred spirits in one another.

You know what I hate? I hate it when the writers chicken out. They spent a long time setting up some pretty intense implications for Claudia's childhood. They implied that Claudia had been sexually abused by her father, Anthony, and that Johnny was the product of that union. Then, when it was time for the revelations, they chickened out. Trevor had had a thing with young Claudia. Also, Anthony had sort of prostituted her to a business client and Johnny Z was the product of that union. Still gross. Still twisted. Let's twist this even further and tell the tale GH was afraid to tell.

These two always add a layer of icky kink to their games of cat and mouse. Wanna expand on that subtext? I imagine these two have had plenty of hate sex and other creepy shenanigans.

They belong together. Let's give them a spanking good time -- complete with blackmail, adventures, and capers.

They complete me! Let's get these two crazy kids back together. They make each other better people and they have lots of fun doing it!

What if Stone had lived? What if his disease hadn't progressed so quickly and he had been able to get onto Robin's experimental drug protocols? Would he be the Jason to Sonny? Would he be Emma's dad? Would he and Robin have lasted? What would an adult Robin and Stone look like?

Sam/Michael vs. Sam/Jason
Jason's dead. It's very sad. Can we write a story in which Michael helps a grieving Sam take care of Danny? Michael spends more and more time at the penthouse. Gradually, Michael takes Jason's place. Sam starts to see Michael in a different light. He's a grown man, now, and already so strong. He's great with Danny. He's kind, considerate, capable... attractive. Michael sees Sam differently, too. She has blossomed into her role as a single mother, caring for Danny with a quiet confidence and a grace that Michael had never noticed before. It all seems so natural. They slot into place like puzzle pieces. But what will happen when their beloved Jason returns?!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer &/or Angel
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Why does she have to choose?! My answer? She doesn't! Let's re-write The Girl in Question. Spike and Angel actually find Buffy in Italy. She returns to LA with them and the three of them fight the good fight together -- while also navigating the complicated ins and outs of sharing their completely dysfunctional love.

You know what was so great about Angel's last season? Angel and Spike. They were hilarious and awesome together. They hated each other, but they loved each other, too. These two have a complex relationship that I'd like to explore further.

The Fanged Four (Darla/Angel(us)/Drusilla/Spike)
Let's write some twisted, gory tales of their years as a vampire family. They cut a bloody swath through Europe, we're led to understand. Let's peek into the past and play out some of those scenes.

They were on opposite sides, but it was the same war. These two lit the screen on fire with their illicit non-love. Let's throw some more fuel on the flames.

Why did she have to die? Whyyyyyy? Let's rewrite history and give Xander and Anya their happy ending.

These two are my ultimate endgame. As adults, years after the battle of Sunnydale and after the new Watcher's Council has been established and the baby slayers have been identified and trained, Xander and Buffy finally see what's been right in front of their faces since Buffy's first day at Sunnydale High.

Rupert Giles/Faith
I have a mad crush on Rupert Giles. Pair him with almost anyone, and I'd be happy. Pair him with Faith, with whom he has so much in common in terms of an arc of redemption, and let fireworks explode.

Rupert Giles/Anyone
I have a massive Giles crush. I want an excuse to indulge.

The Vampire Diaries
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I don't think Elena should have to choose. I think Elena should choose both of the Salvatore brothers. It's just a little bit of history repeating, right?

1864 flashbacks! Just how much did the Salvatores share?

I love their friendship. What if it wasn't always just friendship?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Crowley's my favorite SPN character. I looooove this suave devil. And you know what they say: what happens in Hell stays in Hell.

The Last Temptation of Sam Winchester (Sam/Jess)
Lucifer will bring Jess back - if only Sam will say yes.

What Happens in Hell...
We never really got to see what Hell was like for either Dean or Sam. Let's explore the Pit, shall we?

Lonesome Dove: The Series and/or The Outlaw Years
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(Newt) Call/Mosby
"The Day I Come for You is the Day You Die," (Newt) Call one said to Mosby. These two hotties have a wagon full of sexual tension. What happens when they act on it?

The Path not Taken
What if Hannah had lived? Would Curtis Wells be different?

Original Worlds and Themes
Hop, hop little bunny! Come pass my muse a carrot. My muse is being a very bad wittle wabbit.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Arranged Marriage
I love the idea of arranged marriages. Will the characters hate each other? Will they fall in love? Will they work together toward a common goal or strive to tear each other down?

Come away with me in an airship. Let's take Victorian future tech to new heights!

