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Author Topic: The Wrong Star Sapphire (m playing F/seeking M or F)  (Read 352 times)

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The Wrong Star Sapphire (m playing F/seeking M or F)
« on: June 19, 2013, 03:27:56 pm »
It's been a while since I've actually played a female main. Seems like time to try it on for size once more. (Please note, this has nothing to do with Elliquiy player Star Safyre. Just to make sure folks know.)

Few of the corps of the emotional spectrum feel the effects of their power as much as the Star Sapphires. On one extreme of the emotional spectrum, Star Sapphires have the emptiness in their hearts replaced with the violet light of love, empowering them with the fullest power of a Lantern, but throwing them into the passions of their emotional power.

When the Star Sapphire of Sector 991 died on planet Earth, its ring sought the nearest person to have powerfully felt love but been spurned, or who knew true love but lost it.

The rings are potent, and their programmed search was well designed but that didn't make them omniscient. In particular, the violet ring was susceptible to specific kind of false positive... the sort of being who had felt intense, passionate love, been spurned, and lost that love. The reason this was a problem was Delilah Marque.

Delilah Marque had always been a bit unbalanced -- the sort of girl who grew close to someone, then became obsessive and clingy. Who fixated. A beautiful brunette who dressed to provoke without being too revealing, Delilah had no problem attracting attention. However, her potential boyfriends or girlfriends quickly discovered....

Well... they discovered she was crazy. She would leave a hundred text messages after a first date. She would send flowers and stuffed animals to someone she'd shared a meal with as part of a group. And Heaven help you if you'd actually slept with the girl.

Still, those were just flings, or so she told herself later. It wasn't like that with Peter Weiss. Peter was special. Peter was the one.

Peter had it all. He was handsome, well off, intelligent, nice and fun to be around... he may have erred on the side of playing the field, just a bit, and he may have perhaps been a bit callous with a few peoples' emotions, but he wasn't really a jerk. He was young and had a lot to learn, and mostly wanted to have a good time.

Friends warned him about Delilah Marque, but she was beautiful and intense, and a three day weekend became a whirlwind fling of sex and take out Chinese that was one of the most intensive experiences of his life. It was astounding.

Which is good, because it was also his last. When Delilah assumed she was now his live-in partner, they argued and he threw her out. When she stalked him, he refused to engage and ultimately got a restraining order, which ultimately got her in prison overnight. That sent the message. That sent it loud and clear. Peter didn't love Delilah. He had used her. Her one true lover had broken her heart.

She dissolved the body in quicklime. To this day no one had found it. And Delilah was clever. She'd managed to stage the murder and disappearance so it seemed like Peter had still been alive and available while she was once again in lockup overnight for violating the restraining order. Obviously, she had nothing to do with his disappearance.

But now... her one true love was dead. That fact sank in. That low down betraying snake of a user was dead and she'd never see him again.

The violet ring shot to her so fast it practically left Cherenkov radiation in its wake.

Sealed in crystal, Delilah was transformed. The shattered void in her heart was filled with the pure violet light -- filled to overflowing, even. She would no longer be ruled by the pain of Steve's rejection or Steve's death -- she would instead be filled with the power of love, charged to help others whose hearts were in pain.

The problem is, even if the violet light filled the void within her... it completely failed to fix the ways in which she was fundamentally broken. However, where before she was a stalker of men and women alike, seeking their validation and their love... now she would stalk those she perceived as lovelorn... and fix them. Even if she had to break them to do it.

When the crystal shattered, a new Star Sapphire was freed. She should have been drawn to Zamaron for training. She should have been drawn to Sector 991 to take her predecessor's place. Instead, she set her sights on Earth, and its broken hearted, cold, utterly bereft and heartless population. Which to her mind meant all of them.

The void in her heart had been so great, she was tremendously powerful right from emergence. Such power completely overwhelmed what restraint she did have, so she was driven by her flawed interpretation of the violet light's mission to the exclusion of all other things. And she had absolutely nothing holding her back, and nothing to lose.

Of course, some people believed they were okay without love. It's all right. She would fix them.

And others, of course, believed they were in love, and in happy relationships. It's all right. She would fix them too.

Earth had no idea what was coming... or how much they would love it. The kind of love that would leave you screaming.

I'm looking for male or female characters to operate opposite Star Sapphire Deliliah Marque. These can be existing DC universe characters or they can be original characters, super or not. Each of these will be one-on-one, and we should discuss via PM just how Delilah's insanity will spill over onto the character. Delilah's power literally lets her get into the heads of her 'heartsick patients,' pulling out incredibly personal information which can be used for intense mindgames and even more intense reactions. This would all fall back onto 'NC-Exotic' or even 'Extreme' levels, and each story would be one-on-one. This is meant to be highly sexual horror, though it can go anywhere from the dark seduction of the reluctant to... well, more than that, depending. Unquestionably, stories that came out of this could easily be referred to as Mindfucks.

As always, 19+ only characters. Beyond that, PM me and we can discuss things. Please do not respond in this thread. I'm willing to discuss things involving both male and female characters, and we can build out NPCs as needed as well. Delilah's power enables her to 'summon' duplicates of a given target's loves or lusts, which means there may be multiple characters involved. Similarly, she might work on, say, a husband and wife (played by you) at the same time, or other combinations like that. We can talk about it. Make sure to read my On and Offs to get a good idea of what my limits are and whether or not we're a good fit. It's worth noting this could touch more on humiliation and degradation than what I'm normally willing to do, though we'd have to negotiate that pretty well.

Please read my Apologies and Absences thread before applying. Due to health issues of various sorts, I may have delays or even long absences from Elliquiy. I will not abandon a storyline without telling you -- it's important you be okay with my potentially vanishing for long periods of time. Right now it's mostly controlled with 1-3 week gaps, but dude. Please. Believe me here.
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