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Author Topic: Cass's Characters, and Ideas!! (Looking for M for MxF)  (Read 1767 times)

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Cass's Characters, and Ideas!! (Looking for M for MxF)
« on: June 19, 2013, 09:25:35 PM »
Ok so this is where I will list any ideas or characters I am looking to write with. I am not all that creative with fancy request thread stuff, but I like to think I am a decent writer and I run all my stuff through word, so should be free of spelling errors at least though it like to fight me on grammar. :-P I usually adapt to my writing partner, so if you give me short posts I might write just as much or a little more. Give me long posts, I will give you longer post also. Though it is imperative you give me something to reply to in the posts, short or long if there is nothing to actually reply to I won't be a happy camper.

I am easy to get along with, I am not going to give a list of my likes and dislikes. Dislikes mainly are anything gross and disgusting. Anything else, we will see what comes between the characters. But most of this can be seen in my O & O'S.

So I have some characters and ideas right now I would love to write with again, looking for strong writers and preferably strong characters. Though that can be discussed at the time, reading plot any other things if you are interested. Please PM me only, that is going to be the only way I know you are interested.

Oh one more thing, please do not ask me about Incest. I will not do a story strictly about it, if it is something that comes up in the plot later maybe if it works for the story. But do not lead with that, even adding it into a plot I will need some major convincing on it.

Sweet Mob Bosses Daughter

Lily is one of my few sweet girls that I like to write, can go many ways with the story. But kind of enjoy the action and adventure with her.

And though I do have her a Bisexual, I am looking for a Male character to write with her.

Name: Lily Dolgonosov

Age: 23

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Physical Description:  Shoulder length blond hair, soft brown eyes. 5’4” and petite.  Wears rose and brown colors, and soft pinks to accentuate her femininity.  Her clothing is always tasteful, tending towards floral prints, and pink colors. Most clothing will fit her, but not usually too tight. No tattoos, but she has been thinking about getting one.

Biography: Lily is the daughter of Russian Mob Boss Rurik Dolgonosov, to most he is a business man but most know better. She was raised in the States, and is as American as apple pie. She is also the apple of her father’s eye. While he doesn’t keep her on a tight leash, he is very protective of her. She knows of his dealings, but both her and her father keeps her out of any of them.

Lily has taken college classes for computers, and with some of her own direction and dealings with some of the wrong people. She has learned many of the shady areas of the computer world, in short she is a hacker. And this is something she keeps tight under wraps, not even her father knows of this.

Her personality is sweet, with a hint of naďve though if that is for sure or not. Not many people have found out. She is a bit clumsy in words, and sometimes movement. She may seem like she trusts easily, and helps everyone she can. But she does know better than to trust anyone fully. There is a lot to Lily people don’t know.

Bad Witch or Just Crazy?
Looking for something interesting, Reggie is a character I have used in the past who had potential but just never ended up getting far because the same person pulled out on me twice while in the middle of writing both. I originally made her for a Fables Graphic Novel game, where we took the idea and made it our own. She had originally been the Evil Queen from Snow White, but had her powers reduced as well as her age once she came into the real world. So she ended up this early 20 something goth looking girl who read fortunes and was addicted to video games. Plus an inner struggle with not having all the power or standing in the world she once did. I would love to play that side of her again, but I need a decent partner to figure out an interesting story to set her in.

The other version I have of her, is just a regular 20 something, that ended up running a fortune telling shop in what ends up being a rather strange and paranormal town. She doesn't have much of anything in powers herself. But she had gotten very good at reading people, and that helps her make a small living day to day. She is a loner, addicted to video games like her original self. And just has a sarcastic attitude, which makes it difficult for anyone to get close to her. Her background is she was in a mental hospital while growing up, there is a bunch more to make things rather interesting and brings her to why she is who she is now. But I would rather someone find most of it out in game as they try to get to know her. Again looking for someone to help me with figuring out a decent story to drag her into and willing to put up with her crap until they can manage to open her up.


Just to let you know also, I don't mind the sexual side of writing but I do want plot and writing also. I play them with heart, and feeling. While I don't mind a good sex scene, I like there to be reasoning for it and not just to write out a bunch of sex. I love interaction of the characters, and how things come about between them. I hope that makes sense, please PM me if this sounds of interest for you.

This Bio is based on the second version above, but can be changed and adjusted depending on the plot and story agreed upon.

Name: Reggie Sterling

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Looks: Dark is the best way to describe her, long purple hair down her back but that is just the mood that has hit her at this moment. Lavender eyes that look soft, though they feel like they can pierce you from miles away. Which are contacts of course, but she will never admit to it. She is thin with a good set of curves, 5’4” in height. Lip piercing, and tends to keep to the pale and dark colored make up of a gothic type. Clothing is also dark, likes leathers and some revealing things though at the same time no one can complain she doesn’t wear enough.

