The Best Day of my Life :-)

Started by Jester, June 29, 2008, 04:42:46 PM

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The game is set over a couple's wedding Day. I am not sure what the characters would be like but I am thinking she might suddenly get scared. Perhaps she has not had much sex and suddenly decided to experiment?

It could include, rough, exhibitionism, incest. I kind of like the idea that her husband might catch her a couple of times but not say anything.

She could sleep with her Dad/Brother, the best man, a gang bang, her best firned, and finally with her husband as she makes him kiss her freshly fucked pussy.



I'm definently interested. Maybe we should bring our current thread to a conclusion and start this one instead?



Our current one has been fun but is near an end.

You happy to play the female this time? Shall I PM you?




Sure, I would love to play the female. Unless you'd rather play with some of the newbies Samhain or unchaste that is, I don't mind.


If you don't mind tom that would be great. Thanks for being the first to respond though. Perhaps we could do something else?