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Started by TheDarkMiko, June 22, 2013, 03:19:30 PM

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Looking to have some fun playing as characters from the original series from the 60's. Not that the newer one isn't okay but there will only be one true crew for me. Anyway looking to play Uhura(me) and looking for someone to play Spock. Seeking to make him highly "illogical" as he tries to figure out how he feels about her as well as dealing with an adventure that comes along that either is threatening a planet they must aid, the ship itself or maybe even him going back to his home Planet of Vulcan because his Pon Farr is near. Of course this can be completely fun seeing how he deems emotions to be useless. Smut, storyline, jokes, fun,adventure and action ALL required here. See my O/O's to see if we mesh up and give me a PM. If you desire you may also play other characters if the need calls.

PLEASE know the series before you send me a note even though we are going to also make it up as we go along.

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