Personality: Upon first meeting she can be a bit rough around the edges, a bit sarcastic especially to those who talk down to her. She is smart, and will show it sometimes and she can also be quite sweet also but she doesn’t show that to everyone. She tries very hard to hold up the persona the mask she shows on the outside, which is strong and a bit untouchable at times. Inside though she can be quite frail and delicate, deep down things affect her more than she tends to show.

Background: Not much to say so far, she didn’t like where she was at before so she moved to this place they called Briarwood, IL to see if she could find a better life. She doesn’t talk about her life before much, in fact she tends to close up when asked about it getting just a little more mean towards the person asking the question.

Now she has a small business reading tarot cards, and palms, and anything else that can be read to pretend to tell the future. She has her own little hole in the wall that she decorated with awful things to make it look mysterious and gothic the kind of place people expect to walk into to get their fortunes told. Of course she doesn’t actually have any real power or anything, but she is pretty decent at reading people so she makes a decent enough amount to live though not in the biggest of apartments or anything like that she makes due.

Hobbies: People watching, and a slight addiction to video games.

Occupation: Fortune Teller

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Sexual Likes: Can range from vanilla to some darker things depending on her mood.

Sexual Dislikes: Bathroom stuff, and assholes

Cold Hard Woman

Well what can I say about Morgan, she is a complete bitch and not one of those girly types who makes a man feel good before ripping his heart out. No Morgan is a fowl mouthed, tough, take no shit kind of women. But she isn’t all bad, doesn’t like people who get their kicks picking on the weak. She has put several men into the hospital just for even thinking about raising their hand to their girlfriend or wife. She is a hard nut to crack, but she is crack able and deep down wants to be loved.


Just to let you know also, I don't mind the sexual side of writing but I do want plot and writing also. I play them with heart, and feeling. While I don't mind a good sex scene, I like there to be reasoning for it and not just to write out a bunch of sex. I love interaction of the characters, and how things come about between them. I hope that makes sense, please PM me if this sounds of interest for you.

Morgan will probably run on the side of a bit more sexual, and a bit more rougher side of sex also. But always anything to extreme needs to fit into the plot and not just be added in to get your rocks off. I am looking for a tougher guy for her, but someone with a heart also.

Name: Morgan Haws

Age: 34

Sex: Female

Physical Description: Long dirty blond hair past her shoulders, wears it long or tied back depending on the moment. Grey eyes. 5’6” in height with an athletic build. Tends to wear jeans and black work boots, t-shirt in some dull color under a leather jacket. Doesn’t dress to impress, but she still looks good in it. Very lite make up, if any at all. Only jewelry she wears are a pair of small diamond studs in her ears, more than likely fake.

Personality: Bad attitude, sarcastic, quick to anger. If someone can open her up, she might be loyal, and even nice to the person…Maybe. She isn’t a complete bitch, but she is close. Might drink too much sometimes. Does have a weakness for the weak. Has softened a little bit, but only a little bit working with more of the public now and less with taking down scum.

Biography: Morgan grew up in a bad part of town, her father was a police officer so in turn she went for that also when she grew up. Home life was less than perfect, her father was a drunk and she more than once had to threaten him to keep from killing her mother. She also took more than enough hits from that, in punishment from getting in the way. In school she wasn’t the most liked person, she got ok grades but was called to the office more than once due to a fight usually against a boy bigger than her.

Several times the lowlife’s, the gangs tried to recruit her in and she almost accepted at one point but she couldn’t stand what they did. When it came to pushing around those bigger than them, fine she was in but when they tried to hurt those weaker she had a problem. Going from that she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, once she became an officer she rose through the ranks quickly to detective and stepped on many people’s toes to do it. As she quickly found out, some of them were no better than the scum on the streets.

Eventually due to some things beyond her control, and the control of her own anger she was thrown off the force. That was fine with her, screw them she didn’t need them in the end to do the job she wanted to do. She spend several years bounty hunting instead, taking down scum and getting money out of it. No one much complained if they had gotten roughed up a bit either, she made a decent living off of it and got to travel a bit. Eventually she made enough, and put enough aside that she could retire. She might come out of retirement every so often if someone needed a favor, but now she tried to live a bit more calm life. And if needed might have some info, or could do a favor for some others out there that knew how to get her on their side.

Taking up in California sick of the harsh winds, and winters of Illinois she used the money she had put away and opened a bar. It wasn’t anything special, she had a few employees and she got some regulars who came in everyday keeping her afloat. It wasn’t somewhere to party, it was somewhere to drink and grab a bite to eat off the simple menu. She liked it, and no one gave her crap when she might let an extra drink flow down her own throat.

Occupation: Bar Owner, sometime bounty hunter
Hobbies: Drinking, working on her bike.
Sexual Orientation: Hetro
Sexual Likes: Rough, is fairly open minded.
Sexual Dislikes: Anything to do with bathroom, assholes, weak men

Red Rose and Her Thorns
Looking for something set in the late 50 thru early 70’s or somewhere in the middle prefer something earlier than the 70’s though. I created her for Las Vegas, but can also be somewhere big city or big gambling or something of like Atlantic City or something of the like. Looking for an interesting plot story for this. Looking for a strong male character, in both mind and body someone who knows what he wants but doesn’t mind a stronger personality female to much.


