Cass's Dark Desires (Looking for M for MxF) Updated Idea's 3/21/21

Started by Cassandraks, June 19, 2013, 09:25:35 PM

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About the Writer:

Hi All,

I am Cassandraks, but you can call me Cass. I have been writing for well over 15 years. Recently I had taken a break from doing any writing, just couldn't focus on it but recently I have come back ready to write.

A few things about me, I am really easy going on most stuff. As long as you are generally a nice person, I am a nice person. But if you are an asshole, well I doubt we will be discussing anything. I am also not easily offended, so again to offend me you really have to be an asshole to me. And if you are, we probably won't get far enough in writing for you to offend me.

I will also admit, I don't write as well as I used to. I still seem to be a good writer, but I am not going to be writing and describing grand things in my stories all the time. I know there are some writers out there that can write paragraphs of what a room looks like, that isn't me except for some reason if the mood hits me. I don't mind writing with people like that, I am just letting you not to expect it from me. As for how much I can write, I can usually match what my partner does. As long as I have things to reply to, I have no issues with doing a longer post. But of course if there isn't much to respond to, then don't expect more then what you wrote.

PLEASE NO ONE LINERS I can't take it, and will give up quickly on you. Give me something of substance.

Also I don't get really picky on grammar and spelling, just as long as I can read what you are writing and what is going on I can work with it. Besides I am not perfect on this stuff either, so I hope you will give me a break also if something come up like that. Though I do ask that you try your best at least, as I try my best also.

I also like plot in my stories, even if it is more smut then plot I like there to be a reason to be doing what we are doing. So it really comes down to the stories I am doing, whether it will be more plot then smut, or more smut then plot. Usually if I put an idea out there, I will give you an idea of which. Or sometimes it is open to anything.

What I like writing depends on my mood at the time, right now I seem to be seeing darker stories maybe even more smutty ones. But I like romance also. So it all really depends on what my mood is at, at the time. But am always willing to hear out someone and their ideas.

Just please, please don't randomly PM me with one offs of what kind of kinks you want. That is just...ew.

I also DO NOT write on IM or DISCORD. I DO write in PM or THREADS, or a possible GOOGLE DRIVE. 

That is all I can think about me for right now, if there is something missing here ask. I also ask not to be judged as a writing partner due to what is on here, talking to me and discussing things will get you a whole lot more info on if we are compatible.


    I really hate this, I am open to a lot of things depending on the story and my character. So really to many to list and me to think of off the top of my head.

MAYBE'S: Again all depends on Character and Story, others not listed that I might not thinking of right now.

  • Non-Con
  • Incest
  • Blood Play
  • Humiliation

OFF'S:If most people hate it, I probably will to. But you can ask

  • Anything bathroom, puking, or disgusting things
  • Beastiality
  • Anything younger then 18
  • Anything to do with death
  • Any of the other really weird kinks out there
  • Cutesy or Flowery Language during a sex scene. Big turn off, literally feels like nails across a chalk board. We are adults it good to use adult words.
  • No Never Ending Sex Scene, please people doing this just makes me bored. And I mean this as the character gets hard quickly many times so they can fuck all night. I like to keep my characters realistic, they get tired so lets move on. The multiple position thing is fine, just not a hundred ejaculations a night.
  • Oral (Receiving)


I seem to be having some Darker Cravings as of late, feel free to PM me if you have other ideas fit close to the stuff I am looking for with my other stories but don't match up.

Southern Charm

Southern Belle Just looking for her Daddy for one night, under 45 need not apply.

Her name is Belle of course, and she scouts the bars in which her gentleman callers would be found. Sharing and seat and a drink and maybe a cigar, until they move on for the night. And then by morning she is gone, and so isn’t that money you won that night.

It could be done modern, but I am starting to think about an western themed story also. Either way she is a woman of the night, and she can tend to rob her clients blind.

Trying to configure things in my head right now on how this would work. Please PM me with any ideas that might help with where we should go.

Say Yes to Everything

Idea: She had gone to college far away from her family, and it ended up being so overwhelming. Granted she was a little popular in high school, now she was just shy and insecure. She was so nervous and awkward meeting new friends, which she never used to have a problem with.

Mostly she thought it might have been that she was home sick, at least she knew the people and what was going on there. She knew how to deal with things back home, she just didn’t know how to deal with things here.

So when she was on the phone with her bother one day, he told her the secret of how he got through it. For 1 Day, say yes to everything. No matter how strange or just say it and go with it. He said he made some of the best friends he has ever had by doing this.

So what might happen if she says Yes to everything for one day?
Might be willing to throw some sister/brother incest into this with the right writing partner.

If you have any interest, please PM me with an Idea to help it move forward.

Turning Upon Herself

Name: Paris “Amina” Adams

Age: 22

Description: Long black hair, dark brown eyes, stands about 5’3”, thin but well curvy in the right places.

Personality: She can act like she is better than anyone else, only her friends around her truly know her. She can’ certainly rub up against people she doesn’t know in the right way.

History: She was always a troubled kid, if there was something she could be doing to get in trouble she was doing it. Smoking cigarettes, drinking, stealing, you name it she has probably done it.