Religious Corruption
Let's corrupt a priest or something. I love the idea of religious officials who are really evildoers in disguise.

Sympathy for the Devil
I love playing demons and devils with a somewhat sympathetic streak.

The Library
Libraries, studies, bookstores... rooms full of books turn me on. Let's trap some characters in a setting like this and see what they do!

1001 Arabian Nights
Yes, I know this is literature. I don't mean I want to write a story based on any of the characters therein or on the premise that a bride must stave off death by regaling her husband with exciting stories every night. Instead, I want to write something set in the somewhat fantastic world of the Islamic Golden Age. Think turbaned sheiks in their harems, mysterious djinn in the desert, caravans toting precious goods along the silk and spice routes, and even a flying carpet or two.

Play With Me on Other Sites!
I'm an active RPer on other forums here on the wonderful world of the interweb. Come play with me!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Max Sec Prison RP
I'm looking for someone to play Christian, my character's helpless pawn of a nephew. The site is here. Be warned: this is a very dark rp full of disturbing adult content. I play two characters. Vince is a Puerto Rican mob enforcer. Reid is a hacker and video game enthusiast.

Come Undone
On this site, I play Damon Salvatore. He's a vampire with a quick temper, a sharp tongue, and a raging inferiority complex.
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Offline PalabraTopic starter

~ Now Serving ~
Currently, these guests are already seated at the table. Take a look at what we're cooking up!

The Unseen
AnjelRocker and I have teamed up to write a time travel tale. What happens when a civil war soldier accidentally slides into the 21st century?

Dealing with the Devil
I've teamed up with swiggy3000 to determine what happens when the devil comes to collect his due.

Stepford Springs
Beorning and I step back into the Antebellum American South to see how a Southern aristocrat might go about transforming his Yankee wife into the model of manners and gentility.

Funeral for a Friend
iheartkellan and I take the reins of General Hospital and try a Scrubs (Patrick/Robin) romance on for size.

Jake and Jessie
Interested plays the prostitute to my prince in this future dystopia.

Faith by Moonlight
What happens when everyone's favorite rogue slayer is vamped? Maniac and I find out! (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel)

Madame Velvet's Brothel
In this small group game set in 19th century New Orleans, I play a wealthy merchant named Henry Hornpipe. Wealth and ambition have rendered Henry arrogant and snide. He's lonely and friendless. Now, he pays for companionship at New Orleans' most mysterious brothel. How will he react to the otherworldly mix of clients and employees who inhabit this secret haven?

Just Fun and Games
In this small group game set in present day Los Angeles, I join Desirous and CarnivorousBunny in a love triangle. My character, "Park," is a real man's man. Jealousy rears its head when his best friend and roommate brings home a boyfriend. Will the new blood tear apart an old friendship, or will the trio find the solution in an unconventional arrangement?

Zero and I construct a steampunk tale of hypnosis amidst the gears. A squad of secret police tracks a villain who always seems to be one step ahead. Little do they know that he has already ensnared one of their own.

A Return to the Skies
CG1067 joins me in the clouds on this steampunk adventure. A retired privateer arranges a marriage into elite society, but it isn't long before his old life catches up with him. Will his new wife be able to withstand the rigors of life in the skies? Will she remain loyal, or will she throw her lot in with his enemies?
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Offline PalabraTopic starter

Inspiration Galleries
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2013, 03:17:48 PM »
~ Infused with Inspiration ~
Portrait of a Character as a Young Idea

I have a fondness for scouring the interwebs in search of interesting photographs, sketches, portraits, and other images of people from days gone by. Some are actors, but most are accurate historical images. These photos often spark interesting character ideas for fun new stories. My favorites are portraits of minority characters. I feel like pictures of rich white dudes are a dime a dozen, but pictures of minority characters from bygone eras always conjure up rich plots and characters in my head. Since I've spent an inordinate amount of time browsing today, I thought I'd be nice and share a few of my favorite finds with you.

So, without further adieu... the galleries!

19th Century Men
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Gallery 1
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

* 3rd row down and first guy on the left, the handsome black man in the top hat: I used him here as a New Orleans merchant named Henry Hornpipe.

* I haven't used him yet, but can I just comment on how handsome Henry O. Flipper was? He was an officer, a gentleman, AND a looker! Be still my fake Victorian heart!

Gallery 2
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Let's hear it for the ladies, too!

19th Century Women
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Gallery 1
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Gallery 2
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