Just to let you know also, my characters can be like this one a bit on the sexualized side. But I play them with heart, and feeling. While I don't mind a good sex scene, I like there to be reasoning for it and not just to write out a bunch of sex. I love interaction of the characters, and how things come about between them. I hope that makes sense, please PM me if this sounds of interest for you.

Name: Marla Rose
Age: 26 (can be adjusted if needed)
Personality: Tough, and can be a bit touchy at times. Once you get to know her she can be kind and funny, though she has a hard exterior to cover it not letting many in.  Can be flirty when she wants to be.
Physical Description: Red wavy hair down past her shoulders, likes to keep it down framing her face. Light green eyes that hold the window to all of her. She stands about 5’5” thin with curves in all the right places. Has a tattoo of a rose on her right breast, her right upper arm is covered with a mix of hearts, native American style feather and beads, and butterflies. She wears make up to create a boldness out of her looks, as a change from the meek woman she used to be. Her clothing fall into the same category, wearing things to accentuate her body and show herself off though still slightly tasteful.
Biography: It had been a hard road which brought her to where she is today, she didn’t exactly grow up with the best family. Things were tough in that parents fighting and barely any money coming in dad drinking, and as soon as she graduated high school she married her High School Sweetheart mainly to get out of there and that is just how things happened at that time. She became the lovely house wife, keeping home and such for her working husband. It was happy for a little bit until things had gotten harder at work for him, which meant things got harder at home for her.

There was one time when she dropped a piece of paper on the kitchen floor and forgot to pick it up, a phone call or something distracted her and it just happened. Her husband had come home not long after to find it, he had such a hard day at work he was furious that she couldn’t at least keep the house straight. So for the first time since they married he raised a hand to her, after that it happened more often getting harsher. The last straw was one night where she ended up tripping over her own feet, just to get his food to him as fast as she could being the best wife she could be. With the food going everywhere and to waste, he beat her nearly to death. It was then she finally decided she had enough.

When her husband went to pick her up from the hospital from her “bad fall” she was gone, she had contacted some friends to help her leave and she ran off. She was too scared to file for divorce or anything like that, so he just disappeared changing her name in the end. Things didn’t get better at first, she left New Jersey taking a bus as far as she could go. She ended up in Las Vegas and never ended up leaving. For a while she did some things she wasn’t proud of, stripping and some of the perks that came with that. She hated it, but it was a way to get a lot of money fast if you were good.

She was ok, but what made her end up standing out a bit were her costumes. She had taken to making her own lingerie, having found a cheap sewing machine and going to work. She would pick up materials at second hand stores at first, and came up with some different and interesting things. She had fun with it, and it relieved the stress of her hellish life. Some of the other girls began asking about them, and in turn became willing to pay her to make something for them. Quickly it turned into a business, which she ended up running out of her home. In time it grew by word of mouth, even to the points that some of the house wives would come to find her to ask for something to be made.

She knew she needed to make the business better, but that took money which is something that wasn’t easy for her to get. She tried with the banks, but a lingerie shop as she spoke of just wasn’t something of their interest. Besides who would want stuff like she made anyways? So with that unfortunately she had to go to the next best thing, or worst depending on who you look at. The mob loved putting money into things, and this should be right up their Alley. So she went and asked and it was eventually agreed, with some convincing. It was Las Vegas after all Sin City. But she eventually got the money, and is paying it off as she can at least making the minimum payments on time so far. Of course it doesn’t keep them from breathing down her neck, but she deals with that in stride.


Ok so I had a dream, and this idea keeps sticking and expanding in my head. Would be easier for me to talk to a potential partner regarding this, rather then putting it all out there as it isn't fully formed in my head. My character a Female Dom, known as the Discipliner. And a Male Dom, who is known for being a ladies man always a new girl on his arm. They are part of a group opening up an Elite D/s club, the Male Dom the back bone of the club the one putting the time and effort into making it something great. Others are investors, my character tends on the legal side of things. My character is known to be one who punishes at the Club, one who doesn't directly give or get pleasure from what she does. She makes examples out of trouble makers, and it works for what they need. Of course everyone knows there is just something a little off about her.

The thought is mainly a bit of a romance type story, Male and Female Dom's interactions, among some other troubles they get into draw them together. Possibility of Male Dom taking her down the road as a submissive, if he can break her out of her hard shell. Of course feelings intensify between them along the way. Good story for some trouble and drama. Not looking for anyone to break her.
Please PM me if this sounds interesting to you.
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Re: Cass's Characters, and Ideas!! (Looking for M for MxF) NEW IDEAS!!
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Re: Cass's Characters, and Ideas!! (Looking for M for MxF)
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Re: Cass's Characters, and Ideas!! (Looking for M for MxF)
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