Goth culture was perfect for her, she liked to be different and this gave her a way to be exactly how she wants. As as she did it so didn’t her friends, as she was kind of the leader of the group. As High School passed and she just barely got by enough to graduate, at least her parents were happy that she wouldn’t their problem for much longer.

They kicked her out as soon as they could, which lead her to couch surfing for a while. She started to learn also that the real world was a harsh place for someone like her. Though she ended up getting lucky, and found a job in which she wouldn’t have to change herself.

It was a Kink Club called called Turn Aside, and she fit in perfectly there with the people who tended to come in. She started working as a waitress, and at some point she added in dancer to her resume. She ended up being able to get a cheap loft apartment that did her well for now. Her friends would come in sometimes, but it made them nervous due to some of the things happening there. Amina didn’t mind all the stuff going on their, and sometimes bragged to her friends that she sometimes participated which she had not. She also spoke herself up to others there also. Which would soon turn into a mistake.

There was one man that she would see occasionally, always dressed very nicely in an expensive suit. As she watched him, it almost seemed like he was hunting for prey rather than a good time. He made her nervous, so she always tried to limit and rush through their interactions. She was doing well until one night when she was up dancing in one of the cages she felt some eyes feeling like they were sinking into her soul. As she turned there he was looking at her, and she knew that he decided to catch her this time. And any toughness she had would not help her this time.

Please PM with Any Ideas!!

Locked into Marriage

Ok, not sure where I am going to be going with this, I found I was saving a lot of body jewelry images and finally had a semi idea regarding it. My mini idea was my character probably being a virgin, her demeanor probably being sweet and innocent, but who knows that could change. I see her being married off to someone.

Now as she is being married off, she is probably a princess or someone in which whoever she is being married to they need to keep happy. So it could be the standard that the women are essentially are not humiliated in front of the whole kingdom or it is more a part of more who she is being married off to who could be more barbarian then royal.

So with that I see here being required to wear this jewelry on her body for her wedding attire, she also wears a cloak to help with some privacy but not much it is see through. And there can be a small ceremony for her side, but for the other side their ceremony is basically removing one piece and then another until she is naked. I can also see the Cloak being shut with a lock and her husband being the only one who has the key. We can probably play more with that part also.

And when she is bare, and probably shaking with everyone looking at her and her just trying not to fall apart he will put his fingers inside of her to make sure she is a virgin. Though that would have been checked before, he likes to do his own checking. And then he will take her and use her in front of the whole kingdom, as the two of them seal whatever deal that was made that had gotten her into this mess.

Then we can go on with whatever we can come up with, will she be abused and used by him? Will he offer her to others? Will she get used to this, and even begin to care for him? Will she run away? So much can be done with this.

PM Me with any ideas!

Melting The Ice

Idea: She was the the one to go to for planning big parties and things, celebrities use her for Weddings and more. This evening she was in touch of a Gala in a prodigious museum, so many important people will be there tonight. It was her biggest job yet.

She was also known to be a bit of an ice queen, no emotion just did her job if something was wrong she would make it right. No one ever seen her sweat, most were not sure she could. Many thought she was a robot. At least most did until tonight.

Of course she has feelings, and things bother her, and she often was exhausted and in pain getting these things done. But she always got herself through it. Tonight just happened to be a bad one, and she had to find a corner in which she could just let herself breath a moment.

Truly no one else should have been there. It lead to a janitor's closet, hell if she had the key for it she might have gone in. But instead she laid her back against the wall and stretch herself, she also took some breaths just generally trying to work the kinks out. She let herself breath and her cold exterior fall, she had gotten some news before she had come tonight, and she didn't even have time to process it. So her face did fall for a moment, knowing she had to hold it in the rest of the night. She just needed to get through the rest of the night. She took a tissue out of her purse to dab at her eyes. And that is when she heard it, click, click, click. It was a sound she knew, and she looked away from the corner and seen him. He wouldn’t be one of those that would work for the reputable papers, he more so worked for the ones who will give you a ton of money to get a picture of someone famous doing something strange or whatever.

She would turn at him, fiery mad “Give it to me!” She said, and he shook his head “Oh no, everyone needs to see, that the Ice Queen finally has a heart.”

PM me with your ideas. Think I am looking for a Gentle Dom for this one.

The Burdon of Her own Making

Idea: She is someone who had grown up in the same neighborhood all of her life, everyone knows everyone type of places. She had babysat for so many of the couples there now, that when she came home from college it was a great fit for a bit more cash in the summer. Plus she could do a bit of tutoring also for the kids that needed it, as she was very smart and knew how to work with most of them.

The thing missing from her summer vacation would be very easy to see, she wasn’t going out anywhere and all of her friends didn’t end up coming back for the summer. And in her own way it wasn’t easy for her to get to know other people, though she can speak about a known subject there was a bit of shyness to her also. And a lot of that comes from her body image.

She is pleasantly plump, had a bit more curves then most of her stick thin friends. To anyone who sees her, she is soft and attractive to look at the extra curves accentuating her assets rather than taking away from them. But to her she thinks she is hideous, and is hard to believe what others say about her looks.

Looking for maybe one of the fathers, or more then one perhaps taking advantage of her. Perhaps things tend to work out better than she could have thought, and it becomes a side business. Dad needs to go talk to her about the tutoring, or something like that? Or anything else comes to mind, I am open to ideas.

Please PM me with your ideas!






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